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  1. I was at Vincennes JC when Joey Hart was there...i had forgotten about him going to Coastal Carolina...VU had some really good teams in the early '90's
  2. Here are some names to put on the radar according to this guy.
  3. Would have been nice...hopefully CAM starts turning out players like this for years to come..maybe he has one in Jordan Geronimo,he could be next inline to follow VO and OG.
  4. Being off a year probably didnt help his cause
  5. HoosierJax


    There was a RB from i think Miami of Ohio??..Prentice? I remember him having alot of TDs
  6. Don’t forget Kentucky...I’m sure they will be next
  7. I think CAM wants 2 PG for this class,3-4 year players and then concentrate on the front court in future classes,purely speculation on my part
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