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  1. Was the Kansas game in Lawrence or in Auburn Hills ...wow...reminded me of the Pacers- Pistons brawl...there better be season ending suspension over this...one player for KU had a chair...several fans involved too
  2. That would not be an ideal situation...at some point I would hope Tuttle starts showing some promise for the future...he came in with lofty expectations
  3. Let’s hope that Penix can stay healthy all year
  4. Story I’m getting is that RMK met up with all the former players for Breakfast before Saturday’s game and that he did have plans to spend the day with Steve Downing
  5. Maybe they should just start announcing who finished 2nd..nobody is gonna beat out Don Fisher
  6. That’s a good one..but the Indiana connections with both Hoosiers and Rudy push them to the top for me. Hoosiers always will be my #1..I will watch it every time I see it on..and with the feeling of like I have never seen it before..😂
  7. 2nd Best sports movie...of course Hoosiers is first
  8. Somebody in the game thread suggested we call CAM chompy because of him chewing gum during the game..as it turns out he loves to chew gum and that black cherry and grape are his favorite flavors..he went with grape for today’s game and since we won he is going to chew grape for the next game...can’t wait for him to be yelling at a ref and the gum come flying out his mouth and onto the floor...useless info I know, but...
  9. Nope...but i think the a$$ chewing was the answer
  10. Can Smith just hit one shot...just one shot
  11. Wait till this game is over and I will tell you
  12. Are guard play is suspect at best...very poor
  13. Nice to see ALL players up off the bench cheering for good plays on the floor
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