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  1. I have been watching alot of his interviews and he is going to make a good coach,he gets it...i hope the next time IU needs a coach his door is the only one they knock on...he will do great at Ball St.
  2. I guess we need to ask who else here? 🤔🙄
  3. Here we go again with "news"...is IU ever going to get past rumors, coaches leaving, players leaving...he said she said BS...man i miss the 80's & 90's. ..oh and Fife got caught in a Generational gap...Woddy trust 80's players...🤷‍♂️
  4. Showed up as a kid and is still a kid...goodluck!
  5. See yeah next season...wonder what roster will look like
  6. Is IU going to shoot themselves into another loss ? Brick city right now
  7. The problem is Iowa has shooters, IU does not..hence how the game was won
  8. IU..They practically lead the whole game...Iowa starts shooting ...what were you watching
  9. Congratulations to Iowa...big time teams make big time plays...Iowa gonna be a tough out....IU needs to look at Iowa ...they are tough and full of shooters...IU is not...but IU should be in tournament...i wouldn't want to face a 11th seed iu in tournament
  10. Iowa is a shot making team...IU is not
  11. Pretty simple...teams that make shots win ball games
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