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  1. Morgan would be 13-13 if he would have hit those layups...wow
  2. CAM probably told the players if you dont want to play get dressed and leave
  3. I just went from pissed to lmao,thanks i needed that
  4. Knight spoiled us all,he wouldnt tolerate this BS product
  5. I hear ya...but we have seen this type of play since January
  6. Can a person email Fred Glass and complain about a product that he is responsible for...in a polite way
  7. This season has been unbelievable..up down up down down down down up down...i hope when its finally over with they throw lime on it a bury it
  8. Right...i should have listened to my Dad.
  9. I heard Romeo thought about playing baseball since Mike Trout got 430 million,or maybe that was Keion
  10. Thats all fine,well and good...but its easy to talk,lets see it on the floor,lets see if all this talk is followed up by action.. thats what gets the attention.
  11. I would like to think so,but I think it's just wishful 🤔
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