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  1. Meateater on Netflix is a good hunting and some fishing show...most of the time at the end of the show he will cook what ever meat he harvested.
  2. This young lady has not played one minute of high School basketball and she received her first offer from Indiana and coach Moren...She will be playing for Bedford North Lawrence...sounds like a similar offer Mr Bailey got back in the day.
  3. Jay is also one of my favorites..having seen him in the State finals or at IU he was Mr. Clutch ...my favorite memory of him is not one of the last second shots but it was a game at Michigan at Jay got the ball off the tip and drove straight to the basket for a 2 handed Dunk and that set the tone for the rest of the game and win...it was nice to see him for RMK return also
  4. With Leal ,Lander,Kaufman,Geronimo and others we should have quite the team GPA next few years...We’ll if Kaufman commits that is
  5. Sounds like Peyton is going to pass on the MNF gig
  6. Being an assistant coach maybe he don’t like what’s going on at Memphis....its early in this recruitment plenty of time to decide what he wants to do
  7. Yes...but apparently his Dad wants him to play else where
  8. Mike Miller former Florida and Memphis Grizzlie has a son interested in IU
  9. Took me a minute...then I seen Wyatt Earp and I couldn’t get here fast enough..😄
  10. Happy Birthday Wyatt...you are an Oak! And an Icon of the American West
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