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  1. IU ran into a buzz saw at Wisconsin..it was a perfect storm...they had lost 3 in a row,hadn't shot well,lost to teams that maybe they shouldnt have...then they get to play on their own floor back home and to top it off..against Indiana...it was a receipe for disaster...plus we laid an egg....good teams bounce back...tonight will determine alot about this team
  2. I think out of those 4 we get ...Wesley and maybe Kaufman
  3. Ohio St.,Maryland,Michigan...#3-5...Michigan St-#16...ap poll
  4. The more UK watches Kaufman the more concerning it will be
  5. I think it would be a big blow to miss on this kid
  6. Time to "Rock"..the Rocky Top...they haven't been Dominating since Manning left..been thur several coaches...lets go Hoosiers!
  7. Well we cant get it on the court..so were going to get it on the gridiron...go Hoosiers!
  8. Having lost 3 in a row...and coming back home is a perfect set up for an ambush...i think we just seen it
  9. 😤🤬...i take it back...does your neighbor need help
  10. Really...your giving up on the team that quick
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