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  1. Romeo Langford

    Not looking too good
  2. Trayce Jackson-Davis

    UCLA visited Jackson
  3. Phinisee?

    Big night for him...32pt 6 reb 9 assist
  4. Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Yes...read the text to fast....Izzo watching Davis...Archie watching Romeo. ...my mistake
  5. Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Izzo and Archie watching Davis tonight
  6. 3 UCLA players arrested in China

    I think UCLA might be done with the youngest Ball also from what I read on ESPN.
  7. Curtis Jones leaving at Semester..

    Just heard Garland called Jones on Drew’s behalf..wants him to come to Vandy and form the big three..
  8. Curtis Jones leaving at Semester..

    Not suprized. ..look not involved on bench. ..thought it would have happened over the summer
  9. IU/Duke Game thread

    DD has no confidence at the line...going to cost us down the road if we are going to feed the ball to him down low
  10. IU v Duke Poll

    Hope IU wins...but I don’t think so...kinda cool to see K in Assembly Hall though
  11. Simmons couldn’t cut it with Bob so it’s kind of funny that Crews compares the two
  12. Garrett Pumphrey

    It would be nice to have a walk on that's taller than 6'
  13. Romeo Langford

    Well at least we know....time to move on....so is it going to be Vandy
  14. Romeo Langford

    24 pts...half the IU team was there..not sure about Archie
  15. Shittu to Vandy

    It may turn out to be a pretty damn big win