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  1. HoosierJax

    Rob Phinesse

    What a complete game he had,I'm not sure what he ended up being ranked but you can throw it out the window,the guy is a player and couldn't fit any better into what CAM is trying to do..I know he will have his ups and downs as the season goes along but he really impressed last night..thought?
  2. HoosierJax

    Armaan Franklin Commits to IU

    Atleast one guy in the State knows what he wants exactly when he wants it.
  3. HoosierJax

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Steve Alford says...i promise im going to be here next year,just wait and commit in the spring and you will see..you will start from day one out here in sunny California
  4. HoosierJax

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    I would rather go head to head with Kentucky then Izzo for TJD ...Izzo seems to be a helluva closer when he zeros in on a recruit.
  5. HoosierJax

    Chicago State Postgame Thread

    I think he had a 40" vertical though
  6. HoosierJax

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    He actually has alot to sell,i could see how it could be very attractive to a young man..like it or not his teams are very tough come March.
  7. HoosierJax

    Anthony Leal

    A lot can over the next few years..transfer,declare for draft,new rules for NBA
  8. HoosierJax

    Anthony Leal

    Its coming...u dont offer top 100 talent in your back yard
  9. HoosierJax

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    What can we expect from Brooks?
  10. HoosierJax

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    The days of early verbels are pretty much over with,no longer will we see kids committing their junior year like back in the day..they want to wring it out as long as they see the need..As far as insiders info,I dont consider it written in blood but there are a few who I would consider it written in red ink..coachss,Iuwins0708 and others,i enjoy reading about IU basketball fact fiction or the rumor mill because in the end the truth will be known
  11. HoosierJax

    Best "small" to play for IU ?

    How about Tony Freeman...5'7"..lol
  12. HoosierJax

    Best "small" to play for IU ?

    6'3" and under..lol
  13. HoosierJax

    Best "small" to play for IU ?

    Jim Thomas...best rebounding guard to ever play at IU...some are more obvious
  14. I watched a documentary on Andre,he could drink like 60 beers in a night
  15. He got drunk on 8 ? Thats just getting started for some people