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  1. Need to play Tuttle in 2nd half
  2. Pictures only for me...I like to keep my spots stocked..😎
  3. Proud of this Smallmouth Bass...pretty big for my area
  4. Made a shrimp boil on the grill..turned out good
  5. The man is retired...imo he can wear IU,OSU,TT or Army all have been a part of his life and got him to where he is today....Dakich even having comments about what he wears is ridiculous.
  6. Yes...hes standing in the south parking lot of Assembly Hall
  7. RMK has been to Assembly Hall recently.....heard he was seen with Cody Zeller also
  8. Got this in the mail to add to my knife collection...took 4 months to get but worth it
  9. Thats awesome...im a pocket knife collector also...mostly WR Case and early 50's,60's,70's made in USA knives
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