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  1. HoosierJax

    For a slow, rainy Midwest day

    Thanks for the info
  2. HoosierJax

    Mason Gillis

    Same could be said about NBA..how good will Cleveland be next year if King James goes else where...they won't be in finals again...then their career hinges on the decision of a 30 something year old
  3. HoosierJax

    Mason Gillis

    What will Brad do when coach K retires and Duke comes calling
  4. HoosierJax

    Mason Gillis

    To much drama with NBA players IMO,who wants to draft a player that makes more then the coach,then may leave for more money elsewhere..I would take College any day
  5. HoosierJax

    IU Tweets

    This guy is higher then Freddie is
  6. HoosierJax


    Awesome..I live between Bedford and Bloomington...that would be nice
  7. HoosierJax


    Where is there a Culvers in B-town?
  8. HoosierJax

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    What is there to freak out about...he said IU was in top 3 and he was definitely going to visit...at this point what more could you ask for out of an 18 year old kid getting a lot of attention..let it play out
  9. HoosierJax

    Anthony Leal

    Keep in mind that for every Eric Gordon in the state there are also players like a Brian Evans...keep the state borders for only one key
  10. HoosierJax

    Rematch with Duke

    Yawn..I was hoping for Virginia
  11. Do you know the dads name?
  12. HoosierJax

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    I think it's the shooting thread...no sign of TJD
  13. HoosierJax

    Armaan Franklin

    The chatter has seemed to calm down with Franklin..to many really good players for few spots.
  14. HoosierJax

    Romeo Langford

    Drip,drip,drip,drip...I hear something...sounds like a leaky faucet
  15. HoosierJax

    Romeo Langford

    Can the coaches contact RL right now?..or is it a dead period...if they can I wonder if they are blowing up the phone trying to get the last word in.