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  1. Im 47....IU basketball was a religion in my childhood home growing up...RMK was king..I had really high hopes for CAM but those hopes are starting to diminish with each passing game....RMK was once asked in an interview back in the 80's if he could survive losing at IU and he said "the University and the people of Indiana, the basketball atmosphere in this state would not permit you to lose and survive"...that still holds true today from the people.
  2. Does anyone know if Tom Allen can coach basketball?
  3. Some may disagree but if im the coach Tuttle is my QB going forward....keep in mind yesterday was only his 2nd start...ever!...kid is tuff,has good size,arm strength,can run and i think has good leadership skills...he only runs the plays that are called in ...and that is where some of the problems were yesterday imo.
  4. Something to think about on your drive over
  5. No!...Had to get out the Black Rifle Coffee at 4am..😲
  6. 10 hrs in...gonna be ready for Kickoff..πŸ‘
  7. Yes,its going on a Pit Boss pellet smoker...i plan on doing pics...gonna be up most of the night mopping it
  8. Gettin ready for game day. .putting this 8 pound Brisket on at Midnight and it should be ready by kickoff...hoo-hoo-hoo Hoosiers!
  9. I thought i would get on here and see how the game was going before i turned on the tv...but now i think i will go back to playing Mario kart with my son..😏
  10. Im a pipefitter so i had access to the fittings and nipples...but no they are not
  11. This is called a Stove Topper...My wife wanted one but they were anywhere from $80 to $100...so I built one myself for $33
  12. Man hes right up my alley...im a collector too...love American Pickers
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