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  1. Crean offers ppl like its candy at Halloween,CAM offers like he has 1 bag of candy at Halloween..there is a sum but the amount and due diligence is different
  2. You dont have a chance if you dont offer
  3. CAM and Joey Brunk watching Galloway and Leal today
  4. IU has offered 2021 Bryce Hopkins...top 5 player 6'5" SF from Illinois
  5. I have watched Windler...very happy for him
  6. Nice to see CAM sitting with the whole Langford family
  7. So Brad Stevens does get to coach a Hoosier player....see ya just got to have patience
  8. What’s up with Leal...complete silence...is the Galloway talk affecting his recruitment?....🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. From what im reading today Reddish is starting to slip in the wrong direction, just seen a Mock that had Romeo to the Pacers..😁..while i will have an eye on Romeo's status im also keeping an eye on Bol Bol..really interested to see who takes a chance on him.
  10. On NBA TV they had a mock draft show last night and had Romeo going to Portland at 25..far cry from the 7-10 range at the beginning of the year
  11. True,but I don't think this will turn out like ketchup's did.
  12. How has he preformed in summer ball against bigger better competition ?
  13. I pretty sure that the planned "super dorm" came in over budget...that's what was relayed to me...therefore will be delayed some
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