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  1. HoosierJax


    Only if you shot gun a beer for each one
  2. HoosierJax

    Purdue Pregame Thread

    New game..time to move on
  3. HoosierJax

    Purdue Pregame Thread

    First 10 mins will determine what happens,if IU can get off to a good start it bodes well for the rest of the game.
  4. HoosierJax


    I was at the game on Monday,row 30 and I could see some reaction from players...giving up on plays,turning and shaking their heads like they were disgusted ,one was during a time out in the huddle,some run back to the bench during a timeout others just kinda walk back....then I talked to a guy this morning that had been in and around Assembled Hall and he was telling me things that I was not surprised to here...not going to call out names but if one pays attention you can pick up what's being put down...I'm not Dr.Phil but once I started looking I could notice things that just don't seem right ...and the Nebraska game showed that..but it's not to late to right the ship...but you don't want to shoot holes in the ship your riding
  5. HoosierJax


    Team chemistry is definitely not right,thats obvious
  6. HoosierJax


    From what i been hearing its not the coaching, but a few players,and well maybe a Dad.
  7. I think it was one,might have been two...he did have Lou Watson's recruits
  8. HoosierJax

    1-15 Dakich

    Wow...what a rant
  9. I don't think Deron,who was recruited by Crean is a big who runs the floor and played his version of Euroball...
  10. HoosierJax

    Nebraska Postgame Thread

    For some people,but not with the original creator of this paragraph
  11. HoosierJax

    Nebraska Postgame Thread

    Omg...this was awesome..😂
  12. He did re-recruit Smith ,Moore and Durham when he got here,but I would say that at the time of his hire it was probably easier to talk them into staying committed then to hit the road and try and find 3 new ones...but yes none would have been pursued by cam if given different circumstances....for one none is from Indiana,inside out...of the 3 imo Moore is the only one I would want.
  13. I don't understand the Crean recruit/Archie recruit...all the guys on the team have been around Archie going on 2 years,know what he wants...the Freshman were recruited by him and staff....if the players don't understand pack line,Phoenix break,Carolina transition then maybe they don't understand basketball,I'm sure they have practiced all these things several times.
  14. HoosierJax

    Nebraska Postgame Thread

    There was no sense of urgency from some players..but there never is,Justin Smith ,to me acts like he's not sure if he wants to play or not...guess Dad will let us know...has Fitzner hit a 3 since the Marquette game? I think Morgan gets frustrated with the play of some players...Romeo should come back next year...Moore needs to see the floor a lot more..Rob Phin needs to play more then Greene ..Deron,well I'm not sure what to even say,poor guy couldn't even jump for a lay up during warm ups..Al should come off the bench,be a defensive spark,but I guess he got hurt tonight....and I would start giving minutes to Anderson and Forester..not a lot but some cause wat I seen tonight isn't going to cut it the rest of the year.
  15. HoosierJax

    Nebraska Game Thread

    Anyone know what happened with Al..dont see him on the bench