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  1. They are just begging Johnson to shoot
  2. Trey G going to the line to shoot is how i wish other players were...complete confidence
  3. Why is Duncomb always in street clothes?
  4. How many freaking lay ups we gonna miss
  5. A win is a win and I'll take it.. but when is the improvement going to happen? Bad passing, poor free throw shooting ect....were almost to January.
  6. How many shots does it take to understand he cant shoot!
  7. IU not in top 5 for Fears....Michigan, Illinois, Kansas, Uconn,Michigan St
  8. Coach showed up in Crawford County for a high school game
  9. Get use to it...every road game in the Big 10 will be just like this
  10. You only get so many chances to close out a game
  11. I was hoping we were starting to get away from that
  12. Just got home from my sons practice run in the door,turn TV on and said...WTF...wow
  13. Un fing believable...but yet basketball games can be played on the plus
  14. The boys to the north have a hell of a team and are gaining momentum. We dont need distractions!
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