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  1. I get the feeling he will commit to IU. With all the recent offers to guards, Leal has to feel pressure to commit to IU before school starts and other recruits start visits if IU is where he wants to go. I think the longer this recruitment went the better chance he went to Stanford. No inside Intel. Just a gut feeling.
  2. I would love to see Dane Fife, but that is not happening. Dane's next step will be a head coaching job. After being named Associate Head coach last year, I can't see him making a lateral move.
  3. I have following this board for a long time, but have never posted. Just have always enjoyed the info. I don't have any special insight into this, but I have followed Snow for a long time, and he really hates being wrong. He rarely makes a pick unless he has very good Intel, and his crystal ball percentage is always near the top because he doesn't make a pick until he is pretty sure. May mean nothing but it makes me optimistic.
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