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  1. This is a bit surprising considering he seems to be rising prospect that may have an opportunity at larger schools. I wish him all the best though.
  2. Nothing will ever change unless they hit the schools where it really hurts. Take away their ability to be on tv, and tv revenue. If this was done, schools would police themselves.
  3. Part of what IU has been missing the last few years is a true alpha. I am not opposed to a little ME attitude either if it fits well within the team. Every team needs a guy who wants the ball and isn't afraid to be "the guy", and a little swag usually goes along with that.
  4. Ermann is at 92% and has picked some early and some last minute. I always take CB predictions with a grain of salt, but it is nice when one of the competing schools insiders predicts IU. It can't be a bad thing.
  5. Jeff Ermann, Maryland Insider, put in a Crystal Ball pick for IU early this morning. Would love to see Aminu commit before school starts.
  6. I am excited that there are 2 high level scorers in 2021 that are high on the Hoosiers. Either Longino or Mohammad would be a huge get for the 2021 class. The optimist is me hopes having both of these guys interested will put a little pressure on one of them to make an early decision for IU.
  7. The guard play is awful. Poor decision making, turnovers, and not getting the bigs the ball. IU desperately needs a star PG in the next class.
  8. Yes. This UConn team is very good defensively and well coached. They had their worst performance on offense with 22 turnovers and were still in the game. I think they will get better as the season goes on. There size and length are going to be a problem for just about everyone they play.
  9. This game was all about Archie, and the culture he has built. This team is playing hard, and IU controlled this game by being aggressive. 38 FT attempts to only 16 for FSU, and they outrebounded them 35-26. This is a FSU team known for being aggressive and not losing on the boards, and IU beat them at their own game. If IU continues to play like this and continue to get to the line at this rate, they will definitely be a tourney team and will likely be a top 5 team in the Big10.
  10. I love that none of the "experts" seem to know any more than the insiders here. Not one Crystal Ball prediction. Good for the Garcia's keeping this private.
  11. Any word on how the visit went for Diarra?
  12. I thought if Cross didn't commit before the Geronimo visit, IU wouldn't get him. Sometimes it is all about timing. If you wait, someone else might take your spot, and as soon as Geronimo scheduled his visit, I thought there would be a good chance he would pick IU. Either way, I am not disappointed. I think Geronimo will be a great fit. Now close on Garcia, and this will be a stellar class.
  13. I think Archie would take both, but you would think Garcia has to be the priority now.
  14. Geronimo reminds me so much of VO. He is a late bloomer that wasn't heavily recruited, and a great athlete with long arms that has potential to be a special defender. I think IU nabbed a great kid with great potential. Can't wait to hear the announcer say GERONIMO!
  15. Agreed. I am excited about the trio of Davis, Brunk, and TJD. I actually feel like we are entering a season not undersized for once.
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