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  1. That's who we need. We need Daryl Thomas, Calber Cheabey, Alan Henderson, etc. to go with the Tom Coverdales, Steve Alfords, Brian Evans, AJ Guytons of the world
  2. I wish Armaan was a better shooter though. Every guard going forward should be a good to great shooter. This should be an Indiana staple
  3. The problem will be shooting again. We have to recruit some shooters. Every guard who we recruit should be a good shooter. This should be a staple.
  4. It's time to stop chasing every top ranked player and build a program. It's time to recruit players who want to be part of a program. Who want to be part of the university. Who want to be student athletes. Leave the basketball mercenaries to the Dukes, Kentucky's and Kansas. This program was never about top 20 players stacked on top of each other. Knight had two players leave early. Just build a consistent winner and the program will gradually get back to what it can be again.
  5. There is nothing wrong with being ambitious. But you don't wear it on your sleeve. That's the difference.
  6. This. Archie isn't a bad coach but he doesn't move the needle. We don't have results. Especially when it counts.
  7. Next year could definitely be worse than this year.
  8. It doesn't take great cognitive skills to understand he meant 'done' as in 'dead men walking'.
  9. And then the season went off the cliff and now Archie will be on the hot seat next season. Not even as good as Crean. This school can't make a great hire to save it's life.
  10. I don't like it but I get it. Not many players are going to pick Indiana over the chance to play for UK. You gotta win. Annually. We are far from that.
  11. Maybe to you but not to me. If what happened to K happened to Archie, I wouldn't have brought it up.
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