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  1. Discussing their basketball and football programs, which are Superior to ours.
  2. Win and this crap isn't nearly as big of a deal. But winning seems to be too hard for this University. On the court, on the field, hiring coaches, etc.
  3. Bigger offer I guess.
  4. I like what Chris Beard has done in his time at TT.
  5. I don't think we are getting any commitments until near signing. Going to have to prove it on the court unfortunately.
  6. Waiting for bigger offers. Lovely.
  7. That's kind of our program in a nutshell. It's also nice to hear that there were no locker room issues after all. No, we just stunk.
  8. After TWO full seasons, the players still don't know what they are trying to do on offense. Let that sink in real good. Coaching basketball and hiring coaches are the two things Indiana just can't seem to do. I would hope for Chris Beard after next season but let's be honest, Indiana wouldn't be able to get it done.
  9. After two seasons, the players still don't know what the offense is? lol, only the best coaches for Indiana! Glass should be carrying a plunger, not a surfboard.
  10. Anywhere but Indiana. Ivy Tech if he had to
  11. He needs to take a step forward next season. To be fair, the school wouldn't let him make the changes that he wanted to when he got here.
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