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  1. Who takes a fvcking sack in that situation? Who doesn't think of an onside lick in that situation?
  2. I don't want Miller fired. He's a good solid coach. He just doesn't move the needle.
  3. Alabama football was in the same position that Indiana basketball has been in before they hired Saban. I don't know who would be available. That's above my pay grade. The best AD's get it done.
  4. I think Indiana is done until they hire a big time coach that gives them instant credibility. Need to go full Alabama and pry away a Saban.
  5. The offensive players were very upset at the way he treated them. It was so bad that many of them were going to transfer if he returned. Defensive coordinator Clark Lea was actually calling the parents of offensive players to reassure them on a weekly basis. It was a very bad situation. One or two players? Ok maybe they are soft. But it was dozens
  6. From the sound of things, that's already looking like a possibility.
  7. Our offense in this game: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/10522729/man-farts-kill-mosquitos/
  8. Three 3 point attempts, three air balls. You have to be able to shoot the freaking ball.
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