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  1. When thinking about ways in which this team might be better (or worse) than last year, I think it's easy to overlook how easy we were to play against last year. Regardless of the other team's strengths or weaknesses, regardless of who was hurt, what weaknesses a given lineup might have, they would just pack the paint. We didn't have the size to bully through a clogged lane and we didn't have the shooting to go over it. If they had trouble guarding quick bigs, or strong bigs, or quick 1's or long shooters, or any other of a dozen different weaknesses, it didn't matter. They could clog the lane and cover up any shortcoming. This year, I think we have a little more roster versatility. I think we will have enough shooting to keep teams honest, between Davis, TJD and Brunk (or even Smith) we have enough size/versatility to really attack weaknesses. If Hunter is healthy, I think the downgrade in going from Romeo to him is small (when you consider Romeo's shooting struggles), the downgrade from Morgan to TJD is probably significant, but hopefully by year's end it will be close. So, then we just need a little normal development to cover that difference. To me, that leaves us with about the same talent as last year. With a better fit and hopefully better health, that puts us solidly in the tournament. If someone over performs then we are even better.
  2. I had similar thoughts. The optimistic view would be that Archie realizes we're a little toxic right now and hopes to have the ship righted by this time next year, and thus able to pull top kids. Might also be that he feels good about where we stand with 2020 kids and the development of current guys, so he feels a little freer to swing for the fences in 2021? The pessimistic view would be he just didn't learn his lesson and we're going to strike out in 2021.
  3. You're saying he was already on campus for a visit?
  4. Does anyone know why it became public that we're looking at this kid? Seems to me, if I were looking at a kid no one else was following, I would keep it a secret as long as possible. Are things fairly far along?
  5. What do you suggest we spend the BTN money on instead? Is lack of money holding the basketball program back? If so, I'm all for giving them more of that money, but I'm not aware of anything we're lacking. I'm not necessarily opposed to spending more on football, but, again, I would want some sort of explanation of what we lack and how the money would make us a better team. Other sports should have safe, functioning equipment, they should have competent coaches and they should have medical support - other than that I don't see why every cent of BTN money shouldn't be funneled into providing an actual education to the students of IU. I agree that endowments are criminally under utilized, but that seems to be a separate issue.
  6. Didn't we go pretty hard after Brooks and then Quinones?
  7. And Brooks loses more minutes.
  8. I would have to think the above is the case. Even if Luke isn't someone Archie sees as ever being good enough for IU, I'm sure he, or at least an assistant, happens to be at a game Luke is in on occasion. Seems like the obvious move would then be to just say hi and have something nice to say. If someone with inside knowledge is saying that doesn't happen, then okay, that's too bad. But, if his body/game rise the level that he looks like an IU player, then he will get a lot of IU attention - but if he expects that kind of attention before his game reaches that level, then that's his fault.
  9. Wouldn't this be akin to a doctor refusing to take care of me because I didn't want to be his patient back when he was an undergrad? I'll certainly concede a thought being illogical doesn't mean a kid doesn't think it, but this line of thinking doesn't make sense to me.
  10. That is not how it works. The top 36 are guaranteed to make it. In practice 10-15 of the tournament winners would be in anyway, so it is the top 50 or so teams that make the tournament.
  11. This board occasionally pretends that it's a classy place to discuss basketball, but then we mock the physical appearance of kids and post smut. Some people here need to grow up.
  12. I don't care if it's Mother Theresa - if you go to play for Will Wade you get his stink all over you. And if you go now with so much information out there, you deserve it.
  13. At this point there is so much dirt on the LSU program there is no way that a top recruit can go there and not be guilty by association. Hope that's not where Watford goes.
  14. I think people are too hard on Smith. His dad said things that shouldn't be said publicly, but I don't blame Justin for that. Justin was definitely pissed when Romeo took bad shots - I have no problem with that: I was too. Other than that I didn't see Smith causing problems (obviously, I wasn't in the locker room, so what do I know). What I saw was a guy that was never put in a place to succeed (having the ball on the perimeter is not his strong suit) doing the best he could. Hopefully next year's team will be able to utilize him better. Even if we get LQ and TW I think there are 20 minutes a game off the bench for Smith. Hopefully he is happy with that and works to earn them.
  15. I never understand when people say things like that. CW was the 3rd, maybe even 4th, best player on a very good team that was ultimately quite disappointing. I liked him then and like him now, as every IU can I know does, but he's not an all time great. TW is the 5 star, can't miss recruit. He's poised to be bigger than his brother's shadow. I don't see any reason he would be afraid of that shadow.
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