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  1. I don't understand the train of thought some people are on here. It's certainly possible the purdue info is flat wrong or being oversold, but how does it make sense for Painter to feed false information to "experts"? How does he possibly benefit from creating the false idea that he will get Kaufman?
  2. What are people thinking about Antonio Brown? I added him in both my leagues - could be a game changer.
  3. I would have to assume that speaks to Archie's confidence in getting those kids. Might not matter as much with the extra year of eligibility though: we can afford to strike out and still have solid depth for the foreseeable future.
  4. I'm under the impression that Geronimo is more of a perimeter 3 and Trey is more of an in the paint guy. Wasn't Geronimo a 2 on his high school team?
  5. Any chance Trey and Hopkins coordinated their timing to come to IU? Or, perhaps the timing is coordinated to avoid playing together?
  6. I wonder if the prospect of fanless basketball affects his decision. It doesn't matter if UVA is a long drive for his mom if she's not allowed in anyway. Granted, he is a year away from taking the court, but could happen.... I wonder if family will be allowed this year?
  7. I agree with all of that, but just think about how unfair the current system is. You go to a small school, likely because the big schools don't think you're good enough, you prove that you are good enough (or you work your butt off until you become good enough), now the big schools want you, but you still don't get to go unless you decide to take a year off from your life. As a practical matter, I wonder if it might end up creating more parity within the P5. I could see a lot of guys that would in the past be key bench players at UNC as juniors or seniors want to go to Wake Forrest and h
  8. I read an article a few years ago that there was never even one reported case of that actually happening. One dad in a custody dispute poisoned his own kid and claimed it was a razor blade and that was the only newspaper article ever written in the US about it actually happening.
  9. It's hard to disagree, that was quite bizarre. The only thing I can come up with to make these seem normal would be if he's just referencing the restrictions covid puts on things. As in, he, Aminu, would normally visit IU, but his guardian would be the one to get him there and the guardian doesn't know if he's up for that. I have no idea if that's what's going on, but it's the only thing that doesn't make this kid sound extremely helicopter guardianed.
  10. I would assume the default assumption for someone that doesn't know for sure is that any kid will be eligible after his freshman year: the vast majority are. Based on ranking, it seems unlikely that lander is a first round pick next year. Most one and dones are ranked higher than him. I would guess, though I haven't looked it up, that pgs in particular have a hard time getting to the nba early if their ranking isn't quite there.
  11. I don't follow coachss outside of this site, but making that comment about Duncomb doesn't feel like something he would do. My guess is, if someone has more or less committed to the staff already, it would be Miller. Seems like kaufman is legit undecided and Aminu wants to wait until that tourney later on.
  12. People calling a spade a spade is not the root of the problem in this country. I shouldn't have combined my points. My first point, which I don't care about that much, is that the same political statement comes up in thread after thread. My second point, which I do care about, is that discussing the love life of a teenager should not be allowed here.
  13. Coachss posts insider knowledge about recruiting and coaching - basketball stories. He does not, at least to my knowledge, post rumors about a player's sex life.
  14. "Had a couple young ladies tell me", sounds like he is relaying a story told to him by others.
  15. No, it sounds as if you post 3rd or 4th hand stories. Next time you see a player at a party, why don't you let him know you intend to report on their activities on an anonymous message board - I'm sure they will think as highly of you as I do. It's well established that Leal's mom has been here, I would guess she still comes. Now she knows some information about her son's friend that I would guess she isn't crazy about. Do other player's mom's come here too? I would guess momma Leal has discussed this site with them.
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