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  1. Despite the hot takes on here, we're only down 2. We look bad when our shooting is atrocious, we look pretty good when our shooting is okay. The occasional time we shoot well, we look terrific. Unfortunately we do nt have enough shooting (or size).
  2. People here seem to disagree, but I haven't seen much from Race, just gave up 4 points to end the half. He's obviously had some tough breaks this year, so I'll withhold judgement, but I didn't see much just now.
  3. That makes more sense. That's a pretty high ranking to not have any offers to speak of.
  4. 194th ranked recruit without using a scholarship, plus a plausible back story suggesting he could be underrated. Seems like something to be excited about.
  5. I have long been in the camp that Romeo is for sure gone, but as he slides down mock drafts I think it's back to a toss up. I haven't gone back and done any research, but it seems like lottery guys leave 95%+ of the time. Mid/late first rounders seem to be closer to 50/50. I think a lot depends on the feedback. Are there any instances of these insurance contracts actually paying out? It seems like the kind of thing where the injury would have to be so devastating that he couldn't possibly play again. Most injuries aren't that way. Most of them just leave you at 80% of what you used to be, label you an injury risk and drop you down the draft. I would assume the policies don't pay out in that situation. Edit: I see the details of Zion's. Makes sense, though seems to be rather unique to the very top players. A healthy Romeo could easily drop in to the high teens - I wonder how his might be structured.
  6. I don't know what kind of money UNLV is working with, but this seems like a great hire for them. I would assume they don't have the pull to steal away an up and comer that is already a head coach somewhere, so a former NBA guy that seems to be super popular with recruits is a swing for the fences move. It certainly is possible that he can't coach, but maybe he can and it is very possible he can up their recruiting.
  7. Saw a video from the other day where he was asked about college and in his one sentence answer he brought up his brother being a big part of his decision process. That has to give us a chance.
  8. McRoberts isn't on scholarship.
  9. Minnesota gets a rough seed. MSU gets a rough seed. Not good for the Big 10.
  10. Yup. I've talked myself in to really thinking we're getting in. It won't be crushing if we don't, but pretty disappointing.
  11. They really love matching us up with Kentucky. I wouldn't be shocked if they drop them to a 3 and give us an 11.
  12. The respective injury risks just aren't comparable. Romeo is going to play a lot of basketball between now and when he puts his name on an NBA contract, the risk of injury will be higher in the NIT than all of those other times he plays, but not by that much.
  13. If we don't add anyone else it's hard to imagine Smith not starting. He started this year, stands to reason that the only way he loses his spot is if someone new comes in. Our lineup is Phinisee, Green, Hunter, Smith, Jackson-Davis. Though, if I had to guess, I think someone comes in and pushes Green to the bench. TJD probably isn't as good as a senior Morgan, but his length makes him a better fit for the role. Hunter doesn't end up scoring as many points as Romeo, but his shooting helps with spacing. A year of improvement from Phinisee and Green pushes us to a better and more complete team than we have right now. That leaves more room for Smith to score around the hoop and he has the kind of year that makes people say he deserves to be 3rd team all-conference - though he probably falls short. All in all that gets us ranked around 20th a year from now and we've got just enough fire power to be dangerous in the tournament.
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