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  1. I'm probably closer to an Archie supporter than most here - I'm of the opinion that if we're just going to start the search from ground zero and end up with an up and comer at a mid-major, I would rather just give Archie another year. But, if the rumor of Mack reaching out to us is true, then he becomes the floor and we take him if nothing else pans out. That's a good place to be in my book. He's not my top choice, but I would be excited to get him if we strike out with the handful of dream hires (Stevens, Beard) that I'm hoping for.
  2. I would be surprised if TJD goes pro after this year. At this point, it's very unlikely that he will be in the first round, so the guaranteed money will not be there. With the changes likely coming, playing at IU will probably pay more than the G-League. While the extra practice time is great, I'm not sure that's all that important. He needs to develop an outside shot and learn to use his off-hand. Some coaching is needed for that, but mostly, it's just getting in the gym by yourself and practicing. Having Brunk guard you while you go right a thousand times would help too. The people imp
  3. I haven't read this whole thread, but when did we move past the idea that Drew gives Cal a run for his money for dirtiest coach in the game? The board doesn't care about that anymore?
  4. I like this list, though I'm not sure on Altman and I don't love Matta. I hope we get things set up before firing Archie though - I would rather keep Archie for another year than just fire him and begin a fresh search from the beginning with no real idea of whom we can actually get.
  5. Why is that the amount they should get? They generate far more revenue than that, why should we cap it around 11k? Do you have an artificial cap on how much money you make that has no relation to the economic value you create?
  6. I don't understand this perspective. Money is and always has been the main consideration when hiring/firing a coach - why is it so terrible that this time it's partially the money of those that do most to earn it?
  7. I don't understand. We need shooters, this kid can shoot, why not put him in for 3 minutes in the first half and see what happens?
  8. I'll defend Archie to non IU fans as long as we make the tournament. I'll defend Archie here if we get a total of 3 post season wins. So, either make it to the final 4 of the BTT and round of 32 in the NCAA, or make it to the round of 8 in the BTT and then the sweet 16.
  9. People here always want to call a game like this a must win, and while there is logic behind that (it's our easiest remaining game), that just isn't how this team works. Would anyone really be that surprised if we lose to NW and Minnesota and beat Michigan and OSU? I would say it's only slightly less likely than the opposite. It would be great if we're done losing to mediocre teams, but regardless of how we play against those teams, I doubt we're done beating really good ones.
  10. NET has always been awful. I know the official word is that the committee uses it, but there are no shortage of seedings and teams getting in that are a big departure from the NET, so I don't think it has as much weight as the ESPN types like to say it does.
  11. Lander was 1-6. I actually agree with you, but I don't think Rob and Al are going to disappear. I do hope Lander takes a starting spot sooner rather than later.
  12. Refs really need to have a little situational awareness and not call a mild foul when we have a 3-0 fast break. Call a terrible one, but not a bump when we have an easy bucket.
  13. Ugh. Nothing I hate more than a risky pass where all that happens if it gets through is you have a guy get the ball is a position where he is well guarded beyond the 3-point line.
  14. Man, I think it's quite the stretch to say we've had home cooking so far in this one.
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