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  1. Well, I am...but there are a few locals. Especially in the Summer.
  2. Me too as I now live in Fort Myers. They WERE pretty difficult to deal with during the Urban years that is for sure.
  3. Never met an OSU fan I guess. The worst of the worst.
  4. It won't. And I am about as positive as it gets. Sigh. We know basketball. And this is just obviously bad basketball.
  5. Most of the people I talk IU basketball about....well they are now the people I USED to talk IU basketball about. Hell, my dad NEVER even mentions them to me anymore. Apathy is real, and it is a BIG DEAL. So many die hard fans have died hard or are in the process of dying...well their fandom at least. I cant blame them.
  6. Left Fort Myers yesterday.....getting ready for some SERIOUS pre game food and festivities. GO HOOSIERS!!!
  7. Right??? That was AMAZING!!!! 2 tears in a........
  8. I cant watch the game live today. If I remember correctly there was a replay option for the games. Anyone know if that is true, and if so, how long the replay is available on BTN+? Thanks.
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