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  1. Afterthought, but they know with the talent in this state, we will always be a sleeping giant t, that if awoken, will hurt their recruiting and their W-L records.
  2. That is the usual complaint. To me that is what makes them great. Lord knows I can get sports talk in a hundred other places.
  3. I always thought Lebatard was a tool, but he and Stugotz are extremely funny. The show has a definite Latino/Miami vibe, but being Mexican, I absolutely love it. It is anything but the typical cookie cutter ESPN show.
  4. I watch sports and Lebatard. They took an hour of his show too!!! ::ANGRY FACE EMOJI::
  5. Good news!! https://indianapublicmedia.org/news/iu-athletics-no-covid-19-cases-among-athletes,-coaches,-staff-so-far.php
  6. You think he stays 3? Or did you phrase that wrong? No way he stays 3 years.....or am I crazy?
  7. I think tweeting out offers is a sign of respect to the schools and coaches recruiting you, more than anything else.
  8. Those tears will unfortunately always be bitter with the way we crapped the bed that special day.
  9. Stop putting words in my mouth. Nobody said anything of the sort. I notice you love to argue on here. Good luck with that.
  10. Well, they they are 100% a tier below the Duke, UK, KU, UNC's of the world no?
  11. Ha. Was just messin with ya man. Go Hoosiers.
  12. Who are you telling not to waist their time? Will they listen?
  13. This post seems to be missing something......
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