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  1. Penix is a good QB, but is obviously not back to the level he once played at. Sucks for him, and for IU. But it’s time to consider if he will ever be the same after two major injuries. Hard to believe that Tuttle is so much worse than a wounded Pennix.
  2. We’ve seen the shaky starts and fastballs with Pennix before.. hopefully the rust is officially knocked off. All this loss really means is that the undefeated National Champs possibly is off the table. Lot of football left. Go IU
  3. Trayce Jackson-Davis Race Thompson Xavier Johnson Miller Kopp Parker Stewart
  4. #iubb on Twitter will have a lot of info. Just posted the starting lineups
  5. I was lukewarm on the idea of Woodson when he was hired. TJD coming back, the eye opening commitment of Tamar Bates, and assembling a top-notch coaching staff has changed my point of view. As I move toward being older (47), I have to hope that us older guys know more than people realize, and can still get it done. I was also thinking that maybe Woodson’s early recruiting success could be an effect of having the power of fully united group of IU alumni/ex players/ coaches, not to mention 30+ years of NBA credibility behind you. The momentum will be hard to stop, at least until we hit the court.
  6. I also grew up liking Showtime and the Lakers. Hated the Celtics. Became a Bird fan after he joined the Pacers organization. Appreciate Bird a lot more now, and there are some really good YouTube highlights out there of him.
  7. Sorry I’m at work and can’t do the research, but I’m pretty sure there was a picture floating around of what looked like Archie at a practice with Coach Woodson and Fife. Maybe he helped with the transition and kept a low profile.
  8. Tournament with a decent seed would be just fine with me
  9. I’m being a little pragmatic here, but I’d have to think after Dolson being the AD having been a manager on the ‘87 team, Woodson being an IU legend, Fife having played on the last IU team to appear in the NC game, I’d have to think that more care would be placed than making a reckless hire. Woodson wasn’t my first choice, but I do not think any of us think he doesn’t know what he is the steward of now- the IU program and it’s overall legacy. If you heard Fife on DD’s show, and realize that he left MSU to come here, and the level of passion and care for this program. We may not know the X’s and O’s, and what product will be put on the floor, but after what IU has been thru the last 20 years, I just cannot believe that this administration would risk any trouble.
  10. Random thoughts although related more to this thread than any: 1) is it possible that Armaan was an Archie loyalist? To me it’s very telling that none of the players showed any remorse or regret that he was fired. Maybe Armaan liked coach Miller and bought into the packline? 2) Does anyone else think that we need a legit big man, maybe from the portal? TJD is not a 5, and Kofi and a few others gave him fits. Offensively, he held his own, but it would be nice for Brunk/Duncomb and maybe someone else to spell TJD on the defensive end... 3) Confused by all the Brooks speculation. He has not even entered the portal, or has he?
  11. Fife news breaking on Twitter!! Back to work i go
  12. I just wanna say that these message boards are public, and are looked at by players and their parents more than we know. I know in the case of Franklin, his mother is very engaged in social media, and has even done some outstanding interviews on some podcasts. He seems like a good kid from a solid family, and if he goes to Illinois, does that make him a “traitor?” I am not necessarily referring to any previous posts, but also the things I am seeing on IUBB Twitter page. These are young men, and none of the “Tough guys” that played for RMK had to deal with people going on Twitter or Instagram and criticizing everything they do. For instance, I saw a lot of outrageous stuff said about RP, and we wondered why he froze up when shooting? Parents see that, too, and if the perception is that we have a jaded fanbase that will turn on these kids, ( and I know it’s most if not all schools) why wouldn’t they encourage their kids to try something new? None of these players came to IU with the imagination of boos raining down on them on their last game of the year. I would love to see Franklin back, but he needs to do what’s best for him, and IU will move on.
  13. Larry Brown? Are we going to go after Al Mcguire, or Rollie Massimino next? Maybe Denny Crum or Digger Phelps? I kid, and I mean no to disrespect to those who have passed. Just the first thing that came to mind. I remember how RMK used to hve older coaching buddies like Iba around. I pulled for Archie to succeed, but I am really pulling for CMW. He may be able to show that there is still a little gas in the tank
  14. Not the coach most of us wanted on our “wishlists.” But maybe many of those guys turned us down. Some of them publicly. Maybe this is where we are. But maybe Coach Woodson will turn out to be the coach we needed. Here’s to hope! GO IU
  15. Was Holtman a reference on Stevens’ application?
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