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  1. I wonder if we may be “under-hyping” Trayce? Given the results of the season to be forgotten, and the so-called disappointing season Romeo had, not to mention losing 12 of 13, there doesn’t seem to be that much of a buzz around him, and he played with a chip on his shoulder this weekend. I realize we are all cautiously optimistic, but this was a Mr Basketball from the Hoosier State making it clear to everyone how bad he wanted to beat the folks across the river. And for the most part, he backed it up. I think we should be a little more excited to have him, and hope he has that edge moving forward.
  2. I second Stephen A! But give honorable mention to this guy:
  3. I guess it’s time to wrap up the ‘19 class and hold the scholarships. Having two extra can’t necessarily be all that bad a thing, right? If the season that shall no longer be named had such an adverse effect on recruiting, then maybe a better season will have better effects. I truly think next year will be better. We can only hope.It already hurts to have my most realistic expectations to be 20 wins and a 7 seed, but that’s where we are. I am trying to be even keeled, no sunshine pumping, but also no sky is falling. I really think what has happened was that the staff counted on “the kid from Fort Wayne who is not a Blackmon.” I think the staff really expected him to join this class. We have good kids coming in, and maybe the toxicity will die down a little. if only because it’s the off season.
  4. Rev_AK


    Regardless of who takes the blame, I think other coaches were definitely able to use this past season, and it’s fallout; Romeo falling down the draft boards, the losing streak, the transfers, and missing the tournament all as negative recruiting talking points. Archie doesn’t have the benefit of a losing season, especially when momentum was so fragile. Whether I like it or not, year 3 is going to be a barometer of Archie’s future. The sooner the 18-19 debacle can be put to sleep, the better
  5. I was watching everything go down before I left work, and although I feel confident in my grammar usage, I had to dust off the old thesaurus and try to find a pithy comeback involving word hilljack.... I got nothing
  6. I was hoping he’d stay, but I’m glad he came. I’m glad he confirmed all the rumors I was hearing about the thumb. Most IU fans who were very critical of his shot, never saw what we saw in New Albany for 4 years.. I think that without all the injuries, this would have been a really good season. Archie would have been a hero in year 2 instead of nearing the hot seat’s edge. Along with Scott May, Alan Henderson, and many others, what could have been... we’ll never know.
  7. I was proud of Jake when he stayed after a game and worked out, and I liked his energy, but I went to 4 games this season, and I saw him several times goofing off in pregame warmups and also on the bench. Didn’t his sister express dissatisfaction on a tweet? I am not all that surprised by this transfer, and I am hoping that the roster stabilizes this spring, but that could mean more transfers.... I’ll still take that verses so many of the off court issues that went down in the past.
  8. Clifton Moore has announced he is transferring from IU. Seems like a great kid, wish him and his family the best of luck. His letter to Hoosier Nation is classy.
  9. Spoke too soon earlier... but after all Cline is an Indiana sharp shooter, he just went to the wrong school
  10. No matter how good they are, “well coached”, B1G titles they have, no matter how many times they win the season series vs us, choking in the Dance is just what they do. Jo Barry Carroll isn’t going to come in and guard the admiral...Little Brother clap clap clap clap clap. Little Brother.
  11. Reading that comment, and the fact that the coaches didn’t scramble after the “Former Ft Wayne product” chose to go elsewhere, doesn’t that point toward a possible Romeo return? Twitter is still showing him disrespect, and many are disappointed with his season, but if you [assume] Romeo is back, assume Jerome lives up to the hype, add in RP, Aarman, [“good Devonte] TJD, a healthy Davis, Race and maybe even a more mature Justin, THAT wouldn’t be a competitive team??
  12. Epilogue to this season i think Romeo will come back. I have heard he really likes IU, and he has a bit of an ego, even though he doesn’t show it.. he has a lot to prove to the doubters, and he is close to Rob and Jerome. I think the seat will be starting to get warm under Archie. I have held the criticism, and so much seems to be just plain missing open shots. But, an over looked aspect that I think is controllable is Free Throw shooting. ( make them shoot HUNDREDS of them, everyday ) This coming season will be very important for Arch. Of all the other things about this season I mentioned in another post, I have never ever ever seen a team give up so many “Daggers”. Somehow, we have to play thru the FULL shot clock, and double team guys that get hot. I am cautiously optimistic about the upcoming season, and will continue to check this message board every day!!!
  13. Unceasing injuries, social media hate, baffling offensive lapses, Dakich on the call, pack line making One Steph Curry on every team, the Haarms tip in, terrible calls through out... nightmare season. Glad it’s over. Bring on 2019-2020. Go IU
  14. Injury bug has never left this team. Devonte has been playing with heart recently, but besides him and Juwan, the effort seems to be lacking tonight as well. Story of the year. But still in it
  15. Right. I also think that they mistook the obvious lack of interest by UK fans/ message boards as quiet. Too bad she doesn’t know how quickly the famed “BBN” can turn on a kid. Little does she know, they didn’t think he was good enough having said that, I have been deeply embarrassed by the actions of some of our fans this season, and we were not better
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