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  1. Chiming in from work here.. I usually haven’t worried too much about the rotation and such, and usually leave it to the coaches. I just don’t want the bizarre changes that FCTC made, that seemed to kill momentum, as well as FCAM seemed to have some strange habits as well. This past season, we all noticed how CMW made some wholesale substitutions during the first half, as well as kept the starting 5 in at the beginning of the second, when during some games, they were ineffective. With as many close games as we lost, one could argue that some of those miscalculations cost us a game or two. So now, it is something I pay more attention to. back to Microsoft Teams meetings!!!!
  2. What to do with XJ is Woodon’s call now. I am disappointed in him, but will refrain from commenting negatively against him on social media platforms because I am grown man, and I have my own children to worry about. I will say that trying to evade police and pulling into a parking lot to switch places with someone is very shady, and sometimes when people are trying to out run cops, very dangerous things can happen. My cousin has been in law enforcement for 15 years or so and has gone through several vehicles because of others’ reckless driving. I was really proud of X, for changing my mind about him earlier in the season. If he stays at IU, there can be a lot of success waiting for him, but he is going to have to prove himself all over again. Without Fife, and now Matta, some voices that were supposed to help guide Woodson are gone, and although others have stayed, it feels like Woodson is solely in charge now. ( maybe that is the way it should have been from the get go?) As I have said elsewhere, it is extra painful to have to have this kind of drama juxtaposed against a fabulous final four game between Duke/UNC, and watching a program like UNC go thru a resurgence, and like UK in the early 90’s, they were not dormant for long. This 20 year funk is getting harder and harder to deal with, but I am IU for life. In a lot of ways, I am glad it is not my burden to bear. Good luck to Coach Woodson. First time I have been whimsical about the Archie Miller days- usually pretty quiet off seasons.
  3. So basically, the kids ARE reading this, watching our reactions. Not that it justifies them doing stupid stuff, and not that other teams fanbase’s don’t do similar things… But sometimes when the chips are down, we should rally around our team and each other, instead of taking out 20 years of frustration out on them. After watching a dazzling ballgame last night, and seeing an all “blue blood” final four, there is extra saltiness because we know that we are no longer relevant on a National stage. ESPN will not be watching our every move, and won’t show highlights unless we are ranked, or getting spanked by a ranked team. And days like today, it just feels like another ( albeit possibly very small) step in the wrong direction. Again.
  4. #iubb, yes- sometime yesterday
  5. Can’t find it, but there was a poster yesterday who was praising Hood Schafino and at the end took an unnecessary dig at Lander. TJD responded to it, and rightly so.
  6. I’m disappointed in this. Not as much as what may have happened- college kids do stupid things.XJ is temperamental, and seems like he is going to have ups and downs. But we don’t know the facts, and so far no one’s head was run over that we know of. ( Devin Davis reference) After watching TJD interact with a bitter fan yesterday who criticized Lander, and seeing the absolute disparity between the talent I saw in the UNC/Duke game, ( which was everything that we would have wanted an IU/Purdue Final Four match up would be) It has finally dawned on me exactly how far we have fallen. I am disappointed in the distance IU is from where they are and where we want them to be. Or feel like they should be. Whether this is a big deal or not, it isn’t good- I’ll with hold any judgement about XJ the person, because he is young. And mostly because it isn’t my responsibility. If our fans continue throwing shade at kids on social media, it WILL scare off recruits. But, couple this with Matta leaving, and the Fife situation, and it is apparent there will only be one person accountable if the restoration of IU basketball is delayed further, and that is CMW. So, hopefully this is the end of off season disappointments, but something tells me it isn’t….
  7. St Peters living our ultimate dream of beating UK and Purdue in the Tournament. We chanted IU sucks at the TV when Ivey’s shot missed. ( still hate KY more) lol
  8. By all accounts, Rob seems like a really good kid. I feel like he is someone who paid more attention to negativity on social media more than others do. Always someone I rooted really hard for, wanted him to succeed. The shots just wouldn’t go down.
  9. Wow, Ark is tough. Lotta contact in that game. Lots.
  10. I think most of us have politics fatigue. Our country is polarized and it has even pervaded deep into churches and religious organizations. My theory is that the spread of social media 10-15 years ago has changed discourse, and not for the better. We are no longer able to discuss our beliefs openly, and now days there is fear of being blacklisted, canceled or whatever they call it. I think most of us are older guys, and mature enough to handle different points of view, however, this is about basketball and IU basketball at that. It used to be fun to talk that way, as men, in the barber shops and town squares and all. Not anymore. So, to me, it doesn’t really have a place in our workplaces, and also on message boards about our favorite escape- IU basketball. ( is it really my favorite anymore????) in this situation, there are some connotations that this polarization filtered into some of the reasons Dane Fife was let go. Unless Dane or Coach tells us directly, we should try our best to let it go, or go to the political forum and have at it. There seem to be other legitimate reasons he was let go, including that it just wasn’t a good fit. For my part, I think all of this is really fun, believe it or not
  11. I would expand on that, if I may. This is one of the few places I go where I feel that there is some rational discussion for the most part. I think that we are all kinda skirting around our true political views when the issue that there are apparently political views being brought into Fife’s dismissal, shows our respect for the integrity of what is by far the most peaceful and tactful message board out there. I think we have all seemed to grasp the idea that excessive political discussion at work is the wrong idea, and can get you canned, without having to debate the actual ideas or discuss the actual political climate at the moment. Shows maturity and a class, and after all, there are plenty of other places out there in which we can do so. As someone who has been in organized religion for over 25 years, trust me, there are plenty of forums to go to. So, without asking everyone if they are Calvinist or Arminian, Catholic or Baptist, etc, I can just come to a safe place where we are all IU fans… unless I am IU hater, or pile on XJ constantly, I feel pretty safe expressing IU related opinions.
  12. Absolutely. I totally agree! Just that… I think that bringing the political piece into the conversation changes people’s opinions so much about Fife- from heir apparent to “I’m glad he’s gone.” ( not meaning you) Fife did not mesh with CMW, and probably needed to go. Just seems like there was some extra hot sauce thrown on it, from the way it was handled down to Rabjohns “spilling the beans” post. I think it is safe to assume that the chip on Dane’s shoulder we all loved as a player may have remained there as an adult and coach, and that maybe he was a bit argumentative? I’ll add another thought, it will be much harder for the “insiders”, “fanboys” , blogs, etc. to get real concrete info moving forward.
  13. In all honesty, I think the fanbase’s love of Fife as a player, and that he played much more recently in people’s minds and memories than Woodson, had carried over in to a disproportionate love of him as a coach. I like Fife, but never really heard too much of his exploits as a coach. The thought that he was heir apparent was part of the overall mindset as well. To understand how toxic political discussion is, especially in a University setting where only one view is widely accepted, or “tolerated”, so to speak, all you have to do is see the reactions by fans who are now saying they are glad Fife is gone. I agree that definite damage has to Dane’s reputation by what Rabjohns did. Seems to me his post could have been a little payback to one of IU’s supposed favorite sons, to paint him in a more negative light than was probably necessary. And to prove to someone like Dackich that he is a “real insider”, not just a “fanboy.” I feel like there is a lot more going on here, but, I’ll keep that aspect of it to myself. This seems to have a lot of potential to be ugly, and I’m sure Dakich will fan the flames to make it worse
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