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  1. Right. I also think that they mistook the obvious lack of interest by UK fans/ message boards as quiet. Too bad she doesn’t know how quickly the famed “BBN” can turn on a kid. Little does she know, they didn’t think he was good enough having said that, I have been deeply embarrassed by the actions of some of our fans this season, and we were not better
  2. I would never Tweet at a kid or his mother. wish Keion well. BUT: Can’t help but wonder if the Brooks family didn’t find a strange satisfaction kicking us in the gut after a disheartening season and a horrible loss, with all the IU vitriol and poison that has been spewed on Twitter this season. My point: it’s obvious that these kids’ families and friends read these message boards, so in the future, we should all be mindful of that. I’m somewhat guilty myself. This is about as far away from the feeling I thought that I would be feeling regarding IU basketball at this time, when this season began. Nevertheless, GOIU
  3. Beyond disappointed in this season. Hope Romeo stays. He’s not ready to be pro. Gonna take the L in stride, and be ready for next year. Dont want NIT, don’t want to risk more baffling games/ coaching / effort. Hope we can keep our heads up, we are Indiana, and we are, Never Daunted.
  4. Not sure that Romeo has announced his intentions yet? He hasn’t declared for the draft, and I don’t believe it’s a sure thing...I agree with the sentiment that we don’t really want to do a “ serious rebuild” on the backs of OAD players. AND, I agree that Rob is blossoming right now. I also know, that if Keion chooses UK, all of us IU fans will feel stung. I think it would have been the same if Romeo was at Kansas right now. We would feel jilted.The impact of MR Basketball from this state, choosing this school cannot be understated. But I also agree that someone who only plays for one season can’t really be an icon.
  5. Totally different subject, but this thread made me also think of the All time IU transfer teams. Seems like every time I thought of a guy, he actually started off at IU or commit to IU or transferred.......
  6. Added 2 inches and put on some weight. Didn’t want to call the Combine Academy coach, but I couldn’t otherwise access stats, just highlight package
  7. Hearing that Butler has reached out to Sean. He is a good kid and has worked hard.Its a shame that his supreme 3 point skills and knowing how to get Romeo the ball were overlooked because at the time he wasn’t quite college ready. If true, Sean will do well at Butler
  8. Beverly was there. Aarman and his mother were there. Per Twitter, Rabjohns describes a “7 Foot Center” among with a photo of player behind bench wearing gray hoodie. Will not pay for that info, as this is site more accurate and a way better forum. Can someone identify this mysterious fellow? Doubt it’s “Ivan Reno”
  9. Aarman Franklin was there and was wearing gray hoodie. Also Harland Beverly. Way to go Junior Class. I have been harder on them than most, but congrats to them, what a difference it makes when they are “engaged “
  10. Where is the video? Wife is sick and we didn’t head up to Seymour. Is it on the IHSAA App?
  11. New Albany beats Floyd Central on a last second 3 to make it 6 straight years knocking our rivals out of the sectionals. Exhilarating after this IU season. Hopefully we can knock off Sparty tomorrow
  12. ( my original post disappeared, or at least I think it did, so if I am repeating myself, sorry) I was in 4th grade in 1984. Parents had an ugly divorce, and I discovered basketball as something to be interested in. I really got endeared to IU when they beat UNC, and my mother was able to borrow money so I could go to New Albany basketball camp, so I could meet Steve Alford, who came to speak to us. I was hooked on IU basketBall, and then came the ‘85-86 season, the season on the brink. At 12 years old, I was devastated that IU made the NIT. Devastated. ( A Mike Vanderjagt missed field goal aside) I have not been this disappointed by sports since then. I have never seen such bad luck- but that’s just it. It’s NOT bad luck. It’s what bad teams do- they find ways to lose games. There is a psychology to sports, and you could FEEL that Bohannon was going to get hot. You could feel the pressure mount on these kids every misssed bunny and free throw. It’s in their head. This far eclipses the way I felt at 12 years old. The reason I have regressed to my childhood is because I am now 45, and understand this psychological aspect, and know fully that this team is FAR BETTER than their record will show. This shall henceforth be called the Nightmare Season. This team is in a bizarro world. I am looking for Biff Tannen to become the world’s richest man. We are in an alternate universe. Having said that, I am pulled in to watch the train wreck, and GO IU!!
  13. Makes me sad that both New Albany and Bloomington North move the ball better and have much more offensive purpose than IU currently does. Dogs and North playing each other tight.
  14. I personally don’t feel you’re out of line for criticizing Romeo as a player. My brother and I have talked a lot since December about what is the root cause of his standing around, which is the most puzzling thing to me.... ( especially away from the ball. You can tell whenhe thinks he isn’t going to get the ball) but where I personally feel you are way off is implying that somehow Romeo is the cause or a partaker in what we all can see is a clear division on the team. Just today Dackich pointed out how Romeo passes too much. Just not the earmarks of a selfish player. I cannot begin to tell you how many games he left early where he probably could have scored many more points. Trust me when I say that he could have broken Damon’s record. Is his lack of “killer instinct” a fair criticism for that? Maybe. But not in any way does that imply he is a cancer behind the scenes. Without saying much more, I can assure you also, that his dad is not the only influence on him, and that the autograph signing, the hospital appearances and birthdays etc, are all very authentic. He has permanently endeared himself to his community, many of which are lamenting that he did not go across the river rather than deal with friendly fire from our own Hoosier faithful. The Brooks family, and many others are watching....
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