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  1. Rev_AK

    Indiana HS hoops

    I am @ New Albany vs Silver Creek as well. Nice to see the Doghouse coming alive again. Folks in front of me said Romeo has never lost 3 straight games in his whole life. I never thought of that. Let’s hope it doesn’t get to 4
  2. Rev_AK


    I am not sure where this article came from, but I found on Twitter... if true, it helps to understand that this is a rebuild for Archie, and that Crean was very disinterested and not managing the roster well. ( we could make a decent argument that Crean became disinterested after years of probable abuse by fans?) But this is what is circulating around out there, I apologize for it not being sourced, but I am at work and this should show you my priorities lol. https://mobile.twitter.com/mike_idle/status/1085591023433207808/photo/3
  3. Rev_AK

    1-15 Dakich

    It’s easy and to kick IU while we’re down. Dan has had a bit of vitriol against IU since the above mentioned spurning after he didn’t get the head coaching job he felt he earned. ( if he was THAT good as a coach, he would have surfaced coaching somewhere) He doesn’t hide the fact he is close to Crean, the guy who beat him out for the job, ironically. He has been very biased and critical when he has done IU games for espn. He loves being a pot stirrer... I have been turned down for several church positions, and obviously I felt I was the better man. Even if I enjoy watching the person fail, I would never air that publicly, such as on social media or something. I am deflated, IU gave poor effort last night, there seems to be an underlying dynamic with the team, as has been pointed out by someone, ( possibly with Justin), BUT just because DD has been such a part of IU basketball in the past, does that necessarily give him the right to trash the team and coaching staff the day after a rough game? I don’t think it’s a classy move. If he would have made such a statement BEFORE the season, that would have been much bolder. Right now, it feels like sensationalism, and I don’t see how it benefits the team or the university in any way, and brings a bad reflection on our fan base. Keion and his family are watching........
  4. This was, I think, the worst game that Archie has coached. At least we can say he is devoted to his guys. Poor Fitzner... really shouldn’t play. The substitutions in the first half were rapid fire, I hope, in a desperate attempt to find a spark? I can’t decide if I’m so deflated because I feel like this season is now officially “on the brink”, or because we are going to waste a season with Romeo. There are already those here in New Albany saying he would have been better off at U of L. At this point I can’t defend it. Demoralizing. I have to wonder, if they are trying to hold out some kind of fools hope that Jerome can come back, but I heard him tell Fisch he was redshirting. AnD the Colts lost. AAANNND the Patriots won. Perhaps I should pay less attention to sports and try a new hobby, politics anyone???
  5. Rev_AK

    Nebraska Game Thread

    I have tried to be positive. But this effort is terrible. Lackluster. This team is in serious danger of not making the tournament. Mackey awaits.
  6. Rev_AK

    Romeo Langford

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say there could be a correlation between Romeo and Keion. As in, maybe Keion prefers IU but is waiting to see what Romeo does. Keion benefits by waiting, and lets be honest, MSU is a good consolation prize. Count me as someone who is not convinced Romeo will leave. He is hungry to make IU a winner. He is hungry to represent his home state and home town. And his family is patient and would stand behind him if he decided to stay at IU and chase Hoosier immortality by going after #6. Not to satisfy his own ego, but to pay his fans back for their support. If he really does slip outside the top 10 in draft projections, he could decide to stay, like Cody did.
  7. Rev_AK

    Indiana Maryland POST GAME

    Justin was +22. IF He plays more, we win. His defense has really improved. IF We don’t have such a complete meltdown on the 16-0 run. We win. Team was amazing on turnovers and free throws. 1st half Defense was incredible. Romeo started playing like the guy we have seen here in New Albany for 4 years. i watched the whole game. I am still trying to figure out exactly how we lost. There is so much improvement, but yet we lose. IF this team can get a break with the injuries, and play ONE consistent game, we will be where we need to be. I have seen a lot of talk about guard play, but I see the glaring weakness of this team as being guarding a big. Zion, Gafford, and now Fernando. Basically, no matter how tough Juwan is, he shouldn’t be guarding a center. And has done so out of necessity.We have been playing a very good forward on these bigs, and although he has been holding his own, teams know to pound it inside. DeRon has bad legs. Fitzner is not a Center, and plays like he never was. Forrester hurt. Clifton not there yet. Roster hole since that Fisher kid transferred down low, imho, with Davis’ injury issues. To quote the much maligned Mike Davis, “help is on the way.” ( TJD) I can see this team phasing together. This can still be a special team. Just a very frustrating game. If I was 10 years younger, I could see me going Dennis Green or some old school Jim Mora. This was a meltdown kind of a game. Frustrated, but ready to move on. Go IU!!
  8. What is making me frustrated the most? We are hitting all of our free throws and Romeo is hitting 3’s. Lost the game on the boards. I’d like to say it’s growing pains. I believe that, but this is maddening
  9. I have to agree. This is the most frustrating game I’ve seen in a long long time. Trying to stay optimistic but it’s hard.
  10. I have to agree. This is the most frustrating game I’ve seen in a long long time. Trying to stay optimistic but it’s hard.
  11. Rev_AK


    I am all for taking care of these kids, and putting real life issues and player safety as the number 1 priority, and rightly so. However, my one observation is that IU can’t be the only school that players dive for loose balls and have collisions in practices. IU’s concussion protocol might be cutting edge and ahead of its time, and parents of in-state 5 stars should take note, but to me, it seems like our concussions and injuries as a whole are wildly disproportionate compared with 350 other D1 teams.
  12. Rev_AK

    Butler Postgame Thread

    I do not think Archie is above reproach. He honestly looked overwhelmed during the first half of the Duke game. I don’t think he anticipated what it would be like to coach an IU team on the big stage, AND to coach an IU team with ( unrealistic??) expectations. You can see he is learning. You can see, like his team, he is growing. Same for Romeo. As a New Albany homer, it’s hard to sift through Twitter during a game and see all the lame comments. He is learning on the college level, and it’s STILL December. He isn’t above criticism, though, ( as I get uncomfortable when he “camps” in the corners, it kinda shows the defense the play is probably going to Juwan) BUT, some of the fatalistic, over the top criticism on Twitter and elsewhere is indulgent and self destructive. If yesterday showed us anything, it should have shown those who were watching how important it has been to recruit the State. ( Brunk, McDermott) How “all that glitters isn’t gold”, Crean’s babbling pressers and UGA’s blown 18 point lead. I thought we wanted gritty teams that played defense and won close games? I thought we wanted a coach who was young, no nonsense, tough minded, and the closest thing to a young RMK we may ever get? ( minus the tantrums, even, and much more family friendly) Save for a missed one foot tip in at Arkansas, this team would be 10-1, with a loss at Cameron being the only blemish!! So, chill out. Some of these guys need to watch “Colors”, and hear Robert Duvall tell Sean Penn the “parable of the old and young bulls.” Its ok to be critical of the team/ coach/ players, but this is a long season, and my gut tells me it will be a special one. This team has heart. They have potential. Slow down, and enjoy it. Don’t scare away the keion’s out there, and go IU!!!
  13. Rev_AK

    Butler Postgame Thread

    I have my Alexa in the basement and had 1450 am synced up with the TV, only way to watch!!!
  14. Rev_AK

    R.I.P. Eric Anderson

    Parakeet, I added to my prayer list. Are we above starting a prayer list thread, for those who would participate????
  15. Rev_AK

    UofL post game

    Rankings in December don’t matter too much. Does anybody think that there will remain 7 teams from the big ten in the top 25, after night in and night out of them playing each other? Their losses will pile up... I am convinced that we are on the right track, and it’s a bonus to know how to win close games. It’s a plus be able to learn from these close wins as opposed to close losses. I’d rather play our best in March. The ‘13 team peaked in January, and it was too late to learn of their flaws ( solving the zone) because of all the cupcakes we had played in November/ December. ( But it sure felt good to be #1 for most of the year ) Archie has a great staff, and I think it is the right philosophy to schedule tough games, fight through adversity, emphasizing these grind it out defensive games, it’s how you get past the Sweet Sixteen and beyond, and we haven’t been THAT tough in 31 years. If they are winning and not playing their best offensively, wait til that happens. See Justin’s performance yesterday as a clue to who we could become... I believe!!