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  1. He’s 6’11 and 240 lbs.
  2. The spring game is coming up plus the B1G tournament and IHSAA regionals are this week. I’m sure there is a lot of stuff they’ll be doing with that.
  3. That score impressed me. I thought Blackford could win but I didn’t think it would be by 17.
  4. Bruiser is who has been out to see him the most I believe. So that makes sense.
  5. He’s a 6’2 So averaging 10 ppg. We played them early in the season but I don’t recall him being that impressive but I’ll go back and check our stats tomorrow.
  6. His wingspan is abnormally long for his height which is why he plays bigger than 5’10. He’s likely not finished growing and that’s a telling sign to me is the wingspan.
  7. What changed? Barnhizer getting it instead?
  8. Most of the people that have been complaining up their are just jealous other parents. That's what I was trying to get at. That's why they complain about the Barnhizers shooting so much.
  9. Their dad is from Lapel and is their all time leading scorer. He played at Auburn. The older brother Braxton will probably play DII basketabll and he shoots it a ton but to be honest they wouldn't be more than an average 4A team without the two of them.
  10. Rabby said he’s already been contacted by half a dozen high major programs.
  11. They think they're going to land Christie and Ingram too. Giving them two 5*s and a 4* in that class. Not realistic I don't think. Could be proven wrong though.
  12. I took a trip over to the Purdue site and good grief. The way their talking their going to end up with a Duke or UK level recruiting class after landing Furst.
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