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  1. I was getting ready to ask if Rabby had been added to the coaching staff and nobody knew about the hiring lol.
  2. Rabby has a new article up about Garcia before his vist to IU this weekend.
  3. Culver posted pictures of it from their basketball twitter account. They also had posts inviting alumni to come so it could have been anyone and the evidence was pretty easy to come by.
  4. The violation that occurred was last May. Culver had alumni come in and played current players on the team in open gym type scrimmage or pick up game. That is in fact what caused the suspension and the probation for the coming season.
  5. I read someplace else that there was a situation with an assistant coach last year and that the IHSAA has handed program and Galloway their punishment for it this year since it happened under his "watch" as head coach.
  6. Yeah I think he was the only guy that didn't though.
  7. Yeah they got throttled but it looked like they limited some of their players minutes more than Gonzaga did.
  8. He committed to UNC which was the way his recruitment had been trending the last few days.
  9. It’s just a matter of opinion and the only person who’s matters is Archie’s when he puts him in the lineup.
  10. We’ll see what he is when Archie puts him in the lineup or game as the first few games.
  11. I’ve said many times he was underrated.
  12. He was the primary guard and didn’t have another ball handler to rely on for help.
  13. Al didn’t play the last 8 minutes either.
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