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  1. The Reds do have a few guys that do need to take some notes from Votto though. Lord knows I've seen Castellanos, Suarez, and a few others swing and miss at curveballs outside that aren't even close to the zone. That said they are sitting outside fastball typically and guessed wrong or they just didn't recognize but either way it does get annoying to see them do it over and over.
  2. They are both interchangable at the 3/4 spots for sure depending on matchups with other teams.
  3. I actually think Votto has been better the last few weeks about looking to drive the ball rather than just walk. As for guessing pitches that's just the reality of the game now. Most batters have to guess anymore the way that most pitchers are throwing. With the way velocity has gone up in the last couple of years you almost have to try and guess. To an extent. It's also trying to read what the pitcher is doing along with what your scouting inforation tells about the pitchers pitch sequence.
  4. Wouldn’t mind it. The salary for Hayward could be a problem though. The Pacers are going to be open for business in trades this offseason since they don’t have any cap space.
  5. Bauer has since retracted a little bit on the 1 year deals stance. That said I do think that the Reds will have a shot at keeping him with Boddy and all the Driveline connections they have now. Everyone knows Bauer isn’t a good fit with several teams and the way they work with pitchers but he is with the Reds.
  6. This time arounf gives me more hope since they are actually doing a real coaching search. They aren't just hiring someone because it's convenient.
  7. Jackson didn't get along with the front office. That's why he's not gotten another job among other reasons. Billups is unproven but that's why they are doing their due diligence. He brings playing experience that can relate to players and he's been rumored for a while to get some kind of coaching or fron office gig.
  8. Well the Cubs chirp more than any team in the league and it's not close. The Reds got tired of it and gave it right back. Maybe the Reds should have that attitude more often and they might not be 5 games behind the Cubs right now.
  9. According to Woj Chauncey Billups has interest in the Pacers job and is a candidate.
  10. David Bell is a terrible manager. His decision making is awful and he always just rambles in his post game pressers. He and his decision making has lost several games this year and in 60 game season you can’t do that.
  11. I wonder how many of those strikeouts came on lazy half swings because he overthought the AB.
  12. So I’ve heard Yankee fans complaining about Cole already. I just went and looked at his numbers. His ERA is a little high but not terrible. He’s averaging about 10 K’s a start and he’s not walking many. Sounds to me like he needs more run support. Wins and losses aren’t all on the pitcher. Yesterday’s start for example he went 6 innings with 1 ER, 3 unearned, 10 K’s, and 2 BB’s. The offense scored 1 run and the defense got sloppy. That’s not on Cole.
  13. Makes me wonder if the Yankees tried changing the way he pitches like they did with Sonny Gray.
  14. It’s possible though that Hunter has a relationship with someone close to the kid in some cases but doesn’t actually know the recruit personally. This goes for any coach not just Hunter. It gives them an in to the recruitment. Whether it’s a coach of an AAU team, high school coach, a family member or family friend.
  15. I don't know. The offensive stats are worse and some of the pitching stats are worse. Moose is having the worst year of his career. Maybe he's hurt I don't know but it's not good.Castellanos is having one of the lowest batting average seasons of his career. Geno is worse but he might be coming around a bit. Many guys are worse/underperforming and it makes me wonder what the cause is. I do understand that it's a much different season. Maybe it's Bell or something else but I can't imagine most of the ownership and management is very happy.
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