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  1. David Bell 2 year extension. It would happen right when I said I thought the Reds would be moving on lol
  2. Some of the issues that will be discussed include the DH, a salary cap, a salary floor, and of course salary distribution between the players and the owners.
  3. I noted that DE production might be more on Flus. That position isn't as big an issue but he has thrown a lot of draft picks at the position. LT is still tbd although Fisher should fix that. However he did not address the backup tackle spot knowing Fisher wouldn't be 100% at the start of the season. Signing Tevi, Holden, Davenport, and Pryor was a prayer and not a plan. Pryor is more of a guard and Fries was a draft pick and he's also a guard. All it takes is one bad offensive lineman and it can throw off the entire line.
  4. He has drafted multiple DE's that contribute about as much as I do. Fries is a G and not a tackle. If you don't see that he has issues fixing holes at certain spots I can't help you but those spots are a big reason this team is 0-2.
  5. I said T depth and Fisher is a starter. I didn't say just in free agency. He's neglected those spots in the draft too. Ballard has been above average but he has spots that he neglects as do most GM's for whatever reason.
  6. Yeah there was probably more to it than that. That guy has never been in the same job very long but he did have the o-line playing better that's for sure. As a coach: Boston College (1991–1992) Graduate assistant Boston University (1993–1996) Assistant head coach & offensive line coach Connecticut (1997–1998) Offensive line coach South Carolina (1999–2003) Offensive line coach New York Giants (2004–2008) Assistant offensive line & quality control coach Miami Dolphins (2009–2011) Offensive line coach New York Jets (2012) Offensive line coach New England Patriots (2014–2015) Offensive line coach San Diego Chargers (2016) Assistant offensive line coach Miami Dolphins (2017) Offensive line coach Indianapolis Colts (2018) Offensive line coach Miami Dolphins (2019) Offensive line coach New York Giants (2020) Offensive line coach Louisiana Tech (2021–present) Offensive line coach
  7. That's one of the topics up for debate in the CBA talks this winter. I also would be surprised if the season starts on time next year because of the CBA. It's been rumored that it could get pretty ugly.
  8. It'll be easier said than done but I'm sure they'll try to move at least one of them.
  9. Ballard has made some good moves and draft picks. He does have flaws with certain positions. He neglects T depth, he doesn't go after elite speed play makers, he neglects the CB spot, and his pass rush defensive ends can't get off the bench (that's more on Flus imo). He also never tries to fill those spots in FA with any real upgrades other than Rhodes at CB.
  10. I agree but when you have a turn style playing tackle the O-line isn't going to look very good. Until all 5 starters are on the field it's going to be hard to tell how good or bad the group really is. That said Davenport shouldn't see the field again. If a tackle is out use someone else.
  11. The Reds finally are calling up Dauri Moreta from AAA to help the bullpen after they've essentially eliminated themselves. He has a 1.02 ERA between Double-A and Triple-A with just 9 walks and 58 strikeouts in 53.0 innings pitched. This team is ran by a bunch of IDIOTS!!!!
  12. Reds offseason to do list. 1. Don't resign David Bell 2. Bob Castellini decides to sell the team One of these is realistic and the other is not. Roster wise to do list. 1. Sign a closer 2. Bring back Givens 3. Fix 3rd Base 4. Find a CFer
  13. Colts won't hold him out for that unless an injury occurs late in the season and the Colts are out of the playoffs. If there is any chance of making the playoffs he'll be playing.
  14. Smith was out and Fisher was limited and played half the snaps leading to Davenport getting a ton of playing time and he can't block a statue. The O-line has good depth on the interior with Reed and Pinter but not at tackle. That said the O-line hasn't been as good the last couple years since Chris Strausser was hired. They've been good but not great. Last year was a product of Rivers quick release. Reich is also not a good play caller. He really needs to find an OC to hand that over to but he'll never do that.
  15. They’ve referenced it helping on their podcast
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