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  1. This kids a 2023 kid. Archie will never make it that long.
  2. I’m starting to like the idea of Calbert Cheaney. In the Juwan Howard mold. Calbert has actually been coaching the same amount of time as Howard both started in 2013 but Howard was just with the Heat while Calbert was at St. Louis and the G-league.
  3. This is a broken record. How many players are going to have supposed "attitude problems" at the end of the year at IU while Archie Miller is the coach??? Smith, Green, Davis, and others that I'm probably forgetting and now Hunter. I made the joke yesterday that something else would come out that people could blame the end of season collapse on and it looks like this might be part of it. This is ridiculous lol.
  4. There have been people with sources that have said Ballard knows they need a starting WR and a stud pass rusher and that Ballard is looking to fill those in FA. OT will likely be filled in the draft. Irsay has also stated that this team needs weapons to catch up to the Chiefs and Bills. I think some of these players will end up having to take less money than people think because of so many teams being limited because of their cap situation which will play into Chris Ballard's hands.
  5. I think Ballard is going to target a WR in free agency. There have been some sources that have said that as well. I wouldn't be surprised if Curtis Samuel is a target to replace TY if he hits the open market and isn't tagged. I think Robinson, Galladay, and Goodwin will all be overpriced but who knows this offseason and the cap situations with a lot of teams.
  6. Oh my. Someone using facts. People aren't going to like that lol
  7. Well those things I think go hand in hand at Indiana these days.
  8. It's amazing how people don't get that. It's no different than any other job in that regard.
  9. He was a finalist for several. In the end they didn't want to go that far from home in most of the cases. He did land Wilkes and he's got a freshman this year. How would you know about what people in Indiana under 30 think of Alford anyway? Do you coach or anything in the state or work in sports?
  10. I've said it before but I think Dolson is the guy that finally talks to Alford. Not saying he hires him but I think he at least talks to him to see what he would do to fix the program. If I was Alford and really wanted the job I would even offer to take a lower salary with some incentives as a way to bet on myself.
  11. No, a lot thought Rob would be better. Hunters frame, playing at a 1A school, and the fact that we wasn't really a point guard were question marks that Rob didn't have. The difference now is that Hunter has been coached and developed as a player and Rob hasn't.
  12. Rutgers treated IU like a high school team does when they schedule a weaker team for their homecoming game to make sure they win. They were smiling and laughing the whole time. Once they took the lead they didn't feel threatened at all.
  13. At least with Crean guys would move and cut. It was just a lot of out of control dribble drive too and guys got out of control and took bad shots. With Archie it's guys not knowing what to do when their set breaks down because they don't have any kind of base offense to allow guys to make plays. It needs to be a balance of both but that's not what Archie is doing.
  14. The problem with the players is they don't know what to do if they aren't running a set that Archie calls out. He's turned them into robots and that's why they seem to question things mid play especially if the defense is guarding the play different then they are expecting. This team doesn't know how to actually play basketball. They stand and watch the ball once a play breaks down which is usually when the ball gets thrown inside to Trayce and he takes a contested shot while everyone else stands and watches.
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