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  1. Because production on the court in college doesn't always lead to success in the NBA. When skill sets are similar you go with the guy that is younger with higher upside.
  2. Taller, more athletic, longer wingspan, younger, and has a higher upside.
  3. I think it was confusing wording but I would venture to say he is referencing the rumor that Deland took the ND job because Allen wouldn't fire Hiller which is completely stupid.
  4. And now they've gotten themselves to only 12.5 games out of 1st in the NL central and 8.5 from the wild card lol
  5. The thing with Duren is that his offensive game is very one dimensional. He's an athletic lob threat and he's not a great FT shooter. Could he develop? Possibly, but I would be taking someone that has a chance to be something more than that with pick 6 if I'm the Pacers.
  6. It is but he just had a couple bad games. He's very skilled for his size.
  7. I'm not sure he slipped my mind but he'd be a good high upside option too.
  8. McCullum is the favorite for Evansville at this point.
  9. I think he very well might. I could also see Wesley being very similar to Ivey and possibly better long term too.
  10. Here are some names (in no order) that I wouldn't mind the Pacers to take a serious look at with their second pick whether that's at 31 or they trade back into the first. 1. Blake Wesley 2. Bryce McGowens 3. Leonard Miller 4. Caleb Houstan 5. Nikola Jovic
  11. I'll be curious to see how they draft. Do they draft a couple of higher upside guys that are younger or do they draft a combination of high a upside guy and a safer more NBA ready guy similar to last year with Duarte and Jackson. There are some guys in the 20-31 range that the Pacers could take a swing on with some high upside but they were freshman this year.
  12. It's possible. I've seen him as high as 25 in mocks but I've also seen him going undrafted. He has a very large range in which he could go.
  13. They are looking at Ayton because he is young and been a part of playoff success while playing at a high level. They could possibly land him in a sign and trade sending them Myles Turner since there's been talk Ayton wants out of Pheonix. I don't think they'll be drafting Duren. He is big and talented but that's a bit of a reach since most mock drafts have him going around 10 or 12.
  14. Pacers will be fine. They could get a couple more picks or other players for Brogdon and Turner depending on what they want in return. The Pacers also have Picks 31 and 58. They could likely package those and something else to move into the first round again like they did last year. The Pacers also likely won't have more than 2 or 3 rookies so that Cleveland pick moving to next year in a deeper draft isn't the worst thing. They have plenty of flexibility.
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