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  1. I would think that the extra 2.3 million in salary cap space the Colts just freed up by restructuring Hilton's contract would be going to a safety that is acquired via FA or a trade now that Blackmon is out and the Colts safety depth isn't good right now.
  2. He's offered it before but Manning wasn't ready to do it yet
  3. Levert should be back next week. Warren is TBD. Warren is supposed to have another scan done soon to see how things are healing. Those are taking place about every 3 weeks or so.
  4. I don't know about that. I wouldn't be surprised if he's a president of football operations/part owner on down the road. It's been discussed in the past and if Ballard doesn't get things figured out in the next 3 years I fully expect Irsay to have the discussions with Manning again
  5. There's an account on twitter that is pretty reliable for FA interest information and stuff like said that the Reds are going to try and retain Castellanos even if he opts out. Which is what I've expected all along. The Reds could get creative in moving some salary to create space to increase his salary.
  6. It's the curse of Manning. I'm convinced the Colts will continue to struggle until Peyton is back in the organization in some capacity or the team finds a way to draft Arch Manning lol
  7. Illinois message boards are not a good place for accurate info. They like to twist facts around to favor Illinois quite a bit.
  8. The Pacers need Levert and Warren. They aren't athletic enough and Turner and Sabonis are still very clunky together. Brogdan, Sabonis, and Duarte were definitely bright spots. Especially if Sabonis can continue to shoot.
  9. Fife and Woodson were likely getting ready for Bookers visit to start. This recruitment is far enough along that going 4 deep wouldn’t make a difference
  10. That’s exactly who he reminds me of
  11. Woody and Ya are at Dorman High School to see Clowney
  12. The guy said his friend is right a lot and if he got more info he'd share. That said Rabby did say that Jakai has been raving about IU since he got back to Georgia from his visit so it might not be far off.
  13. That rumor got started on Peegs. A guy said he had a friend that gets info and texted him to tell him he'd committed. Rabby and Peegs chimed in and said that did not happen. That said IU is in a great spot after the visit and the whole family walked away very impressed.
  14. I will be curious to see how 2022 goes. I've heard some things that help to explain why things fell apart down the stretch for IU last year. Side note Toetz is getting SS reps for PU this fall. Wouldn't be surprised if he gets the nod there come spring.
  15. Walker is very likely going to Bama. I can't imagine Clowney will want to play 2nd fiddle to another PF.
  16. Indiana made a GREAT impression while on the visit
  17. Curry does know. Curry wants to be a pass rusher and Indiana has offered him the chance to do that. OSU and Bama want him to play on the interior.
  18. 5* PF Jarace Walker who is Alabama's #1 target is down to Alabama, Auburn, and Houston. He is also announcing on 11/4.
  19. In other news Parris Campbell makes a big play on Sunday for the Colts then got hurt and is likely out for the season.
  20. The Browns are dealing with a ton of injuries including a shoulder issue with Baker. They won't be moving on unless he is just completely terrible the rest of the year.
  21. The blood clots could be caused by the virus, or the vaccine, or it's just a coincidence. Either way it sucks and people always look for an explanation or something to blame when something bad happens. Especially when it's something that has been as controversial as covid and the vaccine.
  22. Probably realized Halloween wasn’t the best day to commit on lol
  23. It happens in every program. Indiana fans just think it happens to them more. Just like Colts fans, Pacers fans and so on.
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