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  1. I think Mike Tirico is great in every sport.
  2. Anyone watching Toronto vs. New Orleans? OG is a monster. He has bulked up big time.
  3. Their agenda is obvious. Pretty sad. A win is a win. Not to mention a win that we would normally lose 99% of the time.
  4. What are you talking about? 2021 is in 2 years. You don't think we will get a PG in 2021? Right now we are fine at PG, yes.
  5. I said hopefully. And he won’t be the only PG we recruit in 2021. That’s not trying to bolster my position. I have never said Lander is a guarantee.
  6. We aren't pushing him to reclassify to 2020. It's just an option.
  7. Can't decide between Gurley (sounds like he will play) or Allen Robinson at flex (PPR).
  8. I think we are fine at PG. Next year: Rob, Al, and Armann (has been mentioned he will play some point) Year after: Rob, Armann, and Lander (hopefully). Rob will play huge minutes. So I am not too worried about PG depth at this point.
  9. What's your deal? We don't have an unlimited amount of scholorships. Every player we recruit that goes elsewhere isn't a "miss".
  10. To be honest, I never thought we would get him on campus. Us getting a visit from him is huge. We are tough to beat when we get recruits on campus for official visits. Hopefully Archie, Ostrom and Co. can reel this one in from Minnesota.
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