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  1. I've hooked up w/ a few Purdue girls. They aren't all hogs. Just about 98% of them are.
  2. Rob, Franklin, Smith, TJD, Brunk. That lineup was +19.
  3. Playing with a little passion goes a long way.
  4. Play Cooper Bybee over those two. There's a reason we play better when they aren't on the court.
  5. This game is not a part of the student package.
  6. I put a lot of money on IU -13. I think we blow them out.
  7. People who think we don't need Lander are nuts. And yes I said need.
  8. Never take too many mg of edibles. You'll be in for a long, long few hours. Seriously.
  9. I'd go Tannehill. Houston D is terrible. Plus, Bears are getting Hicks back, who is a beast. I'm rolling w/ Jimmy G over Rodgers this week.
  10. I haven't read this entire thread, so I'm not sure this was mentioned. But.....the best sequence of the entire game IMO was the Hunter mid range shot and the block on the other end. We turned the corner immediately after that.
  11. I didn't take it as a shot at all. No big deal. My original statement was just trying to say how big of a game this one is, even though it's very early on. Let's get this W! I love Archie and this team btw. I'm completely on board, I just want to win this damn game and have some fun moving forward this season. I just think a W here will be a huge confidence boost for both the players and coaches.
  12. I'm not saying it's an entire 'evaluate the program' win or loss. I'm just saying for this season, it is a very big game.
  13. Can't decide between a few.... Odell or Diggs at Flex. As of now I feel like I have to roll w/ Diggs. OBJ is a disaster. But Arizona is horrendous, and I could see him finally go off. Jimmy G. or Rodgers at QB.
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