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  1. Good post. This is exactly what I am getting at.
  2. As much as you guys make fun of Crean, he at least accomplished something. Yeah he was a weird guy, but we are on year 4 with Archie and we haven’t done.....anything? Creans teams played with heart and knew what Indiana basketball was all about. Our team now looks like they could care less. I like the kids on our team and I like Archie as a man, but this team is terribly built. I’m not ready to kick him to the curb yet, but I’m very close.
  3. Laugh at this all you want but. . . I miss Tom Crean.
  4. I'd be shocked if CJ wasn't a Hoosier. In regards to Jalen, I WISH we could land him, but MSU will be tough to beat here.....with Purdue having a little chance also.
  5. ^ I have not seen that film but I will put it on my list. I've been to Phnom Penh, pretty cool city and the people are very welcoming and friendly. Would recommend.
  6. That’s fine. We have our own opinions. I think AF is right next to him. I love AF. Always have.
  7. Galloway is our second best player behind TJD.
  8. We are going to love Parker Stewart. On and off the court. I don't consider 2021 a flop at all. Lander is an early entry....he's young and will continue to grow this year. He will be a stud next year. Not to mention Logan Dumcomb is vastly underrated in my opinion. I'm also not convinced TJD is going to the draft. Others are convinced he is, but I'm not so sure.
  9. Let’s get a W for Mile and CC! They’re watching together wherever they are.
  10. Mile was an unbelievably great man, husband, and Hoosier fan. I started posting on the Scout site when I was just a young lad, and I always looked up to him as a poster. Not only did we share several PM's on here and the older forums, but he gave me his email so we could chat back and forth about anything. We messaged about food more than the Hoosiers, which I laugh about when I look back at it. The most recent email I sent him was a recipe for Pho. It's my girlfriends specialty, and he was so excited to try it. I will never know if he was able to enjoy it, but his love for good food and the H
  11. Hello all. @HoosierFaithfulwas generous enough to allow me back. I'm posting this here because this is where I left on a bad note. I don't want to make this all about "Me", so I'll just make a quick note that I told HoosierFaithful the "issue" I was having a few months ago and that I wanted to come back to my favorite forum. My sincerest apologies to @Lostin76and @tdhoosier and anyone else who I offended. I not only embarrassed myself, but the forum in it's entirety by posting like that. Stay safe everyone.
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