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  1. Eric Gordon is very loyal to our program. He is very vocal on Twitter about our Hoosiers. He reps IU almost more than any of our former players. It’s not his fault he was good enough to be a one and done...
  2. And actually now that I think of it. Our last SIX have been Hoosiers. Romeo, TDJ, Armaan, Brunk, Galloway, Leal.
  3. Our last 2 commits: Smart, well coached, born and raised with Indiana Basketball in their blood. Can't beat it.
  4. Set for October 5th. https://iuhoosiers.com/news/2019/8/8/mens-basketball-hoosier-hysteria-presented-by-smithville-fiber-set-for-october-5.aspx
  5. Not sure why being 'white' has anything to do with it. If you can play, you can play.
  6. Oops. I just saw his first line and I got pissed. My fault. But my point still stands, haha.
  7. Depends what you consider locking up the state. We can't get every single good Indiana player. Not enough scholarships, and just not realistic. However, we landed Romeo and TJD, each of which were Indiana Mr. Basketball and All Americans. We also got Galloway, Phinisee, Armaan, and Damezi. Also in great shape with Leal and Lander. I think he is doing just fine. We missed out on Keion, so what.
  8. After today, I really can't see how Leal doesn't join up with Galloway for 2020. Don't get me wrong, Stanford is a fantastic school, but come on. . .
  9. You spend more time talking about this new girlfriend than you do basketball. Is this your first one?
  10. Why has it been miserable? We gained Brunk, who will be a leader, both in the locker room and on the court. Are you worried about recruits? Most recruits wait till after the summer is over to make decisions. If you think we are going to completely strike out, you are just wrong.
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