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  1. You post the exact same stuff on Luke over on BtownBanners. Almost word for word.
  2. Ummmm..... I don't base my opinions on what CoachSS says. They are my own. I never said he wouldn't get D1 offers. I said he will never been good enough to play at Indiana. "My line of thinking"...... Which is what? If you've followed me over the years, you'd know I usually give the players the benefit of the doubt. I have seen tons of players play in the state of Indiana. And yes, I do not believe Luke will be good enough to play at Indiana. I also don't think he will drop "3 or 4 threes" on Indiana when he plays for Purdue, because he will probably be playing at Evansville or Ball State.
  3. If Lander goes elsewhere, there would be about 100 more kids I would pick over Luke. At least. Not really sure why you're even putting Luke and Lander in the same conversation.
  4. Hard not to like Zion. Lot's of emotion in that interview.
  5. I mean yeah Devonte isn't much of a leader. Like others have said, he'll be our leader in scoring, but that's about it. I hope/think it'll be Al and Brunk being the voice of our team, and hopefully Rob will also step in as the season evolves. I think Brunk was a huge addition. Both as a player and leader/voice. It's clear that the team already loves him.
  6. The buildings that used to be there were called Dunhill apartments.
  7. Bad tippers. I've never worked for tips, but it annoys me more than anything when I see people give awful tips. If the service was THAT bad then I understand. But people are usually just being cheap. Drives me nuts.
  8. No clue what thread to put this in. But it was just confirmed that Green, Durham, and Smith all withdrew from the draft. Pretty obvious, but figured I would share.
  9. Cody Parkey. Don't get me started on this guy.
  10. That's fine. However, you can say that about a ton of players. "If they grow a few more inches they'll get big D1 offers.....". I hope I'm wrong. Time will tell.
  11. I'll bite. He's not, and will never be good enough for an Indiana offer. Sorry?
  12. The link below should work. https://247sports.com/college/lsu/Board/59425/Contents/-WATCH-Trendon-Watford-makes-college-decision-132176844/
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