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  1. RoadToZion

    Romeo Langford

    I think JuWan will score more than Romeo. He averaged 16-17 a game last year. I could see him pushing 20 honestly. Romeo will be GOOD, but I see him scoring around 16-17 a game. He may not need to score a ton for us to be successful. We have some weapons this year, finally....
  2. Devonte's decision making. Good Devonte makes this team so much better.
  3. RoadToZion

    Anthony Harris

    I'm almost certain we will be getting a visit.
  4. RoadToZion

    Anthony Harris

    Harris is a better player, IMO.
  5. RoadToZion

    Armaan Franklin

    After his 3 officials. Late September would be my guess.
  6. RoadToZion

    Armaan Franklin

    Final 3: IU, PU, Xavier.
  7. RoadToZion

    Who starts?

    Al is good. He showed some flashes last year. That stretch where he went several games playing a decent amount of PT without a turnover....THAT's the Al I want to see again.
  8. RoadToZion

    Who starts?

    Green Romeo McRoberts -----> I wouldn't be shocked to see Hunter start after the first few games. Smith Morgan This is to start the year.
  9. RoadToZion

    James Bouknight

  10. RoadToZion

    James Bouknight

    Tick Tock Newman. . .
  11. RoadToZion

    Brandon Newman

  12. RoadToZion

    Trendon Watford

    In no way shape or form is Brooks a 4.
  13. RoadToZion

    Trendon Watford

    I've been saying from the start that I'd rather have other players than Watford in 2019. Is he a great player? Yes. Do I respect the hell out of the Watford family? Yes. However, I think players such as TJD, Brooks, Carton are more important. I'm basing this off of what I think we will need as a TEAM in 2019. And honestly, if we can add a 4th in 2019, give me Newman. Let Archie get the ball rolling in NWI. We've missed out on too much talent in that area over the years.
  14. RoadToZion

    For a slow, rainy Midwest day

    Smith will 100% be starting. Green Romeo McRoberts Smith Morgan
  15. RoadToZion

    Rematch with Duke

    Love it. No bigger stage than that.