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  1. RoadToZion

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Haha it's funny that just a couple months ago we had people on here saying Brooks was "overrated.....acted like hollowell on the court...was lazy...etc". I never understood that. Brooks is a great, great player.
  2. Nothing to see her. This is how AAU teams work.
  3. RoadToZion

    The Renaissance

    Or call it nothing. This is IU. We should always expect to be good. We don't need nicknames for recruiting classes.
  4. RoadToZion

    Evan Fitzner Commits to IU

    He just committed, per reports.
  5. RoadToZion

    Green, Durham, Phinisee...

    I think people underestimate Green's defense. Does he make bonehead plays on offense? Yeah. But it's hard to imagine a freshman Phinisee starting over a junior Green. I just don't see it.
  6. RoadToZion

    18-19 Lineup(just for fun)

    I see a good problem here reading through all these replies. Look how many options we have. And look how many of those options are solid lineups. Depth is awesome to have isn't it.
  7. RoadToZion

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I've always wanted Brooks over Watford. But I won't complain if we get either one.
  8. RoadToZion

    18-19 Lineup(just for fun)

    But that's the thing. He doesn't need to score. His job is to put people in position to score, which he does. Our 5 starters don't need to average 15+ a game for us to be a really, really good team.
  9. RoadToZion

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Feels just like the Zeller momentum. Better hop on board to secure your spot boys. Looking at you TJD, Brooks, Watford. This is going to be fun.
  10. RoadToZion

    18-19 Lineup(just for fun)

    It's hard for me to see McRoberts not starting. He doesn't need to be a scorer. He does the little things. He's been known to hit down a few 3's, which I'm assuming he'll also get better at, which would just be a plus. He can be an awesome 3 man for us. He also doesn't need to play 30+ minutes. Depending on how big or small we want to go, we have plenty of back up options at the 3.
  11. RoadToZion

    Evan Fitzner Commits to IU

    I'd say pretty damn good.
  12. RoadToZion

    Romeo Langford

    What a ride. Thanks Archie.
  13. RoadToZion

    Romeo Langford

    Mr. Zion couldn't be more calm. Great day to be a Hoosier.
  14. RoadToZion

    Romeo Langford

    Special guest?
  15. RoadToZion

    Romeo Langford