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  1. He was a great hire for Georgia.
  2. I'm normally very optimistic when it comes to iubb, but we really suck.
  3. RoadToZion

    The OFFICIAL Iowa Game Thread.

    And getting very cold and turning to ice.
  4. RoadToZion

    The OFFICIAL Iowa Game Thread.

    Will be lots of empty seats tonight, unfortunately. Weather is terrible.
  5. RoadToZion

    Iowa Pregame Thread

    Must win.
  6. RoadToZion

    Northwestern Pregame Thread

    DeRon not playing.
  7. RoadToZion

    Purdue Pregame Thread

    Be careful anyone going to the game. It's a mess out there. I thought about going, but can't make it there due to weather.
  8. RoadToZion

    Maryland Pregame Thread

    This is ridiculous. It's a kids brain we are dealing with. It's not like his finger hurts and they are being cautious. Concussions are serious. Have you had one? I have, and was miserable for a long time. They can affect people differently. We aren't holding him out for the hell of it. It's for his long term health. See your way out dude.
  9. RoadToZion

    Is it just me ,

    I wouldn't just call IUMS "competitive". We have an ELITE soccer program. We are arguably the top soccer program in the country. Definitely top 3.
  10. RoadToZion

    Mock Drafts - 2019 & 2020

    Hunter would start over Brooks.
  11. RoadToZion


    I mean......yeah it does. Based on the injury we can kind of estimate how long he will be out. It would be nice to know if they will be back this year....or next year...or if its career threatening. It's very important IMO.
  12. RoadToZion

    UofL post game

    A W is a W. Should be ranked on Monday.
  13. RoadToZion

    Penn State Pregame Thread

    I don't care if we win by 1 or 31. We need this W.
  14. RoadToZion

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I don't think it will be much longer for Brooks. 2 weeks tops.
  15. RoadToZion

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Can the Zags beat the Cavs?