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  1. I don't want Kopp to start either, I just think Woody will have him in there to start the year.
  2. I'm very intrigued by space. What Elon is doing with SpaceX is exciting. My family is not religious, but I went to a catholic grade school and high school for the education. I was looked down upon because I was one of the few who wasn't baptized in the schools. To be honest, it made me hate the catholic church and what it stands for. Is there a higher being out there? Doubtful. But I respect those who think there is. I think its silly to think we are the only form of life in the universe. Fortunately, I'm still pretty young, so I think I will be alive when that day comes.
  3. Haha he’s not going anywhere. It’s a highlight video. Everyone calm down. Bawa Muniru could hit 3s too when I’d shoot w/ him at IU…….
  4. A-J Mo-ye clap clap clap clap clap
  5. We will have to disagree. Yes Woodson wants DD, but I don't think he would show anyone the door for him if TJD comes back. I would love to know who you think he would tell to get lost? It certainly wouldn't be any of our current guards. Logans name has been getting brought up for literally no reason. He's a good player.
  6. Fact how? Who would leave? Everyone just assumes Duncomb...why?
  7. Easy choice here. TJD > DD. There's really nothing else to add. When TJD comes back we have no room for DD. Where did the Leal paying his own way thing come from? Aside from message board rumors, why do people think Kopp won't return either? I think he's made it clear he is coming back. In college basketball, recruiting never stops. Doesn't matter if your roster is full at the time or not. You ALWAYS have contigency plans. So the fact that we were actively recruiting DD and McNeil really doesn't tell me one thing or another.
  8. 6'5 with a good stroke and can create his own shot. He needs to bulk up and work on his D. If his defense gets better, he will be getting PT before a lot of people think.
  9. Commodity trading for me. Let me know if anyone has questions if you are looking to get into that.
  10. Big NIL $ coming in to keep him at IU is what I was told about an hour ago.
  11. Kofi signed w an agent and is headed to the NBA.
  12. I'll pass on Emoni. We don't need a "me me me" player on this team.
  13. For those that dont know, Boiler1987 is stlboiler23 on our site. Boiler why are you so mad???????????? @Stlboiler23
  14. Soooooo Dexter is on campus today. I'd really like to pick him up. Seal the deal Woody. I would like him to commit before he visits Clemson.
  15. Not sure why everyone is locking in JHS to start right away. You have to be really good to start as a Freshman. Our last one was Romeo I think and that team was awful. I think JHS will be eventually be really good but I think our lineup will look like this if TJD comes back. X, Bates or Galloway, Kopp, Race, TJD. Kopp and Race are coming back because they will be starting. TJD and X are obviously the other 2 starters. The only spot up in the air is the 2 IMO. This is a good problem to have btw. JHS, Bates or Galloway, JG, Banks, Leal, etc off the bench is nice. NOW, if DD commits, he will start at the 2 IMO. X, DD, Kopp, Race, TJD. If Malik commits that’d be fantastic as well, but he wouldn’t be a day 1 starter. All good problems to have. Happy Easter!
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