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  1. Tahoe. Incline Village (Nevada side). Place I'd never live even for a second, New York.
  2. At my company, we are now having the issue of employees finding out that they will still get paid if they have covid. Once one guy had it and we told him he would be paid, chatter made its way around the company and now every week someone new is “sick”. We are a small family business and have survived through this entire thing, now people are taking advantage of us being nice and giving them pay while they are “sick”. We have to believe that they really are sick, but we know they aren’t. Not much we can do though. We shouldn’t have been nice from the start and payed the guys. I’m so ready for this entire thing to be over with.
  3. Fauci needs to resign next. We will have to wait though, he's too busy writing books, doing photoshoots, and making documentaries about himself.
  4. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-10-06/sweden-halts-moderna-s-covid-vaccine-for-people-aged-30-or-under
  5. Not sure using Wikipedia as a source helps anything. My Wikipedia page can say I’m worth ten billion dollars and am going to buy the Chicago Bulls. Anyone can post nonsense on Wikipedia. Like I said, I don’t even know who Jack is. The resignation was worldwide news, his tweet was just one that was trending. It’s not like I meant to post a “far right wing” tweet. I’ll post the CNN tweet next time.
  6. So in better news, 2 of the girls ended up saving their jobs. They decided to go ahead and get the vaccine. Smart decision IMO.
  7. I linked a politico article. Every major news network reported that he resigned today, so that’s not fake news. The tweet was just one I saw trending on Twitter, so I linked that as well. I don’t even know who Posobiec is, I just saw it trending. Figured it was major news, so I posted here.
  8. https://www.politico.com/news/2021/10/04/francis-collins-nih-step-down-515114
  9. https://asia.nikkei.com/Spotlight/Coronavirus/China-PCR-test-orders-soared-before-first-reported-COVID-case When are we going to make China pay?
  10. No doubt. Just crazy I know 4 personally.
  11. 4. This one IU Health. She was suspended in mid September, and has now been fired. All IU grads. I feel so bad for them. Edit: Apparently Oct. 1st was the deadline for many places.
  12. Make that 3. NYC and 2 in Ohio.
  13. 2 of my college friends who are (well, were) nurses have been fired for not getting the Vax. They went from being heros and saving lives all of last year, to being fired, even though they have natural immunity. Scary times.
  14. Both Purdue and Illlinois are horrendous.
  15. Correct. Early to mid October. Indiana.
  16. They deleted it. That shows how embarrassing it was.
  17. I still have PM’s with Mile about it. I knew a player (he went to my high school) who was on the team with someone we were recruiting. You can PM me for the name if you want. But he went on to play for a team in the Big East, and recently transferred. Easy to figure out but I don’t want to state the recruits name directly.
  18. I know one recruit who was very turned off by them, fwiw. Their gimmicks won’t last long.
  19. Why do those Hoosier Hysterics creeps have access to our basketball team and recruits? Did you guys see that video of them and Fears? 100% cringeworthy. They are the weirdest of weird. Get them out of here.
  20. I have connections at LaLumiere so hopefully I can get some intel on how this recruitment will shake up.
  21. One of the most important recruiting/game weekends in iufb history coming up.....
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