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  1. By not committing, they get to be eternally coveted. Problem is, t*ts sag and n*ts drop; and when they finally/inevitably do, those looking will look elsewhere and ND will be left behind, holding a sack of prunes.
  2. Can I hijack this thread and re-engage off-Season need Numero Uno: Make a dedicated student section as close to the floor in AH as possible. Have we talked about this before? I don't think we've talked about this enough. Let's talk about this some more.
  3. That is and has been a systemic problem, but in the effort of fairness and looking forward, rather than backwards, CTA has visibly impacted recruiting in a positive way. It would be a problem if we were trending in the opposite direction with the quality of recruits and transfers, but I don't think that's the case. IU is paying the price for not prioritizing football all those years, but it is making sizable gains to catch up. Where previous administrations simply did not care, I can honestly say that is not the mindset now.
  4. Dolson needs to operate like IU is on the outside looking in, not comfortable because we are. There needs to be a bit of scrappiness in the mentality because unfortunately, we're not in a position to coast, even with all this potential money coming in. Things are simply too fragile and fluid, so building a football program that's deserving of a seat at the big table is the most important job, fair or not. And to be fair, some of the little things are being done. Beer sales in the stadium, a good band/entertainment (I think we should amp this up even more. Take a queue from Clemson and Death Valley or Va Tech). Certainly our recruiting has been unbelievable the last 5-6 years when compared to the past, so we are trending upwards.
  5. I have shamed myself and my family for making this error. I will edit and change immediately.
  6. This is possibly an ill-fitting analogy, as it's not apples to apples (but I find it a bit humorous nonetheless): but conference realignment feels like the cyclical evolution of TV/Cable/Streaming. Core channels. More channels. "Cable" - which consolidates all the channels. Glut - as the cable package balloons to ridiculous size because you have to accept VH1 2 and Nordic DIY Network just to keep ESPN and TNT. Now we're paying for channels (ahem Purdue, Iowa State, Temple) that we don't want. Streaming!! - Better programming! Get what we want and we don't have to have cable!! Each Network launches its own streaming network - wait a minute! Now I have to subscribe **all** these platforms because Yellowstone is on Paramount+ Peacock, and Stranger Things is on Netfilx and The Boys is on Amazon Prime.... "aaahhhhh" Now we have the exact same equivalent of streaming networks as we did channels; just rebranded. How do we consolidate all of this?? (Queue Twilight Zone music)
  7. Exactly. That's why I said its great out here. It's less than ideal for East Coast / Midwest viewers.
  8. It's very interesting, as all this shifting and realignment is really doing is simply redirecting the flow of allocated money. The universities can't physically move, so it's **obviously** about categorization. That said, drastic, tectonic shifts in the landscape are challenging the definition of 'conference', and possibly making it an antiquated term.
  9. Living on the West Coast for sports is FANTASTIC. Games start at 9am on Saturday and GO ALL DAY.
  10. One possibly overlooked, but certainly substantial, positive for IU is our alumni base. Nationwide, only Penn State has a larger one. While our football program isn't as strong as we like, IU is still a major brand that carries weight across the country.
  11. I absolutely love that I'll have an opportunity to see IU play out here in LA (probably once every seven years, lol), yet I can't help but feel a little bad for the families of players who want to watch their kids play in person and not break the bank to do so. Keeping things regional allows for quick flights or road trips... that's going to be a major obstacle for their fanbase at large.
  12. FX's The Old Man - Jeff Bridges as an ex-CIA operative with a complicated past that's suddenly been thrust back upon him. Also starring John Lithgow and Amy Brenneman. Top notch.
  13. A tale as old as time... https://www.newsweek.com/man-learns-his-son-actually-his-uncle-due-grandfathers-affair-1603014
  14. Group text message conversations that only involve 2 people.
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