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  1. I was at FC from '99-'01 before transferring to IU. It was nice to get the best of both worlds (small school and big).
  2. Yes, it will really be a testament to the status of the program when other teams are getting high profile transfers "from Indiana".
  3. I definitely noticed that he wasn't used as much last year. I thought he might transfer over the winter/spring... then when McCullough was brought back it seemed like he might climb back into contention. Certainly disappointing, but we have a nice, deep corp, so believe we'll be OK.
  4. I like the NIL as well. They should be able to cash in on their own likeness. As for the psychology, I think the players are already somewhat conditioned to the open marketplace simply through the recruiting system, where some players get great/numerous scholarship offers and others do not. It will certainly be interesting to see how this evolves. I like that IU is willing to work with the players to give them every advantage that the can.
  5. Very cool! I love hearing stories from the "inside"; people who are directly involved, either as a coach or parent, etc. 7 threes is nothing to sneeze at... you must be proud! Just curious, who of the coaches (that you listed and also didn't) had the best presence? Is it a tangible thing that recruits can sense/feel? And what made Crean so "weird"?
  6. I'm going to be the one who pivots and (somewhat) disagrees with your post (hey, that's what this message board is for, right!?) Man, I have so much to unpack here. (And none of this is meant to be personal... just a reaction to the post above.) First off, what is the love affair with comparing different generations and their equivalent suffering? Isn't it a little silly to think that the generations following our own "should" experience terrible adversity and adverse situations simply because we did? And isn't it a bit short-sighted to think that they aren't? Life is beautiful and it sucks. This is as true now as it was back then, and then, and then, and the 'then' before then. Sure, kids have the internet and iPads now. So? They're still experiencing hardships and challenges that we didn't when we were kids. Things shift, evolve, and hopefully progress as we move forward. The hypersensitivity can equally be placed on the older generations, who might feel like their trials and tribulations aren't being recognized enough. The "participation ribbon/coddled to" comments are always laughable to me. Who is doing that? The kids? Are the 5 year olds getting together, creating a youth soccer/basketball/football league, writing up the bylaws, creating a schedule, organizing the whole thing with games and instruction, simply so they can play to a tie and hand out ribbons (that they saved up money from their piggy banks to get)?? Who is doing the coddling? What I gleaned from the Gard/Wisconsin situation wasn't the seniors being babies. It was a lack of communication and trust. These things run both ways. Of course the players should be held accountable to their actions. They should be able to withstand adversity and "take it on the chin" every so often. But so should the coaches and instructors that lead them. A good locker room is built on a foundation of 'us' and not 'you'. It looks like that foundation was cracking up there. Simply look at what Coach Allen* is doing here at IU. Many/Most(?...but not all, to be fair) of his players would run through a brick wall for him. He has earned their trust because he has been open and honest with them. People want to play for him because he says what he means and means what he says. At the end of the day, it's not just about coach/player; it's a human-human connection and relationship. [*Coach Woodson as well, although obviously early in his IU career.] Do I think Coach Gard should be run out of Madison because of this conversation? Of course not. He rubbed the players the wrong way. So be it. Hopefully it's a learning experience for everyone involved. Now do I think Coach Gard should be run out of Madison because IU consistently whips his team's ass like it's the 1980s? Hell yes.
  7. IU out here playing Chess while other programs are searching for Checkers pieces that have rolled off the table and under the couch.
  8. I'm a competitor at heart, so I agree with CMW about recruiting players with a similar outlook and makeup. The majority of the time I think this brings out the best in everyone (it is a competitive sport, after all), and the cream rises to the top. I also have no issue with Coach Woodson's honesty about possibly recruiting "over" players on his roster; he should be able to fill out his team with the absolute best players available. That said, there is a flip side to that coin, and I'm ok with players wanting to transfer without limitations or restrictions.
  9. To be fair, college players play 35-40 games a year (if they are on good teams) vs 82 + playoffs for professionals. Then you add the travel, 48 min games vs 40 min college games, and rest is absolutely needed in many cases.
  10. Each Head Coach has his preferences and philosophies when it comes to recruiting and roster management, but it seems extremely short-sighted and silly to make absolute declarative statements like this (or any for that matter). Too many variables, too many shifts and evolving situations. Why paint yourself in a corner and have to explain it all later? Objectively, it just seems like a big waste to time and energy.
  11. It's pretty awesome to be included - and seriously considered - with these other football programs. I absolutely love the momentum and positive buzz that's coming from the program.
  12. Geronimo seems to be our most athletic player. Still somewhat raw, but if he sticks around I can see him putting the pieces together to be a really interesting prospect.
  13. Yes. It shows incredible character and integrity. He's allowing his son(s) to do what's best for them, not necessarily what's best for his own career.
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