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  1. Edwards won the governor's race with "Vote for the crook, it's important"
  2. Only one Detroiter every played for IU (to my memory) Jordan Crawford.
  3. So, I lived in Michigan and can tell you that the UM/OSU rivalry is crazy (slashing tires to visiting teams etc.). IU sucks is nothing. I have liked nothing Purdue my whole life (except Big Dog), but I would be disheartened if Purdue dropped the chant.
  4. I enjoy the cloak and dagger stuff as much as the info itself.
  5. I remember going to a game about 5 years earlier (82-84ish) and the crowd started changing "bull%%%" after a technical was assessed. BK got on the mike and put an end to it. I think I went to two games where that happened. Props to Henderson for objecting to the chant. I always hated those big heads that Crean had and distributed to the students. BK wouldn't let the band distract the FT shooter. I have always had issues with BK, but his insistence on crowd behavior was commendable.
  6. He did it more than once. He would get the mike and tell people to stop.
  7. Late game offense: plan a) Smith drives, shoots a couple and then we get a tip in fg by Davis. Plan B is Smith hits the shot.
  8. Yep, The Michigan team that beat them in the final had 6 pros.
  9. Agreed, except I would substitute Ben Wallace for Rodman.
  10. I don't know, maybe you might want your best defender on the court if you are trying to build a defensive identity.
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