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  1. Maybe, but Georgia is a sleeping giant. If someone were ever to lock down that state's b'ball talent, it would be a perennial top 5/top 10 team. (Un)fortunately, the Butts-Meer folk only speak one language (football).
  2. This is one of my favorite highlight reels in a long time. Not because of anything particular TJD is doing, but because of the looks/body language of the Kentucky kids. That says it all.
  3. I streamed this game myself a couple weeks ago. It ranks in my top 5 favorite IU games. In rewatching it, it was great to see how tough they were. UCLA starts getting chippy and IU responds with more toughness. Also, it is a reminder of how deep the team was and how many players on that team were from Indiana.
  4. Addition by subtraction = 3 point shooting percentage will go up. Bank on it.
  5. 100%? So, you find it easier to root for out of state players and forgive them when they mess up?
  6. 92-3 the last time we were truly consistently elite we were 2/3 Hoosier. The last time we were ranked number one we had 3/5 of the starters from IU (Zeller, Hulls, Yogi). Being from Indiana is not a precondition to appreciating what the jersey represents (Durham, Oladipo, Moye, Reynolds), but it certainly helps. Also, fans generally find it easier to root for (and forgive) players from the state. I like the direction the team is taking.
  7. ok, When Archie took over, there was one Indiana kid on scholarship (Hartman). In two seasons he has bumped that to 5 (RP, DA, JB, TJD, AF). WIth JB being the only upperclassman (JR), this number should bump next year. I'm pretty happy with AM's Indiana recruiting. He will miss on a player here and there, but the trend is positive.
  8. Smith's dad's comments make me wonder if TJD has already been penciled in as our starting 4.
  9. Or maybe it takes a while to get your law school ap in and work through the admission process.
  10. I am always amused that people take journalist's rankings as gospel. I would take a coach's opinion about a player above a scout's opinion any day. It's not just the number, it's the person designating the number. Personally, I have more confidence in a coach willing to consider a player despite a ranking. It suggests a degree of confidence (ok, or desperation in some cases that we are too familiar with). Obviously, you take a "30" above player 120, but you don't take it as given that player "120" is really 120. I saw an interview with Beilein in which he stated he is never sure a player can play defense in his system until he talks to the player to determine how smart the player is.
  11. Here's to IU moving up in the Brunkings next year.
  12. Bob Bender: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Bender
  13. Lots of "ifs" to be sure. But as an indication of the "potential ceiling" of the team, I am a little more optimistic about the overall quality of the squad than I was say two weeks ago.
  14. ok, How about the fact that we beat a final four team twice? Romeo only scored 9 and 19 (14 ppg) against MSU and Morgan was famously absent in E Lansing.
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