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  1. I was in the nosebleed section in Atlanta in 2002 for both the IU/OU and IU/Maryland games. True Story: For the final, I parked in North Atlanta and took the MARTA (train) to the game. I got off at the stadium, took the escalator up, reached into my fleece to grab my ticket and it was gone (fell out). I ran back to the train and they found my ticket sitting in a seat about two stops down. A MARTA security guy took it up to me and I got into the game (10 min into it).
  2. It's exactly what you are saying, but the Hoagie song was written around the corner on Indiana and the space port faced out on Kirkwood.
  3. I have family that worked there in the early 80s.
  4. Spaceport was where Kilroys is, but there was another spaceport over where Lennies is now. Hoagie Carmichael wrote Stardust in a building, which is on Indiana. I just looked on google and there is a starbucks and Japonee express there. Through the 70s/80s it was Garcias. The book nook was up on Jordan and Third before it moved.
  5. I was always a spaceport guy myself.
  6. I don't think the rack and cue served alcohol, you would just drink in the parking lot. It was off college ave next to the village theater (around 12th). It had video games and pool tables. I don't think it survived much into the 90s.
  7. Or, in the townie vernacular, the "crack n screw"
  8. Yes, the motor is strong in this padawan.
  9. Clearly there is a lot of potential to enrich oneself. In the grey areas, it would be better to see how other schools step out and do whatever they are going to do. I am pretty confident that a popular IU basketball player can make a lot of money and maybe enough to wait around another year and build the brand.
  10. Would that actually be legal?
  11. Dry your tears. We should also think about teaching illiteracy so students can learn the importance of thinking.
  12. Kids should bring guns to school to learn about the second amendment as well.
  13. I'm pretty sure he could have coached a better zone attack than CTC did.
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