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  1. Check out at 2:40. I think he has a lot of respect for the program and tradition. Specially brought the family just so they could experience Assembly Hall. Eric Musselman reacts to win at Indiana - YouTube
  2. I know. I'm not particularly concerned with the route someone takes to be an NBA coach...the insinuation is, if you are good enough to be a head coach in the NBA (30 HCs total) you can succeed as a college HC.
  3. I would put Pitino/Calipari in the NBA "failed" to success category....along with Musselman. Thanks for Avery Johnson.
  4. https://athletics.geneva.edu/sports/womens-basketball/roster/coaches/patience-baker/3 Connect the dots
  5. They may be in the portal, but they are still students at IU. Its a wise decision to explore your options if the University is moving in a new direction; it doesn't mean they are (all) gone. I'm not panicked (yet). Come mid April and no coach...
  6. Ok, serious question: How many NBA head coaches (no matter how bad) have come into the college ranks in say the last 30 years and failed? I'm sure many on this board could answer this better than I can, but the list is think. Even Larry Brown in his last days as a coach was building something fairly decent at SMU (yes, I know there were issues). The only guy that comes to mind is Hoiberg and he is just in year two. There are only 30 NBA teams. That's two big tens + two teams. Head coaches at that level know what they are doing. They might not be flashy or trendy, they might get fire
  7. I think we would be lucky to get Woodson and it would be a serious upgrade over CAM or CTC. Put it this way, how many Universities...if they made a full court press...would be able to get Woodson. I'd say fewer than a handful. Not saying I'm rooting for him over others, but I am saying that he is the only "Indiana" guy besides Calbert who I would trust with the program.
  8. Hard to believe its only a week and a day in the post-Archie era. Take comfort in the fact that the longer the search goes without info/updates the more likely it is that the hire will be a good one.
  9. Second hand info from a relative of mine in contact with someone in UM athletics: Beilein's move at present appears to be Depaul where he can do the Ray/Joey Meyer thing. Take it for what it's worth.
  10. Two things are clear to me at this point: First, played or not (I think not), Stevens solved the "Archie" issue and the concern that this team would just waste away next year. Second, Dolson has a lot more bullets this time around than Glass did last time. Oh, and go Kings.
  11. Just listened to the Titus and Tate podcast linked to the Daily Hoosier site. If for anything else, it's good for bolstering some Hoosier pride.
  12. If you went to games or saw games at different bars at this time, you should have no doubt that these people saw themselves as "IU fans."
  13. 0 inside info. Here's why there could be a meeting on a Sunday... It would be as was suggested yesterday 2 person breakouts so that it isn't an official meeting. Why? you can't FOIA those docs...making it harder to "discover" them if there were some litigation (think employment suit). So you inform people that "yes, there is a candidate or two and we have id'd them" so when you seek authorization in public the members are confident they will authorize an action that will succeed....but if there is any blowback, the specifics aren't on any record anywhere. Again, this is 100% speculat
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