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  1. AP has us receiving votes and ranked #30, just behind UNC.
  2. IU Ladies are now ranked #4 in the country! Several tough games coming up. Also Maryland #3 and Iowa #8
  3. Congrats ladies! A 21 point beat down of #13 Kentucky (mens team are you watching?)
  4. Great to see such a huge and raucous crowd in the Hall. And boy they are looking good so far.
  5. I was just getting ready to ask about sling as I am setting up service now. It looks like if you get orange package you get all three ESPN channels but no ESPN with blue package. But in order to get Big Ten Network you have to add the sports extra but you only get big 10 network if you add it to the blue package. Is that correct? ugh
  6. Ahhhh, in addition to a step back i obviously need to take a deep breath as well
  7. where the frack is the pre-game thread!? we are under 24 hours here...
  8. Don’t worry Few you only got one game for a DUI and Cockburn got three games for getting paid for something or other 🙄
  9. Yikes. That girl may have sealed the deal... for him not to come here
  10. Play college fball for your dad! Way to go son, that is how you become a man!!
  11. F**K you Kelvin! i was having a hard time seeing his face these last few games as they made their run. This beatdown is reeeaaly nice
  12. I wouldn’t really say the Big Ten was a fraud. There is no doubt there are a large number of well coached, tough, disciplined teams. But once again, when it comes time for the tournament, So many flame out and underwhelm. Should we move the big 10 tournament so it ends on Saturday like almost everyone else? (mid-majors a whole week earlier). Do we just play to physical a game that does not match up well against tournament opponents? Is this influenced by the Big officiating? I think there are a lot of possibilities other than a fraud.
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