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  1. Northwestern Postgame Thread

    Rojo catches a lot of crap. But his defense is somehow overlooked. He is solid game after game at that end.
  2. Northwestern Postgame Thread

    Absolutely. We are so much better against a zone than we have been in years past. Put Morgan or Hartman in the middle and they "carve it up" as you said.
  3. IU Beatdown of NW - and Game MVP

    Juwan Morgan is a good basketball player
  4. Penn St at Indiana MVP?

    Juwan Morgan is a good basketball player.
  5. Seriously, I would love to be sitting next to that lady and just watch her face light up when the Hoosiers took the court!
  6. I read this thread title from mile and thought it was an autobiography!
  7. Next 5 games

    This post pretty much somes up our team this year.
  8. Minnesota post game thread

    *bump* 😁
  9. MSU Loses, So the Big Ten is Bad?

    I don' know what it all.means. But you have to be impressed with Holtman (sp?) at this point. To beat MSU with Dakich as a starting guard? That is good coaching. OSU and IU both nabbed some quality young coaches. It should be fun to watch for years to come.
  10. Minnesota post game thread

    That' our internal debate since we met. Kev and I are still debating this exact point. I want to be the pretty one! But dang kev is so naturally gorgeous. Even with no make up. I hate it!
  11. Minnesota post game thread

    Very true and kind words. Thank you!
  12. Minnesota post game thread

    With this dang flu, you may have had better odds having me in the mod death pool. Well, CC hangs out with Portugese prostitutes. So, he may be a good bet as well.
  13. Minnesota post game thread

    My bff is back. I feel complete again! 😉
  14. Minnesota post game thread

    Sorry, the pay is just too good to walk away from.
  15. Minnesota post game thread

    Really? So, if you want to play that game, let me.list all the admins here..... Blue Indykev HoosierHoopster Mile HoosierFaithful Crester And we recently added DJ So, since you said "the people" that cause problems..... Look at that list and tell me what problems those "people" are causing .That list of people.include folks that have worked for a very.long tome to keep an IU forum up and running, for free. A lot of time volunteering and spending their own money.. A free site where you feel "free" to cast stones at the exact ones that provide the forum to you and others. Look, if you have a problem with a mod, handle it behind the scenes. If this place is too "ridiculous" for you, realize you are free to take your ungrateful ass somewhere else.