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  1. 5 overtimes, then rock paper scissors, go home.
  2. That's what I did when I got cut from the JV team in high school. Juwanna Mann-ed the whole district!
  3. Wine and a key board is a dicey proposition. Hahaha
  4. What the hell am I reading here?!?!
  5. I think the LaTech win counts for a little. Obviously.not a game.changer. but that is a "decent", if not good win. I am typing this as LaTech just.knocked.off Mississippi State. Not a huge win for us, but I do thing it moves the needle more than the other wins, prior to FSU.
  6. I always love our game against Wisconsin. If for no other reason, BADGERVOL is guaranteed to post and share his anxiety about the game. It is clockwork, and I love it!
  7. Nothing beats a pissed off Fisch's "unbeleivable!" That guy is a freaking treasue.
  8. A lot to love about different individuals tonight. But we just handled a team (without our point guard) that has beaten Purdue. Teennessee and Florida. Coach Hamilton post game: 'This is the best TEAM we have played all year".
  9. If Rob was healthy, we would be running away with this one. Another elite ball handler and we would dice up that pressure. Regardless, a very good half.of basketball by our guys.
  10. I think it is safe to say Archie has taken the reigns of Devonte!
  11. I interpreted it as such. You were spot on.
  12. The interesting part, as great as those numbers are, none of those kids are high major prospects. It looks like the kid averaging 45ppg is headed to........Lipscomb! I do not know anything about Luke beyond what I have read here. I just think that is worth pointing out. Great player, obviously. But what level does he play at college MAY be a totally different discussion.
  13. Cant get it to stream radio broadcast. We are officially a football school!
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