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  1. You basing this off interviews? What are you saying here does not match what almost everybody around him says. He is known to be direct, but not overly talkative to Media. But those behind the scenes say his intensity and witty sense of humor are always on display. I am not defending him against the criticisms you listed, but the boring personality is really just not accurate.
  2. Not without sitting out the first 5 minutes of the 2nd half.
  3. Nope. When I disagree I give my point of view and facts. Then respect people may actually have different views.
  4. You have had too many warnings. You troll during games, and in every debate you tell people they are dumb, ignorant, not as cool as you etc. Take a break. One more tiny slip up and the game is gonna end.
  5. Crester just hops around from bar to bar asking if they have the Big Ten Netork.
  6. He does not have to start. His minutes keep increasing. More and more you see him in at critical parts of the game. He certainly has responded well.
  7. You are hereby banned from watching any games til further notice!
  8. We had chances to put this game away. Now I am nervous
  9. I own two dachshunds! OH, and an Australian Sheperd who is the best dog ever. Go Hoosiers!
  10. If Archie shows up, we still may not win. I mean if the players miss the team bus may struggle. You have an Archie agenda? Hmmmm? Hard to tell.
  11. Yeah, I here ya. And I see things that concern me. I also see Archie as frustrated as us sometimes . I just get the sense (nothing to go on) that If we are patient, it will pay off. Maybe my heart speaking moe than my brain. But I do like Archie as a coach. I feel there is a lot we do not know.
  12. Totally get the frustration, but please be careful of name calling. I know you are talking about his coaching, and not making a personal attack. Just be careful, this is coming too close to the line.
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