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  1. I love this post! I totally.diasagree with your take on the issue. But give me this passion all day!!
  2. Around the B1G/NCAA

    Wait! Wait! Izzo lost to a less talented Syracuse team! And did you see what he said at halftime, that his team needed to do? Play faster!!! Amazing how we see things in a different light depending on who says it. This Syracuse team is FAR FAR less talented than the team that beat us. And Izzo does have at least two NBA players on this year' roster. I know this type of reaction is predictable. But it just drove me nuts how Crean was vilified for that game. Ok....back to tournament talk.
  3. Haas out for rest of tourny

    Wow, this sucks for the young man. He seems like a good kid who has put in a lot of hard work. It.is a shame anytime this happens, despite who your favorite team is. These kids have a short window to live this life of college sports. It means a gret deal them. Just hope the best for him.
  4. IU Officially Mentioned in FBI Probe

    Yup, gonna get nuts for sure.
  5. Nebraska Pregame Thread

    Oh, and go IU. Beat those smellerhuskers!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Nebraska Pregame Thread

    Now THAT is how you start a pregame thread. Nice DJ!
  7. Iowa Post Game. ROJOOO

    I finally watched the game. I am surprised nobody has noticed or mentiond that Cook looks a lot like OG Anunoby. The hair, eyes, expresson etc. It caught my attention several times.
  8. Iowa Post Game. ROJOOO

    Go back and look. Several people were even suggesting that about Juwan.
  9. Some things never change

    A buddy and I caught on to a habit that Kitch had while doing a game. He would make a point and regularly look for approval from Laz by saying "ain't that right Laz" It got to the point, if my buddy and I were talking we would end a sentence with "ain't that right Laz", and just laugh. Great memories of growing up on IU.
  10. Morgan's All B1G Season

    During the game, Robbie Hummell (who I think does a really good job) listed his 1st team. Mentioned that Juwan certainly has played well enough to be considered, but he took winning into account. I doubt he is alone in that thought process. So, that may hurt. Regardless, Juwan is a really good basketball player.
  11. Rutgers post game thread

    How dare you.insult jacarcio! He is a valued member!!!
  12. Rutgers post game thread

    Dang You! You beat me.to it!
  13. Rutgers post game thread

    I think we are starting to see Archie show us what we are in store for. And I like it....a lot!
  14. Archie is our coach present and future

    This is exactly why I think he has a shot at getting real minutes. Be brings the one skill set that nobody, at this point, seems to bring. A consistent, deepnthreat. That separates him in some ways.
  15. Purdue Postgame Thread

    Just my take. But the complaints about ROJO seem a bit much. Yeah, a bad looking shot, a turnover etc. But he played strong defense, scored and with Morgan, carried us the whole game against a top 5 team. Not.his fault that he and Morgan can't beat a top 5 team all by themselves.