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  1. Rome just moved up my list of favorite Hoosiers. That is flat out awesome of him!
  2. Well, it was that organized until you spent 7 straight hours playing in there. You NEVER clean up after yourself anymore!
  3. I prefer 5 guys burgers to in and out and whataburger. Surprised I seem to be alone on this once.
  4. I blame Tom Crean and his unflushable poop!
  5. Yhey really do, true. A good friend of mine graduated from UK dental school and is doing very well for himself. He practices in Atlanta. UK really, ironically, has a very good dental program.
  6. Juwan Calbert Victor First three that pop into mind
  7. I thought that read "drafted by DBags"
  8. Thanks kev. Moved ya on over to football.
  9. Can't wait for the swing and miss, Archie is not getting it done comments.
  10. Noooooooo, not back to rico fishing stories. I just got over the PTSD from the last cycle!!!!! Lol
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