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  1. There may be a few people who argue against wearing a mask. But it is definitely a minority group. Even here, where we see a wide range of views, maybe one or two people are shunning the idea of a mask. Honestly, I can only think of one poster who ranted against wearing a mask, while coaching. There has been a wide range of differing opinions here. But social distancing and wearing a mask seems to be something most everybody here agrees on. Now go to wal-mart, and clearly that is not the case. Way too many people just are not doing what needs to be done. But I have not seen that approach being defended here.
  2. Truly confusing. Which may or may not be true. FU Corona!
  3. It will change again tomorrow. The most frustrating thing is there is seemingly no "truth".
  4. It really is frustrating. The information is so dang fragmented. Not just the stats. I just read a new report on hydroxychloriquine. In Michigan, the doctors are swearing it has saved lives. The very next article said it has no impact and it will make you grow a 2nd head. Just seems there is almost no ability to get unfiltered facts or reliable statistics. Everything has an agenda.
  5. Let's be honest here. @BGleas is way more attractive to a potential employer than you are. I mean "I am proficient in soliciting Indonesian hookers" is not quite equal to what BGleas has to offer.
  6. I know enough to trust things will work out. Bumps along the way will happen. But good, smart people win in the end.
  7. Meanwhile, Trey Galloway is settling in across town.
  8. Not to be confused with what @5fouls says to each new wife.
  9. Sad. We gave two dadchunds right now. One is 12 years old. The other is 15. They both still do okay, but they certainly are showing signs that have us anxious. Sorry man. Dogs are family to many of us.
  10. Scott, let it go. Please. This conversation is going nowhere good.
  11. Look, you are welcome to post here. But since ost 1 you have habitually been combative, and now insulting. You are allowed to present your opinion. But you need to cut back on being overtly contrarian, and personal insults. Be strong in your opinion, but keep it clean. You game is too transparent at this point.
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