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  1. Click on where it says "page 2 of 2". It will open a box that asks wou which page you want to go to.
  2. You are a gem. Always good for an audible laugh everyday! 😂
  3. HSN, First, thank you. The vast majority of you have handled this difficult and divisive topic respectfully. The mods have come to a few conclusions. Deviating from our norm, we feel it is important to publicly inform the community. We made a difficult decision to ban RTZ, who we all know has been a long time member. Regardless, we want to convey to all of you that we are serious about our rules and culture. We also want everybody to know we value each of you. When anybody so blatantly breaks the rules and gets that personal, we have to act decisively. This protects our culture
  4. Hopefully temporary. I am covered at work. Ending it now until I, or felllow mods, can properly address. Its a shame, really.
  5. I am closing this for now. Some of you long time posters are blatantly making a mockery of this forum and the rules. May as well flip the middle finger to all the mods who have tried to let the community act civilly. I have no time right now to edit and clean. And damn those of you who even make it necessary. The lack or respect frankly just pisses me off.
  6. Appliances are a nightmare. Refrigerators are fairly tough for us to get. Washers/dryers are next to impossible. Likely that way for the rest of the year. Its starting to tax our business for sure.
  7. You probably were, jut sayin'
  8. Honey roast version, like the secret menu at McDonald's. Totally different taste and texture, it really is good. Lol
  9. Joey Brunk has not responded well to these "paused workouts"
  10. Politics are not allowed. It may take time for a moderator to see a post and step in, as HH did here. I get your point. But you have been around a pretty long while. You know the type of board we try to run. Sometimes good roads get pot holes.
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