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  1. ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️........what he said!
  2. Favorites... Vic TJD But I respect and admire Juwan Morgan. That guy was tough as nails and worked his way into being a really good player, in tough situations. High character guy for sure!
  3. I hear you guys. Yes, we have talent. But all these answers provided....none include actullay having a lengthy, athletic wing player. They provide workarounds. It is not a must have. But I still think it is the biggest weakness at this point.
  4. I am definitely excited with all the returning talent and top level freshman coming in. But is anybody else concerned that we have not necessarily solved one glaring weakness? We still do nqt have that athletic wing that can defend at a high level, and create for himself on the offensive side. I know we expect TB to take a step forward. But until something is shown, I think it is our glaring weakness. Even more than perimeter shooting.
  5. So, I turned 50 in March. Today I noticed this random long hair sticking from the center of my forehead. WTF? I felt like a really ugly unicorn.
  6. I am not a huge hockey fan. But I don't know if there is any sport more intense, fast and fun as playoff hockey.
  7. It does sound like we definitely have a legitimate shot here.
  8. Aussiedoodle. I am not much of a "doodle" guy. But my wife is, and he was a gift to her. So far so good
  9. We had 3 dogs, but sadly lost 2 in the past year. Our remaining girl (Layla) really seemed lonely. So we got this little fella (Winston) for Mothers day. He thinks he is pretty tough. Love that they are playing together in less than 24 hours. It will be fun once he grows to her size. But he sure has the "want to" 🤣
  10. Thanks guys. But we are good right now. Do not currently see the need to increase ads. We may every once in a while ask for a few donations if needed. But we really seem good for now. 👍
  11. We generate some from guests only. Guests see ads now. Registered members, we want to keep clean.
  12. Nah, not really. I think we are ok there. And we are much better off since the move a few moths ago. 👍
  13. We can't even afford a server to keep this bad bor operating smoothly. 🤷‍♂️
  14. Probably not at that point. Just do to his age. But I certainly would not mind seeing it
  15. Dude went full uniform. I respect that.
  16. Seems a bit harsh, why the daggers?
  17. Stop telling people to relax. The panic is what keeps HSN kicking during the off season. Panic! The sky is falling. Panic, everybody panic!!!
  18. Northwestern to Duke? I would say this man is wisely using basketball to get an amazingly strong education. Good for him!
  19. Well, maybe he shouldn't have joined the illuminati if he didn't want so many conspiracy theories about him.
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