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  1. Well, there are comparisons. You just made them. ðŸĪŠ
  2. Haha, at least you got to ban a troll. We have no such option to let out our frustration.
  3. Seriously, Iowa offense is not good. If we can get anything g going at all we have a shot.
  4. My goodness guys, give us SOMETHING positive to keep hope alive. I am trying to not give up. But geesh.
  5. I clicked on this, assuming it was the new game thread...
  6. Doesn't matter, we had a declined personal foul on the same play.
  7. 2nd and 25, we run student body right, student body left.
  8. I know this game is not over. And it's not even make or break for the season. But this is just disappointing. Iowa just looks better in every way.
  9. As is our offense and defense
  10. Penix still looks like he has not developed much touch. It was a criticism of him last year, everything is a "hot". He is too talented and smart to not have developed that.
  11. Stopped the bleeding, but we sure needed 7 there.
  12. What the heck? Just pick it up and run for the 1st down.
  13. Well, we certainly did that. 😞
  14. Perhaps. But beyond Maryland, it seems hard to argue we are better than any of the teams they listed above us.
  15. Isn't that exactly how Tamar Bates ended up in final rankings?
  16. Stick around and stay active. You bring a perspective we can appreciate. ðŸŧ
  17. Well, that, and the fact the you are a bird probably makes it challenging to be taken seriously at the casino. ðŸĪ·â€â™‚ïļ
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