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  1. I actually think having fans would help the young guys. These games, with no fans have little emotion. It is about experience, strength and execution. There are some exceptions, but I think the empty stadiums actually benefits the older, mature teams. The problem is those "exceptions" seems to include our backcourt.
  2. I am frustrated as anybody right now. But the whole "Archie is lost" or can't cut it at IU seems a bit premature right now. I want the full season to play out. Trends are not good, but momentum is a weird thing. Not giving up just yet. I still have hope.
  3. Let it go rico, Christmas is over. You gotta put the eggnog down and move on.
  4. I agree. I could support Sampson coming back over Alford. Just God, please no.
  5. I think we have lost this thread. Went from scary thought (IU current play) to even scarier. ( @IU Scott stalking Jennifer Aniston).
  6. Welcome to HSN. You join us at an interesting time. Lol. 🍻
  7. Not opposed to this, except not putting a number on a recruiting class. Just win. Sweet 16, and progress? You earned the right to recruit as you wish..
  8. That Keith Smart call brings a tear. He is such a treasure.
  9. I really like Archie. I really want him to succeed at IU. Right now, I just can not put my finger on whats wrong. I have no doubt Archie can coach and recruit. But nothing has "clicked" since he has gotten here. I like him, I am still (barely) holding out hope. But something is off beyond X's and O's. And it has been from day 1. I thought this would be the season we would see that change. See it start coming together. But just does not seem to be happening......again.
  10. I never wanna see an @IU Scott lady parts post. Not judging, but.....
  11. Al and Rob combined 1 for 4 shooting. They gotta give us something in the 2nd half. Upperclassmen starting backcourt in a rivalry game? Come on guys!
  12. Sorry, I doubt they will let @5fouls talk to a player during the game.
  13. Logical response to an IU/MSU game postponed due to a pandemic. "We will lose to Purdue". I see the easy connection. 😌 Some of you literally can not help yourself. We have a Purdue pre-game thread where we can say how much Purdue will beat us by all day long. But thats not enough. We must also post it in the IU/MSU postponement thread......you know, in case anybody missed it over there.
  14. This is not a thread about "insiders credibility" guys. Getting a bit tacky.
  15. The Cavs just made themselves contenders! 😁
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