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  1. 2018, 2019, 2020 Recruiting

    He maybe the next commit
  2. Darius Garland

    IU is far from out with Garland. Unless something happened today....
  3. There's 2 other writers saying the same thing, I'll have to try and find them. I've followed so many new people the last 2 days it takes a while.
  4. Here's a picture I don't know how to link. I'm old
  5. Lobolair is now saying it as well. I don't know how to post twitter stuff in here but if you have twitter search the lobolair and they also talk about a bombshell
  6. I don't personally have any, just several sports writers I follow are saying a bombshell bigger than Louisville will explode sometime soon. Are the telling the truth? Not sure, but I find it interesting.
  7. There is big news coming according to some on twitter, they are saying bigger than the Louisville news. Have no idea who or what but I would think it meant U.K., Duke, UNC, or Kansas. Time will tell. I'm actually enjoying this, maybe we get to turn back the clock a bit on college basketball. edit- not just average joes reporting this either...
  8. Archie will be the one who benefits the most after this scandal.
  9. Kansas is a player, but Indiana is the leader. Was before all of this. Let the dust settle and some others may eliminate themselves
  10. As said before, Thank Tom Crean. I'm not the biggest fan of his but I know he ran a clean program.
  11. That's a fake account, not really Jesse.
  12. What's the possibility of multiple banners coming down? L-villes, Duke if this goes to Nike schools like I think it will. UNC with this plus the fake classes thing??
  13. I don't think it will hurt IU at all, I think he will help bury UL, Pitino, and possibly himself. But to answer your question he left in 2014 I believe.
  14. Yep! Unless he snitches.......