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  1. IUwins0708

    For a slow, rainy Midwest day

    Both. He may struggle first 5-10 games with the speed of the game but I suspect by big ten season he sees the floor a ton. He’s that good!
  2. IUwins0708

    For a slow, rainy Midwest day

    This isn’t at all a knock on Smith. Hunter is so much better than Smith was last year. I mean a ton better. There is no way Hunter isn’t a top 20 player in his class. No way, zero, zilch, nada, 0!
  3. IUwins0708

    Where are they Now -- Bracey Wright

    I see he finally figured out you have to have a little arch on the shot. He use to shoot line drives that punished the front of the rim! Still can’t believe he was rated higher than Deron williams coming out of HS.
  4. IUwins0708

    Trendon Watford

    Just curious but isn’t LeBron 6’9? If so Trendon looks to be taller than he is.
  5. IUwins0708

    2018-19 Playing Time

    Don’t sleep on Moore getting substantial minutes this year. I’ve heard that Archie thinks things are really starting to click for him and he’s putting the effort in the weight room as well. If he can give us 10 good minutes a game, look out!
  6. IUwins0708


    He got ran out of town??
  7. IUwins0708

    Jahmius Ramsey

    It was on Twitter I believe. Can’t remember which day. Wednesday or Thursday.
  8. IUwins0708

    Jahmius Ramsey

    I know Louisville is a dumpster fire right now. Brooks Jr basically said the same thing the other day. Said a lot of recruits like Mack but don’t trust Lville.
  9. IUwins0708

    Trendon Watford

    Keep in mind Penny hasn’t ever coached a college game yet either. Maybe, if that’s his choice of college right now, he wants to watch Penny’s in game coaching before he commits. Don’t blame the kid either way. Not often, or ever, do you get treated like a God/King like you do during recruiting. Enjoy the process, I know I would.
  10. IUwins0708

    Trendon Watford

    Trendon is a little bit better of an athlete than Cwat was. They are basketball players with high IQs.
  11. IUwins0708

    Trendon Watford

    Need to make that a GIF
  12. IUwins0708

    Trendon Watford

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see IU cut from his list. That’s just my feeling no inside information. I think he wants to pave his own road so to speak. Can’t blame the kid for that.
  13. IUwins0708

    Jerome Hunter

    One last thing, don’t sleep on Race either. Junk Yard Dog player who the fans will fall in love with. This team as a chance to be really special if everything falls into place. The pieces are there!
  14. IUwins0708

    Jerome Hunter

    Hunter is a Greg Graham type player for us older Hoosier fans. Only at this point in his career Hunter is much more skilled than greg was.
  15. IUwins0708

    Jerome Hunter

    Your son would be correct. There isn’t 40 players better than Hunter in that class. No way! He’s a top 20 kid easily.