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  1. Romeo Langford

    Yes he was, coached against him a time or two.
  2. Romeo Langford

    Interesting, I sure hope it’s true!!
  3. Around the B1G/NCAA

    No champion, because all of the teams Lville beat would be like we should be champs too.
  4. Around the B1G/NCAA

    Wonder if Pitino will have that tatoo remover he got after winning that🤔
  5. Romeo Langford

    That’s why I don’t believe it, I’m pretty sure just because they were tied to Lville people assumed and that’s how it started.
  6. Romeo Langford

  7. Romeo Langford

    As much as we all hate Dakich, he’s connected. But also take what he says about Langford with a grain of salt. He and Tim aren’t the best of friends so to speak.
  8. Romeo Langford

    Exactly. I said I didn’t believe and don’t want to believe it. If it’s true it will get out.
  9. Romeo Langford

  10. Romeo Langford

    Not and IU problem
  11. Romeo Langford

    I’ve been told stuff that I either don’t want to believe or don’t believe at all. I’ll just leave it at that.
  12. Romeo Langford

    More than that
  13. Romeo Langford

    Everyone has been quiet for a while on this. Honestly I don’t think anyone knows except the Langford’s. My gut tells me it’s Vandy but not from anything I’ve been told recently
  14. Romeo Langford

    I’m not saying it’s for sure a factor but that’s what I was told several months ago when his mind changed for whatever reason. Now since I’ve been told IU has made up some ground but not by the same people who I usually speak with. Something happened after Hoosier Hysteria, I just don’t know what yet. Maybe after he commits he will elaborate on why he chose who he chooses. I’m sure he will have nothing but positive things to say regarding all his suitors. Kid is a class act, or at least seems to be.
  15. The Sectional Pairings

    Great discussion here guys. I like class basketball but miss the local rivals playing in the same gym for the sectional title. For me sectionals don’t mean as much as they use too back when it was a single class. Greensburg, Batesvilles, North Decatur, South Decatur, Rushville, Jac-Cen-Del. Those were they days!