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  1. I hate Purdue and Painter but the dude can coach. He got caught up in chasing some big names recruits then remembered his roots and started recruiting guys that fit his system. I feel sick now
  2. He’s the type of player than can shoot you out of a game real quick. He’s got tools but could see him turning into a Devonte Green falling in love with those 3s.
  3. This crow tastes amazing....😋😋😋
  4. I always say you shouldn’t get to high or to low after a win or loss but after the last year or so, Screw it!! Enjoy this son of gun!!
  5. Didn’t get to watch, have it recorded. Sounds like the Hoosiers and Archie really brought it tonight especially in the 2nd half. Nice win team and coaches, now let’s build on this and start some momentum!!!!
  6. Never do, usually early February they run out of steam. A lot like Tom. Creans IU teams did. Defense is still important come March, and they don’t play a bit of it.
  7. I know not many do, but did any one catch Dakichs show yesterday when Seth Greenberg was on? I didn’t listen but a buddy of mine said Greenberg ripped IU and somewhat Archie to an extent. Now my buddy is a PU guy so I’m just looking for clarification. Greenberg said the players aren’t playing hard and that Archie or someone on the staff begged Lander to come in early and now isn’t getting a chance to play. (Or something along those lines). I’ll listen when I get home from work today unless someone else can summarize it for me that already listened to it. I’m not a huge fan of Greenberg an
  8. He’s too good of a passer to double team
  9. I’m not ready to give up on Goga just yet. Still very young. Of course after I say that about Aaron he hits 2 3 pointers
  10. Aaron Holidays minutes need to be declining. Can’t shoot or defend. Totally lost
  11. I’ve never said he wasn’t good enough, I just said he doesn’t jump out at you when watching. Not every recruit needs to be a star. The right roles players are as important as your star. Not saying Gunn is or isn’t going to be a star. I love getting Indiana kids, that’s what I’ve missed most over the past coaches tenure.
  12. I’m 6-5 250lbs and I look like a toddler both in height and size next to Dale. He is a specimen!😳
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