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  1. On the Brad Underwood front, let’s not forget he dodged the NCAA while at Oklahoma State. I will give him credit for totally revamping his defensive scheme. Although that may change again once Cockburn leaves
  2. The game I watched of Morton he could’ve built a city of brick houses. Good passer but shooting needs a lot of work.
  3. If we could consistently get good Devonte on the court this team could really turn into something. Of course if we don’t a tournament team is about the best case scenario
  4. Nothing like a good ole fashion pissin’ match on a message board....
  5. As critical as I have been I’ve seen improvement in the toughness area. To go along with that last night those guys were shooting those threes with confidence. I’m not saying it’s fixed by any means but making threes really is contagious. One guy gets confidence and it boosts the whole team. Let’s hope it continues moving forward.
  6. Loved that Archie left Green on the bench the last 10+ minutes. He doesn’t deserve minutes.
  7. Needs to go to Brunk or Trayce every possession. Let’s go!
  8. Better put a stop to this run, scary time for IU right now. Offensive drought in process.
  9. Critical next 5 minutes. Can’t let them back in. Doubts will start creeping in their minds if Nebraska goes on mini runs.
  10. Jerome is so close, I mean really close to breaking out. It’s fun to watch
  11. The fact he didn’t yank out Devonte Green after 2 of the shots he took said enough. That step back 3 would’ve been enough for any coach to not let him see the floor for at least a game. I watched Witchita State last night (and no I’m not wanting their coach, and yes I know they lost) and one of the players made a lazy pass that many of our players do and he was immediately yanked and got an ear full. That’s the kind of discipline we need and we aren’t getting it.
  12. Devonte being Devonte, Miller hasn’t learned yet I see.
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