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  1. Race, Jerome, Brunk, and Geronimo will soak up the minutes. We are not thin on the front court at all. Thinner yes, but not thin.
  2. Very underrated edit-He would have absolutely blown up on the AAU circuit this summer
  3. IUwins0708


    Kelcey was a bad man.
  4. Hang in there man. Prayers for a speedy recovery! You got this brother!
  5. I’ve heard the same. No exact date was given so it seems as though it will surprise us all on the date part. Also seems like everyone is getting the same info.
  6. He won’t get near the information as in years past with all these restrictions. He can’t workout for anyone. I’ll be surprised if he puts his name in because of this. I’ve been surprised before though.
  7. Arch doing work on the recruiting trail that’s for sure!! Indiana borders 🔐
  8. He’s got a great skill set from the videos. Finishes around the rim nicely for a guy that doesn’t have elite athleticism. Moves great with out the ball, posts up, can shoot the deep ball. Only critique would be he needs a quicker release at the next level but that’s not a big deal for today’s players. He is smooth with and without the ball and that’s fun to watch.
  9. His dad had many accolades as a Police officer. Sad news hearing this. Not that it matters but wondering if his dad had any underlying conditions. Prayers to the Newman family.
  10. Partially true but not entirely. He was also was in the hospital for heart issues and kidneys were shutting down before the virus. They thought they were going to lose him before the virus ever got to him. Sean came home weeks ago from playing professionally over seas. John was a great guy and I loved golfing with him and being his student. They live in our neighborhood and was always nice to see him when he would go for walks. He will be missed.
  11. Interesting. I’ve always thought of TK as just below elite level athletically. Don’t care either way, I want basketball players that no how to play before athletes that have to learn to play. Don’t get me wrong you need a little mix of both but it’s easier to coach a basketball player than an athlete
  12. IUs in the thick of this one. Real possibility for the Hoosiers.
  13. Looking really good for him and another recruit.
  14. It’s a totally different guy with the same name. One guy is black the other is white.
  15. The other guy is a football recruiting guy. I’m pretty sure you were joking but if not...
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