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  1. His picture could be in a brochure or commercial in that area as well. Clemsons QB DJ U. already has 2 commercials, one with ATT and can’t remember the other.
  2. And I always agreed with him on his stance on that. 🙏🙏
  3. I get the NIL, but for me it’s going to tarnish college athletics. Not a fan of it.
  4. We need to go to IU and play golf at that Pfau course sometime! Then catch a game after.
  5. Should’ve hired Woodson 10 damn years ago! Although he might not have been the coach he is today. Guy is killing it!
  6. Probably a long shot but does anyone have an extra parking pass they’d sell for the MSU game?
  7. The longer this goes the worse it is for our Hoosiers
  8. I sure wish it was! We would’ve won the last 40+ championships!
  9. You evidently give a hoot you keep responding. Offended? Hardly, I guess you get offended easily however.😳
  10. Because guarantees on a message board are always guarantees😆
  11. Just go ahead and say it’s a lock, that makes certain posters upset! 🤣😂😉
  12. His mind has probably changed 100 times in the last month. 18 year old kids for ya!
  13. Rarely do these “package” deals pan out. At least for IU it doesn’t seem that they do
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