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  1. Tacko won’t make it down the court to block shots in the league
  2. Is/was Haas not as good as Tacko Fall? If Haas would’ve developed an outside shot at all he’d be in the league, no question about it. I understand Tacko is 7-5 but Haas was 7-2-7-3 with a much stronger frame.
  3. NBA, that’s what the kids want. (Most anyway) Again not saying he’s a bad coach at all, actually think he’s damn good. Just saying he develops bigs and I don’t see it. I’ll agree he gets guys who fit his system, although I don’t think Swanigan really did but you have to take a guy like that.
  4. Matt Painter DOES NOT develop big man, he’s a good coach but he’s not a big man developer whatsoever. That is one of the craziest narratives that lives in the basketball world. Crean was better than Painter at that and the NBA rosters are proof
  5. Dekker hates Ryan? Didn’t know that. Interesting
  6. From what I’ve been hearing he will open it back up this fall. If that happens I won’t be surprised to see Painter pull the offer. In fact I would respect him for it if he does pull the offer.
  7. Not seeing a problem with his defense either. Underrated athlete too in my opinion. I like to think of him as a healthy Colin Hartman.
  8. I love when Indiana kids are on IU. Wanna know what I love more? Winning! Two of my all time favorite players aren’t from Indiana (Moye, Oladipo). Don’t think it matters where they come from if you are winning. As they say winning cures everything!
  9. I’ve received a couple PMs about this recruitment. No trying to be a jerk but as SS said, going to let the kid have his moment.
  10. Watch Auburn in this recruitment for Ivey
  11. Wouldn’t be surprised if Ivey does indeed de-commit. Something to keep an eye on for sure.
  12. And I’m not saying he’s going IU for sure either, but they have a better shot than Michigan.
  13. You’ll probably be surprised then
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