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  1. True. Archie has me torn. Sometimes I really see it in him to be the guy. Then next minute my mind changes. I was spoiled watching Knight I guess.
  2. Not for next season it isn’t. Show them where their effort will be them, either the bench or the court.
  3. This season has been miserable and I think I’m ready for it to be over.
  4. Pathetic. Archie needs to bench them all but Al and play the walk-ons. Send a message for next year that this crap doesn’t stand at IU. I know he won’t but really wish he would.
  5. Yep. Feel bad for the kid honestly, couldn’t/can’t be easy.
  6. I was hoping it wasn’t true. Sounding more and more likely. Didn’t want to share earlier because I wasn’t sure I should. Pretty sad and disappointing honestly.
  7. He’s just like JBJ. No much other than a scorer that takes a lot of shots.
  8. Wilkes isn’t on any draft boards, he could be a possibility. edit- Never mind just over looked him. He’s at #26. Romeo now at #16 on draft net.
  9. Sadly I agree. Parents absolutely need to put their input in the kids decision but in the end you need to let the KID make the decision. Hoping that’s what happened but I’m not thinking so.
  10. I know it’s over but I still wonder if this was “his” decision or the “families”. Oh well.
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