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  1. Not comparing him to these guys but Kobe, Michael, and Lebron all didn’t shoot well when they entered the league......
  2. He was already talked about above
  3. Missouri is also where we snagged OG from.
  4. I would guess tendinitis. Maybe he’s about to hit a growth spurt also. I know months before my big growth spurt my knees and back hurt like they never have before. At least until I got old. Only thing that fixes tendinitis is rest, not sure his schedule but hopefully he gets some soon.
  5. Morton will be a role player, he’s nothing flashy. Not very athletic for today’s game. Good 4 year player who probably won’t play first 2 seasons there. He really needs to improve his jump shot to get in the rotation. Good redshirt candidate I’d say. Hope he proves me wrong because he seems like a really good kid.
  6. I’m starting to see the side of some fans that some recruits talk about. Pretty sad really.
  7. A little and Archie is being careful because when it comes to Jerome’s condition you just never know when/if it can come back. If you talk to the players they will tell you he’s going to play, baring a setback.
  8. He’s on schedule to return. Actually he’s way ahead of schedule. Still a chance the doctors don’t clear him but he’s heading in the right direction. No reason to believe he won’t play at this point.
  9. Keion loved IU. Maybe his Dad didn’t but if the choice was Keions he’d be here I think.
  10. This is a valid point. Just sharing what some chatter I was hearing last week.
  11. Have to watch and see what Jaden mcDaniels does.
  12. I still doubt even IF Brooks gets out of his Commitment he comes to IU. Still needs to be a lot of stuff to happen but 2 of the 3-4 have already so you never know.
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