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  1. OT Be Thankful

    Sorry for your loss man. Mental issue is becoming more and more prevalent. Hang in there man!
  2. Romeo Langford

    I appreciate the mods, especially Mile, taking up for me. I’ll continue to lurk and read but I’m done posting any info I hear. I’ll pass it along to Mile from now on and he can’t decide wether he wants to put it out there or not. These are still “kids” there minds change often, very often. Look at what Romeos dad said after last night and you’ll see what I was talking about when I said he let the car out of the bag so to speak. Hope I’m wrong, again.
  3. Romeo Langford

    Sorry I don’t live on these message boards like some of you do. He was sold on IU Zane was ready to commit after Hoosier Hysteria, his father talked him out of it. His father was once pro IU now is not. Something has happened. “This is just my guess”
  4. Let's talk guards....

    Cujo isn’t a big ten caliber player yet, and unfortunately may never be. Green needs to learn to play within himself and he will be fine.
  5. Romeo Langford

    “Guessed” correctly several times. It amazes me when it’s not something people want to hear, what they turn in to.
  6. Forrester

    Hearing he’s a legit 6’10” now.
  7. Romeo Langford

    People have been saying what I feared, he kept IU in the loop to make his senior season more enjoyable. His father let the cat out of the bag last night. We will see if Archie still pursues him after last night and that should tell us something.
  8. Romeo Langford

    He’s basically eliminated IU.
  9. Trendon Watford Visit

    He’s much like Christian, not very athletic. Slow runner and slow off of his feet. Still a good player but doesn’t seem to fit CAMs type of player.
  10. I’m not sure we have a prayer if Jesus was coaching us. I’d love to be wrong but I just don’t see it. It will take a career night from about 6 guys for us. I’m more interested to see how the Freshman and Sophomores react to this stage.
  11. Some Encouraging Signs from Ark St Game

    I’ve already eaten my crow, I dont even come close to hating the kid. I just think he can give us what he has the last 2 games all the time. I also hope he’s done on the perimeter by the 3 point line. He’s a junk yard dog type of player, not a shooter. (now he will make 6-7 3 pointers today!)
  12. Purdue

    Purdue lacks mental toughness, which is surprising since they start 4 seniors. Vince Edwards is so inconsistent, they have to make their 3s to win. Sound familiar???
  13. Romeo Langford

    IU will improve this season enough to show Romeo he can win big here over the next 2-3 years. If he wants to be a legend as he’s told several people, he will be at IU. I’ve already seen improvements from IU and it’s onky been 4-5 games.
  14. Arkansas State Game Thread

    Morgan with another good showing tonight. I’m going to keep doubting him
  15. South Florida Game Thread