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  1. Mack and Lville don’t believe anything further will happen. Everyone is gone from when that stuff took place.
  2. I’m as confident with this one as I was with Brooks...🤦‍♂️. I would’ve lost a ton of money if I had bet where Brooks was going. Think we are in great shape.
  3. Louisville is the one who originated the play up idea to Lander. Landers asked IU if they’d still be interested if they moved up. The answer was obvious but personally I don’t see it happening(him moving up).
  4. We are in fine shape with him. Long ways to go though.
  5. You were with a buddy of mine I bet who is close to the program!
  6. I forgot about Geronimo. I talked to someone who turned me to TDHs article and he also had a convo with Daddy Lander himself. IU looking really good and 2020 is a real possibility. I’m slipping on my info in my old age but that’s ok since it’s all good news!!
  7. And I’ve been wrong before, many times actually. It’s a possibility, if everything falls into place he would love to join his AAU buddies. Leal, Galloway, Lander, Garcia.....🤔😳😳😳❤️
  8. Yes I stood next to him, I’m Batman
  9. Wow, I haven’t heard anything that positive about Caleb in a long time as far as being a Hoosier. Hope this is true!! from the post above that said UV and IU are his front runners.
  10. Race is 6-7 to 6-8. I’m 6-5 and he’s quite a bit taller than me.
  11. Gordon was pretty loud, and it will happen again this year for sure.
  12. I will say some things have changed....not saying he’s ours or anything but there is a legitimate shot now. Exciting times!!
  13. He tore up Romeo, Justin Smith, Juwan Morgan, and many others in practice before his illness/injury. Now will be there some rust? Absolutely, but this kid is a stud!
  14. I’m afraid we aren’t going to get this one. Hope I’m wrong.
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