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  1. Beautiful looking jumper, he elevates and has an insanely quick release for his age. Loads of potential, Greg Graham potential or even better if he puts it all together.
  2. Welcome to boilerhoosiersportsnation! Wow, almost the last 2 pages are about Purdue or recruits they lost…..SMH
  3. Isn’t it more Mitch than your AD? I ve heard him say some pretty bad stuff about NIL. Not saying I don’t agree with him on his stance but I’m also not the President of a university.
  4. OUCH!!! Purdue just fell about 3-4 spots
  5. I’ll support him and I trust Woody but Dennis doesn’t move the needle much nationally. Hope he proves me wrong, if he even commits.
  6. And now the two that I just looked at don’t have him getting drafted at all. Has he already said he’s coming back?
  7. I haven’t looked in a while but last time I did Diabate was a top 15 pick. Probably has changed some
  8. I’m not sure I’m the one who needs to lighten up, again I thought this was an IU board. So sick of seeing Purdue garbage on here.
  9. Gotta love the Purdue fans on an IU board accusing IU of cheating. SMH
  10. On top of being a hell of a player, he sounds like a damn good recruiter too!
  11. Agreed! Starting spots should be earned and that’s not to say Race couldn’t or won’t earn a spot but if someone jumps him they should play more.
  12. Not good, hard to compete with them
  13. Yeah the kids been through a lot. Hope he can find his way.
  14. THE single biggest cheater of ALL time!!
  15. Coaches don’t do anything during games?? Adjustments are one of the most important parts of coaching and that happens in games. Painters a decent coach but chokes in the tournament every year. He’s Keady 2.0 and that’s hilarious
  16. Lol, sure. You realize this is an IU board don’t you?! Jesus so sick of seeing Purdue people on here and talking about Purdue who hasn’t done squat since their existence
  17. You realize this is an IU fan board correct? Purdue is and always will be the little brother. The “IU sucks” chant when playing St Mattress of the Sleepy is laughable. The constant saying that IU fans live in the past and then bringing up all of purdues victories before WW2 is laughable. Purdue is the same as political promises to me.
  18. But but but if Hummel didn’t get hurt….. that’s their excuse every time. Nobody knows what would’ve happened if he didn’t get hurt and never will. Purdue is always going to be Purdue which equals little brother to IU.
  19. More exposure at UT. SEC brand is a ton better than the big ten as far as style of play.
  20. I’m not reading through all these posts, so are they coming back or is that just an assumption?
  21. I thought the same thing. Same player in high school too. Deron never scored because Bracey took all the shots
  22. He’s already a grown ass man that’s for sure
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