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  1. May the Lord bring comfort and peace to his family and friends. RIP
  2. You really think he’s better than a 4*? Wow…. LMAO
  3. If he weren’t LeBrons son he wouldn’t even be a 4 star recruit. He’s at best a high 3 star with an attitude that is not real coachable. I for one, don’t want LeBron anywhere near IU, but that’s just me.
  4. I think he wanted out of Indiana. IU was right there after the fife hire. Don’t think Purdue was as big of a player as their fans thought either. So that means he will probably commit to PU in the next hour.
  5. You mean during the Shapiro’s ponze scheme in the early 2000s?? Guess they were still cheating then. Lol Edit: can also add the pell grant scandal in the 80s and 90s. Miami has always been the Kentucky of football
  6. The biggest cheaters in college football back then were the Canes
  7. Coach looks like a real jackass
  8. Yeah that’s strange for sure.
  9. Mason got arrested over the weekend for a DUI. Still don’t understand drinking and driving with all the options out there for people nowadays. Hopefully he learns from this.
  10. Crazy stupid on price. Nice courses but for the money I like the Outer Banks better for golfing. Same type of golf for half the prices.
  11. Has he found his club?? Might call the pro shop. 812-663-2229
  12. Great golf courses but way over priced if you are only playing a couple times. By the way I saw you out at GCC a couple weeks ago.
  13. If he wins, all these people complaining will be silent, simple as that. Can’t wait to see him prove the naysayers wrong.
  14. I honestly doubt that Woodson was anyone’s first choice, more than likely not IUs. I was not for Woodson at all, but I’m researching him and finding him to be a players coach which I think IU needs. We need to give the man a shot and understand there will be some growing pains. The man can flat out coach, see the list of NBA Players that love him. Woodson wants IU back more than anyone and he doesn’t have a big enough ego not to listen to some people that want to help. I think this is going to be a really good hire, let’s see who his staff rounds out to be and let’s get behind him.
  15. I’ll support him but he’s going to have a short leash with the entire fan base that’s for sure
  16. It’s Woodson I’m afraid...🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  17. I may be right but I think he’s guessing like the rest of us.
  18. Honestly I’m not sure Who I would want more. Splitting hairs I know.
  19. Chronic doesn’t need anyone else’s intel. He’s legit
  20. Not true, they say we are irrelevant but they can’t stop talking about us.
  21. Most coaches have huge egos though, and those egos need the “me” first attention.
  22. Only way Texas is more desirable is if you are from Texas. Texas is a great state, but mainly for football. Nobody cares about Texas basketball they are just concerned with the following season of Longhorn football. Basketball will always be second fiddle there.
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