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  1. While I think a scholarship and all the other perks are adequate compensation for student athletes I also believe in capitalism, so why not try a simple solution? Let the player decide whether they want to be on scholarship or they want to make their own NLI deals. Scholarships are year-to-year so every year they get to make their own decision with the help of their parents or agents. Many sports don't have full scholarships so the decision will be easy to make. For the full-ride players they can test the water each year or if they have enough name recognition out of high school just "go pro" as a freshman but they can't double-dip. People will cheat and I'm sure the NCAA can find a way to screw this up but at least it is an idea to think about.
  2. Frank now works at Bill's. The new guy on the staff came in to visit the first week he was back. Good guy. Us old guys stick together.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised to see Coach Knight at the Ohio State game Saturday. I have no inside info, but it could make sense on a couple of levels: 1. The game is at noon, a good time of day for someone with his medical issues. 2. It is Ohio State. If I were anywhere near I would be getting tickets. It will be a good game anyway and a chance to possibly see history. Weird Bloomington factoid, I have now been friends with 3 of Coach Knight's next-door neighbors.
  4. Thank you for doing a better job explaining the situation than I did. And to Mile, again I wasn't clear enough. I was not addressing Bo's affair, I have no knowledge of that and it was never part of the conversation. I was just trying to say that Barry Alvarez felt that Bo had screwed HIM. 😉
  5. Just a FYI, what Bo stated in the article is correct, his resignation had nothing to do with the affair. Bo had found out that Barry Alvarez had an agreement in place for Tony Bennett to be the next head coach at Wisconsin and resigned to give Greg Gard a chance to be his successor. Obviously Gard did well enough to force Barry to offer him a contract. Bo's statement: "My wife, Kelly, and I believed that the university's findings concluded this matter. To be clear, this matter was absolutely unrelated to my retirement many months later. In fact, I timed my retirement intentionally to assure that Greg Gard got his hard-earned opportunity to coach the University of Wisconsin basketball team." I, for one, am very pleased that Bo's maneuver worked.
  6. Regarding Crean exploring other jobs this is what I was told at the time: Glass told Crean well before what turned out to be his final season that his contract was not being extended (I think this was common knowledge at the time). Glass also told Crean that he or his agent were free to look for other jobs. Crean came back to Glass saying that there was some interest but the salary would be in the $2.5 million range or $600K less than what IU was paying. Glass offered to pay Crean $1.8 million as compensation for the difference in the remaining 3 years of the contract as long as Glass did not have to use the F-word (Fired). Crean decided not to take the offer and we all know how that last season turned out. I've always thought this is why Glass was so adamant and pointed during the press conference announcing the firing that Crean would receive exactly the compensation that his contract called for. Considering the TV work that Crean did and now the contract with Georgia it looks like Glass was able to save the athletic department some money.
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