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    Tom Crean/Kevin Wilson Revelations

    Regarding Crean exploring other jobs this is what I was told at the time: Glass told Crean well before what turned out to be his final season that his contract was not being extended (I think this was common knowledge at the time). Glass also told Crean that he or his agent were free to look for other jobs. Crean came back to Glass saying that there was some interest but the salary would be in the $2.5 million range or $600K less than what IU was paying. Glass offered to pay Crean $1.8 million as compensation for the difference in the remaining 3 years of the contract as long as Glass did not have to use the F-word (Fired). Crean decided not to take the offer and we all know how that last season turned out. I've always thought this is why Glass was so adamant and pointed during the press conference announcing the firing that Crean would receive exactly the compensation that his contract called for. Considering the TV work that Crean did and now the contract with Georgia it looks like Glass was able to save the athletic department some money.