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  1. Thanks for the memories Rob. You will always be a Hoosier. I wish nothing but the best for you at Cincinnati!!
  2. Recently, the last couple decades anyway, after a season of watching IU play basketball, I enjoy cutting grass.
  3. I'm sorry, but IU is nowhere near as large and talented as the teams I just saw play in the Final Four. Not even close.
  4. Good for Matta and good for Butler. If his health has improved he is still a young guy and has plenty of years to coach.
  5. Every college basketball fan needs to Google Evansville Basketball. When that plane went down the music died.
  6. This is something I rarely talk about but I woke up the morning after the game on a sidewalk in downtown Bloomington. I had to walk a couple miles just to find my car. It was a crazy night. Go Hoosiers.
  7. Officer Obie has been dead since 1994. Just like IU basketball.
  8. I would hate that. That's all.
  9. I can't take all this drama. I just hope Kopp returns because I really enjoy his card tricks. Honestly, and I want to be serious, I really hate to see that Rob will most probably be moving on. I will always be a huge Rob fan. Any school that picks him up will get a damn good ball player.
  10. Reminds me of some of the nuns I had as teachers at St. Pauls middle school.
  11. I will never criticize Race. He is the reason IU got to the tourney. I love watching him play. If he has an off night so what.
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