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  1. He's been away from the game for a while, but he has a lot to contribute. That's all I meant. He is still a great basketball coach. I meant no disrespect.
  2. Cut him some slack... he's been in the water the last ten years.
  3. I was frustrated watching the 2nd half... but I have to say that I love this team. I love the kids. I really do, for the first time in years. IU is fun to watch again, win or lose. And Woody, wear a suit for crying out loud because you're hurting the team wearing that track suit...
  4. When I was a kid I spent a lot of time at my Grandfather's house after my Grandmother passed away. I cut his grass and did chores for him. His TV was on for only a half hour ever day, for the nightly news. Other than that we read books and listened to his coo-coo clock going off every freaking fifteen minutes. Saturdays were a treat because the TV would be on for a whole hour - to watch Lawrence Welk. I kid not. Another treat was when we would share a cold 8 ounce Coke. So yeah, I'm a bit old school and I grew up reading books and still like to feel a paper in my hands.
  5. All I know is that IU was tied or something in the 2nd half and I was pissed, so I went out to buy a Sunday paper, and when I returned 10 minutes later the Hoosiers were up 10. Your'e welcome.
  6. The turnovers were worrisome, but I imagine they will be dealt with. I hope so anyway.
  7. I'll always cheer for the Hoosiers, always have and always will, but there are times when they make it mighty tough to do so.
  8. Don't worry, I can't. I don't have the game on TV.
  9. I grew up listening to the Hoosiers play basketball on the radio, so I guess I'll pretend that I'm 12 years old again. Hooray for me. I'm a kid again!
  10. That's it. I've seen enough. I'm done for the season. ๐Ÿคจ
  11. At least we are hitting a little more than half our free throws.
  12. Scheyer?! That's crazy. He doesn't have enough consonants.
  13. Foyt won in every era - Midgets, Sprint cars, Nascar (he won the 1972 Daytona), and open wheel Indy cars. He even won the '67 Le Mans. And as the photo I posted shows, he won all those races while wearing a white dress shirt and sweater. That's class! ๐Ÿ˜Ž
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