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  1. Today Ole Miss picked up Xavier Rivas out of the portal. Rivas was a first team All-American at the University of Indianapolis. He's a Portage native.
  2. Also saw where Dutkanych from Brebeuf turned down the draft and will head to Vanderbilt. Indiana high school baseball is very underrated.
  3. That is pretty nice! To be honest, I was unaware GCU was in Phoenix haha.
  4. Big 10 opponent USC hired former Grand Canyon coach Andy Stankiewicz as their head coach.
  5. Starting this thread for general discussion that doesn't fit into existing threads. Only 7 months until February.
  6. Tracy Smith back in the Big 10 at Michigan!
  7. Tigers added Thatcher Hurd today, formerly of UCLA. LSU will be loaded.
  8. LSU must be tired of the state of Mississippi winning baseball championships. From the transfer portal they've added: Pineda - shortstop from Baylor Tommy White - 27 homers at NC State Christian Little - very talented pitching transfer from Vandy Carter Young - Three year starter at short from Vandy Dylan Tebrake - Pitching ace from Creighton LSU now probably has the most complete roster for 2023.
  9. What a season. What a team. What a story. The 2022 Ole Miss Rebels have probably taken the top spot for my favorite sports season.
  10. Per Nick Suss (Ole Miss beat writer) on Twitter, here's how the four SEC West teams did against each other in the regular season. Texas A&M: 5-4 Arkansas: 5-4 Auburn: 4-5 Ole Miss: 4-5
  11. This is going to be insane. With Tennessee eliminated, every one of these teams has to feel like they have a realistic shot to win it all.
  12. Ben Hess was really good for Alabama. Wish he could have stuck with his original commitment.
  13. What a ride for Ole Miss. Sources indicated Mike Bianco would be out if the Rebels missed the tournament. Now he's erased some past ghosts and probably has job security for the rest of his career.
  14. UT finally gets to Rao. It's 3-1 now. Double clutch costs the Irish as they may have had a shot at Lawson coming home. Also, whoever designed Notre Dame's uniforms should consider a career pivot. Like the Vols look today.
  15. Notre Dame is trying to hang around today down 2-1. They've run themselves out of a few innings but I think being aggressive on the basepaths is the right move as they'll need a few breaks today. Feels like UT could break it open at any moment. Regardless of the outcome, I've been extremely impressed with Notre Dame. They should have hosted, no question.
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