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  1. He has a great recruiting class coming in next year. I doubt he’s going anywhere
  2. I would assume Marquette missing on RJ Davis will help us here. Marquette will be hurting without anyone to step in and fill Markus Howard’s scoring/shooting role next year
  3. Says in the Brian Snow article on 247 that he chose Purdue over Marquette
  4. Was it last year when Penn State beat Ohio State three times? It’s definitely doable
  5. 2 more crystal balls to Washington. Would love to see him NOT at Duke or MSU
  6. Corey Evans had an article up a few weeks back stating he is IU’s if they offer. This brings up an interesting debate for the 2020 class. We are recruiting both Trey Galloway and Anthony Leal as in-state shooting guards. Would the staff be willing to take both? Has anyone seen both play to provide any feedback?
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