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  1. Well, we lost to every team on that list we played this year. So maybe?
  2. Chicago to LaLu is almost local. Maybe an hour away. It kinda works out.
  3. I dont understand why IU Scott gets away with things like this. I've seen him do it before. Really brings down the quality of this board.
  4. Just thought I'd repost something TDH said a few weeks ago. Remember they have a knack for creating some drama near decision time, and keep the readers on the hook. In my experience, I believe some of the drama is manufactured for clicks. Is it in this case? I have no idea. Maybe Keion is totally undecided, but ready to be swept off his feet by Indiana overcoming the Rutger monkey on their back at Assembly Hall. Anyway, the boards are abuzz with the notion that Keion might come on Sunday. But what if he doesn't?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!...... It's hard to believe he doesn't have the information he needs for a decision at this point. (I'm a big fan of Keion, by the way, but have no inclination to where he's going).
  5. Pretty sure to land Zion, he had to get into real estate.
  6. There's more to it than just an arbitrary rule that you have 3 of 5 starters on the court at all times. A lot of analytics and coaches follow lineup efficiency, and see which guys play well together. Let's say our offense is terrible if only Juwan OR Romeo is on the floor, because everyone keys on that guy. Put them both in, and the defense has to pick their poison. If CAM left just Juwan out there, he'd just get doubled. So you take them all out and not waste minutes of Juwan (or Romeo) on the floor that wouldn't be productive. Lineup changes, especially in the NBA, focus more and more on which players have chemistry and complement each others' games. I know Archie has talked about this, especially when we had injuries and he couldn't even observe different lineups because there weren't enough bodies.
  7. Guys I've posted this before but I'll add what I've seen. Going into his junior year, Keion was being billed as a 6'8" PF. It made sense, he's the tallest kid on the floor. He honestly didn't look great in the role, and everyone started thinking he was all hype, not worthy of his decently high ranking. It didn't help that when he played Romeo at the Forum Tipoff, Keion might have been a centimeter taller, but he was much, much smaller. Then AAU happened. I went to watch him in Westfield. The Meanstreets PG, Isaiah Thompson (Purdue commit) got injured, and so Keion was put in a ball handling role. He thrived. He controlled the entire middle of the floor, was rangy, made passes, looked to get Trayce involved, and then got in his shots and putback dunks enough that he averaged something like 22ppg in April, and was recognized as one of the top performers. This is when things really took off for Keion, because we got to see him play more of a point forward type role. He was the 3rd tallest guy on the floor behind Trayce and Mulloy (Carmel kid, Butler commit). I think that is one of the real reasons Keion transferred to LaLu; he didn't want to play the 5 anymore. In my mind, Keion is a playmaking wing. His ball-handling isn't guard level, but his passing and creating is. He creates opportunities through constant effort, keeping his head up, and smart play. Will he be able to guard a quick guard? Erm. I don't know. I've seen highlights where he'll let a guard get around him and just to time the chasedown block. I don't think he'll be a liability. Where he may not be immediately excellent on the perimeter, I think he's a plus-defender as inside help.
  8. I saw him at EYBL also. Agree with cybergates that Kira Lewis, Jr. was more impressive. Back then we were recruiting him, and I wanted him over Carton, Mann, and Ramsey. For anyone that kept following, Kira reclassified and has been starting for Alabama, leading them in scoring at 15.4 per game, almost 42% from 3. Stud. I think guys are overstating Trendon's shortcomings. First thing, you wouldn't believe how much he mirrors Christian's mannerisms. The loping, seems like moving might kill him. As an IU fan it was fun to see. He plays in kind of the same way, and then has bursts of explosion. I'd call him a power forward, definitely a good fit for a 5 in today's game. He's not insanely athletic, but probably a little more explosive than his brother.
  9. By Tom do you mean Izzo? Or was that a mis-type for Ed?
  10. Beilein is the boy scout of NCAA. Clean as a whistle, and has a reputation for that. Michigan has definitely had a couple good runs here. I was on a UM board recently, I think when I was looking for information about DJ Carton. Looking through some old threads, their fanbase was not high on him at all before last year's run. Borderline hot seat type of stuff. Just one great run like last year, and he's mentioned with the best current coaches. I'm a fan of Beilein. Certainly I like UM way more than MSU. And way more than OSU.
  11. Sooo... You want more attention, for blaming someone else for wanting more attention? Got it.
  12. He only mentions the famous ones. He's obviously using them as a stepping stone. Naming dropping, basically. I'll agree with dbmhoosier, here.
  13. You guys need to learn the changes to the NCAA tournament. RPI is no longer considered. The new system will give credit for good wins and bad losses, and ideally take the best of the old "SOS/RPI" data and incorporate it into the "NET Ranking." The old concern of playing a #353 team is mostly gone (not entirely gone, and I don't know that the algorithm has been published to know the exact extent). The "quadrant" wins will be huge again. We have enough opportunities for good quadrant wins. And now they'll look more into Net Efficiency. The bigger concern is whether or not we'll have opportunities for good wins. We have plenty of those. ITH did a great summary of our opportunities recently.
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