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  1. Well. Didn’t Damezi say that almost verbatim? Damezi also missed his last 18 shots...
  2. Gotta ask, what’s your connection? Thanks for contributing.
  3. Dawson never said we were 3rd, right? Just some CBS hack that figured the hometown narrative worked. Bedford/Bailey, I thought you called him to IU? And why is it exactly that you only show up when there’s bad news for you to wallow in? I really liked Dawson as a player. Good luck to him.
  4. He’s just being a twat. I’ll say, if the Jesuit thing is a big deal, why consider IU, Minny, etc in the first place? I feel good about this one.
  5. Kira Lewis and Harlond Beverly, also. Kira reclassed, and so he's now starting his sophomore season. He's a star for Alabama. Harlond Beverly was one of my favorites. He's at Miami, seems to be contributing already.
  6. Nonsense. You’re here to gloat. Ivey is a very good player. Congrats.
  7. Yeah, I have no problem reading into that interview. He was effusive talking about IU. Pumped the brakes on every other school.
  8. In other words, on Dawson's way from Prior Lake to Milwaukee... Madison is on the route. Quick bite to eat. Sort through some proofs and social media announcement stuff with our staff for the announcement. Get some quick paperwork out of the way. Glad-hand mom and dad. Bingo bango bongo, Dawson's a Hoosier. Wojo in shambles.
  9. Thanks TDH. Indiana keeps producing some talent! I went to see the Center Grove (TJD) vs Cathedral (Armaan) game last year. No one was there to see Comer, and then he upstaged everybody. He was really quick, making a ton of plays. We’ll see what happens, but he could be Rob’s successor as the next 4-year homegrown PG. It will be interesting to see if any of these guys’ paths are altered by the changes to the OAD rule. Or maybe the new NCAA rule will keep them in college.
  10. CoachSS said the conflict because of his high school Homecoming is real. Maybe that's what you were saying. Dawson posted asking a girl to homecoming on his IG story. And then the next day he goes to Memphis, supposedly for one night, Sunday to Monday. I dont think anyone has released the date of his Bloomington visit, bit supposedly it is planned.
  11. Word is that Dickinson is no longer considering Purdue. And according to Purdue fans, it's because Painter stopped recruiting him. Dickinson is announcing his final 4 schools today.
  12. The roster situation was already known before he came for his official visit. So he at least had us in the running regardless. I agree that there's no smoke here. Possible he got annoyed/overwhelmed with the twitter response? Or maybe he just connects with Texas A&M. Or maybe he really, really loved it, and wants to debut his pics at the center court wall when he commits.
  13. Yeah I didnt realize his length/size until I watched him play. Taller than the listed 6'2", bigger than listed 180. Long arms too. Really versatile player.
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