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  1. Stromboli

    Armaan Franklin Commits to IU

    Yeah that was me, I generally post over at BTB. Trayce went "live" on instagram while he was at that event in Elkhart or Michigan or something. It was he and Armaan together, looked like they were roommates at the event. The comment by Trayce was thrown in with a bunch of stuff as people were throwing out questions, and those two were complimentary of each other. Someone asked where Armaan was going or something like that, and Trayce volunteered something like "y'all need to show him some love to Indiana." The two main takeaways for me were that 1.) he was recruiting for IU consistent with everything else we've heard, and 2.) he likes Armaan enough to want to play with him in college. Now before anyone goes and makes this the smoking gun, understand that Trayce and most of these guys build each other up on social media. Always doing shout-outs and calling each other the GOAT or bucket-getter or whatever. Trayce and DJ Carton did a lot of this before DJ committed to OSU, now not so much. He did the same with Anthony Harris a few weeks ago. Lots of other guys he's met on the AAU circuit. Also, all of this was before official visits started. Aaaanyway. I hope we get good news from Armaan today. If you squint a little bit, you can see a lot of Robert Johnson in the way Armaan plays. If Armaan can become a dependable defender and score 1400 points at Indiana, then this would be a major get. Honestly if Archie keeps recruiting at this level, I don't know that Armaan will get enough playing time to get to 1400 points, but I think a RoJo type player would be a reasonable expectation/hope. As for who plays the 2/ scoring guard position in '19, I'm guessing we'll see some Hunter and Anderson filling in there. In fact, having Anderson on the team is what's keeping me fine with not landing a shooter like Newman. They are both 39%ish guys from 3 (EYBL stats), and Anderson has a lot to his game as well. And another couple inches of height to work with the packline. If you've ever watched Damezi play, he's pretty sneaky. He didn't score over 2,000 in HS by being predictable. He breaks free to get open and gets creative to take his shots. With a logjam at the 3, having some room at the 2 to get a talent like Damezi might be good. As for the Trayce comments about not being a lock.... what do you expect him to say. I can't believe we're worried about this. He's taking his official visits, of course he's not going to tell some reporter that he's a lock to Indiana. All of these kids are learning how to handle interviews, and I'm always pretty impressed with how well they do.
  2. Stromboli

    Brandon Newman

    What are you basing this on, Brass? The 10/22 line he posted across ten games reported from IMG last season? EYBL season this year, Newman was a better scorer. He's not got a flashy game, and so his highlight vids aren't fun like Ramsey. But he's probably more effective. FWIW, I watched them both in April. Ramsey plays an active, frenetic game. Newman and offball perimeter assassin. Let's look at the EYBL stats, since that's against the same competition. Ramsey played 20 games, averaging 15.6 pts, and going 31/93 from 3, for 33.3%. Newman, in 21 games, scored 17.4 ppg, going 66/168 from 3 for 39.3%. Worth mentioning he went 43% in IHSAA from 3 last year. Newman also had 4.7 rpg, and Ramsey had 3.3. Assists, Ramsey 2.9, Newman 1.1. Turnovers, Ramsey 2.4, Newman 1.8. Steals, Ramsey 1.5, Newman 1.4. Either would be great. In my mind Brandon would be better for us.
  3. Stromboli

    Tre Mann Commits to Florida

    Man, I need to have Tipton Edits photoshop me some arms in my pictures.
  4. Stromboli

    When will we get our next 2019 commit?

    Nah, Sturdivant committed yesterday, and has already decommitted.
  5. Stromboli

    Brandon Newman

    I think he called us the best, and then realized he should watch his words since he's being recruited by other Indiana schools, so he added in a rather clumsy correction. His first instinct was to call us the best. And honestly, I gave up on Crean when I realized we were the 4th best program in the state. After the last two years, there are arguments that we are 6th. Don't blame the recruit, it's an embarrassing state of affairs.
  6. Stromboli

    Brandon Newman

    Did anyone listen? It's at the 30 minute mark. He says Indiana is the first Big Ten offer, aside from Purdue. But it is his first Blue Blood level offer.
  7. Stromboli

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Hoosier Guy is a famous optimist from BTB. You'll learn to appreciate it! Good to see you over here, Hoosier Guy. I'm dabbling myself.