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  1. greg haggard

    Damezi Anderson and Jake Forrester Issues

    Maybe.............but have you ever tried not to laugh when someone says something funny?
  2. greg haggard

    Purdue Pregame Thread

  3. Can anyone tell me why my sentences have spaces..........it looks ridiculous!
  4. Yes, absolutely! I remember watching the Kentucky/Indiana all star series. It was always a great game and a great time You had players from Kentucky playing who went to UK , and players from Indiana who went to IU, and continued their rivalry at the next level. It was VERY regional, and I enjoyed it immensely. That all star series hasn't been competitive for about 2 decades. Further, you would be pressed to find anyone from the state of Kentucky actually playing on UK's team anymore. Which is why I don't mind us not playing UK during the season any longer, just not the same meaning. College basketball is the last athletic event I watch now. When I was a child I watched every sport, even tennis and hockey. 'The Big Red Machine' in baseball, the 'ABA Pacers', Bengals and the Bears, before the Colts, the Racers, etc. etc. But, that was then.............I began to cut what I watched after Michael Jordan punched Reggie Miller, and Reggie got kicked out of the game while Jordan got to stay. I find most athletic competitions to be ANYTHING but competitive!
  5. greg haggard

    What Needs to Change to Save this Season?

    I believe, although I have no evidence for this opinion other than SSDD, that 2, and maybe 3, and possibly even 4 guys on this team think they know more than the coaching staff. If what I believe is the case, there is NOTHING that will turn this season around. Bench em, and take whatever lumps come our way!
  6. greg haggard

    Nebraska Postgame Thread

    I will still follow them, but I think 2 decades of looking for some semblance advancement is not unreasonable. Although, upon having a couple of days now to reflect, I can see that injuries have caused our best players to play more than they should. I am not abandoning the Hoosiers, yet, but I am getting to that point!
  7. greg haggard

    Nebraska Postgame Thread

    I'd like buy a vowel Pat!
  8. greg haggard

    Nebraska Postgame Thread

    Cannot express my disappointment. I'm getting really tired, may have to not watch.
  9. greg haggard

    Big 10 remaining Road Games ?

    I feel this way about the Michigan Wolverines, for much the same reason. They are the only B1G team I root against when playing outside of the conference!
  10. greg haggard

    What it means to be a Hoosier Fan

    Martha.............It's good to have you back!
  11. greg haggard

    What it means to be a Hoosier Fan

    Excellent..........good for a grin!
  12. greg haggard

    Devonte has the Gold Jersey

    A significant Step for DG. He can be such a difference maker.
  13. greg haggard

    De'Ron Davis Trending Up

    I think your initial assessment was correct, but DD has adjusted his game and has done better than most. You are certainly correct about being exposed in the post, and the quality of defense from team mates being elevated. Whenever I have seen centers like DD playing at the speed of the game today, they seem to get injured a great deal, and don't have long careers.
  14. greg haggard

    Real time rpi

    I am preparing a nice dish of 'filet of crow' for their April fools day dinner. I hope I don't have to wind up eating it!