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  1. People are saying it’s down to IU and unc in one spot and down to IU and MSU in another. I like that we are the one constant
  2. I didn’t type that out well. Wasn’t trying to correct that point, just that Keion had also communicated that he is not sure that the visit would be rescheduled with peegs
  3. He told Drew Davis that, Keion said that he doesn’t know if they will reschedule it. Good time to be a Hoosier folks
  4. This is the first time he has ever put a CB pick in.
  5. Peegs put in a CB pick for TJD to IU this morning
  6. It’s like we never learn, every single recruitment people are freaking out over the same exact things. These kids deserve to treat their recruitments however they want to, if they want to narrow their list from 12 to 1 with announcements for every 1 school they eliminate they should do it. They’re kids! Let them have their fun and attention or hey maybe let them take the time to make the biggest decision of the lives. We all want TJD to come to bloomington(and spoiler, he is going to). But some of the stuff I see on here(and other boards) drives me crazy. Take a deep breath and maybe don’t hit send on some of these posts ladies and gents. Edit: not directed at any one, I’ve had a few cups of coffee this morning so I’m a little fired up
  7. Rabby said that basically we are not out, there just is no official set yet. This isn’t a final four, don’t throw in the towel yet everyone
  8. Tre just reopened his recruitment. Should be interesting to see if we jump back in
  9. I’m guessing Carton getting cut by Self is contributing to their lack of a chance here
  10. Unpopular opinion.... pizza king is trash 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. It would be so sweet to get the top player off their board this year after Damezi and Jerome last year. Inflict as much damage as possible
  12. Carton, Newman, and TJD is my prediction. In that order of commitment
  13. Old school btb showdown of the most negative and positive posters anywhere. I’m grabbing my popcorn 🍿 also good to see you over on here too Hoosier Guy!
  14. I think Archie and the rest of the program have already proven how good they are on visits. Getting DJ some time with Romeo and the rest of the team is going to be huge, that visit could decide this thing.
  15. I like that the staff focuses on making offers face to face, makes it seem more special and personal. Also I am all in from getting more of a recruiting footprint in the north. Damezi this year and having Newman and Galloway on the radar is awesome, would love to be able to go see some guys live this year.
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