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  1. BobSaccamanno


    It's unusual, but I wonder if we can petition the NCAA for an injury exemption redshirt for Race? I realize he has already burned his redshirt, but he played up a year since he should have been a senior in high school. Then, when he's eligible, he loses a season because of a concussion which is a polite way of saying a brain injury. There is the occasional circumstance where the NCAA grants a sixth season, i.e., two redshirts, due to an extenuating injury situation. With the way this has played out, and with a mission of doing right by student athletes, I hope the NCAA considers giving him a second redshirt, this time for the brain injury.
  2. BobSaccamanno


    Durham is a big loss. He plays hard, and is a good two-way player. He is a steady Eddie and can hit some jumpers if he has the time (not the fastest release I have ever seen).
  3. And there will still be a deficit in sufficient outside shooting. The lack of spacing is killing this team. Without naming names, if someone moves on, maybe we can find a spot for a juco (or senior transfer) dead eye shooter.
  4. BobSaccamanno

    Purdue Pregame Thread

    This is a winnable game. Purdue is a fairly inconsequential team this year. We know it, they know it, everyone knows it. But after the last three games, I see IU getting blown out. Other than Romeo and Juwan, I can't see these guys suddenly having the mental toughness or composure to play with all the irrational vitriol in the crowd. You need to play stable basketball and we just don't have that. It would take a monumental turnaround to be even competitive here. Unlike investing, in sports past performance is a darn good (not perfect) indicator of future success. There is nothing to suggest IU has the mental toughness or effort or, in some cases, will give enough of a crap to win this game.
  5. BobSaccamanno

    New OC possibilities

    I’d love to know what’s going on behind the scenes. I’m antsy. And those last five schollies may make a huge difference, one way or another.
  6. I’ve been a big Archie backer. And I’m not receding from that position at all. First of all, his program is a work in progress. When he talks basketball, I like what I hear as I think his approach suits the style of ball I like. Second, it’s way too premature to bail on him. I think it was BGleas or another one of our sharpest posters who pointed out the early coaching travails of a host of eventual success stories including John Beilein, Jay Wright and others. Maybe Archie won’t be successful in the end, which I seriously doubt, but it’s too soon to render a judgement on that now. I think his style of ball will be conducive to winning and winning big. Now, I kind of like to think along with Archie with his moves and I like what he does. The one thing that I’m mildly concerned about in terms of style of play is getting good three point shots. The data suggests that Archie may not prioritize it enough. I hope that’s not the case. Those can be extra, cheap points. You don’t want to be swapping twos at your end while the other guy gets threes. You can still play hard nosed, ball control ball with heavy emphasis on D but still work in strategy to get good shooters more good looks. You don’t need deep Daryl Morey style analytics on this. Its basic math. Now, this may just be circumstances but over time I hope we evolve into a team featuring more three point shooting where it’s an advantage for us. The other thing that is premature to make a judgment on is Archie’s permissiveness of, and let’s call it what it is, laziness. Lazy passes, not hustling, casual jogging.... Its offensive to see that. Archie likely feels like he doesn’t have options but if you’re playing the long game, you can bench some guys for much more extended periods than Archie has been willing to do. If a player or his father can’t handle getting benched for lack of effort, that kid doesn’t belong in an Indiana uniform and we’d be better off in the end. It’s a tactic to help the player get the most out of his ability. Good players, and I’m referring to winners, want to be coached and deep down would get it. It’s the loser player that doesn’t understand. This may offend people but Bob Knight doesn’t lose those last two games. You can say I’m pulling that out of nowhere except that I watched decades of Knight’s teams. It’s not that he didn’t lose games. But when you could sense we were reeling, Knight got his teams to get it done. We are sitting on three straight losses, a couple of which should not have happened. We are reeling and you’ve got to find a way to put a stop to it. For the overly permissive crowd, I respect your even keeled nature, but getting the players a little uncomfortable may be what we need.
  7. BobSaccamanno

    1-15 Dakich

    I listened to the opening segment that they spliced out as a podcast. I liked many of his points, some of which were verbatim to some of the points some of us made as 5fouls aptly pointed out. However, I did not care for his personal attacks. You can stay on message without getting personal. Professionally, personally...you can handle yourself much better. Raise points and criticisms, but don’t make it personal and no need belittling or personal attacks.
  8. BobSaccamanno

    Nebraska Postgame Thread

    Far be it for me to get out of my lane, but Archie and the staff need to make some coffee and order Mother Bears but they may need an all nighter or two. There are a lot of problems with the players, but I think some adjustments are in order. The B1G schedule is like the NFL schedule. There is no mercy. You’ve lost three in a row. That doesn’t mean you’re due. The next team will be good and will try to gouge your eyes out. Knight and his staff would go into the cave and two things would occur. One, they’d come out with some adjustments. Two, after film work, you’d see who wasn’t bringing it, and they’d go into a secondary role until they got the message. My suggestion would be to bring Romeo out on top and let him handle it. Rob could bring it up and Romeo could come get it at the top of the circle, and let’s go. Rob could get ready for some jumpers off the ball. Green too. He was terrible tonight but we have no choice with him. Up front, Juwaun at 6’7 is undersized and it’s wearing on him at times. We need to get him free too. Maybe let him operate in a bit more space more often to free him. It’d be nice if Davis could play, but he’s a second semester junior and he’s got some more dings. It’s tough for him because the Achilles didn’t allow him to get in shape and when you’re huffing and puffing you’re more apt to get hurt. He could bring a lot but it’s not there now. Archie is obviously a big believer in patience. If a kid flat out makes a lazy pass and then doesn’t hustle back, with the result being a missed shot and then an easy follow up for the opponent because the Indiana guys gently jog back with no urgency, Archie takes it as one play and he accepts it. He might tell them to hustle but he will put the offending player right back in. Personally, after an all nighter at looking at that stink, he should have the tape ready at practice tomorrow and start reducing minutes. Not only is Archie patient but he believes in playing experience and veterans. The thing is, when you count up possessions and guys not making the play, that should be factored in just as much as mental errors. Right now, Fitzner is an immense liability out there. A young player might make a mistake but at least there’s an upside there as opposed to Fitzner who consistently doesn’t make the play because the speed and athleticism at this level is too much. As for McRoberts, I appreciate the player quite a bit, but when you haven’t scored in 175 straight minutes or so, you need to take a back seat. I’m sure he’s being a gamer and playing hurt, and I appreciate that, but it’s pointless throwing that out on the floor until he’s healthy. This is going to get much more serious. We are teetering and nothing gets solved automatically. The coaches need to make some changes in strategy but also in player rotations. Intensity should be at a higher premium, even at the expense of a learning mistake. At least there’s upside there. If anybody, whether by his father’s influence or otherwise, is about “getting mine” and not invested in playing tough, hard, smart team ball, the player can become toxic to a team environment. That may need to be handled with more force and not be catered to.
  9. BobSaccamanno

    Nebraska Postgame Thread

    No ball or player movement on offense. Lackadaisical defense. Casual jogging up and down the floor. Not enough motor. No leadership or mental toughness. It’s about to get a hell of a lot tougher than this.
  10. BobSaccamanno

    Nebraska Game Thread

    Season is unraveling and we’ve got guys casually jogging around. You lose your third straight here and this schedule is relentless and merciless. The next three will make the last couple look like a picnic.
  11. BobSaccamanno

    Nebraska Game Thread

    Laziness getting back on D again.
  12. BobSaccamanno

    Nebraska Game Thread

    Archie has to summon the courage to bench laziness. Throw Moore out there for Justin Smith.
  13. BobSaccamanno

    Romeo Langford

    Sam Vecenie from the Athletic is a great guy and has an extremely enthusiastic basketball podcast (“Game Theory”). He gets into high level minutiae about the sport. Since it’s in podcast format, he will do a deep dive into evaluations without any time limit. On of his frequent guests is Cole Zwicker. I was listening a couple of weeks ago and they liked Romeo but had some negative comments. At that time, Romeo was struggling with his shot. They also seemed to agree that Romeo had trouble separating for himself. I have to say that I bet Sam takes that back. I think Romeo is brilliant at separating for himself. I’m very curious if Romeo starts hitting the jumper consistently the rest of the way. With his long arms and quickness, he has the ability to really defend. He’s got a great frame and will get stronger. He has an elite mindset. And I strongly believe character matters. This kid has it. If he develops consistent shooting range (and I wouldn’t bet against that with a teenager) when all is said and done, there may be nobody in this class who becomes a better two way player.
  14. BobSaccamanno

    Jerome Hunter

    Exactamundo. And I recall someone had intel that Romeo called Mr Langford and told him that Jerome is really good. When an elite player says it, more often than not, that carries extra weight with me (because they have high standards and see the floor from an expert’s point of view).
  15. BobSaccamanno

    Jerome Hunter

    Man, before the season I was sooooooo looking forward to Romeo and Jerome on the wings together at the same time. That was a big driver of my preseason optimism. We lack a little juice as it is now.