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  1. Mitchell and Conley as a back court together could be dynamite. From what I’ve seen, I like Utah’s style of play. I could see them being a legit factor in the weakening West.
  2. Stevens is excellent at unlocking a player’s talent. This is a great situation for Romeo. For a young player especially, the situation can define the level of success.
  3. It was my speculation, but it reads like an advocacy piece. The Star should be better than that. It doesn't have to be the other extreme when Bill Benner despised everything IU did. But the paper should hold the university accountable and not just be the mouthpiece for the eccentric leadership in the athletics department. When Fred isn't being weird by taking off names on football jerseys (where we need to to goose fan interest, not make it harder for fans), declining a home NIT basketball game, cutting Emmitt Holt for holding an unopened container, etc., Fred is laying out how his athletic department is great. The article is a one-sided mess, much like Fred's typical bizzaro advocacy. As for McRobbie, he is on ever-changing quest to find problems for his muddled solutions. His re-do's of administrative structures, creating upheavals, are legendary. He can't walk and chew gum at the same time as a President. While he is focused on some second tier vanity capital expense, he's literally got outdated dorms with mold all over the place. He's just lost on how to triage issues. People may not want to hear it, but Mitch Daniels is an exceptionally bright man who understands sophisticated nuance. McRobbie is like Thog the caveman by comparison.
  4. Thanks for the link, Andy. The article appears to have been Eccentric Fred's idea. He called up Zach and "advocated" for a one-sided narrative. If you listen to Fred regularly, you will see that the substance of the article is right out of Fred's normal self-indulging, narcissistic point of view.
  5. Very happy to see Davis working. Big senior season for him. Bigger than for most because of all the missed opportunities he has had in his career. Injuries have really derailed him. I am bullish on him as a player, regardless of how the game is changing. He is an absolute man in the post with the ball. Bang, bang, bang, bring it. Then he will deftly score on anybody at the college level. Tremendous toughness, physicality, and touch. We just need him healthy, trimmed down, and this extra year to shake off that big injury. Fingers crossed that it all comes together for him as we have lost any margin for error when it comes to his career. DeVonte played well down the stretch. Let's hope he has turned the corner. It's a little scary because we have seen flashes before and then he falls off. We have discussed it since his freshman year. He has a well rounded skill set and tough mindset. We just need a smart, dedicated guy. Phinisee will almost positively be good. Brunk will bring a lot. TJD is a McD AA. But, like last year, the wing position is a huge question mark. We are all pulling for Hunter to be healthy first and a good player. But, assuming we get incremental improvement from Damezi as opposed to an order of magnitude improvement, which cannot be predicted, we really need Hunter. We can't have a woeful attack from the wing or it will severely limit this team. If it all works out, we might have a realization of what could have been if we had a healthy Hunter and Langford together, which is what we all expected last year.
  6. We have had a need for a Trey Galloway type of player. I am not saying we have had no players like him, just not enough: Coach's son Good motor Good defender Team player Culture fit Potential leader down the line Versatile skill set can drive improving as shooter coming off injury
  7. I thought the Celtics were better and a more fun watch in 2018 than they were in 2019. The chemistry was better and the pieces meshed. Stevens’ moves led to winning team ball. Players like Tatum and Brown were better because they weren’t hesitant since they did not need to defer to Kyrie. Kyrie sucks out a lot of that advantage. Horford is obviously an excellent team player but 5 years at 150 million is too much at his age. I don’t blame Boston for balking at that. You’d have a chance of having cap problems down the line when Tatum and Brown come due.
  8. He was also news to me, thanks for the links. I looked him up and found that TDH did a story on him too. 6’4 as a freshman. You figure he might have a couple of more inches in him and end up a wing forward https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/indiana-basketball-recruiting-names-to-know-tayven-jackson/
  9. Golden State was decimated with injuries, but have to give Toronto credit. Kawhi was exceptional. But, really, GS was not equipped to handle the Raptor tenacity on D. That was a great defensive performance. There is also a rising argument that the East has blown by the West. Toronto, Milwaukee, Philly and Boston is a better grouping than any four from the West when you look at Portland, Denver, Houston etc. Milwaukee looked great until they couldn't adjust to Toronto's defense. Philly and Boston have very strong rosters. Having watched the playoffs, Houston looks fatally flawed, Denver and Portland are fine but lacking. Watching them play, I was startled by how pedestrian they were in comparison to the East battles. GS deserves credit but the rest of the West was off. Now the offseason may change some balance. LeBron may become a factor again, but a one year vacation from him was fine with me (and I like him). Regardless, I see the East on an upswing and the West in decline.
  10. I can’t picture the location. Does anyone have a perspective shot of the building relative to AH or whatever it’s next to? Is it nice inside?
  11. I agree with you guys. I think it’s fine if the P’s are going to trade Turner, but I wouldn’t burn that asset for an old player. I’d like someone relatively young. It’s a perimeter oriented game now but Turner’s combo of size, athleticism, and youth is pretty hard to find.
  12. Rivals ranking is bizarre considering how well Trey has played this spring after healing up from injury. Reports have him shooting better and playing with more burst. His tenacity and coach's son mindset are universally praised. I couldn't agree more with CoachSS about rankings. I am a broken record on that so I won't keep harping on it now.
  13. If you can't shoot the ball, you become limited. You can have a role, maybe as a defensive stopper and facilitator, but we need more balanced players who can provide reliable shooting. I'd hate to be in the same boat 2-3 years from now that we have been.
  14. Crystal ball for the U, but man could we use an impact interior lineman.
  15. I have as much GS fatigue as anybody, but what a game last night. Those shots they hit late staring at elimination were amazing. Boogie. I guess he played well earlier. But down the stretch he was a poster child for low IQ players with talent who don't know how to win.
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