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  1. This is a great topic especially if you’re from Indiana. We could honestly do these for all the population centers in the state. The region. Ft Wayne. Evansville. Terre Haute. Bloomington. South Bend. They’d all be fun.
  2. Coach Allen said in the postgame PC that Milehi linked that he didn’t know about the return timetable but thought/hoped it was a week to week thing at this point. If Ramsey is going to play, he’s going to have to pick it up a lot and the coaches need to scheme up quick trigger routes too. Get Rammer on the run too, by design. Penix missing time is a punch to the gut, though. I like our depth in a sense but you’d like to see Penix thrive and be healthy. Tuttle shows promise and hopefully can get in position to make more of an impact by next year. This year is a work in progress. Look at the Burrow kid. It just took some time. After leaving Ohio State and improving he’s killing it at LSU. He’s looking like a first round pick. He may be a match for the Colts but that’s a tangent. The point is just that Tuttle has the skill set to improve dramatically although it won’t happen by osmosis.
  3. No worries, I realized that. I didn’t mean to give that impression. Sorry about that. I did notice the defense in these short clips and forgot to mention it so I just followed up since you reminded me.
  4. I wish I could other than maybe he wasn’t seen enough. They looked tired. Maybe they’d been playing for hours. Brunk did put it on him in a couple of the later plays. Regardless, I was looking at his skill set and potential. For example, Brunk is a big who had his hands up and Trey scored up above him. On the drive, you can see the change in speeds, which for his height and size at a young age isn’t super common. In college, he may not be able to drive on a quick 6’5 guy but he will score up over him all day. A big guy may not be able to handle him on the move. I’m not saying he’s perfect as there other good players but I am saying I like his skill set and ability to translate.
  5. No doubt, it is such a cool name that the U.S. operation to kill Osama bin Laden used the code name"Geronimo.” No real question on this unless it’s what’s his favorite reference for the name!
  6. Yep. Strong legs and good frame overall.
  7. Good PC. He’s pretty raw there. He’s such a likable coach, a guy you can imagine his players really wanting to please. I like how he’s been improving the roster compared to what we’ve seen for thirty years. You have to start somewhere. Now, they’ve got to win some 50/50 games and even some they aren’t supposed to.
  8. You’re proving my point with your last sentence. Maybe Fred Glass thinks like you do and nothing will get done until he’s gone. I wouldn’t be surprised. You can get better and also play on a level playing field in terms of schedule. They are not mutually exclusive concepts. But a school of IU’s stature competing at the Clemson or Alabama level in terms of schedule is suicidal.
  9. He needs to bring it to the conference to take action on it. The conference is essentially a partnership. You go to your partners. They meet, consider all kinds of things. Without leadership from Glass everyone else is going to sit quietly and let us take the L’s. Show them that it makes sense to fix this. This is under his job. If the league tells him to pound sand you wear them down and bring it up at every meeting and push behind the scenes. If say Purdue, Northwestern or Iowa says he has nothing to complain about, you could push them and ask if they’d be willing to swap positions then. That would be an easy switch to implement. If the Milwaukee Brewers could swap from the AL to NL, well then Northwestern would be able to switch to with IU in conference very easily. If no western team is willing to switch with IU—which undoubtedly would happen (nobody is stupid)—well, then, we have a problem as a conference, don’t we? You can’t give Glass a free pass on this and just give up. He’s got the resources and contacts. It’s his job to figure out how to raise an obvious problem. We aren’t here to be tackling dummies as a ramp up to get OSU for the heart of their division schedule. In the end, it will probably take until the next AD comes. The success of the football or basketball teams is not of utmost interest to Glass. He thinks his legacy is on supporting secondary and tertiary sports or taking windfalls in money and working on structures. He openly admits all that. When the next AD comes in, hopefully W’s and L’s will be on his radar for the big sports.
  10. Agreed. I saw craftiness with the ball. He could change speeds and keep the defender off balance. He played with the ball high and played tall. You could see the triple threat ability to (a) go up with the ball near the rim against length, (b) drive the ball, and (c) square up with range. Lander has blinding speed. Between the two of them, they look like the big two impact players in 2021. After that, Koniezky may surprise people after he matures physically. Then you have Furst who is a rugged kid who should be a really solid four year player in time. Wesley looks like he’s got nice length and the ability to create and shoot. Goode is a nice B1G prospect too. I doubt he goes to IU or PU unless a scholly pops free. The numbers at IU and Purdue look tough for him. Iowa may make sense where he could become a menace. He’s got good height at 6’5 as a jump shooter. There’s only so many scholarships though. Since these guys are juniors, all kinds of improvement is possible. But it’s hard to envision Lander and Kaufman not being the big two in the state just on physical prowess and talent alone.
  11. The other thing, which we’ve covered in other threads, is that it’s ridiculous that IU has a top five schedule every year. It’d be nice to have a living, breathing athletic director take some leadership on the absurdity of the divisions. IU is one of the key partners in the conference. Glass, gather the troops, develop some initiatives, hire consultants, get in the GD commissioner’s ear about IU getting hammered in this division and playing the Alabama, Clemson schedule. This isn’t going to just fix itself. We have got an AD who is not being managed by the President or the stale, outdated trustees living in yesterday’s world. The AD is not about W’s and L’s for football and basketball. We need an AD that gets in there, builds a coalition and consensus, and fixes the GD divisions. This may have to occur after folksy Fred is gone (hopefully soon).
  12. The only shot we’d have is if you’d reverse the injury. If Penix played and Fields didn’t, we may have been competitive. Then again you’d have to have your specials not put you in the hole too. When you’re the lesser team in terms of physical talent, you’ve got to play smarter than OSU to have a chance. We failed in all areas. You can’t be this fundamentally unsound and beat a top five team. Realistically, OSU is recruiting the best, from all over. Their sideline to sideline speed was jaw dropping. IU could not beat them to the edge at all. Ramsey is a good kid and will probably be a future coach. I like his mobility but he lacks arm strength. Arm strength isn’t defined by being able to float a ball in the air with distance. Sure, he can throw one up and superficially it looks ok. But he obviously lacks zip and power with his throws and has almost no accuracy throwing downfield. He’s limited and we’ve seen it time and again. If he plays, I’d try to get him into space and play it that way. He was flat out terrible today, indecisive etc. Our game plan with receivers was poorly designed today. This may have helped with Ramsey’s indecisiveness. They had opportunities to sit down and get some quick hits but they were aimlessly lallygagging around out there while the QB was under duress. I am surprised that Coach Allen recruited his own son with the concomitant conflict of interest it brings. It’s created a huge blind spot for the Coach. Thomas is a limited kid who could maybe help in short yardage or specials but he’s not really up to that either against conference foes. I like the Coach as a man and empathize with him when it comes to your children, but we are wasting snaps out there with Thomas. Similarly, another weak link is Raekwon Jones, who is a senior. There’s something to be said for being in the right place, but he’s not as physically talented as some of the young guys. We just get gashed too much in there with Jones and Thomas Allen. Miller, McFadden, and Cam Jones should be playing the most at backer. Coach Allen can justify playing his son and say he’s in charge but it won’t be for long if we don’t start winning some games besides the obvious automatic W’s. He’s helping his family but hurting his coaching which he’s supposed to have fealty to. Miller in particular can help plug up the leaky run defense and poor tackling. He should have a much bigger role. This team can’t run the football. I’d look hard at the coaching there on the offensive line. They don’t work well as a unit in the run game. I don’t think it’s just a talent issue. Maybe they need to look at some other linemen or combinations. You’d think they’d figure that out in camp. We have an insane number of prior starts from these linemen. They are experienced and should be waaaaay better than we’ve seen. Going forward, we really need to upgrade recruiting on the offensive line. Our running backs are just too good to be stymied like this with no holes created by the line. There’s considerable explosiveness in our highly talented backfield there that needs to be unlocked. Devon Matthews struggles badly in coverage. He’s got big shoulders but is stiff hipped and isn’t agile enough. Overall, I’m surprised how much the staff will throw our safeties in one on one coverage situations. They get beat too often. Maybe deploy extra corners. Fitzgerald is getting better and better. You can see it. He’s physical, athletic, smart, just a good football player. Elliott has been a very pleasant find at DT. He’s better than I anticipated. He was a menace all day long. I’d make him the player of the game. Philyor and Hendershot are studs. I am glad Tuttle got some mop up duty. The raw talent is there but it isn’t helpful to throw him to the wolves. He doesn’t have any idea what he’s looking at yet and you can see that when he plays. But in mop up duty he at least gets a feel for game speed.
  13. He’s obviously got the complete package. Seeing him ranked like 80th or whatever is pure comedy gold. For the nerds who obsess over recruiting rankings, look at that clip which is much more meaningful than what some dork computes as a ranking. It’s Lander and Kaufman at the top in-state.
  14. It must have been rough because the stands gradually filled after kickoff. I assumed it was snarled traffic that caused people to be late.
  15. Well I believe Penix dressed. I haven’t heard anywhere it was a season ender. That would end our hopes because Ramsey hurts you and Tuttle isn’t remotely ready.
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