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  1. This tournament is a good challenge for the program. Our team has not had proper winning hygiene. Crean and Glass have presided over a program where nobody had a clue of what it takes to win. Knight would go berserk over a twenty point win if the players got lax or sloppy. It’s not about the W. It’s about having the proper habits that lead to consistency in fundamentals to ensure that a winning mindset is established. That’s what I referred to as winning hygiene. The NIT is an opportunity to take a step forward in this regard and also to identify any players who lack the proper commitment. Crean and especially Glass have no clue about these concepts and Archie inherited this culture. After the 1979 NIT, IU took a big step forward, culminating in the 1981 title. After the 1985 runner up, IU got back on track, culminating in the 1987 title. This is a good opportunity to move us onto a winning track. If we can win this thing, who knows we might look back on it as a positive step. Watershed moment is probably an overstatement but I think we can test the mettle of this roster.
  2. Good point, Rogue. Imagine if IU lost to Marquette and Louisville and then had all those player losses in January. The program would have been reeling so far that there’s no way they’d schedule possible losses. The sweet spot may be to try to get the 150 ish power ranking schools instead of some bigger schools and try to get a bunch of wins.
  3. As I recall we were skewered a couple of years ago for having one of those Tom Crean specials for a schedule. Now, it turns out we get penalized for the hard schedule. The B1G is making money with the extra games, now a whopping twenty, plus the tourney. Eccentric Fred benefits from the money, which is essentially handed to him. Yet winning games and actually participating eludes him.
  4. Some honest questions 1. If our current roster makeup had been together in January (Green, Phinny, Davis, and Thompson missing significant time), would we have won enough games to get in the tourney, and the 12/13 thing wouldn’t have happened? 2. Are we capable of winning 1-2 games in the tourney? 3. Is the committee honest about valuing difficult schedules and collecting wins against quality teams? They said that in recent years. Why the inconsistency from year to year.
  5. This team needs to learn how to win, so I hope they are competitive and win the thing. The program doesn’t know how to win right now. This is a do-able proposition. No more half assed bs. Come out on fire, and let’s win it! It could be a nice step going forward.
  6. Keion needs to stop engaging with the rif raf on twitter. You get a distorted view of the world over there. I’m serious. It’s like salacious mind candy for him. We all function in the real world. Most people are good and are just doing their level best trying to live good lives. If you watched twitter, you’d think people do nothing but hate each other, get violent, make threats, and wish you harm. i don’t get what’s so hard for people to understand. If his parents can’t figure it out, get a grandparent or uncle or aunt or coach. Stay the bleep away from the rif raf on twitter and stick to what you see in the real world, which I’d imagine is exceptionally good for a kid like Keion.
  7. With Romeo’s shot, I don’t think it’s a muscle memory thing. I just think it’s inconsistency with his form. There are times where his shot is beautiful. There was a three pointer he hit at the end of the first half a few games ago (perhaps Purdue) where he drilled it as time elapsed and his form could have been the cover for the brochure of a shooting camp. Other times he’s all over the place. I just think if he can lock in his form and follow through, which is very helpful in general because it really forces you to visualize the target (the basket in this case), he can be a solid shooter. As for his defense, he may have mental lapses, but he has the ability and physical skills to be a very good defender. He’s not like Jabari Parker who had some quote to the effect that great scorers don’t need to defend. Romeo has great length and quickness for his size. He is an excellent rebounder for a two guard. He does need to work on his explosiveness to his left. He is very young, but in my view, based on what I said above, the sky is the limit. We saw a freshman this year. Imagine how ridiculous he’d be in 2 years at this level.
  8. Time will tell but I suspect Franklin outplays his ranking. Too much to like about him.
  9. I couldn’t listen to the interview. Do I have this right, he openly mentioned being a one and done?
  10. I liked Brooks’ game a lot. He’s got a certain skill set in a small forward we’ve not seen in a long time. I would have loved to get him considering he’s from Indiana. I’m not going to be a baby about it. He’s free to go where he wants. It is what it is. IU has no entitlement over him. I spend my time thinking about IU players or others in the conference. He’s off my radar, albeit with no ill will. I’m pretty provincial and do like home state kids. Romeo, on the other hand, came to IU of his own free will and is one of ours permanently.
  11. Is it the money demand? If so, that’s consistent with what I’ve heard.
  12. If IU has 98% amazing fans and 2% morons, are you really going to generalize against an IU fan base? I have been an IU fan for over 4 decades, and I have traveled with the IU fan base many times. It's a very large and an amazing fan base, especially considering there's been an essentially 25 year dip. If someone wants to dog a fan base because of a few idiots, they have that right, but it's not the best thought process.
  13. Interesting, is he from the Carmel/Indy area? He seems to be out of his league reffing. The amount of talent streaming out of Carmel in both football and basketball recently has been astounding. They still have the one school?
  14. I have no idea, but surely they have bed checks? Could these guys be out the night before early games? I just don't know if we have a roster of guys that are winners, which requires a winner's mentality. Not having the will to prepare to win, not getting into good habits that lead to winning, hating to lose, mental is to physical as 4 is to 1, etc. I am still at the office and listened to Fisch but haven't seen it yet. But from other posters, it doesn't sound like the team played hard, tough, and smart.
  15. Early start, if we have energy, I like our chances. If the Northwestern and Minnesota were the low parts of the season, Ohio State was very close.
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