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  1. There should be a flagrant one and a flagrant two like in basketball. Flagrant two would be where there was some sort of malicious intent and then the player could be ejected. Obviously, here, there was no malicious intent. It was an awkward collision. Forget slow motion. When two (or more) bodies are independently moving, you never know what type of angle they will intersect. I can swallow the penalty but the rule calling for ejection is truly asinine. Tossing a kid who didn’t intend the result is on its face idiotic. It needs fixed.
  2. A few positives: Our edge guys have been pretty good. Ryder Anderson has been an excellent addition. Handy looks very promising. Robbins is getting in there and had a pressure. We had 150 plus yards on the ground. The run blocking was decent. Good play calling on both sides of the ball The defense was tremendous when McFadden was out there. Negatives: The mistakes. Not sound. The QB isn’t getting it done. Even if he made some good throws in the second half, the inconsistency is maddening. Receivers as a whole are not getting it done right now. Fryfogle has a track record and will be back but he didn’t separate today. Matthews was good. Marshall is invisible for a starter. For him to be out there that many snaps with no plays is not good enough. Swinton didn’t compete on one of the few good Penix tosses. Buckley. Nada As a group, I expected more from our veteran receivers. Receiver is a tough position to learn at this level. We have some highly rated recruits at receiver. Jordyn Williams. Green. Holt-Bennett. All were well recruited. I wonder if they can get coached up to help.
  3. The change in our defense’s play with and without McFadden was so blatantly direct, you’d have to call it causation and not coincidence. The difference was stark.
  4. Mo Creek in a post game football thread is tremendous stream of consciousness. I will make it worse. If you really squint hard and imagine a healthy Creek in the Syracuse game….he may have been the missing player. How good Creek really would have been is an unknown. But it’s safe to say he was a guy who could shoot really well and had good size.
  5. It’s not just inaccuracy. Penix has not played smart. At all.
  6. Ok here we go. Still have our chance. Fryfogle and some of these other guys get their shot.
  7. If we played sound football, I think we win this game going away.
  8. In short yardage, the runner should have been Carr. Baldwin is a change of pace guy. Come on now.
  9. I like Carr as a physical, grinding runner but you can see Baldwin has an extra burst.
  10. One of these tipped balls is bound to go our way! Lot of them.
  11. Gotta play James Miller or Aaron Casey at LB ahead of Thomas Allen. He doesn’t have big ten linebacker speed.
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