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  1. I hope (a) Archie doesn’t over-think it and offers by April or May as he did with Galloway and Leal last year, and (b) Goode hangs on for IU and doesn’t mind that we have Trey, Geronimo, Leal and maybe even Wesley. It can all work out. Recall the depth of talent IU recruited at the 2/3 positions in the early 90s. G Graham, P Graham, Bailey, Cheaney etc. It works out. Goode looks ideal for IU. Great form. Nice release. Sweet jumper. Excellent length. Fiesty. IU bloodlines. He’s an obvious offer, IMO. No need to overthink it. What’s most bemusing is why the coaches are screwing around with guys like Louis Lesmond. I’m sure he’s a fine player but let’s get our own guy, with the talent, attitude, and Indiana bloodlines.
  2. You guys did such a good job I think I’d just be redundant. I’d say Jack Tuttle. Let’s hope he takes a big step forward. The skill set is there. We need him to be ready to play if needed. Guys on both lines. On the O line, Katic keeps getting touted so he probably sticks out in a positive way. But there are other young guys who we will need for depth so I’m curious how guys like Aidan Rafferty are progressing. On the D line, I think Damarjhe Lewis will be one to watch. He’s got a good ranking and may be the heir apparent to Jerome Johnson, who has had an outstanding career. Of course, Beau Robbins is another to watch. Good call on Cameron Williams. Bonhomme is another LB to watch. As noted by others, lot of good young receiver talent, most with good size and hands. Miles Marshall, Jakes, Leather’s guy Brown. David Ellis can be an X factor used on all kinds of plays and lining up everywhere. You can get him in the slot, on the boundary, even the backfield. Get him on screens, slants, sweeps, fly patterns, you name it. Later down the line, Rawshawn Williams will be exciting to watch when he gets here in the fall. He looks super competitive. Lot of potential weapons. Tom Allen may be a defensive guy but what I love about him is his desire for explosive offense. He knows what’s tough to defend and he’s smart enough to get it for his own offense. A lot of defensive coaches suffocate their own offenses by playing it cautious, etc. Allen gets it. His vision of the type of players he wants is the best I’ve ever seen at IU since Mallory, and maybe ever.
  3. Is Jacobi headed to Indiana State? They have recruited well in that area over the years so maybe I’m thinking of somebody else.
  4. We can all convince ourselves that this team is not only tourney-bound, but actually capable of doing damage, like winning a game or two because of: Race really emerging, Hunter having his legs under him, Phinisee having played enough lately to have considerable experience under his belt, Green stabilizing (if not being electric at times) TJD having played so much its like he's not a freshman anymore, etc But, for whatever reason, the staff heretofore has not been able to elicit any kind of consistency. If we can get that these last few games, there's no telling what this team can do. Heaven knows this team should have learned alot of lessons.
  5. The NET reminds me of something a government or university bureaucratic administration would put together. A bunch of churning and over-thinking by busybodies who aren't "do-ers."
  6. I heard somewhere in the IU media--possibly Nick Baumgart--that Lander re-classifying is possible. Somebody on this board quoted Archie as listing re-classifiers on the list of possible additions.
  7. I like how Archie comes across and the things he seems to focus on, at least when talking. He's about the right things, and his embodiment of basketball is what I want. I agree with your points as disappointments, but I also have this nagging feeling that there is a lack of a "spark" in his coaching. The hedge thing actually works well with Michigan State but bombed against UM and yet he comes across as helpless as he did last year when we lost 12 out of 13. It's not just effort. It's easy to yell at everybody and blame everything on effort but things are not going well IMO relative to creativity in tactics, adjustments. Player development is another black hole and that is a topic for another time.
  8. That Cav player stuff is indicative of loserville. "Thug" doesn't even make sense in the context. It doesn't fit with the meaning of what he was saying. I don't know what's in the man's heart, but I seriously doubt he meant anything racist.
  9. Mohammed and Lander are exactly what this roster needs. Didn't Archie literally say that "re-classification" is one of the categories of recruiting that was a possibility? This will never happen because we are so snakebit, but imagine if these two re-classified to 2020 and came to IU. I believe Archie has said a class of 4-5 was possible. Could I interest anyone in this lineup? Lander Mohammed Hunter Thompson TJD Bench players: Brunk, Phinisee, Franklin, et al. We don't just need a point guard. We also need a wing player that you can toss the ball to, and let him go to work as a scorer, a variety of ways.
  10. Rob and TJD need to play a lot more assertively, IMO. TJD needs to make himself available, demand the ball, and get after it. Same thing with Rob, he needs to take control out there. Let everybody else play off of them. Both of these guys are way too talented not to bring it every night. Rob has been invisible and he needs to take charge. He's way too good to be a non-factor. If these two bring it every night, we can be a tough out.
  11. Hope Ayo is back soon. Love his game. Agree with you on Cockburn. Nice college player. He looks amazing in the team photo but, from an NBA perspective, he's rather stiff and not super athletic. Yinka Dare was once thought of as a beast. There's more to being an NBA player than looking good in the uniform.
  12. I'd wait for the Sixers. That might pop open soon. I am not sure how much shelf life Brown has there. The only way I'd go to the Knicks is if the money is outrageous.
  13. Great analysis, Leathernecks. You might be interested in an interview Dakich did with a brilliant IU Professor, Dr. Wayne Winston. Professor Winston has a math degree from MIT and a Ph.D. from Yale. He works with Sagarin. He and his students have studied some analytics of different player combinations. They take the quality of the opponent into account and then evaluate various data points. For example, for whatever reason Hunter and Phinisee are terrible together. Phinisee and Green together are bottom of the B1G. Green and Franklin are good together. Professor Winston said that Brad Stevens and others use the same or similar metrics. He also recommended that IU run this data in practice to see who wins. He pointed out that Red Auerbach in the 1960s noticed that in practice, KC Jones' team would always win. According to Prof Winston, Archie looks at this a bit, but he does not weigh the quality of the opponent. Personally, I am a big believer in the quality of the opponent idea. In football, when you look at the draft, it doesn't matter what an Alabama offensive tackle does when he plays the Citadel. The only tape you need to worry about is how he played against quality competition. I think the same applies to analytics. I know it ticks some people off, but if a guy really performs well against a sub-par team, I barely pay attention. It's not helpful to the analysis. Getting some cupcakes is the equivalent of pre-season NFL football. Work on some things with the cupcakes, get some run, and take some W's. But in terms of analysis, it only really matters when you lace them up against peer teams. EDIT: This was in the February 17 Dakich podcast. Scroll to 1 hour and 47 minutes. Hate or love Dakich, take that out of it, this interview is really good, IMO.
  14. I agree. Things haven't gone well, obviously, but the team still has a number of games to get some quality wins. It's premature to make a judgement on the season and Archie right now. After the NU game, we came out and things clicked for a couple of games. That could happen again. We need to finish on an upswing and we can. We are hardly playing the 1993 Indiana Hoosiers down the stretch. Let's hope that Michigan game is a huge learning lesson for our guys. For all we know, our script compared with UM's is flipped a couple of weeks from now.
  15. It’s harder to win on the road but our guys just don’t show the tenacity and mental toughness to play well on the road. Defense should travel. That’s the most disappointing thing about this team. We aren’t loaded with talent but we still have guys who should be better than this on the road.
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