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  1. Bummer. He was a recruit I was excited about. Sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do, though. The world isn’t going to spin off it’s axis and we will be fine. More than fine. I wish him well, obviously.
  2. Yesterday was really rough without IU football. At least we have the NFL today.
  3. Yes, and he was the number six pick in the draft. I just meant applying the concept of a player like that with the traits I mentioned and not the “look at me” guys Kentucky focuses on. Somebody needs to shoot and score, I get that, but I’d love to see us run with a roster of tough, team oriented guys. The pros take care of themselves if you play the right way. That’s the fallacy in many kids’ minds, that you have to “get yours.” Kentucky ball gives me a headache. Their roster flips so often that the players can’t have any traction in terms of a legacy. To each their own if that works fo
  4. I’m not a Celtics fan although Larry Bird is my favorite basketball player of all time so there’s an internal conflict there. And I’m a big Brad Stevens fan, so that’s another thing. As far as their players, I like Jaylen Brown. But the guy I easily like the most is Marcus Smart. He embodies what I like in a ballplayer. Tough, competitive, defends, intense, team oriented, crazy high motor. If an observer is stats oriented, they will never get a guy like Smart and how critical he is to the Celtics ability to win. If I were recruiting for IU, I’d look for as many players
  5. The Nurse move was purely disgusting. I lost respect for him after that.
  6. I couldn’t agree more with the approach. I am always more interested in the average rating level. Allowing volume to a ranking just skews everything away from understanding how talented the kids are. Even average rating can be odd because long snappers and kickers are often not rated as high. Overall, the athletic level of the team has shot through the roof in recent years. If I could spend an hour with Tom Allen, I’d go through what he thinks about personnel. What is is philosophy behind the husky? What does he look for in particular positions? As an observer, I see definite pat
  7. This kid sounds interesting. I hope we can land a good big that year, with Shawn Phillips from Dayton as another prospect.
  8. Miami looks good. Spoelstra has been outstanding. He looked like a brilliant tactician. Lot of talk on Twitter that’s exactly where Giannis is going. Miami. I think Miami has the strategy already in place to make the money work. G with Bam and Herro with Spoelstra as the maestro - wow. I’m not sure anyone in the League would have the kind of upside they’d have other than Dallas. Those two teams could be the titans of the 20s. Shame for Milwaukee. They may never get that chance again. G was a once in a lifetime guy for them. It’s a lot like the Pacers. Very hard to envisio
  9. I posted this elsewhere but Caden Curry is one of the most disruptive Indiana high school defensive tackles I’ve seen. Admittedly I’m working off footage but I saw enough to see how he plays. I’m assuming he’s front and center in the wreckage.
  10. I agree with that. But the optics would look a lot better. And more kids would get a chance to have bigger roles.
  11. With all the mystique people try to put on UNC’s campus, he’s going to be surprised how much more attractive IU’s campus is. Their campus has some truly fugly stuff on it. IU is like an order of magnitude better looking. I’m sure the fraud and corruption within their school won’t help a top student like Trey. I’d be surprised a top student like Trey wants to be attached to that crap. I haven’t been to UVA so can’t comment there. My nephew plays high school ball in Virginia and averaged 16 ppg on JV. Let’s see how he does in varsity. There’s a good chance he will go to UVA as a r
  12. Georgetown has never been my favorite basketball team and their image has mostly been out of step with the academic reputation of the school. But, Thompson has been a a great mentor for his kids and a very good ambassador for their program and the sport in general. He’s been a noble guy. RIP.
  13. I’ve noticed you and I almost always like the same players. But on this one, I have always like Logan. He’s got a no-nonsense, physical style with a confidence I like. He will likely be a four year player who will bring a butt kicking attitude to our front court. The ranking of 63 is meaningless. I subscribe to the Bill Parcells planet theory. There are only a certain number of guys who have that size who can play. The ranking gurus will rate a lot of chucking combo guards or whatever higher who regularly go 6-19. It’s hard to find a guy like Logan who will help you win games.
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