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  1. I like it when July 4 falls on a Saturday so that “Saturday in the Park” fits even better. The images captured in that song are spectacular to me. When I was a teen, I liked more classic rock but the fallacy I had was making fun or not respecting “softer” music. We all grow up and I realize there are different genres and it’s not good or bad, just different and depends on taste. The scene in Tommy Boy where they sang The Carpenters captures that concept exactamundo. I have no idea how to narrow down my favorites. I will forget a ton. Here are some The Beatles Tom Petty Mellencamp The Eagles Elton John The Police Chicago REO Journey Matchbox 20 Green Day
  2. Lots of good choices already stated. The system put into place by our founders was brilliant. People here are free to follow their own beliefs so long as you’re not hurting others. That freedom has created the best mix of diverse people that have assimilated that the world has ever known. We can be that shining example of coming together regardless of background, relating as people, not just a tribe. Most of the rest of the world is pretty homogenous. By definition, our people come from anywhere. I doubt this is scientifically valid, but the people who came over here had to be the most adventurous ones, by definition. Imagine the risk they took to come here, leaving their ancestry, etc. They didn’t stay safe in whatever hamlet their family had been in. They were the ones who took a risk and reached for something greater. And it could be literally from anywhere in the world. Those genes get passed down and that’s what the makeup of our people is. Our educational system is phenomenal. Certainly our colleges and universities are the envy of the world and give us a huge competitive advantage. I will throw in our entrepreneurial spirit, where capital markets function with ingenious founders with an idea to have us consistently and perpetually on the leading edge of the world economy. Historically, we are a country that sees a problem and attacks it. In the current circumstance, I’d say we have the best shot at coming up with a vaccine, because that’s how we roll.
  3. Johnny ”Lam” Jones, right? As I recall a first round pick who could run. Not remembering the other two.
  4. I’ve got a great new name. The Washington Bullets. Now that’s a cool name.
  5. Is he ranked 85th in the state or did you mean that as hyperbole to make your point?
  6. I thought the same thing. I’m glad you said it. If we landed this kid and the tough guard from Ohio, it would be an interesting development. Not necessarily bad at all, though, although I think a lot of fans would lose their minds in the short term.
  7. That’s cool if you guys actually know each other.
  8. I haven’t followed the debate and I’m not sure what everybody’s position is, but I will state my thoughts and see if I’m as neutral as Switzerland. 1. You would expect the death rate (as a percentage of cases) to drop considerably. That should be fairly obvious when you see we are testing more people and with how many young people are getting infected. In addition, we have experience with treatments, including certain techniques used in hospitals, e.g., how they lay the patients etc. We now have Remdesivir being used, as well as the steroid treatment. We also have the plasma treatments which I’m told are especially very important. 2. Will the weekly raw death number similarly nosedive? I sure hope so. Even if the percentage is lower and lower, if the infection spreads so severely, we could have the raw number of deaths per week be higher than it was. 3. While I agree that the raw number of deaths per time period is a very important statistic, so is the number of hospitalizations. It’s not just about deaths. To me, people gloss over that. Having a lot of hospitalizations puts tremendous strain on the medical system and personnel and is not a trivial issue. There are real people who are committed to helping and they are put under tremendous strain.
  9. Bowie had some issues but if you talk just about voice, he would be very near the all-time top for me.
  10. Very sorry to hear that. Prayers for you to make the best decisions for your family. Very sorry this happened, but you are a good man and good things come to good people.
  11. Cowboys owner Jerrah Jones 80s singer Howard Jones
  12. Bert Jones was one tough son of a gun. One of the really good quarterbacks who doesn’t get mentioned enough.
  13. Desmond and Molly Jones Did Quincy Jones get mentioned?
  14. Shirley Jones from the Partridge Family
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