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  1. IMO there may be a coaching issue with these particular players being defective. He may have lost them to some extent. Harbaugh has too much of a track record to just ignore. He won at Stanford and at the niners he took a moribund franchise and quickly took them to literally the super bowl. That gives him the credibility. The players have none. If he leaves Michigan there will be a line led by the Jets and Bears to try to get him. It was fairly obvious that IU had considerably more talent. IU was the better team from start to finish, and fairly overwhelmingly so. You can’t just dismi
  2. Pretty soon we will hear Leb-an-On like the country instead of Leb-an-in (or just Lebtucky). And of course Terre Hot.
  3. Doesn’t it sound like “rights?” What did he say?
  4. If we can get Al off the ball and alleviate ball handling responsibilities, I think he can be a very good spot up shooter.
  5. If Knight were here we’d be hearing rumblings about how he’s privately telling Hammel how much he loves this freshman class. And that we may be finally able to turn it around.
  6. Golden State will be one of the intriguing stories of the year. They still have Steph and Draymond and a top 3 coach in Kerr along with Pop and Spo. Steph is in the media warning everyone that he’s been ignited by the naysayers. Steph’s legacy can be impacted by how he carries them. He’s a brilliant shooter and a hall of famer. He really can help his resume by leading this squad to 50 wins.
  7. The football player we have who is an especially damn good basketball player is Javon Swinton. Stud.
  8. Man, Fry is a beauty to watch. Strong, physical, great hands. The best part. Love his cuts and breaks to get open. He’s not rounding them off like some weenie. He’s got tough, sharp, breaks. And he’s muscular. He reminds me of somebody specific who has played on Sunday’s but the name isn’t there yet for me. I will keep thinking about it.
  9. Another example, like McFadden or Stevie Scott, of a kid who wasn’t ranked all that high (all were low three stars at best) and all are beasting. It’s funny, everyone claims Michigan has so much talent. The fallacy is it’s based on people clutching a sheet of paper with rankings based on self proclaimed gurus. IU is the far superior team in terms of talent and it’s guys like Fryfogle and McFadden who came in with low recruit scores and are high level performers. I’m not saying recruiting rankings are useless. They provide a data point. The fallacy is people thinking they are definitive.
  10. I wouldn’t recommend law school and playing college basketball at the same time. I wouldn’t be surprised if the law school forbids it. The only way it could work is if they made an exception and let him take maybe six credit hours. As an example, unless things have drastically changed, they did not allow you to have a part time job during your first year of law school when I was at Maurer. Also, keep in mind, IU has a top 25 law school and you have to get top grades and scores to get in. I’m not saying he doesn’t. I hope he does.
  11. “She may be small but she’s strong. Our first baby came out sideways. She didn’t cry or nuttin’.”
  12. Planes Trains. Memorized It’s a Wonderful Life. Tradition
  13. If he enrolls in January, is he eligible to play for IU second semester?
  14. Yeah that popped out to me too. Archie has really gone out of his way to compliment Jordan for months. I think we all hope he’s going to follow in the footsteps of Oladipo and OG. Everyone is gun shy about IU because they haven’t shown anything in five years. But if we get some out of a couple of freshmen, I don’t see why this can’t be a very solid team that’s competitive at the top of the conference. Lander is young for his class and Archie was candid about some issues there. But he’s a precocious talent. Jordan’s defense alone brings value. Galloway has been tough in practi
  15. Thanks for consolidating those Scott. Made it easy.
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