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  1. That’s really cool that you got to know him. I recall Joe broadcasting college sports even on TV back to the 1970s. I think he did a lot of Larry Bird’s games at ISU.
  2. Thanks for the link. And it’s common sense too. I could give anecdotal stories until I am blue in the face. Two recent ones. One of my colleagues has a daughter (suburban Chicago) applying. She wants a big school, college town experience. She was considering IU, Iowa, Wisconsin, and a couple of other big state schools. Just this week I asked if she had decided. “It looks like Kentucky. She liked blah blah blah and they have a great basketball atmosphere.” And it reminded me of another colleague’s daughters around 2012. She went to Butler coming out of Naperville. Her dad
  3. Really? That’s a bad sign. Being afraid of reasonable questions indicates weakness and lack of confidence or conviction in your philosophies and strategies. For example, if someone asked why he substituted a kid out after he hit two threes, he should be able to answer that confidently and not hide in the other room.
  4. If we do get into the NIT, I hope Lander starts and the other freshmen all play heavy minutes. That’s the upside in my mind to playing.
  5. I believe they only have a generic one for the whole board with their bios. Maybe somebody knows another way. I suppose you could Google them and find their individual work email ID’s. https://trustees.iu.edu/the-trustees/current-trustees/index.html
  6. I’m warming up to Drew. He can obviously recruit. I want to watch them down the stretch to get a handle on how his teams play. But he’s proven himself in P5 basketball. But the larger point is that there are plenty of very good possibilities for IU. It’s really about the administration and what they are willing to do. Dolson knows where the bodies are buried in terms of what we can fix to make the job more attractive. He should have a plan to show a name coach how IU is changing and will be built to win going forward in terms of (a) generating money via marketing plans for players
  7. I’ve said this before. I really like TJD. If he can use his athleticism, he can get to the rim and score. He’s probably ok on a drop step. But if the defender has length and stays behind him, Trayce doesn’t have any counter moves to score. He’s really bothered and he tries to force it up over the length of the defender without a clear path. Inevitably, it’s a brick or wild shot. There were times the broadcaster would call it a missed easy shot. Not really. A 7’2 guy with his arms up made it harder because Trayce couldn’t get him off balance so he could get a good look.
  8. Archie has been looking and sounding beleaguered. I would not be shocked if he’s got his agent thinking about other P5 opportunities so he can get ahead of the posse.
  9. It’s going to be odd with hardly anyone in the gym.
  10. Happy to see Bybee knock in a couple of free throws. This is going to be a big off-season for Lander. He has considerable ability. I’m very bullish. We played a typical game. Michigan is that much better than us. To me, they are very likable and they can win it all.
  11. Very sorry to hear the news. He had a great radio voice. Last I heard I thought he was in remission. If not, he was at least optimistic. Bleep cancer, it’s so evil and pernicious. RIP.
  12. Wagner is going to be a good three in the NBA. He can slash and shoot with range. Very mobile with good length. Michigan is really, really good.
  13. Uh oh, they are out hustling us. I hope we aren’t about to pack it in like we did against Rutgers.
  14. I think some more screens off the ball would do this offense wonders. Ohio State bludgeoned us that way. I think it’d work fine for us too.
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