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  1. Based on the varying opinion, Geronimo looks like Rorschach test. My personal view is he going to get minutes and he will be squarely in the rotation. I think he will earn minutes on the order of upper teens. But right now, no one has any idea what his game will look like in late November when we start playing. I don't know, no one else here does, Woody doesn't, and neither does JG. I think he is finding minutes. He has a spark to his game, he plays hard, and as TJD said, he does things the right way. He met with the coach and they came to an understanding. He will get solid minutes, IMO. He plays hard and with energy. There is a jolt of electricity he brings with his game. Sneak in there and grab an offensive rebound. Play D. Back down from no one. Not taking any doo-doo from anyone. This is the year that he takes a step up IMO but the following year, '23-24, he will be in a prominent role.
  2. I do think we will have primarily a nine man rotation. My remaining four guys would be Duncomb, Leal, Gunn, and Banks. Duncomb to me is a poster child for a guy who needs to redshirt unless there is an injury up front. I think he will be a very good player, maybe as soon as '23-24, but right now he could use more time in the oven. Leal is heart and toughness. Everybody loves him and for good reason. He can play in a pinch, but for the most part he will provide culture, leadership, attitude, etc. A lot of fans have misread his skill set and have assumed he is a pure shooter. That's not really his game but anyone can get better. He's a tough kid with big shoulders who is nice on the back end of the roster. Gunn and Banks are two guys I like for the future. Length and quickness. The future of this program. But right now, they have a ton of players in front of them and they need to add muscle. Either they come in and won't be ignored ("I won't be ignored, Dan" (from Fatal Attraction)) or more likely they will get glimpses of PT to get ready for the following year. But, man, it would be great if one or both started draining shots at a rate that we can't ignore.
  3. This is a fun and positive discussion. I have enjoyed everyone's comments. I think it is safe to say that we are happy with the 1, 4 and 5 positions, not just at starter, but also in terms of depth. The big question to me are the wings. Bates and JHS are the key guys. But to me Galloway and Kopp are going to assert themselves. I think Galloway is a key guy. When he was out last year, we lost some tough games. I think he brings defense against good wings. I don't think he's a stopper yet, but he will put up a lot of fight. His 3 pt % was low, i.e., under 30 percent. His shot seemed line drivish to me and also not consistent in terms of form. He's got all summer to get shots up. If he shoots, let's say 33%, that would be huge. I like Trey a lot and he's going to be a huge factor. Miller Kopp. I have talked about him in other threads so I don't want to belabor the point. He's got the true ability to stretch the floor. He's essentially a 37% shooter from 3. We have enough data to know that. That's a solid percentage. I am predicting that in some big games next year, he's going to hit some big shots. We are down 61-59 and he hits a 3 for the lead, or we are up 65-62 and he hits a big three to give us more space. We don't have enough shooters and I am glad he's in our arsenal. JHS, I have seen highlights and I made a comment over a year ago that he looked to me like a Jason Kidd out there. As others more knowledgeable than me have said, his defense will get him on the floor. We need a tough defender with his size. His playmaking on offense is A plus stuff but his shot is questionable at this phase. That leaves Bates. TJD just reiterated that he's a gym rat. He shot from 3 well in high school and it would be great if we saw more of that. He struggled on D, and with his shot and decision-making. But I love the work ethic. The other thing he needs to get a grip on is his defense. He has good length and quickness. He just needs an attitude that "I am going to smother who I am guarding and I am going to take my defense personally." If he does all that, this is a guy who can score in chunks. Bates may be the guy who is the biggest key, but I also see Galloway as a huge piece and he's a guy who isn't mentioned enough IMO.
  4. That's really cool and that he wants to be a coach. Great profession if you're passionate about it. My nephew is graduating too. He was an all district player in the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, metro area). Tough guard, averaged well into double figures and could have played DIII or walked on in D1. He is not going into coaching so he is going to stop with ball and focus on academics. He is a smart kid as he had a 1500 SAT and great grades.
  5. I am changing my vote even though I might be susceptible to criticism of recency bias. I am going with Oladipo and Trayce. As @tdhoosier mentioned in another thread, TJD was on with the Hoosier Hysterics. I just love this kid. He is a tremendous leader and his career stats will be off the charts in terms of scoring, rebounding, and blocks. I will add to tdhoosier's tidbits. When Trayce told CMW he was returning, they scheduled an in-person meeting in Indy. TJD came armed with ideas and plans for effective summer work. CMW loved it and said it was exactly what a leader should be doing. The thing about the NU game suspensions was riveting. CMW initially knew about only 2 guys who broke curfew. TJD and Race talked with the assistants and they wanted them all suspended. The point was he wanted all of them working as a team for a common goal. On the rules for drug tests, TJD mocked the policy of the first flunk, you have to call your parents, second you get 2-3 game suspension, etc. TJD wants a guy gone after the first one. His point is about everyone rowing in the same direction. He loves CMW. He knows CMW and the staff want the best for him, as a person. He said CMW is not really a yell at you kind of coach, but at halftime of the UM game he basically said "do you guys even want to play or not." TJD told Race, "We are winning this game, I don't care [what it takes]..." He is excited about playing and wishes they had games now. He said in some prior years, players were burnt out at the end of the season, but no longer.
  6. Only two is very hard for a 14 year period. I think I would say Oladipo and Anunoby. Looks like a copout since they are our two best pros, but I liked them alot when they were here so it's sincere. Special status for Zeller and TJD for their leadership in getting IU back on track. Bryant and Yogi were also very important players, obviously.
  7. Time to crank up the lineup threads - we know our roster!
  8. Similar for me. In mine, I am taking a class and there was a discussion section with quizzes every week and I literally never went. The other variation is I have finals and I am a complete blank on all the subjects and need to cram. Presumably, we all get these dreams when we feel like we have too much work to do?
  9. Great news. He has a great chance to put up some epic career numbers. PS Bummer about covid and the combine for him but he can make some good NIL money and hopefully develop nicely next year. He's a great kid and deserves the best.
  10. Bummer. Love his skill set. I'd be lying if I said I was surprised, though.
  11. I think that’s right. To me it’s pretty obvious that Holmgren, Jabari Smith, and Banchero are the cream of the crop and there is a dropoff. I haven’t really focused on Mathurin yet. As much as I like Murray, he’s way behind the top 3 in ability IMO. Smith at 6’10 moves like a wing and can shoot. I would study his motor though. Holmgren to me is underrated because people get distracted by how skinny he is. I like Banchero but probably 3rd. Where fans are limited is we don’t interview the guys and get to know them. We might re-slot them based on that. My view of the draft is that in most drafts there are very few true difference makers. The Pacers are below that line. So you try to get the right piece in your vision of your team, not necessarily the most physically eye popping guy. This is how you end up with Marvin Bagley or that big guy from Duke that the Bulls drafted who no one remembers because his game is right out of 1982. Then Desmond Bane goes in the 20s. For the Pacers, if Murray is the right piece, so be it. You’d still keep building for your superstar in a subsequent draft.
  12. They’ve got to be the dumbest franchise in sports. It’s not just the Doncic thing which everyone and their monkey knew they got wrong in real time. They don’t get it to the point that you’re surprised when they get a good player like Fox. You collect enough high picks, at some point you should be able to win.
  13. Speaking of two sports, Quinn Buckner. Not a quarterback but a DB (safety, I think?). I was too young to pay attention to him in football but my understanding is that he was the real deal. I think he was extremely highly recruited in basketball including by John Wooden, Michigan etc. One of the most consequential IU athletes ever.
  14. I do not know if it’s the hardest position in sports but I’d say it’s the most important, or the most impactful to put it another way. It has got an out-sized importance. Leadership is critical. If you pay attention to the sidelines you can see good leaders go to the defensive players, or at the least the leaders on that side, and exhort them to make a stop. If your QB doesn’t have that, it’s a minus.
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