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  1. BobSaccamanno

    Marquette at Indiana Game Thread

    This does not remotely resemble anything like the IU basketball of the past five years.
  2. BobSaccamanno

    ATH DaShaun Brown

    This kid sounds great. I hope he has good enough hands to be a receiver. We could use some more juice at the position.
  3. BobSaccamanno

    NBA Thread

    Watching the NBA, we’ve got teams jacking up literally 40-50 threes a night. I Iike it. I am old enough to remember that 125-122 scores in the NBA were commonplace,. The nineties, which was a nadir in the sport to me, brought us the 80-77 type scores. Sure, I like a hard screen, Anthony Mason style, but watching congested paint and Ewing sweating over everybody in a confined space is not as fun to me as open basketball with athleticism at a premium. Personally, I think a pure shooter is a beautiful thing to behold. I still like defense, but open basketball doesn’t preclude the need for tough defense. You know I love Archie, and finding shooters at the college level is decidedly tougher, but one thing in recruiting is I’d like to see us prioritize some pure shooters more. I think you’re going to need to hit a fair number of threes to get done what you want to do.
  4. BobSaccamanno

    NBA Thread

    I like Rozier a lot as a player. He’s really improved over time. He can be inconsistent but I watched him during the playoffs last year, and he excelled at times. Brogdon would be an excellent pickup but I’m dubious that it’s do-able. He’s such a complete player that he should be in demand.
  5. BobSaccamanno

    Chicago State Postgame Thread

    We may be deep, but I have to question not having 1-2 guys redshirt. I’m assuming Race’s injury is minor. Then you could redshirt a guy like Forrester. A fifth year senior year for a guy like him could have been a Godsend that year for the team.
  6. BobSaccamanno

    NBA Thread

    Three teams I consider up and coming are Denver, Utah, and Milwaukee. These three teams look to be on the rise. Utah's organization in particular has done a great job building that team, without super high picks, frankly. Utah may have a very high ceiling down the line. I would have thought Minnesota was on track to be in that grouping, but they seem like a chemistry mess even though they've got some good parts. I didn't see it but heard that Leonard absolutely dominated Ben Simmons the other day. Toronto is a very, very scary team, and don't rule out they re-sign Leonard because the money difference may be significant.
  7. BobSaccamanno

    Should Tom Allen be fired?

    IMO it’s fair to be concerned but it’s way too premature to let Coach Allen go. I think he needs time to adjust to some of the shortcomings and use that experience to see the plan through. There are a few changes he needs to make. Debord is frankly not a big thinker at offensive coordinator. Furthermore, his throat invariably tightens up when it’s a critical situation. He generally zags when he should be zigging. Allen should not be the D coordinator. In-game when the D comes off the field, by definition he cannot improvise and implement adjustments, or talk to the players individually, because he’s now coaching the whole game. He may be delegating it but it’s not working when he’s ultimately the D coordinator. The special teams have been a spectacular failure. Two long returns by PSU or the punt block. IU is not talented enough to hand over hidden yardage and points on specials. They look like a pop warner team. IU has to be sound on special teams to win games. The ability to complete a victory is elusive to the staff right now, and it’s obviously not a coincidence. When it’s crunch time, they don’t know how to win. Mile makes a great point that, unless there are extenuating circumstances, you send a horrible message to the coaching fraternity when you only give a coach two years. I think it’s four years minimum. Going forward, I like some of the athleticism and depth on D, and there is darn good talent at the skill positions. I hope the offensive line improves and perhaps you need a new assistant there.
  8. BobSaccamanno

    NBA Thread

    Some of these NBA scores are wild. You've got teams putting up 140. GS gave up 81 in a half to Utah. Play small ball, spread the floor, play fast, and launch threes, baby.
  9. Correct me if I’m wrong because I could have missed something, but isn’t the so-called “Ostrom text” a text by someone else characterizing what Ostrom said? If so, calling it an “Ostrom text” is running a bit wild. It’s still some handler’s text, not Ostrom’s. Then, it becomes hearsay, which is fundamentally unreliable. That’s why courts do not admit hearsay statements. There are a number of hearsay exceptions, where there might be a reason the statement is reliable. The exceptions do not apply here in my view. You might say, “Yeah, Bob, but we aren’t in court.” I’d say the characterization of Ostrom is still fundamentally unreliable. It could be the telephone game where the statement is by someone mixed up, or puffery etc. And as BGleas aptly points out, we didn’t become a serious player for the kid. So, the facts belie what the text says. i will say this, and I’ve said it several times. This scandal came out at the start of Archie’s tenure. That’s a monstrous gift to him, because he is fully aware of the ramifications of illegal (NCAA) recruiting. He is on full notice and is essentially warned up front. Don’t do it. I’m a huge fan of Archie, but if he recruits wrongly, I will turn on him like you can’t believe. And I seriously doubt I will be alone on that.
  10. BobSaccamanno

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I think some of the threads have degenerated to the point that we are talking about Leal in the Brooks thread and talking about Brooks in the Leal thread.
  11. BobSaccamanno

    Iowa Game Thread

    Maybe Penix plays a lot against Maryland and Purdue? Saving his redshirt so he has four years after this one, but maybe he can still salvage a couple of wins. Yesterday, everyone and their monkey knew that Iowa was throwing to their TE’s. I am surprised we allowed both of them to score and get chunk yardage. IU has so many athletes, you'd think they could have found a way to get them covered. Allen is recruiting well. But, one problem with IU is putting a complete roster together. Football needs so many numbers, it’s like trying to turn around the Titanic to try to get a full roster with good depth. I’m a bit concerned about whack a mole, where we solve one position group, while others drop off. We need to put it together with all position groups together and then maintain it. We are actually not tremendously far from getting to that. I know that our O line struggled last year, but I kept saying in the offseason that they’d take a big step forward this year and would be a strength. Now I have egg on my face about it but I still feel like there’s some talent there, or at least better talent than we’ve seen. Wes Martin has been all league guard. Stepaniak is an experienced, sturdy guard. Linder started at the U. Cronk is a three year starter. Brandon Knight is a good player with good feet. That should be a good unit. There are some decent young players who you’d like to think are developing, like Caleb Jones, McKenzie Nworah, Harry Crider, and some true freshmen like Aidan Rafferty or Marozkas. I think Allen gets a solid four years before they think about getting rid of him unless they completely wet the bed this year and next. That means this recruiting class and two more. He’s got good defensive principles against the spread. He has some good picture ideas, but he needs to change out some assistants and then follow through on strengthening all units at once. I’d hate to see our O line or receiver rooms bamboozle chances for success.
  12. BobSaccamanno

    Iowa Game Thread

    It’s not just Debord. Hiller as offensive line coach is not effective. There’s been a demonstrable drop off since we irresponsibly allowed Frey to leave for more money. We need a better coach who can recruit the big uglies and develop them. If you want to play good D and run the ball, the offensive line needs to be a central piece. I frankly expected more on the field this year and wonder how some of the younger guys (Caleb Jones, Nworah and others) are developing.
  13. BobSaccamanno

    Iowa Game Thread

    I hope we are recruiting offensive line hard. We need to be much tougher up front.
  14. BobSaccamanno

    Iowa Game Thread

    I know Stanley is a big kid, but too many missed tackles. Adjust for his size and bring him down.
  15. BobSaccamanno

    Iowa Game Thread

    This is easily the worst football game that Marcelino Ball has played. He’s been atrocious.