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  1. I think his ranking will come up. I’m not sure if he’s been under the radar or what. But if you look at his clips he’s got a nice frame for his age and he moves pretty well. Looks like a good drive blocker and has an edge. I could be wrong but I expect him to be a 3 star soon.
  2. Who is from FC? Do you have his name? I can’t seem to find him. If we get Collinsworth (lofty ranking), Austin Booker, and Sales, after that, anything else in-state would be gravy considering who we’ve already got. And, if, as expected we can continue our good work in the South (especially in states where we’ve had recent success like Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Mississippi), particularly with respect to team speed, boom, this class could be lights out. Not to mention, we’ve been targeting some good talent in Michigan. But if the momentum in the in-state end of it continues to accelerate, the class can really come together.
  3. Kareem’s college career was before my time but his numbers and success speak for themselves.
  4. Looking at his frame and that photo of him, he looks like he was born to thrive on the edge and rush the passer.
  5. Awesome news. Our defensive line rotation is really getting more and more legit. Kudos to Coach Allen for his vision and implementing it.
  6. Congrats. Very cute. Please get him some IU gear so he’s influenced the right direction.
  7. TJD already said he’s coming back. He may be getting an assessment but he’s told the public he’s coming back.
  8. That’s terrific. Galen is phenomenal. He just does a great job with everything he does. We are lucky to have him in the IU community.
  9. Good point. And Romeo was first, which is the biggest. But it looks like Archie is getting NBA first rounders—at different positions no less—when you look at Romeo, Lander, and Trayce at a minimum. That would bode well for future recruiting. We all know the importance of momentum. As Billingsley, Five and others have said, the first is the biggest.
  10. The article says he’d have to sit a year. But I wonder if he can graduate online this summer and be a grad transfer? We could use him right away.
  11. Good article. Regarding scheduling, I wish the league went back to 18 conference games. At one point, they were playing with 16. These are two extremes. Money is powerful but why not lighten the load a bit so the teams don’t get run ragged. Let’s face it, this is a very physical league. And by taking out two games, it introduces the opportunity to schedule non-conference games where we might get a look at athletes and styles outside our league.
  12. Trayce has so much going for him, excellent athlete, can get off the floor but also has good agility. He can jump one, two, three times, whatever it takes. He has tremendous hands like suction cups. Good hands for a big man is like accuracy for a QB. Gotta have it and he does. And he’s competitive with a good motor. My favorite part about Trayce is that rebound in traffic where you can’t even see in there and Trayce yanks it down as surely as can be. As everybody here says, If he can come out and hit 15 footers, and then stretch out to the 3, there’s no telling what he can do. In today’s NBA game, you gotta have that stretch ability. He’s so skilled there’s no reason why he couldn’t shoot well.
  13. I’d stick with what the experts say, the Fauci’s et al. One common problem with people who are successful in one field, especially celebrities, is that they often think they should opine about everything in other fields. Nothing could be further from the truth. Actors or baseball players with high school education blathering about policy is another example. i am not saying he ends up right or wrong, just that he’s not qualified to be the voice of anything on this topic.
  14. I’m not saying he’s the same player, but this recruitment of Karaban harkens me back to Matt Cross. I remember one of the recruiting bloggers said that Archie was “obsessed” with Cross. We will see if Archie gets on Karaban early and often.
  15. Great points. We’ve got some guys who can be excellent blitzers like Cam Jones, McFadden, Ball...and some of the safeties/huskies. Athletes all over and you can’t tell where they are coming from.
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