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  1. Couldn’t IU essentially have a marketing coordinator the way football staffs have recruiting coordinators? The marketing coordinator would essentially line up sponsorship opportunities for IU players from businesses such as grocery stores, car dealerships, clothing lines. Maybe the shoe guys would be involved. For those who don’t like the new laws, we have to deal with the laws we have, not the ones we want. Louisville, Arizona, Kansas etc probably already have task forces set up on how to operate under the new regime. The rules aren’t final, but you can still start thinking about what you will do under the general premise. IU has too much fan interest and marketing expertise to not optimize its advantage.
  2. He’s been limited in practice and is working up to heavier minutes.
  3. I assume Robbins is coming along nicely in his redshirt year. Bookending him with Craig would give us some nice edge rushers to go along with the disrupters we have at LB, S, and corner. This is shaping up to be a more and more athletic defense. And it’s just the start.
  4. G Phinny G Green G Durham F Smith C TJD next four Brunk, Hunter, Franklin, Race That is a pretty good rotation. Then you’ve got Davis and Damezi for spot duty and depth for injuries.
  5. Memphis. Shady Southern Judge. Crooked deals. Inept NCAA as the governing body. Surely there are some sweaty middlemen. John Grisham is probably already 80% done with the outline for his manuscript.
  6. Great post. Self awareness is one of my biggest indicators when dealing with people in the work place. It's a big weakness for probably more than half the people. Maybe it's human nature, or it's a cultural or societal problem where we foster it. But this is a plague in the working world. The other big one is inability to be appropriate with power. It intoxicates people and that's a big issue. If you are self-aware and are fair when you are in the position of power, those are two big factors on the path to prolonged success, IMO.
  7. That's pretty tough for a team trying to win the national championship. There is a pesky thing called consequences. People often don't like that concept. Either way, the thing that's an unknown is how Justin Fields will perform in a tough situation. It is one thing to have much more talent, with wide open windows to throw and vast open running lanes, especially in favorable down and distance situations. We've never seen him having to deal with high stress situations. Back him up with a third and eight in a tight situation against Nick Saban's defensive mind in the 4th quarter of a very tight game, and that's a concept where he's never had to prove himself. I've seen nothing that tells me he can handle that. It does not matter if he's hung 65 on Coastal Carolina. Penix will have to work on his durability, but he's shown the ability to produce under duress with his arm, in the pocket in a tight game in tough situations. Ohio State is a good team but I'd be interested in IU vs OSU with the opposite situation. Fields is out and Penix plays. That's not the same game we saw. If see that stiff they have at backup QB, there may be a problem.
  8. Garcia and TJD would be VERY complementary players, in my opinion. I think their skill sets would mesh ideally.
  9. Me too. I was very intrigued by him, maybe more than Quinones all things considered.
  10. By the way, IMO, just because Justin endured criticism last season at times and is playing better now does not mean the commentary last year wasn’t fair. He may just be in the process of carrying out significant improvement, as everyone would anticipate. I think personal attacks on players is off limits. However, if a player doesn’t play hard, doesn’t embody the team principles, and/or goes in selfish/dumb mode, I think respectful discussion with constructive criticism is fair. I’m not saying Justin did all of those things but I’m making a general statement. A lot of the IU fan base was brilliantly educated by Coach Knight on what good basketball looks like. Coach may have been prickly, but when it came time for basketball nuts and bolts, he taught the fan base well and it resonated. Then you had commentators like Kitchel pointing out errors, and the fan base was imparted with that knowledge There may have been non-personal criticism but it’s respectful and with an eye toward getting good basketball. This has just been the culture of Indiana basketball for the last half century, the pursuit of well played basketball following the Indiana mindset. Sound, smart, tough basketball with enough explosiveness for the kill. Lamenting the lack of any of those things is merely an extension of how we were taught as fans by one of the greatest and his protégés. If a player is playing really hard and following the scheme, then we all realize the players are doing their best even if the results aren’t what we want. We all support the players. Every single one of us does. It’s all water under the bridge now as Justin is maturing. Regarding the original question, it looked like Western played a loosey goosey offensive scheme, sort of tracking what Crean may want. That led to a number of breakaways which were gimmes in the stat column. The real test for Justin will be when we get a good half court defense that really clamps down on us. However, at the very least, his mindset looks a lot better and he seems to be playing much more confidently, assertively, and decisively. With his athleticism, those things bode well for Justin against all comers. This may deserve its own thread, but the ball movement looks like an order of magnitude better than last year, and that’s beauty to my eyes. I did not like the stagnation on offense last year. Kudos to Coach for adapting the scheme rather than stubbornly and blindly sticking to something that didn’t work. I’m not a fan of using seemingly aimless dribbling to try to catch an advantage. I’d much prefer less dribbling and more ball movement and screening to get good looks and more foul shots as the defense scrambles to keep up with the ball movement.
  11. We talked about it this summer. Justin has had the potential to make a step up. I think we had an X factor thread and I’m pretty sure Justin got some votes. It’s early, but great start. And can I interest anybody in a freshman who went for 5 points, 5 boards, 8 assists and no turnovers in his first game? Wow! And we all know that the other freshman is a big time athlete. He’s mobile, has very good agility, can jump, is coordinated, etc. I think he’s going to be able to check threes in time.
  12. Sounds like a great experience for you and your kids. Cool stuff.
  13. I saw on Twitter that we had a big time QB prospect from 2022 in for the game. His name is Brady Allen and he has prototypical size. I’ve read that he may have 5 star talent. He’s also visited Notre Dame. Also, Lee Wilbanks is the recruiting coordinator. He mentioned he had a good conversation with a “difference maker” on the phone after the game. No way to know who he’s referring to, but it sounds good.
  14. That’s pretty cool. I’d love to get Archie’s and Allen’s call in radio shows. I almost always miss them and I’ve never seen them offered in podcast format or the like where you can replay them whenever.
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