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  1. If he can make progress in the weight room and develop a consistent jumper, he can become REALLY good. I’m sure Coach Woodson is telling him his time is coming. If you look at how CMW distributes the guard minutes, Lander can see he will have a chance if he works. Nothing will be handed to anyone, though, and that’s how every player should want it. That rule applies to you but it also applies to the next guy who will have to earn it too (if he wants to beat you out). It's fair both directions.
  2. I agree with you. Both teams should get the ball at least once. At least in the playoffs. To win on a coin flip in the playoffs is absurd IMO. PS I was pulling for KC, but even though I liked the outcome, I don’t like the rule.
  3. If Gabriel Davis (who???) can go for 4 TD and 200 yards against that secondary, imagine what Chase can do. I suspect that the KC window is starting to close. That defense is anemic and doesn’t have much young talent. Too many dynamic teams coming up in the AFC.
  4. He was phenomenal. They will have future opportunities though.
  5. That’s my gripe with the Chiefs D coordinator. Yes, their secondary is comical, but how do you let a pedestrian receiver beat you for four TDs and no adjustment.
  6. I don’t think Allen will call it forever. He just has a staff who doesn’t know his defense as well as he does. Wommack knew it so he could call it. Warren didn’t know it well enough and he’s elsewhere now. I see what his solution is. If the new D coordinator learns it quickly, maybe he will call it in a year or two.
  7. Chiefs D coordinator fired by 9 am in the morning.
  8. Classic letdown after a big win. Right out of the book of cliches. Too bad it wasn’t a road game. It might have been easier to swallow. Defense was lackluster. On offense their length bothered us We panicked a lot at point blank range and whiffed. I didn’t look at the numbers but it sure didn’t look like we got many offensive boards either. Michigan is big and mobile. We have had trouble with them for years and it’s no accident as to why. It’s a shame we couldn’t even handle them when we are a veteran team.
  9. I was about to post that. Allen had his presser with the two new defensive coaches. He said that right away. Definitely the lead story from the press conference.
  10. XJ plays incredibly hard, especially on the defensive end. He doesn't get enough credit for that. He doesn't really let up. You can forgive alot in a player when he has a motor like that. He is very tough to get downhill on. It was pretty obvious Purdue hadn't seen a defense like that and was taken aback by it. XJ is a huge part of it.
  11. Man those are tacky, any time, any era.
  12. After all, Brady has won six games against NFC teams in the Super Bowl and then won three last year with Tampa. That would be ten wins. It's not like Rodgers has never won a playoff game. He's great. If he left GB tomorrow, teams would be lining up.
  13. Nice. They filled the spot that Allen openly said he wanted filled and it seems like they got the guy they wanted this late in the process. Other than some opportunity that falls out of the sky in the portal (maybe after spring practices), I believe they filled all the spots they wanted both with freshmen and transfers. They did a great job addressing needs. Player development time now. I hope we keep the momentum rolling in the ‘23 class. We’ve got a few new voices on the recruiting trail but Allen is obviously the constant and he is a draw to recruits.
  14. Wow what a game. What a totally unexpected turn of events. Holy smokes!
  15. I think I had a post talking about how much I like Cooper Kupp. Pleasure to watch him run routes. I have to go 1A and 1B with Debo. Two different types of players but love both of their games. Awesome to watch.
  16. For sure. I saw some clips on Twitter. I think it was Baldinger. Their play designs are phenomenal. Get the LB thinking one thing and get him to commit and then find a gap.
  17. Green Bay in serious jeopardy here! This is what happens when you let the other guys hang around.
  18. Debo’s legs are like a running back’s. Thick and strong legs. Great football player.
  19. These guys did a great job making key plays at crunch time. Let’s hope it gives them confidence for these situations and now snowballs in a good way.
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