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  1. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10041127-chet-holmgren-showcases-thrilling-upside-in-summer-league-debut Chet Holmgren looked good in his first game. I have said it for a long time. People are being distracted by his skinniness. The guy is incredibly skilled and has a great motor. What won me over with him was when I saw him play defense. It wasn't his height. It was how mean and nasty he is on D. He wants to shove the ball back down your throat and he is quick and long enough to do it.
  2. Do you guys think UNC will want to pair with NC State? If we get ND, we’d have three schools from Indiana North Carolina has four in the ACC but it sounds like a couple of them will drop off Not many states can pull off three major schools in one of the major conferences going forward with the changes. Cali would be another. Two is common but three….
  3. More on the Warriors https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10040909-kevin-durant-trade-rumors-warriors-interested-in-nets-star-andrew-wiggins-linked
  4. The Warriors are either reportedly interested or it’s just speculation. I am not sure if it’s made up or real reporting. Basically the idea is they ship Poole and Wiseman with Wiggie going to a 3rd team for Durant. That would be an intriguing package.
  5. Great post. You articulated my view better than I did. Bottom line, we have made progress, and now it's time to ratchet it up on the football side in terms of investment. We just don't have any other option. I do think our new President will be much more sensitive to this. She sees athletics money as a separate pool than the academic money. I emphasize this because we probably won't siphon off B1G money for some extra admin vanity building project. That may sound crass, but it's all related. I am an academics first guy as I have multiple degrees from Bloomington. But I am in the camp that investments in athletics give you a big return on the academic side. I live out of state and I hear people talk about where their kids are interested in going. Kids want the full college experience and that includes fun with sports culture. It will drive students to Bloomington. It is anecdotal but I have seen it first hand. Bloomington is a phenomenal campus and you can pursue as much high end academics as you want. But it's a competitive landscape to get the best and brightest. Investments pay off in the end IMO. Honestly, it is common sense.
  6. Stanford would be a good get. They have a good balance between elite academics, money, and sports. They also do well in secondary sports like golf and tennis. The Bay area is a logical expansion if we are going west. Don't forget Cal to also cover the Bay area. My dad went there so I have a soft spot for it. But they also bring the bay area market. There is alot of money out there.
  7. Absolutely. I have thought this forever. How do other schools do it? Duke can do it and they have half the capacity we do. I hate to say it, but you could probably make it up with season tix costs. There is a waiting list. Don't be shy about raising prices for premium seats. There are a ship ton of expensive seats.
  8. You know basketball as well as anyone on here. The combo is interesting to say the least. I think you have a point that they can play off each other. It would be much better than having Westbrook with Lebron so I see your point. Simmons has gotten to the point that he is so maligned that I would say he has become underrated. Everyone has that image of him literally turning down a layup in the playoffs because he was more terrified of going to the line than a teenager alone in the woods in a horror flick. Tremendous defender and initiator.
  9. Ingles impresses me as one of the savviest players in the league. Every time I saw him on Utah he was hitting shots with range or making a great pass like in two man ball with Rudy or Mitchell. Imagine him working with Giannis.
  10. The Nets can’t seem to ever get out of their own way in terms of stupidity
  11. Somebody said it above but the 10 pm spot adds another TV slot. Imagine Michigan at USC at 10 pm. People will go berserk.
  12. The Colts have proven that Indiana football can become popular. There is no way that Indiana would be the one school in the south and Midwest that could not support football. That makes zero sense. In-state high school football is getting better and better. IU has done a good job improving the stadium. It’s gone from the two ends being empty to a decent bowl. Now, get a lights out practice and workout facility for football only and pay assistant coaches as much as anybody else does. Build it and they will come. There is no choice. With the expanding conference, football is going to go even bigger. You can’t go to a gun fight with a knife. If you’ve got an assistant who is underperforming but you’re worried about his contract, you can’t afford to do that. Bite the bullet and move on. The money isn’t getting smaller, it’s escalating like a hockey stick. You can’t treat this like 1978. Invest like crazy.
  13. I agree. SEC schools aren’t leaving but you make a run at ATM. They tried to get away from Texas once before. That would be a coup.
  14. My list Kansas - no TAM - yes Florida - yes Florida State - no Clemson - SEC UNC - hell yes Duke - no Arizona - yes Arizona State - no Iowa State - hell no Colorado - yes CSU - no Oregon - no Washington - Yes Washington State - No Boston College - pro town but I’d consider it Georgia Tech - ditto ND - squeeze the bleep out of them; don’t need them I could get to 6-8 add-ons that work financially We are in a position to cherry pick. Don’t add anyone who doesn’t add tremendous value in terms of (a) national following, (b) great TV markets, and (c) fit the academic standards. Adding Nebraska was a misfire. Knock it off with that. Rutgers was for a simplistic NYC grab but it’s a pro sports town. I have a nephew who went to Rutgers on a full ride. Not an exaggeration that it’s miserable. Doesn’t fit the profile and image of the B1G. There’s a reason the NJ and NY kids can’t wait to pile into B1G campuses and it’s because their state schools are low profile and just at a lower stature.
  15. Nash always hurts because he sent IU a tape for us to consider him. Imagine him in that era as an IU player. Holy smokes. Man, would he have been loved.
  16. The Pacers are lacking the go-to type players but they are identifying quality young talent even if it’s a lot of complimentary guys. They aren’t accumulating a bunch of flawed knuckleheads that are losers. Now they need to get lucky and land an aircraft carrier. I like the moves in terms of who they’ve jettisoned.
  17. We are all friends here. We’ve got a core of posters that’s been here for years and years. There is one truth to this board as reliable as anything. It wouldn’t be a summer without a hotly contested debate on weight training. Sand pits. Lifting. This year it’s a pool video. Lol. If it didn’t happen, I’d be worried about the health of the board. I think I say this every year. I’m glad there’s something going on with the board even in June and July! For us to even have active threads now is awesome. Honestly that’s probably all the IU Twitter is thinking about. Giving us a tad bit of content even if it’s meaningless. Not a whole heck of a lot to think about right now. But as a board, we have a rhythm to find something to talk about 12 months a year. Cheers to everyone for that. I think it’s a good thing. Better than a dead board over the summer. IMO.
  18. I don’t know that they could fund it right away but they could start developing the fund for it. IU has brought along alot of the other facilities nicely. Putting money into basketball and a football practice Taj Mahal can be next. The other sports have been brought up for the most part. Let’s get the big ones.
  19. I really like Rosemond and I like that he stayed here instead of jumping to Louisville. I admittedly don’t see the inner workings of everything going on behind the scenes but I do like how he comes across, what he emphasizes and how he looks at things, etc. He fits the profile of an assistant we should want here. IMO. And he was loyal to stay here.
  20. I agree that he’s an underrated talent.
  21. Personally, I would never kick any of the original ten out. That’s the one risk with bringing latecomers in. They might start flexing. But the original ten are like the landowners.
  22. Oregon doesn’t accomplish much for us. Small market. I suppose they have Nike. At least Washington brings us Seattle. I say we be cutthroat about it and be very picky. They add value or just say no. This is the benefit of being a core member of the B1G.
  23. Getting UNC is a no brainer. So would be somebody in the Florida market. Maybe U of F. Yes, it’s far from Miami but presumably it’s still their state school and you could get all the Florida markets.
  24. Good deal. Bringing his mom down. I think we have a good shot. You have got to like his frame.
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