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  1. Is he a good coach? He really bombed at Wake correct?
  2. It’s like the draft...free agency...or fantasy sports draft....it’s like dating..it’s the chase...the thrill of seeing who we get....eternal optimism of what can be before the season begins and reality sets in. Lots of peoples favorite part of the season is the offseason... I see It here too.
  3. I wish that was my thing. HSN deserves a strong presence to hopefully bring more fans over here.
  4. Most drafts those top picks are untouchable but everyone...everyone at the top is looking to move out. Minnesota and Golden State want to win now...I know they will want a star..but this year I’m not sure it will cost a star...maybe just a really good starter or former all star. I think even a hobbled Oladipo might get you up there say if Minnesota trades down to like 3-5...pockets a mid first and then can trade that 3-5 for Dipo. They clearly want another ball dominant guard for Russell to play off of. Myles for Hayward seems to have a lot of legs to it since both teams need a shakeup an
  5. I’d love to steal Buddy Heild from them. How he isn’t starting is beyond me.
  6. If they can land him then more power to them. That would be a good fit. Also bad for Orlando. They have talent but it’s all a hodge podge that doest fit together. Wiggins wouldn’t help that. Of course that is why Orlando is always Orlando. They don’t win trades.
  7. Gotcha. If I was the Pacers I would be looking for young players stuck behind starters or draft picks. This team is a good regular season team where when the playoffs come they don’t have the horses to bring it home.
  8. So whom ever has the pick should just forfeit it I guess. wasnt Kawhi the 15th pick?
  9. Lamello might be pretty good. His brother has really settled into a nice player (not a star or top 3 pick but good starter). His dad is really out of the picture. I haven’t heard him in years. I think his boys have pushed him out of the picture and have their own sgents.
  10. I agree it isn’t a great deal for them. I think people were talking a Vic and Myles for Wiggins, first this year, and both theirs next year from GS who own Minnesota’s. Id be happy to move Myles for Wiggins (who I would also move in the deal to a 3rd team) and the Minnesota pick next year and say Paschall or Poole.
  11. I’m aware but the fans are already becoming appathetic. Team is becoming stale and interest is waning after this pandemic. Now is the time to shake it up. You might not even be able to have 25% capacity again next year...if you are going to be bad next year is the year...especially with 2021 draft being stronger.
  12. Not sure they can land more for him from this years draft. Also they have to be careful because of how much salary they take back. I think Wiggins almost has to be part of any deal for them and the #2. Myles has an affordable contract and does fit their roster/offense. He also is a decent shot blocker.
  13. I’d make it a 3 way deal to move Wiggins somehow. If I’m loading up on picks I want as many as I can get. Pacers though would somehow move all the picks to the third team and end up with overpriced border line starters.
  14. A lot of good players have come from that 10-15 range. Something you should like is often guys that have spent a few more years in college drop here instead of those OAD kids. More proven commodities vs potential kids. Or you can even use it to move up further with another player or get someone else. Some team will find it valuable if even you dont want to keep it.
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