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  1. dgambill

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Actually since @5 championships leaked it early on his choices they decided to get it out instead of sitting on it. Clearly this board has the power to change the rest of social media!
  2. dgambill

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    So is this the announcement coach and others were alluding to? Or are we still possibly on track for an official announcement end of next week possibly?
  3. dgambill

    2018-19 Player Preview: Race Thompson

    No doubt! I've played with and against guys like Zach....that go 110% all the time....every practice etc is at full intense. The only guy diving on the floor during a walk thru lol....at least that is what I imagine Zack playing like. Definitely make those guys toughen up and force them to elevate their game! Got to be frustrating this "unathletic walk-on" getting the best of them in practice or out hustling them for minutes. Show them if they work just as hard...with their talent....sky is the limit!
  4. Haven't heard that one before. I think in the long run he can certainly be that caliber player. As freshman and on the teams they were on...Grant wasn't asked to do a ton of scoring and his defense was great. Romeo will be much more a scorer and I can't see him having the defensive impact that Grant had....but both are talented and should be able to distribute the ball. I also didn't see Grant as having a really good 3pt threat...he could knock it down but certainly not his strength....I just think Romeo's overall scoring is superior and Grant's defense and passing/offensive IQ might be higher....but similar builds and elite players with incredible attributes for sure....and playing on two very distinct teams.....one for a back to back NC caliber squad and Romeo on a team trying to battle for a conference title...much more will be asked and expected of Romeo.
  5. dgambill

    2018-19 Player Preview: Race Thompson

    Do you think the fact that we had a Priller on the bench and Race was already redshirting and a lack of bigs caused Archie to think he might need him? Obviously Davis went down increasing the need for more bigs to play and that still didn't see him get to the floor so maybe not...but you are right...there are kids on a 1 year, 2 year, 3 year and full 4 year trajectory. Moore was going to need time to develop regardless and I agree we shouldn't have been in any hurry to get him to the court. Guess that was his call ultimately though.
  6. dgambill

    Mabor Majak

    Most kids don't go to college basketball with NC aspirations. Some possibly do but I think the top ones go to get to the nba...most go to get playing time...some for the education only. A select few go determined to win it all. Not sure what Mabor's priorities are but I would think to get an education for free and to play the most he can would be high up there. McRoberts had a different circumstance than most kids...a luxury to go to IU on his parents dollar. Perhaps he is paying his own way...but he would likely be the exception not the rule. I know it wasn't serious so I apologize if I came on to serious myself. I just can't see too many kids with likely D1 offers on the table passing them up to play for free....but by all means I would take the kid!
  7. dgambill

    DeRon Davis update

    We just don't have another physical specimen like him on the team....one that can wear down and draw fouls against an opposing starting front line and get into their bench where others can take advantage. Fitz seems more perimeter orientated and Juwan is great off the dribble but not necessarily going to post guys up on the block. Smith the same. Davis is a guy you can dump the ball into the paint with and he can wreck a defense down there with his strength and post play. Either drawing fouls or setting up others like you said with an inside out game. I expect Trayce to fill that void in the coming couple years but for now Davis is our only guy like that and its important. Also guys don't want to leave him to help on guys driving like Romeo and Juwan because he finishes so well around the rim. He is one of a kind.....now he has a long way to go health wise and endurance wise but he will be important. He might be a dinosaur in todays modern game of 5 out pick and roll one on one 3pt shooting offense but he isn't just a useless leaf eater...this guy has teeth too...and he can tear into a defense and cause problems in his own right. He may not be a velociraptor but he can be our T-Rex lol....ok done with the dinosaur analogies lol.
  8. dgambill

    2018-19 Player Preview: Race Thompson

    Competition for playing time and in practice 1-13 is what raises these kids skill level over a season. If guys are pushing each other in practice and working hard the games will feel like a chance to shine! When you have 4 and 5 stars at every position top to bottom highly skilled kids it will improve each and every one of those kids over the long haul. Instead of not getting pushed in practice by a Priller or Newkirk or some others these guys will know I have to beat out this guy and that...step up my game to get playing time. That is the mark of a program on the rise. The tone that sets...the standard that get's raised...that is what then get's passed on from season to next and is where real improvement lies. Not only will it improve these kids it will get them ready for the NBA where every year someone is coming in to take your job..and fight for your minutes each night...so you can get paid. The depth is the most exciting thing about IU basketball right now for me....plus I'll be genuinely excited to see some of these guys come in off the bench to see what they can add...not worried we are about to lose a lead or get run out of the gym if Juwan or Romeo sits down. The battles that Smith and McRoberts and Hunter have this year will then become battles that maybe Smith, Hunter, and Keion have next year for playing time....and those that make gains this year won't want to give up to next years class....and thus force them to work hard to earn minutes....and it just continues on and on. Those that don't want to fight will leave...that would be sad but in the long run we will be better off for it.
  9. dgambill

    DeRon Davis update

    Definitely...he also will be a big influence guarding guys like Harms and Ward and the other bigs in the conference. Does not hurt one bit to have a low post presence that can get the opposition in foul trouble. Then when guys like Romeo and Juwan are taking it to the hoop guys will might already have some foul trouble to contend with when thinking about contesting shots.
  10. dgambill

    Romeo Langford

    Lol....Juwan's eyes lol...that was a pretty sick move. Not sure if more concerning that they've never taken the time to look at his highlights or that they've not seen anything better yet in practice. Either way that was priceless!
  11. dgambill

    Mabor Majak

    Can't imagine a 7 footer that has picked up a basketball before that can't get at minimum a D1 scholarship. Imagine most mid majors would love to have him as size is something that is hard to find at that level. Certainly would have him if he wanted to walk on and give him the opportunity to develop and earn a scholarship but I don't know why he would choose to do that.
  12. dgambill

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Woo hoo!!! Great news! Can't wait until we can turn our focus to the court and this year...but nice to know we are in good hands with Archie!
  13. dgambill

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I'm hopeful that he and his family aren't in the same situation that most kids that are going to La Lu that we've seen from others. It's well known that La Lu has incentivized ($$) kids to go there....and to me what that does is signal to runners and agents and others behind the scenes is that kids that are there can be bought. Not saying all or most but to me it increases the pressure these families and kids are under when they get a giant bullseye on their back when they go to that type of school. So to me that makes these Indiana kids more suseptable to being influenced to go out of the state and play at programs that aren't afraid to grease the wheels if you catch my drift. Thankfully I don't see Keion and his family having that issue...can the same be said about the Stewarts and Ramsey's and others that end up at these schools...one only hopes. Bowen alone has shown how shady these schools are and we've all said it privately for years...it's why it leaves a bad taste in so many people's mouth when kids leave their high schools to go this route...they kind of go all Hollywood....well you might have a better chance to make it big in Hollywood but there are a ton of pitfalls there as well...especially to poor families that can be exploited. I'm just glad that I don't think the Brooks are a family that should be an issue with...however I can't say when kids go there it makes me feel better for our chances.
  14. dgambill

    2018-19 Player Preview: Jerome Hunter

    I haven't seen any practices but watched lots of highlights....I think there are going to definitely be some plays he makes this year that are going to make us say "WOW". I feel like he is going to have a few games this year when other teams are focusing on our other stars that other folks might say he is our most talented freshman because of what he can do on the offensive end. He can shoot very well and he can use his body to get to the basket. I think it will come down to confidence for him like it does for most freshman...but he has the physical tools and the talent to be a 1 and done....I just think his opportunities to show case them might be limited based on where the focus of the offense for this team should come from. I definitely don't think he makes it past next year though. I think he is our leading scorer in 2019.
  15. dgambill

    2018-19 Player Preview: Romeo Langford

    Tonight tell him to "MOVE YOUR FEET KID!!" lol and I thought I had strange dreams!