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  1. Because the US govt is financing the first 100 million doses of production from all these pharmaceutical companies. Those will go to who the govt says. It will take much much longer before private companies will be able to purchase. Yes we agree because down the pecking order doctors will be left to distribute to their most at risk patients...that will get abused...but the government owns the vaccine and will use it as I explained. Start with first responders, those in health care, nursing homes, teachers people like that. What is left will go to doctors to vaccinate and those will/should be issued to high risk adults...not low risk young adults.
  2. Sure...and he isn’t just being recruited by B1G schools.
  3. I’m pretty sure it’s a joke. I mean give her 10-15 years of experience who knows but she is no more qualified then say Juwan Morgan taking the job. I don’t see a female coach necessarily a bad thing...but many many ahead of her for sure.
  4. Well with the direction the B1G is going we may not play sports til like 2025 so he may want to go somewhere he might get the chance to play.
  5. Let’s be real...it’s in the best interest of the conference that two of its most storied programs return to consistent national relevance again. IU in basketball would be a huge boom for ratings and prestige for B1G to have that other prominent program (along with MSU) in the national spotlight. It brings recruiting, media dollars, and much more to the conference. Same goes for Nebraska. It would make the B1G West a true rival for the B1G championship to go along with Wisconsin to rival Ohio St. It brings media recognition for the conference into the deep Midwest and Texas markets...that helps recruiting of all B1G teams just like OSU with Myers dipping back into his Florida base recruiting helped bring more prominence for kids to travel to other B1G programs...it certainly helped us. We want our flagship programs to be strong. When PSU was down it did not help the B1G. Sure it might help IU to get a win but you want a strong conference...rising water lifts all boats...
  6. Yeah...kind of like Boston....You look at the list of AAU schools and the three that jump out for B1G is Pitt and Virginia and Kansas. All in interesting markets but obviously well entrenched in their conferences.
  7. Even more reason for Louisville lol...seem about the same then ha!! No honestly thanks..at least they were at on time I guess.
  8. Boston College I would think is. Maybe Temple too for Philly. University of Virginia though isn’t exactly in a huge media market...although yes fits the academic premise and is pretty representative in both sports.
  9. Ok...Nebraska...so clearly we are willing to sell out our standards for the right amount...so yeah that should open the door for other non AAU schools. You are either principled or your not...there is no almost.
  10. There is no hope..... sorry I just wanted to see what it’s like to be a pessimist like so many in the media today...yeah it ain’t for me...it can be done no doubt...do the presidents have the intestinal fortitude (to be a little less crass) to accomplish it...that is another story.
  11. I don’t think that at all. Most hospitals are using things like social justice/ethics in determining which patients get certain scarce resources and allocating those resources to the “poor” over wealthier patients as a form of meeting this cause right now. It’s been interesting to read about how they try to make up for inequities by giving preferential treatment to them with some of these drug shortages. Frontline workers will get it first and rightfully so. Those that work in healthcare and public service (cops, teachers, public mass transportation) will likely get it first. Probably military too as I think it is pretty common that the govt used the military as a Petri dish over the years. Then it will go to nursing homes and then doctor discretion. Meaning high risk adults with preexisting conditions (immune disorders, heart conditions, repertory, diabetes etc). The govt is paying for the vaccine....they will determine how it is distributed. I’m sure ultra rich and famous will get it just like they get lots of things from their doctors and I would be surprised if their aren’t media reports of the inequality from such things but overall it will be those most necessary first and the rest of us maybe next year....which is fine by me as hopefully it will get better with more research.
  12. Indeed...if they had buzz they would be head coaches. You want great communicators, hard workers, and intelligent assistants but I’d say buzz is not something that I would value highly. Any buzz and they likely will be gone to a head job soon anyways. Some like having the spot light off them and pressure off and just perfecting their craft.
  13. Lakers don’t want to be chasing around the Blazers or other up tempo teams...if it goes 6 or even 7 games they will wear down that much faster. Lakers have no point guard either...they are flawed but in this crazy year anything can happen I guess. Just watch officiating though...with no home team you’d think that helps the lower seeds for upsets but something tells me the NBA will find a way to get their LA team in the finals.
  14. I don’t think the B1G and others were considering a once in a century pandemic when considering who to add to the conference...just $$$.
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