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  1. dgambill

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    All I know is Trayce is a dunking machine. I could see him someday being the all time FG% leader in Hoosier history.
  2. It wasn’t like they just got beat on a Bryce Drew buzzer beater either. They absolutely got exposed and shredded. It doesn’t matter what they do this year they will have that hanging over them like a dark cloud.
  3. dgambill

    Romeo Langford

    Few of Cals recruits avg 20pts a game and they go pro on their talent and upside alone. He just needs to show he is capable of excelling at this level and will continue to get better to go in the lottery. He has the ability the shot the upside..he doesn’t need to score 20. If that happens in the context of us winning great...but if we have a balanced offense it won’t matter to scouts. There will be games he scores 25 and there will be games he scores 10. Winning basketball translates to any level.
  4. dgambill

    When will we get our first 2019 commit?

    Coach K hasn't gotten a single recruit since Capel left! Duke has no one in 2019 yet either......guess he is washed up and the program is falling apart without Capel.....can't imagine what his buyout is! lol Go Archie....beat Coach K to the first recruit!
  5. dgambill

    Romeo Langford

    I don't want to expect too much from the freshman. This should be much more balanced then some in the past. I think he could score over 20 a game...but would it come efficiently and in the flow of the offense? I'm sure he will have some break out games but I agree 15-16 pts a game is my expectations. Juwan is still the go to player and should see the priority of the offense ran through him when he is on the court. I really expect Hunter and Smith to really shoulder some of the scoring so that we have might have 4 guys avg double figures. Balance will be a nice blessing after watching the past couple teams struggle to score.
  6. dgambill

    James Bouknight

    Definitely a 2...would play well next to Phinesee. Archie should put on the full court press for the kid.
  7. dgambill

    James Bouknight

    I didn't realize his nickname was Effortless James....very appropriate. Its kinda sad there isn't much out there on the kid...looks like a fun player to watch. If anyone else has found better footage please add it.
  8. dgambill

    James Bouknight

    I don't know what the rules are for linking videos etc. If this is wrong just let me know and I wont do it again. I really really like this kid. I would love him or Newman. He could use a little muscle but from evidence of all our tweet thread that shouldn't be a problem....20 lbs of pure muscle right! Anyways smooth is exactly how I would characterize him. He just plays so effortless!
  9. dgambill

    Is the NonCon Schedule Improving?

    I would like to see one more premier game to add to the schedule. The issue becomes though if other B1G teams don't schedule strong then when we beat them we don't get much credit. To me the conference should force teams to schedule a minimum level...or at least enter into another challenge...maybe with Big 12 or PAC 10. I think that is the main thing I took away. Even if you schedule well if your fellow conference opponents do not your league won't get the credit it needs.
  10. dgambill

    James Bouknight

    Well AAU is done for him...it would just be HS at this point and I’d say these are pretty well final evaluations but I think his late summer play put him on the map. I’m sure some of the insiders might have more knowledge of the rating process. He just seems to be a late riser because he was hurt during the early evaluation period. I liked how smooth and easy he got his shot off and got to the hole but there just wasn’t much to evaluate him on. Seems to be the common sentiment right now.
  11. dgambill

    James Bouknight

    He had a torn meniscus so he missed out in some of the early AAU season evaluating so he basically fell off the radar. Then he came back and dropped a bunch of points and shown he was back. It took me some time to find out more about him but everything points to a very smooth player and deadly shooter. I think he is under rated and a guy that could use some strength and conditioning but he has such a nice stroke that I would be happy to have him. I think everyone is hoping for Newman but with him moving to Florida it would be hard to pass this kid up with the off chance that Newman is going to sign late. Seems to be long lean and athletic too.
  12. dgambill

    James Bouknight

    Nice!! UCONN has a new coach...but they might have been scuffling as bad if not worse than us the past couple years with the lawsuits etc from the ex-coach. I think we have more positive energy and momentum. He would be a perfect follow up to Romeo....another great shooter!
  13. dgambill

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    I'm sure this Wang dude got the rumor rolling so Trayce went to search him out and refute it so that it didn't snowball. He just squashed it. We have no evidence he sits at his desk at school checking himself out on the internet 24/7. He just didn't want bad info about himself spreading.
  14. Could you imagine trying to keep Thomas in front of you in todays NBA?? No hand checking....he would straight up destroy these cats out there. They are both great players but Isiah was the heart and sole of that Pistons team. He set the tone that all the bad boys followed. To me his position made him more valuable than a wing...even a point wing like Pippen played. I don't want to take anything away from Scottie as he was an elite special player...both among the best at what they did. Regardless of if Pippen had his own team or not so on and so forth that's all speculation. We saw Isiah lead his team...and there are very few PGs that I would take over him. It might be a matter of preference but Isiah got robbed of being on the first Dream Team and I won't rob him of this argument lol.
  15. dgambill

    Romeo Langford

    That's my bad. I saw his career numbers and it was like 71% but then I looked into it and he had a rough junior year shooting only 55%. He was over 80% last year so that kind of eases my feelings on that subject. I don't have any expectations honestly for the kid. Teams are definitely going to game plan to take him out of games which should open things up for others. Being such a scorer and drawing so many fouls I would just hope that he has a good year at the line. He should be a fine player!