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  1. Yes I believe I said as much to stlboiler. He insisted Steph would replace Cline to a good extent but they just don’t score in the same way even if both high percentage shooters. Cline and Edwards bailed out Purdue so many times last year with contested three pointers it was crazy. I mean that was not an elite eight caliber team but those two drug the rest of the team through games with their shot making on their own. Testiment to them....but right now nobody can create and score so everything is difficult. They will certainly get a lot better but this is why I criticized Eastern running the point...he just doesn’t make plays for others or himself. He is a junkyard dog kinda kid. Still love his effort but they don’t or I haven’t seen a guy that can break down the defense yet on their roster. Definitely going to have to play inside out and then hope to force double teams to move the defense out of position so their shooters can have open looks.
  2. This is so so so so true!! Omg I’ve never put it all together in the same post but living here it’s so accurate it’s insane!
  3. This guy is literally every neighbor I have. All talk and look just like him lol. I know people think it’s bad we have a UK thread but UK always has like 3 Duke threads going...it is just how college basketball is. Hopefully this helps Walter get Evansville back on the map. I think basketball is better when all the Indiana teams are playing well so I am thrilled.
  4. Made even sweeter by UE doing the butt whooping in Rupp Arena. That was a horrible game by Kentucky..UE deserved it. I didn’t think the refs would let them pull it out but credit them for not flinching down the stretch.
  5. Living in Evansville for 10 years I am super thrilled for them....living in Kentucky now...I feel like Eric Cartman...their tears taste delicious lol!!
  6. I rarely go since I live down here and hear it all the time but I will have to go visit just for the sheer fun of it.
  7. I can’t wait to listen to Cals radio show...bet he cancels it.
  8. I’m happy UK got #1....makes the win so much more memorable for those kids at UE!!! Wow! So happy because they have had some tough years.
  9. Brooks scored 6 on 3-8 shooting....just a poor poor shooting game from UK....UE didn’t even shoot the 3s that great 9-30 but they just outplayed UK. Awesome!
  10. 1 pt lead 8 seconds with ball. Be strong hit your free throws!
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