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  1. mmmaybeee? I'm sure I missed the joke there. What I took he left his old school to get a starting job. Played like poo and got benched...pouted and quit the team. Utah is beautiful...and I'm sure there is a mormon setting there I suppose being in Salt Lake but it's a public school...not like BYU.
  2. Oh I agree I want innovation high but innovate against what??? You have to have a realized threat to know what your innovating towards. Do you think Big Pharma is going to put that money into drugs and vaccines with no realized need? Imaginary threats? Especially when the govt does most of the funding for studying such things?? Drug companies are only going to produce products with a means at producing a profit. When the govt is willing to bank roll you and provide you all the data and research on the disease and buy up your drugs up front even if it doesn't work...why would you create drugs with no use? You don't even know what your creating for? Or are you saying putting those funds back into Govt agencies like the CDC and HHS etc to be better prepared and study emerging threats? I just don't see drug companies putting money into something that might not earn them a buck. They will be right back at square 1 when the next super virus comes along. Maybe I'm just not reading you correctly.
  3. That's a sore loser! Horrible teammate if you ask me. Not sure where he is going to transfer to and play next year but I hope they pay attention to how butt hurt the kid is after getting benched.
  4. To turn this a little ways back to Covid. I mean there is like almost 300 pages so I can't go back and read them all but is anyone else a little disturbed by the record profits Pfizer and Moderna are making off these vaccines and boosters? https://www.pharmaceutical-technology.com/news/pfizer-second-quarter-revenue/ Don't get me wrong...I'm a capitalist...but it sure would be nice to see them return a lot of these profits back to the American people who helped finance the costs behind developing, testing and then later PROMOTING/MARKETING this drug for them. https://www.healthaffairs.org/do/10.1377/hblog20210512.191448/full/ This isn't unusual, and it was absolutely necessary to get these developed in the quickest and most efficient time possible but the US Govt has gone out of it's way to remove any obstacles for these pharmacutical companies....and they are raking in RECORD profits. I don't want it going into just a discretionary fund but rather possibly COVID assistance funds (or for funding COVID related treatments that are going to insurances etc). We are racking up record levels of debt while they are racking up record levels of profits. Don't get me wrong...I'm not asking them to lose money to produce it but why oh why are we the American people who are suffering with job losses, record govt debt, and medical debt not looking at this arrangement and saying hey...it's time to evaluate your role in this society and your sacrifice to give back during this pandemic. It just seems to me that it also would remove questions around and possibly certain incentivizations of forcing more and more boosters and vaccines unnecessarily on the people as well if there was no monitary incentive to do so it might be trusted more. It just seems once again...like the Bank, Airline, and Auto Bail outs..it just seems that once again this pandemic is being put on the backs of the American People once again. I know we all play our part in a society to contribute financially for the betterment but let's just say I've never been a huge fan of Big Pharma....and it makes me kind of queasy to hear these results right now. Especially given all the scandals in the past with big pharma where they've manipulated trials, testing, bribed doctors and pushed unethical distribution of some drugs on the American people. I know I know I sound like Bernie Sanders right now but in this instance I do feel like there is a unique opportunity to right some wrongs and help the American people when we need it most as opposed to another industry bleeding us dry for temp gains.
  5. Agreed my friend. Our country is too willing to solve all our problems by just giving us a pill or a shot in this case with Covid. It wasn't til I had to switch doctors who took a total different approach to my health (and explained the darker side effects for long term organ function etc that these medications I was taking could have) and showing me that they were just maintaining for now...but not correcting my issues did I wake up and accept the fact that I have to take responsibility for my own health and make some adjustments if I want to walk my daughter down the aisle some day hopefully really far off lol!!
  6. Because every industry...meat, dairy, poultry, grain, corn, etc etc spend a fortune to "muddy up" the science and to ensure their industry/farmers/shareholders don't lose market share/$$. I think in general moderation is probably the key. Less processed foods with preservatives and added sugar etc. I hope once I get down to my target weight to maintain it by simply taking that moderation and more natural approach. Hopefully that more scalpel/precision approach will in the end be my goal to being healthier. Right now I had to take a more drastic bigger cut approach to get weight off quicker. I don't think its necessarily the best approach for long term success but was needed due to what I was seeing going on around me and with my health.
  7. I've heard Allen Carr's books are great for stopping drinking, smoking, etc. Never read them but seems they've worked for many people. Maybe someone has an opinion on them.
  8. I'm no expert...no nutritionist...not super healthy (which is why I started mine). I do think it is all mind over matter. It's a huge sacrifice for sure! You are going to likely give up your favorite foods/snacks most likely. I'll just tell you what has been working for me. Everyone is different...and I know there will be people on this board that knows way more about nutrition etc that will probably even say what I'm doing is wrong or not the best way. I'll try to keep it pithy...but anyone not interested just skip my post because it will probably be lengthy. I've lost 38 lbs in about 6 months with just limited exercise (riding bike a few days of the week and lifting weights a couple days of the week...occcassional pickleball game here and there) I do have a 2 1/2 year old so I do chase, play, carry, wrestle, take swimming etc. Basically I went more keto friendly diet. 1. I stopped drinking any drinks with sugar. Coke gone , sweet tea, lemonade....switch to diet tea, 1 diet mt dew, water with mio. Did that a year ago and lost 10lbs in about a month alone....but it crept back on over time because of my other habits. Then just went all in on it. 2. No added sugar. No candy, cookies, ice cream, sweets. (subbed low carb yogurt, fresh fruit, sugar free jell-o, and occassional no sugar added fruit popcicle) Atkins has some pretty good snack/treat substitutes as well for a treat 3. No chips (subbed bbq pork rinds, nuts, and occassional 100 cal popcorn pack) 4. Limit bread (I couldn't eliminate it but switched to Sola Bread/Buns for sandwiches/burgers and low carb tortillas for wraps) subbed pork panko for breadcrumbs (yummy), no other breads rolls/muffins/cake (they do make some coconut/almond flour stuff but I hate it) 5. No pasta (they do make miracle noodles/rice etc...it isn't great but if you dress it up good it's edible...just put in a frying pan and bake off the excess water first) 6. Eat smaller meals. Just smaller portions and would then allow myself to have a snack between. Big meals made me lethargic but allowed to eat a quick snack if I got hungry later. Eventually I didn't need to eat snacks as my stomach and brain adjusted to the smaller meals. 7. Don't eat after 7pm 8. Do reward yourself...enjoy special occassions/a trip out...maybe you can still have that one or two things but in smaller quantity (lunch size portion/small slice of cake or one cupcake for birthday etc) That's basically it. Checked carbs on everything and wasn't trying to be carb free but just cut my daily limit in half or more. Try to cut almost all out during breakfast and lunch and save a little carbs for my dinner (just would have a very small helping of that item if I did have carbs). First week sucked...then it got a little easier. I basically looked at it like a competition. Me against the food and about trying to lose weight/inches. Progress made it easier to not cheat on it because of how hard I worked all week then I didn't even want to cheat on weekends etc. This worked for me. Remember to really enjoy the foods you can have. Delicious steak, seafood/salmon, cheese, hot wings (one's with no sugar in sauce) Might not even be the healthiest way to lose the weight but my blood pressure came down as did my cholesterol levels and in general I don't feel bloated and tired. Might be easier to ease into it I'm not sure. I just decided to attack it. My wife helped a lot. Encouraged by making keto friendly foods and recipes...and by telling me how good I look etc. Positive reinforcement helps a lot for me. Sometimes you have to try a couple different things to get something you like. Took me trying several different brands of Pork Rinds before I found one I loved. Same with bread although I don't mind just doing a wrap or just going straight egg and sausage and no biscuit. Find some go to snacks like jerky and cheese sticks or something. That's the route I took. I'm sure it isn't the best well balanced etc and somethings that are carb light are still bad so you may have to cut out salt etc in some other areas. Overall I do think its more mental. Just cutting out the excuses and being disciplined and telling myself the cookie isn't worth it. I don't even want that cookie my brain just wants the sugar. Then finding an alternative. Can be so difficult to start. Especially if you have a house full of junk...it will be calling your name...but I put all my food in a different cupboard and don't even open the other one now when I want something for myself...only when I'm getting something out for my wife or daughter. It helps if it becomes a family thing and you have a partner sharing the meals. Making your spouse your accountability partner can also just make you resent them...and you don't want that lol. Good luck to anyone on their journey. I'll have to head over to the diet/nutrition thread for more tips/ ideas.
  9. I would be…proportionally that guy would have like an 18inch member lol! Her reaction is omg…that will never fit!
  10. I think I saw it on Hulu before I switched to youtube tv. Edit....nevermind...not streaming anywhere anymore. Guess you just have to buy the dvd set.
  11. lol...with the diet I'm on....omg my wife makes the best Lasagna.... that sounds so dang good right now!! Haven't had pasta in 3 months! FYI she loves the diet...not only because I'm slimming down and hopefully looking a little better lol but mostly because she basically has had no reason to cook anymore lol.
  12. So not "S-D-M by 20 Fingers/Gillette" lol.....I'd probably roll in like these guys..."What is love-Haddaway"...I'm such a dork lol
  13. I've got 16 more years before that thankfully lol.
  14. We can't even feed everyone...much less regulate their food. Plus too many lobbyist would shut that down that work in the food industries. Problem would be is any measure/attempt taken by the government would disproportionately effect the poor. They have the least amount of income and options for choosing healthy foods. The unhealthy stuff in the store is already prepared/cheap/easy to eat. Sadly inflation effects the unprepared food/staples more than the prepared food so it's getting worse right now. When you don't have a parent at home to make you dinner it's no wonder kids eat what they do and those habits perpetuate. When mama is working two jobs to make ends meet no one is there too know how to prepare a healthy meal. It would be nice if we could build some type of program to have farmers excess and unwanted crops (see so many deformed fruits and vegetables thrown away because it can't be sold at the grocery store) to be delivered to the hungry/needy in food pantries, sent to places that do donational meal deliveries and/or have another meal that can be taken home after school by needy kids. I'd much rather my tax dollars go to that then spent overseas or before the farmers get subsides they have to provide proof of donating any salvaged crops etc. Whatever the case someone smarter than me should be able to figure it out in a way that makes sense. There is a lot of waste and abuse and things that I particularly don't want to pay for but that is one I can get behind. I remember when I first got out of college I worked for a pharmacy chain and you would see these kids come in 8-9 years old with no parents...go to the snack section and buy a bunch of junk food with their mom's ebt card. You'd ask where their mother is and they would say passed out on the couch. There are a lot of social safety net's in the country that are well intentioned....but actually exasperate the problems unfortunately....but that is a whole can of worms.
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