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  1. Well after a late night with the girls in the Ville he probably needs a day to recover and UNC probably needs an extra day for paper work seeing as no one is smart enough to take a legit class there. All in all while it may be a long shot I think it’s safe to say that the death of Archie’s recruiting ability is much exaggerated...landing the best instate kids and getting top 100s and 5 stars on official visits. He can recruit. Now...can he coach...I think so.
  2. Yeah Tacko hasn’t proven anything and I doubt he will have any more success in the league than Haas. He is more limited offensively and I doubt can play a pick n roll any better but certainly he can protect the rim.
  3. Then why would a kid go to your school if he has NBA aspirations? It doesn’t have to be one or the other but let’s be real if you aren’t going what’s best for the player why would they come play for you? That’s like telling teachers don’t push your kids don’t try to expand their knowledge. Just teach them to pass the test because after all you only get evaluated on the results. Not all but a lot of kids want and have potential (at the IU level) to make the nba. If you aren’t going to let them try to expand their game because it isn’t in your best interest at the moment then you are holding kids back. People go to college to get a job...kids at high D1 level go to a school to get to the nba or have a future in basketball. Not only are you failing them but yourself if you aren’t living with the growing pains of a player that is trying to improve. Down the road players will see that and not come there if you aren’t looking out for their interest as well as your own. It’s a tightrope...but a selfish coach I don’t think will be successful for long. You might not coach every single player the same but you have to identify those that have the potential and try to help them achieve their goals which hopefully benefits you in the end with winning games or at least leading to more recruits.
  4. Which is why I think he could fit next to Rob nicely and not be forced to be the primary ball handler and playmaker. He is certainly Uber talented. I just would love to say have this start a run on elite point guards at our school. Point guard U. First him then Lander then who knows but that would be nice for Archie to be the point guard whisperer.
  5. I think if you are an old school 4 or 5...with no game outside 15 feet Purdue is a great fit. They play throw back basketball (nothing wrong with that in college you can win a lot of games dominating the paint). They shoot 3 excellent and they will feed the bigs. Honestly it’s pretty efficient way to play. Shoot 3s for jumpers and twos mainly around the basket...few mid range 2s. That said their bigs don’t translate to the nba because they don’t expand their range out to the 3 pt line and for the most part have been awful at guarding the pick n roll (mainly because of their plodding feet or low motor). I hated that Bryant was out there on the perimeter and shooting 3s but in the end he kept expanding his game and Crean helped him. If I’m a big that wants to mostly play back to the basket...I’d like Purdue. If I want to learn to face up or learn to play out on the floor we’ve seen several other B1G programs do better with that.
  6. We can beat most teams on Indiana HS talent alone if we game plan and execute correctly. So I do root for an x/o type coach. That said you need that assistant that can relate and get to these kids. Head coach doesn’t have time to work with each and every kid..especially during a game. A great assistant can reel the kid back in and focus him for the coach. A well respected player oriented assistant should appeal to recruits. You got guys that when the head coach rips a player that can then walk over and build the kids confidence back up. Part of me wants a super recruiter that is tied into a basketball rich area and can pull kids out but something tells me kids these days look at system, fit, head coach relationship, and playing time to get to pros. They may like a guy but if he isn’t getting them immediate playing time and into the pros playing a brand of ball that the kid likes it won’t matter how well you relate or know the assistant coach. So I go xo and talent development.
  7. I love who we have signed but I’m not going to pretend I wouldn’t love to have a talent like Love on the team. He is a special player and one of the tops in his class. It makes sense that he would be the focus of the team if he came here and we would try to build around him. He would be by far our most talented player and maybe that appeals to him (being the focal point of the offense) or maybe he wants to go to a team with a lot of other elite recruits and share more of the load. I mean the kid has done nothing wrong to the program. He had us in his final 6. If he is good enough for Archie then he is good enough for me. Maybe this team needs an alpha dog.
  8. The NCAA is such an antiquated, out of touch, corrupt, inept, and ineffectual organization it might as well be called the UN. Let’s be honest does anyone think they have an ounce of credibility or should even exist? I think we can all agree if it isn’t changed soon it will fall apart very soon.
  9. With you and Trey in the fold...how hard are you going to work on Khristian (Lander) to get him to commit....maybe offer to take him home for mamma’s Wednesday night meatloaf?? How great would it be to have all 3 of you playing together.
  10. I think he is saving it for his brother after he gets fired from Arizona for violations. Talk about conspiracy theory!!!
  11. That’s the thing. Do what’s best for the KID! That’s suppose to be the job of educators and schools. You will be rewarded for being a classy AD. You will have respect. Too many I think get off on the power trip of it all or let differences taint their judgement. I do agree that the inconsistency in how it’s enforced makes it look bad. Maybe the rules need ironed out more I don’t know but it seems leaving it up to the schools to sign off will cause inconsistency and cases of abuse.
  12. I find that my brain does the same thing the statistics are telling me. I know that our team doesn’t shoot the three well and that perhaps the other team doesn’t give up a lot of points in the paint or they get a lot of points in transition and we turn the ball over at a high rate all those things may add up to say give me a good indication we may struggle against them. Does it mean we won’t win? Heck no. We may get streaky or we may take care of the ball and get back on D. Heck the other team may get food poisoning or their best player may get in foul trouble or break up with his girlfriend and the game may go differently then the analytics would suggest. It’s why college basketball is so fascinating...a lot more volitility with the variables. In the NBA where there are professionals they eliminate a lot of the outside factors and the players generally perform a lot more consistently so I think it’s more precise but in the end I think I can look at teams and I can tell you what the numbers are probably going to say about them. Sometimes I’m surprised...sometimes the schedule early on can hide flaws etc but usually with about 10 games to go in a season I think I can tell you the numbers and I think usually the numbers will back up what I think about a team. Not always but ones I’ve watched often enough I feel pretty confident about. I’d say overall the analytics usually line up pretty close to the eye test. I’d say even the people that don’t buy into the analytics don’t realize their eyes take in the info and their brain calculates it and they formulate their opinion based on the statistics they see. Problem comes in when they don’t retain accurately what they are seeing and are misrepresenting the numbers in their opinions. The paper doesn’t lie so time to time i do like to match up what I think I saw with the numbers.
  13. Perhaps no kids in college were even born before it so to them..anything before 1997 may be irrelevant to them. It is actually a good indicator of CURRENT stature not all time stature. I agree it’s probably since they started keeping records at Kenpom but let’s be real...if we get on Purdue fans for having most of their wins and championships before the 50s I think kids nowadays would say IU has been irrelevant since the 80s early 90s so almost 30 years. That’s a lot of dust to blow off those trophies and banners and in the era of modern basketball when only 1 of your championships came since the invention of the 3 pt line or shot clock and none since the start of the AAU era...it’s safe to say our 5 championships are pretty outdated in the landscape of modern basketball.
  14. I’m not defending anything but during the span being measured Wisconsin is 28-12 against us including a span of 19-3 in the last 12 years realing off 12 wins in a row at one point over a 5 year span. They have completely owned us. The tides have changed my friend. I think they are changing back but man we have been down for a loooong time!
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