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  1. Someone said he won't be our 12th or 13th player. As a freshman I would say in minutes played his freshman year he will be our 12th or 13th player. Now if there are injuries or some given games where we get in bad foul trouble at the guard spot he might play more than others...but on avg he will be one of the last guys off the bench his freshman year. That was the topic....again I think he can be a good player for us in a few years but given what we have at the guard spot and who we project to come in...he will likely not see much playing time...meaning he will be our 12th or 13th guy in our rotation. Not forever...as guys will graduate and he will get older and better than some freshman after him but I don't see how he plays ahead of any of our guards when he comes in. Again nothing against Leal but he isn't like Romeo or anything where he is going to jump right into the starting lineup..he just doesn't project into that type of player. Guys like Harris and Lester even don't project to start for us...but I see them having parts of their game that is advanced enough to get minutes right away. So that was all I was saying....yes...he will be our 12th or 13th guy (if we have that many)....at least for the first year or maybe longer. I don't see anyone projected to be on the roster that would be getting less minutes then him. Maybe some are thinking about Priller etc as our 13th man...God forbid that kind of situation happen again...I doubt that...so it shouldn't be that our 12-13th man should be the same guys year after year....but I do see incoming freshman that might fit that role right away...and later be contributors at least in a year or two or hopefully impactful players by the time they leave. You can go from end of the bench to an impactful player.
  2. Good we need to continue to recruit size. State of Indiana is full of guards that can ball...we lack bigs year in and out.
  3. Let me rephrase...some shooting from the 4 lol. I know Trayce can score...I just want more balance from the floor.
  4. So if he isn’t visiting I’d say he has settled on one of the schools close to home. I thought him and Christian were coming up etc but if that is no longer happening I’d say he is not wasting our time. I was hopeful for an upgrade scoring at the 4 spot...guess we will have to hope Justin improves this offseason.
  5. Neither am I...question is how do you fill out the bottom of your roster...Leal is perfect example of Indiana kid who loves the program...team player...accept getting 2 shots a game or 10...but would work hard and buy his time until he is ready to start...not every kid would do this...most 4 star would want playing time right away. Which is why I am ok with taking Leal as the 12th/13th kid on your roster...otherwise I leave those scholarships unused and save for flexibiltu to sign a grad transfer or a mid season transfer or if you need a bigger class the next year. Point is most 12-13 players transfer out...so why waste resources and stress relationships with coaches and AAU teams promising playing time and opportunities to kids that won’t see the floor. Save that for a kid that will stick with the program and will wait his turn.
  6. Projected as a freshman year to their junior or senior is what I meant. Not when he is a senior would he be better than a senior Anderson. When he gets to IU it is likely a fact he will be our 12th/13th man...and that’s ok because I think he would buy into that role until he develops...not like Forrester and Moore who transferred. All I meant was Leal is purely a two...could slide and play maybe some 3...and he would not play ahead of anyone currently on the roster.
  7. Uh those are some of our starters you named correct?? Leal can’t play the 1, 4, or 5. So no he isn’t playing ahead of those guys. Anderson....so you think freshman Leal will be better than a junior Anderson? I’ll take that bet. When Leal comes in he will be behind a junior Anderson, sophomore Armaan, senior Al, and yes I think a sophomore Harris or Lester if we land them. Green and Davis are gone.
  8. Who is he better than or project to be better than on the roster than? If he comes in as a freshman who...I would have gave you maybe Moore or Forrester but heck by the time they would have been juniors and seniors maybe not even them? If we just look at the guards he wouldn’t play in front of any of them. If we land Morton then that’s another he would be behind...Harris and Lester would be ahead of him too if we brought in either of those. He basically would be our 5th or 6 th best guard. Now the question becomes...would he remain there...likely not as he matures...so question is does this kid love IU enough to stay...sit the bench and develop...I think so...and that is why I like him as an end of bench kid.
  9. Well Roy likes older players...and Cole Anthony is about as sure a OAD as there gets. I imagine he develops Harris slowly and mostly just use him for his defense until he has a couple years under his belt. That said having a defensive specialist to go up against the Duke's who land 5* recruits every year would be a plus. I also think Roy like those long armed guards that can create some havoc and get out in transition which is Harris's strength....UNC typically struggles more in a half court set.
  10. With Cole Anthony pretty well a lock at UNC that gives IU a good chance to land this kid.
  11. The one thing that worries me about a kid that didn’t originally commit to IU is that if things don’t go as he expects and let’s be real there will be times that it doesn’t will he want to go somewhere else. In this era of instant transfers does this kid feel like he is committed to the good and the bad times. I hope so...he sounds like an Archie type of player...hard worker and willing to do the dirty work.
  12. To me Leal is the perfect kind of kid that will complement the team. Those 12th and 13th scholarships have to be unselfish type of kids that love your program and school...will sacrifice but when their time is right can contribute...that is the part I like about Leal. I don’t see him complaining about playing time and transferring...he would work hard and when he is an upper class man can be a great leader in the locker room and yes...help on the court.
  13. I understand I haven’t seen him as much as others..but from all I can get on the Internet there was just things that concerned me. I also take the most value from the best competition he faced. He still looked solid had some nice passes, step back 3 etc but again...I don’t mind Archie taking his time on the recruitment. He is ours when and if we want him...why rush?
  14. No. I live out of state but I watch the live streams and play backs of the regionals, semi state etc along with other highlights. I watched Leals performance at Seymour against Jeff and CG and was left under whelmed. He had some moments but he didn’t pop off the screen. As for his defense he plays sound defense..good position but but often guards bigger slower guys and while he normally was in good position still was beat off the dribble at times. I think the Coleman kid if I remember right was able to get around him. Anyways I’ll take others word as they have seen him in person...but to say he is a lock for IU I can see why Archie has hesitated.
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