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  1. I’m not going to get into the whole university...geez why can’t you just give it up. Painter is regularly in a group of best coaches in the country. He can flat out coach. He doesn’t get the best talent in the B1G but he does more with less then just about any coach I know. He was a young coach that struggled in the tournament early but he was at least getting them there. They made a good decision to hire him and a good one to keep him through some lean years. At this point he has the program rolling. Continue to take shots at him and the program...it’s fine...but for someone I consider a very
  2. He is a pretty elite combo of size and athleticism for a point guard. Still very raw and if he ever straightens out his jumper watch out. He was a favorite of mine before he committed.
  3. Lol 😂 from the field maybe lol...no just meaning he came in super young at 17 and Dickenson was buying the beer at 20 lol.
  4. Any idea when we make up the Michigan St...would probably be a good time to fit it in there somewhere.
  5. Shows how smart the school is for being patient with him and seeing his potential. I know the point your making but it doesn’t make sense to me. He was a young coach that just needed time to break through. To me it’s a compliment to their AD for having faith in what he knew was a great coach.
  6. https://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/coaches/matt-painter-1.html Tell me you wouldn’t swap IUs performance over the past 15 years or whatever for what Purdue has accomplished...don’t let your Purdue hatred cloud your judgement. Even with some disappointments in the tournament he has been an incredible coach. He has to scrap and claw for talent and they won 3 B1G championships, a B1G tournament, and an elite eight and was like 2 seconds from a final four...what’s to criticize?
  7. Yes I wanted to draw attention to the problem in the most annoyingly obvious way I could. Posting in the thread would just get lost and I thought if I drummed up enough support maybe a mod might think it was a good idea too and just merge all the Archie topics into one catch all that doesn’t protray the program in such a negative light. Probably won’t work but I can say i tried...and I can also say given the bipolar fandom of many of our fans might also fit our season lol! 😆
  8. It’s just dumb to have that be a topic. Just give Archie his own thread. A catch all so people can go back and forth because basically people are week to week reacting and posting threads that change moment to moment. Personally I think it looks bad for a visitor to come to the board and just by thread titles alone see such negativity surrounding the program. Let them at least dive into a thread that has the back and forth before having an opinion made up on the website based on those that start a topic. We all know typically the most outspoken people are the ones that are upset...why do they
  9. Definitely must win for postitioning...and making NCAA tournament.
  10. I don’t think we can underestimate how much having a week to prepare for Iowa did for us...that extra time to work with a young team in the middle of a season is invaluable...hope we build on what they learned.
  11. Agreed...people kept talking Vic when he was recruited but I’m see OG more...still special though.
  12. Archie did make adjustments last night...maybe he was forced to because of injuries and foul trouble but the bench rewarded him too.
  13. Because...well let’s be honest...both thread titles are as dumb as can be. So why not?? Its embarrassing the first thing people read coming onto the basketball forum is a fire so and so thread. Can’t we just sticky an Archie Miller thread to the top as a catch all for complaints, compliments, and inquiries?
  14. I’m going to go with Rob...first half his offense kept us in striking range...both halves his defense was spectacular on Bohannon. Obviously it’s a team effort but if Rob doesn’t play like big game Rob...if he is Purdue game Rob...we never are close and we never make that run because he was in Bohannons jock all game long....and what about that dig steal on Luka..just made key plays.
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