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  1. I’ve made my point. But the bold again is just a misdirection. Change the subject. Move the focus off of where it belongs...this is about Yasir and what he did...not about you, scott, myself, anyone else on this board. My point with everyone will make it about something else is that they will make it about us fans and not him. The point is are you ok with having a guy that has attempted to cheat admittedly freely in the past or are you not. There is good people on both sides of this. Got nothing against any poster on here. Just don’t like trying to make people feel bad about their belief or op
  2. Maybe...that’s defiantly a possibility. That’s the consequences of his actions. He will always be faced with that.
  3. It’s called deflection Scott. They will say anything to justify their opinion. They will bring up comparisons that have nothing to do with what is really happening. Same thing that happens in America today...ends justify the means. You lie, cheat, destroy people’s character with assassination attempts...so on and on. In the end if your side wins that is all that matters. People will say everyone does it. They will say the other side is doing it with no proof but well they win so they have to break the rules. It’s easy to make accusations but in this matter we have proof. Everyone knows what th
  4. Scott we don’t see eye to eye often but on this one I agree with you. But I’d just save your breath. You’ve made your point and there was nothing wrong with it. Everyone knows where you stands and yet there is nothing you can say to change the mind of those on the other side. This isn’t an issue where people can find common ground. There is two sides...not really middle ground really. It’s dumb to try to equate or compare anything to what he did. It’s clear cut the guy tried to cheat but failed at it. Wasn’t for lack of trying he just didn’t have the pull to land the money. It isn’t grey...it’
  5. Don’t like it. I’m on the record. Not going to lose sleep over it. That said if we get in trouble because this guy I will be so p!ssed off. I’ll be ready to clean house. My trust is in the staff to set the expectations and toe the line. That said I don’t need anyone’s permission to have my opinion or even give it. I may never like the hire. I may just have to live with it. Maybe I have been ignorant of our assistants in the past...that’s on me. Doesn’t make me inconsistent in my stance. If I’d known and it was out in the open I would have opposed them too. Let’s just hope the young man has lea
  6. Was he not on tape saying he would do whatever it took....we aren’t twisting words...we are taking the guy at his word. He will pay kids to land them. He doesn’t care which school he works for he is a hired gun because if he lands kids he will get a head coaching job. What part of that are we wrong about?! How are we tarnishing someone who admitted to trying to cheat? I love how people try to twist it and make the good guys the bad guys. For the record I’m against the hire. If he is hired we better keep him in line. No room for an f up. He does and we go down for it...I’m done with this progra
  7. I’ll say this...don’t trust him and don’t like him. If he gets us in trouble I’ll be done with coach Woodson. This is guy is exactly what I don’t like about college basketball. Hopefully we go another direction. I have zero tolerance for that crap and I’ll be done with the whole program if they get caught up in something like UL, KU, LSU, Arizona. Auburn had some shady assistant coaches caught up in the scandal too. Any surprise the guys protege ended up there after he was let go at Alabama.
  8. Would be big if he breaks out and we get another all star alum.
  9. Think I'll wait til I see a full roster. Geez...it's not even been a week since the tournament ended and we have to know the starting 5 for next year??? Did we even have 5 guys officially still on the team 5 days ago??
  10. Either the guy is going to be a legit stud and get away with it or man that will get old real real fast. Healthy ego or narcasist....won't be much room if he keeps doing it.
  11. No its ok lol...I'm not a pink floyd fan but I just assumed by your username you were. Seems my room mate in college had a lot of psycho stuff and he was a fan. I'm probably out of my element...it was a long time ago lol.
  12. This one I could get behind. That said I do get the feeling its an nba guy that is waiting on the season to finish up and to weight there options and so Mike is handling the duties for now. Just a guess.
  13. No reason to get involved with any coach named in the FBI investigation....especially one that wanted to pay recruits but wasn't a good enough recruiter to have anyone worth paying lol.
  14. Won't be Larry Drew....guy stabbed him in the back and took his HC job.
  15. Only a poster with the username psychobat lol.....
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