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  1. He is number 23 in green. Has a nice dunk and yes his form is pretty perfect on his 3s. I don’t see a brace on his knee just a sleeve. His lack of lateral quickness is likely just his natural limitation. Again...great shooter.
  2. Well that is just as much the recruits expecting to be a star and play big minutes right away as much as others expecting it. Absolutely nothing wrong with telling a kid he can carve out minutes doing the little things and later have an opportunity to start...but a lot of kids don’t want to hear that. Some rightfully so would rather play at a smaller school then sit but some get it...and I think those are the ones you look for....see Leal, Galloway, and Geronimo who all talk about just trying to come in and help...not be the man.
  3. My years as a Colts fan tell me all I need to know about Doyle.....tool is a perfect word for him!
  4. Yeah...I'd say if you put Luke on Dane's dad team he probably gets as much attention if not more and gets a higher ranking. Luke plays in obscurity. Just a fact. He is going to have to stand out in AAU to get anywhere near the attention he deserves. I like Luke....I could see him playing for IU as sort of a specialist role...spot up 3's, shoot free throws down the stretch..extra ball handler. Thing is...Archie doesn't really run plays to get specific guys shots/open looks. How many times have we run say a double screen or set staggered screens for a wide open 3 for a kid? We don't play zone defense...we don't hide guys on defensive end...the offense and defense rely heavily on lateral quickness, ability to get a step on your man and create and to keep your man in front of you. It just isn't Luke's strong suit. Under Crean this kid absolutely could see the floor. We just aren't a match style wise.
  5. Man that competition is tiny. He is pretty slight of build and small himself. I'll let others decide but man he would have troubles in the B1G I would think. Also a lot of his scoring is coming on drives and scores inside 15 feet. Going to be very tough against bigger competition. Impressive kid though. Sure he will go somewhere.
  6. Just specifically Lander or a majority of kids? Seems like more and more kids are being held back in elementary now days to give them a better shot playing a year older so in reality some of these kids might actually be going to classes they should be in. Have no idea with Lander.
  7. Was he 96th rated before MSU got involved?? Sometimes I wonder if schools move the ratings more than the kids play. Numbers being so arbitrary...seems once a big name coach sees a kid they jump up. Maybe he was...or maybe he got attention and that vaulted him up because recruiting sites can't watch all these kids and just go off who is recruiting them.
  8. I have to remember that. Sometimes I'm a little jaded with these ratings. Seems like once a couple big name schools start talking to a kid they jump way up the charts even if their court play hasn't changed much. I trust Archie...he brings in good kids so far. I will trust him here too if that is the case.
  9. If I remember correctly high school wasn't so bad either when you are the star player at school. But IU coeds put most others to shame no doubt.
  10. If only our men could show some mental toughness on the road like this we could be dancing!!
  11. Which is why the selection committee should wake up and put us in the tourney lol....missing out on tons of viewers and butts in the seats.
  12. Thanks for trying to get this thread back on track lol!!!
  13. They are great in the final four round...like 6-1 but 1-6 in championship games.
  14. Why is it we seem to always catch teams playing their best? I mean Michigan a couple weeks ago looked like doggie do do...now they are all healthy and rounding into shape. Maryland and Michigan St. same way. Oh well...will be a great win for us if we pull it out.
  15. My question to you...and probably a reason why people differ on the state of the program....how long do you think it takes to turn around the program. I would say my expectations are that it is going to take a minimum 5 years for us to see if a program is headed in the right direction. IU gave Archie a 7 year contract meaning they likely as well think 5 full years is a good idea to see if we are turning this around or not. Meaning the last two years would be used only if necessary (iffy) on him or to have time to extend him and to not hurt his recruiting chances by letting him go into a contract year. If you think after year 3 the jury should decide...you aren't in line with what IU thinks..and probably a lot of people you disagree with on this board. Sure...he could have went gang busters and knocked it out in year 2 and 3 and be on his way to a final four and we have our answer but that would be likely unrealistic. We could have a team falling apart with losing seasons, getting arrested, coach getting arrested, flunking out but we aren't....we are a team that has been basically avg. I would say avg is a pretty good result given the circumstances of when he got hired. I think your expectations of where you want us to be is perfectly fine...I want us there too...but my opinion...you are asking too much too fast. Guy had 1 season with nobody he recruited and no talent...1 season with a few kids he recruited...some talent but spent most of it fighting injuries...and third year with talent and improving record wise. It's inconsistent at times but 18 year olds are just that. I mean look at Roy at UNC. On paper he has way more talent than Archie but his team is tanking. I just think you are expecting too much too soon and probably others are too. The roster is slowly getting turned over....and if after 5 years he hasn't accomplished what we expect which is competing for B1G titles and making a run in the tourney or not even close to looking like it. Ok. But this is year 2.5 ..basically a third of what he is contracted for...not sure anyone could do much more with what Archie landed with any faster.
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