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  1. Indeed…Boston and Miami does do some unique things with some off ball movement…still at that they play primarily through their stars more so than say GS….whose PG literally gives up the ball a lot and runs off screens with their other shooters and guys slipping and running action out of the back side of it. When it’s clicking it’s nothing like what anyone else does. But I do agree…Boston and Miami do share the ball. Phoenix would do that quite a bit with Booker off the ball as well obviously but the actions GS runs is pretty special. Nice to see them go back to it after they had the KD years where I think they got too iso centric at times.
  2. I understand they aren’t new but I will say this about GS….it is VERY different style of basketball then basically all 29 other teams. They do run a variation of motion offense. When KD was there it was very much more iso but they have gone back to running a ton more motion like they did 4-5 years ago and it is a joy to watch. They are older and not as talented (Klay/Steph) but it is definitely different than anything else being run in the NBA. Honestly this might be the last horrah for this brand of basketball. Kids even as young as HS aren’t being taught this. It’s get the ball in your best players hands and iso or screen for him. They don’t give the ball up and they don’t learn to play off the ball in college and learn to run 10 different ways off a screen by reading the defense. The rest of the league is very much about ball screen and iso. I think you should appreciate GS for their unique brand of basketball. How many other teams in the league spend 20 seconds of their shot clock passing and cutting and a majority of that time with the ball never touching their two best shooters hands only until the last couple seconds? The contrast you see in Dallas is one star….dribbling for 20 seconds and never passing unless he can’t get a matchup he likes or if when he finally does get past his man someone comes over and helps. Rest of the time the guys just space the floor and basically stand around and watch. GS for me is pretty easy to appreciate….even if I’m not exactly a fan of their team. Like say the showtime Lakers of the 80s or any other team…might not been my team but you can appreciate the beauty of how they play.
  3. As an alumni I am happy for it. I think it’s a fabulous school and it should bring a level of legitimacy to all the programs there in a sense. Not just athletically but academically as well. Plus a sense of pride for me to follow and talk about. First time in a long time I will likely make a donation. I’ve felt like with the right leadership it could be a successful program as well and honestly could help grow the school overall.
  4. 😂 Turoni’s off Weinabach used to be really good….this was like 20 years ago though so hard to say now. For a good while I lived off of 1st Ave and Mill Rd and we ordered from a place called Rounders. Hard to say…Pizza is one of those things I’ve found that people are so very particular about…me and my wife can never agree on which places are best and where to order from lol. As far as the city goes I really liked living there. Not to big…not too small either. It was small enough you are familiar with the whole city and many people in it but also not so small there was no place to eat, shop, and nothing to do. Plus for the most part it is a pretty nice maintained city….not a lot of bad areas.
  5. Still trying to figure out how this Dallas team beat an “all-time” great Phoenix squad…..outside of Luka I’m not sure there is another top 100 player in the league on this team. Very streaky and obviously a sum is greater than the parts team but man the Suns losing to them might just be one of the biggest choke jobs I’ve seen in my lifetime….so that’s the 80s til today.
  6. Agreed because Butler is the focal point of the offense. Boston plays through Tatum…but when Tatum is off the floor Brown to me has all the tools to be the best player on the floor…even more gifted then Butler. Just my opinion. I think he is special and his ability to get to the rim or knock down a jumper….he could be Batman on his own team.
  7. PJ Tucker is like the TY Law of the NBA. He mugged KD last year into exhaustion and now they are letting him do the same to another super star in Tatum. That said I can’t understand how Boston could be so careless with the ball. Down Butler and Herro…horrible loss….yes they were down like 25 at one point but we saw Warriors come back at home…Celtics just need to grow up a little more…but they have the two best players in this series.
  8. None of the 3 you listed are centers. I’m saying I don’t take a true 5 unless he has something very very special. An Embiid/Jokic type of skill set. We were discussing Duran with the Pacer pick. I’m saying I wouldn’t take him in the top 10….I wouldn’t take guys like that or Two years ago Wiseman or even Mobley last year. I wouldn’t have taken Ayton and honestly I listed guys I would have rather had out of that draft not just Doncic and Young. Just saying if I have no star player on my team…and I have a top 5 pick…I’m not targeting a big. Sometimes everyone is off the board or you already have several special guys in place and it works out that is what you need I get it. I’m just saying as a Pacer fan I’m not looking to build my team around another big after we just saw what building around two got us.
  9. Lol….good one! still would be better than having Scott imitate me with his takes lol. I joke I joke!
  10. No doubt. We have a veteran laden team…and some great young pieces that should give us a talent lift. On paper we have the team to beat. With some big non-conference games we should be tested…o think this season can be special. All I was saying is I’m not celebrating anything just yet til we do something and i certainly am not going on other schools forums to run my mouth.
  11. Neither would I…and I do think we should be going into the last week of the season with a shot at B1G championship and playing into the second weekend of the tourney. Im thrilled with the possibility!
  12. I love having expectations….I’m just not bragging about anything until I fulfill them….we got a bunch of giddy school girls running around here. Purdue had expectations last year and we really lit into them when they fell short. I just hope we achieve ours because the way people are acting what goes around comes around is all I’m saying.
  13. The premise was I wouldn’t focus on taking a big at the top of the draft if I could. (Players who you will build your team around at the top of the draft…not later on in the draft who yes who likely will be targeted as role players) When I say big I mean one dimensional 5s that haven’t shown they can step out and make shots or move their feet and switch off and play the pick n roll. Bam is 6’9…JJJ who is someone I would target is not a prototypical 5. Guys like Wiseman and Duran haven’t shown me they can develop the game necessary that can keep them on the floor in crunch time. Like you said when you can deploy a vet minimum guy like Looney or utilize an old Wiley vet like Horford or a tweener like Larry Nance Jr….why devote limited draft capital at the top of a draft on a big. It’s not an absolute just a general rule. Am I taking Ayton or Bagley instead of Doncic, Young, JJJ, SGA or heck even either Bridges or even Huerter or Sexton….hmm. And We will see if Mobley plays an important role in winning a championship or not. Would I take him over Barnes, Giddy or even Waggnor?? Not so sure. Would he be a great fit on a team that has a couple stars on it already…ok maybe…but I’m not building a team around a big. I’m focusing on finding a star or two first that can take over a ball game or carry my team. The game has changed so much…the post season is very different then the regular season and much easier to game plan those guys off the floor. Heck look at Dallas. They had the “unicorn” and they traded him for a guard whose whole team hated him and who has been now critical in helping carry that team into the conference finals. All the teams whose best or one of best players are bigs….KAT, Embiid, Jokic, Gobert, Ayton are out. Miami is suffering because they are getting nothing from Bam who I actually think is the right kind of big you need…but overall these guys just aren’t great centerpieces in the postseason. Now regular season is a different thing altogether. Guess it’s my opinion and maybe I’d make a poor GM….no doubt I probably would lol…but I’m looking to those special skilled guys guards/wings to build my team.
  14. Only one of those players is the best player on his team. Until you have that…those guys are just ancillary pieces. You can’t build around them. If the Pacers had a Tatum…heck even a Brown it would be different. Almost all those guys are like 3rd or even 4th or 5th options. I can acquire those type of players much much easier than I can find a Booker, Tatum, Curry, Giannis, Doncic, etc. I’m not saying they aren’t valuable….just I can acquire that role player much much easier and not spending too 10 picks on them unless they are a clear generational talent.
  15. Watching most teams play NBA bigs off the floor in the postseason I wouldn’t touch a traditional center in the top of the draft. It’s a guard/ball dominant player sport now. I want a guy with elite shooting, athleticism, and a quick first step.
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