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  1. dgambill

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    That sucks. Kid is good for college basketball. Plays hard and with s lot of heart. If this leads to UK winning it all I’m going to be so p!ssed!
  2. Yes the banging on the drives and at the rim is too much..especially for players that aren’t physically strong enough to finish st the rim like pros.
  3. I don’t know about offense but get rid of the hook and hold review and subsequent 5 min stoppage to review. Id like to clean up contact at the rim. I know people keep promoting the verticality rule but I don’t like it inside the restricted zone. I also would like them to go to 4 quarters with 5 fouls to get 1 and 1 resetting each quarter and 6 fouls. Too often the best player gets in foul trouble and sits a whole half with two fouls for players. I also believe in moving 3pt line out..it would create more spacing for driving (except for teams that can’t shoot like us).
  4. dgambill

    Tre Mitchell

    So is a comp for this kid Similar to Davis? Good low post game but not super athletic.
  5. dgambill

    Purdue post game

    What’s he going to do with it when he gets open. He needs to work on his left hand and when he drives there are two defenders waiting on him. We have terrible spacing...the only good thing besides the defense tonight was the ball reversal and post that I haven’t seen us do all year. It was really smart to get smaller guys on Juwan..he just didn’t finish tonight.
  6. dgambill

    Purdue post game

    Justin got his butt in the lane he just missed some bunnies...I mean he did no worse than Morgan on those...his defense wasn’t great but that is the Justin we need...cutting and posting..not standing at the 3pt line.
  7. dgambill

    Purdue post game

    It was a defensive clinic for both teams. Al played great defense on Edwards and you guys really locked down Morgan. In the end Haarms gets the winning basket. Might have been lucky...might have been a foul..but that kid just kept playing hard despite a hostel crowd. I just wish half our guys played with that intensity. Big win for you guys....you looked rushed and frenetic all night..but again Cline with those falling down 3s killed us. Good luck the rest of the way!
  8. dgambill

    Purdue Game Thread

    Not who we wanted to take that shot...but I get it.
  9. dgambill

    Purdue Game Thread

    Sometimes it’s best to be lucky then good.
  10. dgambill

    Purdue Game Thread

    They won’t call that on end game scenario and normally I wouldn’t want them too.
  11. dgambill

    Purdue Game Thread

    Well...that’s just how this season has gone. Sucks....played hard though.
  12. dgambill

    Purdue Game Thread

    Hit our free throws!
  13. dgambill

    Purdue Game Thread

    Does Phinesee have 4 fouls? McRoberts can’t guard Edwards.
  14. dgambill

    Purdue Game Thread

    We need to hit our free throws....and watch Cline off screens here!
  15. dgambill

    Purdue Game Thread

    He is taking it at Eifort and he should he just couldn’t buy one...finally!