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  1. Wow!!! That was a pretty low blow man lol. Bad enough they had to watch Robert nail a huge 3 to give us the lead then come back and hit the game winner. Kid right from under their nose....then to remind them of their All-B1G hopeful Eastern’s dissapointment..talk about kickin a dog when he is down lol.
  2. dgambill

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    I can only imagine it might take awhile to get over that loss. I feel for them. Tough way to lose a game you had in control for like 36 mins. I think they will bounce back but understandable they come out flat next game after the intensity and let down if that game.
  3. Derek Willis two years ago. He was a nice role player for them honestly. Poythress before that. Neither leaders though.
  4. Honestly I think Juwan can make a team and have a minor career in the pros...but I think he would be an absolute star overseas where he can play the four and abuse guys with his YMCA moves lol. Easily have a 10 yr career there.
  5. I was going to say Patrick Patterson but he only made it to his Junior season. I think Keith Bogans back in 03 was the last senior "leader" for the Cats. They've had a couple senior contributors like Miller and Poytress but not a real "leader" like Bogans was since 03.
  6. dgambill


    Key is at the bottom. Player can revoke the waiver of his HIPPA at anytime. So most probably sign the waiver etc...info get's released...then if something sensitive to the players health or person happens they can revoke the waiver and the University can't release it if they haven't already. Seems reasonable in Jerome's case that he sign the waiver before the season...but when this came along he wanted it to be private so he and his family sent documentation to revoke the waiver and the University then could not disclose anything other than what it had already released.....a non-basketball related injury. Makes perfect sense. Thanks DJ!
  7. When is the last time a UK had a player like this? Don't often see guys grow into the leader of your team from nothing as freshman to leaders by seniors in many of these top programs anymore. I think Robert is going to be the next 4 year great!
  8. From what I saw...he didn't hit the rim much...lot's of swishes!! lol. Very surprised by his 3pt shooting. Definitely been putting in work on his 3's. Don't think he will ever be a great 3pt shooter but certainly should be able to hit the corner 3 well enough to satisfy his prospects.
  9. dgambill

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I just wish I was the one making the trip for IU lol. Hey coach...I volunteer to go scout and represent us at the game lol!!! Merry Christmas!
  10. dgambill

    Trendon Watford

    I hope so. I love that Davis plays hard but he has no lift. Smith is more a leaper than a shot blocker. I just don't want Trayce back there by himself getting into foul trouble trying to deter shots in the lane.
  11. dgambill

    Luke Brown - The next Damon Bailey?

    Watched some more vids. Kid has a very nice shot. Doesn't need much room to get it off. Creative with the ball. I do agree though he looks like he will need some growing physically to not be a liability. That said if he can get to say 6'1 or 6'2 and get stronger...definitely could be that assassin off the bench that stretches the defense and opens lanes for guys. Considering Archie is a defense first guy...I doubt he will be on our watch list unless something changes significantly. I mean Damezi can't even get on the floor and we know he is one of our best shooters. Thanks for all the info people!
  12. dgambill

    Trendon Watford

    Yes....I think Archie got it loud and clear from our AD that retaining Indiana's best is the #2 priority outside of winning games of course (but it would be hard to win without the local recruits). Archie has done I think as much as anyone could imagine in retaining our own. He is proving he can land who he wants. Every year may not be equal in the state....we may not have size...or athleticism some years...but he will recruit the state's best if it improves our team. If reports are true and we get Keion...I think I'll worry less about recruiting and just let it happen....no reason to be anxious anymore...it is in good hands!
  13. dgambill

    Trendon Watford

    I will say this about Archie....if he lands KBJ like it seems he will. The only thing left for him to prove in recruiting is that he can land a 5* star out of state kid. He has shown the state belongs to him....now can we start battling the big dogs for the top prizes in the country.
  14. dgambill

    Matthew Hurt

    Kid sounds like to me he wants to play schools off on each other....maybe get the best offer?? Not implying money (or am I lol)....but playing time/roll. Kid for sure wants to be OAD.
  15. dgambill

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Actually it would make a ton of sense....with everyone off work and celebrating and on their phones...he would get maximum attention.....all the Christmas present for IU stuff too!! Could have a cool twitter update...with KBJ in a santa hat and IU gear and all!!!