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  1. Funny because they have been down lately. That said ND kicked their ass up in south bend like 6-7 years ago maybe more and Cal didn’t renew the games. He was saying it wasn’t fair to take freshman into that environment with a veteran team...said there was nothing they could learn from that and it didn’t help. Seems Cal is only interested in scheduling Indiana schools when they are down. I would like us to play them and fine with a neutral site game but hard to not see Cal protecting his team. He really does concern with optics of the program and try to protect their image and ranking. He knows with a young team he has to manage them til they are ready for the tournament and if he doesn’t have a top seed they will have to travel and lose their advantage.
  2. Maybe it’s UL...I mean he is half naked lol.
  3. Good point. @IU Scott I know you love college basketball but many kids that grow up dream of playing in the nba. They don’t give two sh!ts about college it’s just been a necessary pitstop. I’d say a big percentage of high profile top 10-20 kids feel that way. Even others who can’t make the nba just want to get paid. The dream has changed A LOT I think. Don’t get me wrong I want those kids that want a degree and represent their school...but I’m not going to ignore the fact that for many kids their dream is playing professionally. While I don’t really care for the nba because of the one on one mentality and especially the chucking the 3s now days there are some kids that grow up loving it. Even those going to Europe just want to ball and make some dough. Few kids grow up saying I want to have to study, eat cafeteria food, live in cramped living conditions and follow a bunch of rules....just give me a round ball and some money and get out of the way....it’s just where these kids heads are at...and given what their handlers, some coaches, and parents are telling them they are the next big thing...hard to convince them otherwise. I think we are getting the right kids for us and if Archie can connect their talent with success on the court we will see a leap in the W column.
  4. Proud mama and she should be. Great player and seems to be a good kid.
  5. Kid is too good for that. He deserves to play. I think a good mid-conference and if he develops physically more then transfer later or heck no harm in playing at a mid-major. They still have games early in the season against major competition and if it’s a good school might get a couple runs in the tournament. He could go to Northwestern or another lower level power 5 school and not even sniff the tournament so if I want to develop my game, play right away, and have a shot at ncaa tournament I’d go to mid majors with a track record or recent trips.
  6. 100% of your time is devoted to your craft with staff, trainers, more coaches all to develop your game...but I mostly was saying the quality of players who will push you is superior. It’s higher quality of players and competition. Competition brings out the greatest. Cal preaches it to guys and you think how will they get enough playing time but he sells them on working and practicing and playing with the best in college basketball will push you and bring up the level of your play...obviously lots of people buy into it. I do think at a certain level some guys it isn’t right for who need to more slowly develop their game. I’m not here to say playing in college isn’t more fun or enjoyable then pro...just professional is a superior league in talent....and that isn’t arguable except for maybe the lowest foreign professional leagues.
  7. Has IU had any success with kids from La Lu? Seems we’ve just been burned. Probably isn’t the type of kid CAM appears to value highly on the team. CAM seems more of a coaches son or notice players from specific HS programs/AAU programs that he values more than just the overall talent level. Might be a reason but I look at where he recruits kids from...and the programs are typically top notch.
  8. I think that makes total sense. Virginia is a great school and beautiful campus and coach seems to be a nice man too. Could see the attraction for sure. Hopefully in the end playing close to home near family for a team full of guys he knows and trust will win him over. Never hurts to have a rapport with you teammates...IU should feel like home for him. That said some kids want to get out and experience the world. Hopefully Trey recognizes in a world of uncertainty with Covid etc being close to home and around people he can trust and knows will comfort him and put us over the top. If I had to make a choice I don’t think traveling across country to play someplace unfamiliar would be at the top of my lists...
  9. That kid had HUGE potential...almost Tracy Mcgrady like. If his knees hold up man...Pacers had some tough luck.
  10. Yes a much more controlled environment and probably professional rules on cleaning and organized etc. I agree in this case. The thing is this isn’t 30 years ago when over seas was inferior product to college and no g league and NBA full of grown men. Nowadays a young man can earn a living quite quickly playing pro ball somewhere and it’s all superior to college game. They have options. I think a degree is very important so wish they stay and also I think the coaching and strength training in college today is as good as it’s ever been so there is a lot to say for staying but in a world of uncertainty like right now...hard to argue.
  11. Probably not. A one bid league and a team with basically no chance to make a tourney run....also a lot smaller school and town then most on his list. I will say it’s interesting because it does mean his name is traveling and getting into different conferences.
  12. No...they are in the same conference as Murray State and the team we all think Brown fits most Belmont...I and I remember some others just think he is a perfect fit there...his game would fit perfectly into what they do on offense. Would be nice to know if their coach has even seen the kid play. Anyways SIU Edwardsville is not an athletics powerhouse. That said SIU Carbondale the main campus has been losing funding to SIUE for awhile now...lot of upset alumni. The main SIU school has had some decent ball teams over the years but I can’t remember anything recently. That school and town has gone way downhill.
  13. Thanks you as always on top of it!
  14. @jblaz13 any updates?! Thanks for the info!
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