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  1. Penn St dominates the line on both sides and wins by double digits....just a feeling
  2. Reminds me of Dominick James. Still finishes well at the rim even though he's under 6'. Probably not an option moving forward
  3. I think this is the biggest legitimate concern. I also think this is a big reason Matt’s was brought in along with helping navigate NCAA “regulations” and the relationships he has throughout the Midwest. This is in reference to the article about being on call 24/7
  4. This is the hiring I was hoping for before Archie.
  5. I think the cocked nose over the center is gonna be an issue.
  6. just saying there were at least 4 guys on that team that clocked faster than Alex
  7. since when does yards per carry = elite speed. If you want to look at guys from the same time with elite speed....Joey Galloway, Terry Glenn, Kijana Carter. If those guys got in the open you were not gonna catch them. Alex averaged 5.6 that year in large part because he hit holes the way you're supposed to.
  8. Never said he wasn't a good back just that he didn't have "elite" speed.
  9. Brett never moved to FB and Alex did not have elite speed
  10. "Luck is what happens when opportunity meets preparation" - always one of my favorite sports quotes
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