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  1. DeadOne

    Signing day

    I think he may be eligible next year the same way Bryant from Clemson is eligible next year. Also not sure why any one thinks Penix would transfer because we signed another qb. The real question is do we still have a shot with another qb like Baldwin? Always bring in the best players you can and let them compete.
  2. DeadOne

    DT Sio Nofoagatoto'a Commits

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is probably the best group of D-line recruits Indiana has brought in....possibly ever. They could still add to it a bit, but I think this group will be key over the next four years.
  3. DeadOne

    Hire Kliff Kingsbury NOW!!!

    Would love to see Cam come back!!
  4. DeadOne

    Hire Kliff Kingsbury NOW!!!

    That’s the game now. I love 3 yards and a cloud of dust but the game is evolving. His teams put points on the board.
  5. DeadOne

    Can we get 2 more wins?

    Play Penix, more James Head, move Cam Jones to LB. Among other things...Also a fan of finding more snaps for Caleb Jones. Stop playing man coverage in the red zone. Stop matching our LBs in man coverage on WRs.
  6. DeadOne

    Starting 5

    Green Langford Smith (maybe McRoberts to start the season) Morgan Fitzner
  7. DeadOne

    2019 DJ Jeffries decommits from Kentucky

    Contacting a player who is verbally committed is not an issue. Only once they've signed a letter of intent.
  8. DeadOne

    Brandon Newman Commits to Purdue

    Kinda forgot about that. Thanks for setting me straight
  9. DeadOne

    Brandon Newman Commits to Purdue

    I don't think offers would be announced by schools unless they can be accepted unconditionally.
  10. DeadOne

    Brandon Newman Commits to Purdue

    So as you said they haven’t offered him a scholarship....I would hear that as run the forty and if two of our other options say “no”, we will offer you a scholarship. Offering someone they can’t accept is a sure way to burn a bridge or offend someone. Either you want me to come to your school or you don’t. JMO. Also I think it deminishes the significance of a scholarship offer.
  11. DeadOne

    Brandon Newman Commits to Purdue

    If someone offers you something and tells you “you can’t accept this offer”, then they haven’t really offered you anything have they?
  12. DeadOne

    Brandon Newman Commits to Purdue

    IU education...I think silent verbals are relatively new and probably more about kids wanting to determine how people find out, i.e. press conferences or social media
  13. DeadOne

    Brandon Newman Commits to Purdue

    In my experience scholarship offers don't come with "contingencies". By that I mean you don't offer a kid a scholarship and say you can't commit until we hear back from whomever else first. You don't offer a scholarship unless you are prepared for someone to accept it. I think the timing of the offers kinda shows a lot. In my opinion Archie offered Carton first and then gave ample time for him to make a decision and then proceeded to offer Franklin and Newman. If Carton had committed early the offers to Franklin and Newman probably never would have happened. Now that's not the same as offering four guards and saying we're only taking one guard so the first to commit takes it.
  14. DeadOne

    Brandon Newman Commits to Purdue

    Personally I think it’s a good move for him. I think the biggest benefit to Newman will be learning the time management that will be required when he reaches University wherever that may be. I played two sports at IU and it’s not easy to get everything together. He mentioned that as one of his reasons for the move along with the desire to play against the best competition possible. To me he sounds like he’s got his head screwed on properly. In relationship to those two goals I think even one year will make a big difference if as he stated “he wants to make an immediate impact wherever he attends school.” (Paraphrased) I would love for him to end up at IU and I don’t think this move necessarily diminishes the odds of that happening