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  1. This tweet fits his third person speaking style. CMW: "Mike Woodson isn't done with the transfer portal, says Mike Woodson."
  2. I would be surprised if Race left to join a rebuilding effort.
  3. Keep feeding her wings with ranch dressing and she won't be out of your league much longer!
  4. Kind of late for that decision, no? I wonder if something new popped up.
  5. I think Greg correctly diagnoses the problem in a follow-up...
  6. Huh? She is not an IU professor. Did you even open the article? Literally the second sentence: "Mellis, an assistant professor of world history at Ursinus College in Pennsylvania"
  7. Agreed with the first half. But if he goes pro he can at least learn and get better full time instead of limited practice hours and class obligations. If he’s set on going pro, might as well go.
  8. We should hire the NBA on TNT crew with Shaq as head coach and the others as assistants. Sure, Ernie Johnson will get busted in year 2 enticing recruits with custom bowties but by then we should be rocking and rolling.
  9. Make the tourney and win at least one game. The tourney drought has been infuriating. Making the tourney and then bowing out in the first round would be a gut punch. Secondary: play well enough the rest of the way to earn a decent seed and make that goal more achievable.
  10. Tired of him blindly throwing up bricks off the backboard 2 ft away from the basket.
  11. Boroski is bad. I've noticed this over the last 4 years or so. When Boroski is calling our game it's always an uneven slog.
  12. Still wouldn't give up royalty for her, but yowza indeed!
  13. Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that 2nd half lineup...
  14. I will say I actually have seen this out of our guards/wings before but the problem is I only see it when they are freshmen. I don't know if it's a problem with the program in general or if the offense is too rigid or what but the more experienced guys seem to be afraid to put up a shot at times. Whereas when they entered the program their freshman year they had the more aggressive, scoring mentality. Maybe it's an effort to weed out "bad" shots like contested 20 footers that maybe goes a little too far. Happy to be convinced otherwise.
  15. Considering you can't prove a negative, we DO know with a high degree of certainty. This is an odd self-generated rumor even for message boards. Has anyone in the game even so much as insinuated that Crean has ever been dirty?
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