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  1. Pat Chambers completes his metamorphosis to Chambers Pot.
  2. Even in the offseason with its paucity of things to discuss, I'm over the workout stuff. Every year, we get nice shots of guys getting ripped and apparently breaking vertical leap records. Then we end up seeing teams that can only muster enough effort to play one complete half of basketball. Whatever they're doing in the gym, is it in the service of competing for a full 40 minutes? If not, the bodybuilding and vertical leap stuff is tiresome.
  3. Multiplicity!!! One of the best bad movies.
  4. Fenwick is a private suburban high school. Not going to be the same thing as the Chicago public league. Should be closer to Justin Smith recruitment than, say, Derrick Rose.
  5. I appreciate our insiders very much but some need to be less sensitive to comments from known jackasses and trolls. And reasonable members with legitimate questions about the accuracy of info? That comes with the territory. I don't get why some guys who share information act like they are handing down the 10 commandments.
  6. Damn - i hope all mild cases. Some of the reports of football players with heart inflammation are scary...
  7. UNC scares me a little bit here. If the pandemic continues, they will be well-positioned after pioneering the idea of not showing up for class.
  8. Typo? I thought it was an obvious joke. That’s why he doubled down with TJD at 94 minutes.
  9. And Juwan Morgan was lighting it up from outside in college, right? Is that the difference?
  10. Juwan Morgan just started in 2 playoff games for the Jazz. TJD doesn't have an NBA level game though? Please.
  11. He's currently working on the space-time continuum to get Race those 53 minutes per game. After the breakthrough, time will be meaningless. The word "when" will sunset.
  12. Mr. Wesley likes what he sees.
  13. It annoyed me more when some regular posters on the board misspelled James Blackmon's last name "Blackman" constantly.
  14. Leal looks very polished both with his shot and his handle. Geronimo looks great but he won’t be putting the ball on the floor much against Big Ten defenders.
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