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  1. I don't share your level of optimism after watching the Peegs guys get jerked around by the Garlands. My first thought was that they're actually creating some unique content here to justify the subscription, as opposed to a collection of tweets behind a paywall.
  2. Brief assistant coaching stint? Not much of a tie, but something is better than nothing.
  3. This wasn't the staff watching though. This was a media guy writing a story.
  4. Great perspective - might have happened to me at 18.
  5. As a cynical follower of college basketball, I predict he will be suspended for a couple cupcake games and then back with the team.
  6. He doesn't shoot the 3 very well if I'm remembering correctly from AAU. But everything else he does is very high level.
  7. On ball vs off ball defense. They slack when he has the ball on the perimeter.
  8. The game plan on Smith is to sag off him 5-7 ft and clog the lane. He should be coming off the bench and scoring on back cuts and offensive rebounds. That’s where he’s most effective right now.
  9. People come to this thread for Trey Kaufman news. We should move this discussion to the Keion Brooks thread.
  10. Ah, that makes more sense. As far as Alford and Isiah go - thank god they weren't contacted for the job. Wittman and Woodson - would they have even wanted it given their NBA resumes?
  11. Let's see... Alford - I won't even go there. Wittman - Former NBA head coach. Why would he want to be a college assistant? Would he even want to do recruiting at the level required? Woodson - NBA head and assistant coach for 20+ years. Again, why would this guy want to be a college assistant? Isiah - WHAT?!? So much to say on this one. One the one hand, a basketball HALL OF FAME INDUCTEE as the third assistant on the staff? Laughable. On the other hand, disastrous runs as a coach and GM especially in New York culminating with sexual harassment lawsuits. Then 3 years at FIU where he went 26–65 in three seasons. Somehow overqualified and under qualified for the same job. It's ridiculous to hear this whining and moaning about not contacting a bunch of guys who are, to put the best spin on things, overqualified to be the 3rd assistant. AND THEN we go out and hire a former player who fits the program and role perfectly but Kitchel is upset we didn't talk to his guys. Man... if you think Fred isn't the right guy for the job, then fine, a lot of people would agree with you. But if any of these whiny turds was the AD, they would inadvertently flush themselves and the program down the toilet before you can say "what stinks in here?"
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