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  1. Both of you are absolutely right but all I’m saying is that it’s reminiscent of the Crean approach to recruiting.
  2. “Insider” or not, this is just silly. Either he or his dad said directly that Indiana didn’t even finish second in the recruitment. Someone is feeding you bull****. If he changed his mind at the last minute, it would have been from one of the other schools involved.
  3. Do we have a chance with any of these out of state 2021 5 stars? Seems like we are picking the shotgun back up for this class.
  4. That was my first thought too unfortunately, but I also added “and not knowing how to pass.”
  5. Didn’t Archie just mention chemistry issues at Huber’s?
  6. Your follow up post about the lack of coaching makes sense - thank you. I'm still confused about the info you were passed. If the team had a ton of seniors and 3 of them were 1,000 point scorers, the entire narrative of the info you were passed seems suspect. Obviously the offense was not "Get Damezi the ball" and "Passing? What is passing?" If he was never really coached in high school, I don't think we will see much out of Damezi again this season. NCAA rules on number of hours you can spend coaching college players means he can't catch up on the 4 years of basic coaching he never received in high school. Also odd that this wasn't a major red flag in the player evaluation if true. Edit to say: I appreciate all of the info you share on this board and especially anything you pass along that gives insight to the team or individual players. I hope you aren't offended if I question that info when it conflicts with publicly known information.
  7. "Struggling to adjust to team basketball" on offense is an odd claim. Wasn't his SB Riley team full of juniors and seniors? I don't believe it was like Damezi and a bunch of scrubs. Someone correct me if I'm wrong obviously.
  8. He definitely won't be back if he cuts off his left leg. Time to work the grad transfer market.
  9. I could definitely see an offer coming after summer evaluations if he continues this level of play.
  10. The plunging thing was annoying, especially after the first round of it. People rightfully said, "This is annoying, please stop." I think a normal response is to just stop posting a plunging gif 50 times because you're mad at Keion Brooks. Quitting the board because you did one annoying thing that people didn't like is silly. That is far outweighed by all the positive contributions you make. People appreciate what you bring to the board and you should stay. If I accidentally piss off my neighbor, I don't burn down my house and flee the country. So stay - and we forgive you for the annoying plunging stuff.
  11. I like having the threads all unlocked. Maybe lock specific ones that become an "off topic" forum but definitely not all. It's cool when people resurrect threads from 3 years ago for guys we recruited who are transferring, going to the NBA, etc.
  12. Don't feed the trolls too much. Most on this board recognize Morton as a very good all-around player who will benefit your program for 4 years. Hell of a get for Purdue.
  13. Oh yes, the value of outside shooting is immense. If the last two years have taught us anything though, it's that only guys who can play our defense will see major minutes. He may be a good shooter but LQ will only see the floor if he plays defense and takes care of the ball. For better or worse that's how I see it going.
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