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  1. Or, more to the point, will he struggle to score against D-1 level competition?
  2. I believe he was guarded almost exclusively by Galloway that half.
  3. Don’t lose 12 of 13 games. Win what was essentially a play-in game vs OSU instead of looking checked out for 35 mins. This team didn’t deserve an NCAA invitation.
  4. I don’t know about that, I have quite the active imagination. Luckily for me and a whole host of other fans, Indiana basketball has higher standards than Fitzner’s “best” which is why he doesn’t play.
  5. He’s a 6’10” stick of room temperature butter. He is too soft to play in the post in this league. Also, he’s not an athlete.
  6. Utilized better? He is a one dimensional player who has failed at that one dimension all season. Let’s not be revisionist on Fitzner’s season/abilities just because it’s senior night.
  7. Washington is going to win the PAC 12 outright no matter what happens tonight. They are having a bad night but they’ve been playing good basketball all year. You could look at several of Indiana’s games this year and make the same argument.
  8. Put that INDIANA on your chest Keion and come to Bloomington! Hoosier Nation wants its hometown hero!
  9. Kix mentioned it right above your posts. It was Davion Bradford.
  10. The dark arena pounding with chants and glow sticks at the beginning of the game was awesome.
  11. Why obviously? Anderson played defense in high school but defending BIG guards and wings is a different story. Let’s not change history because Damezi hasn’t made an impact at IU yet. Franklin will most likely have the same struggles his first year.
  12. Shades of Damezi Anderson talk last year. I think we need to relax our expectations of freshmen.
  13. I don't think the indentured servants at Nike's China factories know who Zion is.
  14. I really hate this terrible weave sh**. It’s the same offensive style that made Crean teams look so lost in the half court. Why is it so hard to run a real offense?
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