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  1. First NCAA-approved sponsorship deal for half and half creamer. New ad slogan: "If y'all only knew the half"
  2. Several insiders (SS and Zion) are very high on Wesley as a prospect. Anyone else on here who has seen him play and can give us a scouting report?
  3. I didn't know IU had a graduate program in strawman construction.
  4. Where have I heard this name before?
  5. Ignoring rankings, do you like Wesley better than Mohammed and Longino?
  6. Pressure on TK if we get serious about Miller?
  7. Wow, I definitely forgot how long Pearl has been there. Thanks
  8. 25-6, 2nd place finish in conference is worse than Archie? And the "year 3" conveniently forgets they went to the Final Four last year.
  9. The argument in this thread of "IU basketball will be top 25 next year anyway" is weird and nonsensical. So the administration could have hired literally anyone since IUBB will be top 25 next year so what does it matter? From an outsider's perspective, it looks like IU had the opportunity to hire the best candidate available (Reynolds) and blew it. Why would you not hire the best candidate available if he wants the job? I don't understand it. Hopefully the insiders see something in Dolson other than "continuity" but my faith in this administration is low. I would not doubt for a second that their choice was based on the easy path of least resistance.
  10. Al looks like he's playing defense on rollerskates a lot of the time.
  11. If only he didn't get handsy with the microphones, we would still have the NCAA Tourney.
  12. What a travesty. They were already going to play in empty arenas. I don't get it.
  13. Glad to see I'm not the only one with a hard on for this process.
  14. Now this is a good answer hahaha. I don't know if any coach leaving a mid major to take a high major job is ever really a poor career move, even if they fail.
  15. Yeah, Potter was fired up the last 10-12 mins of the game and letting his teammates know exactly what he thought. Haven’t seen that from an IU player in years.
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