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  1. Yes, this is exactly the behavior I'm experiencing with "test theme" selected. After switching from the main page to general baketball (and the issue existing), I can toggle to default theme then back to test and the issue is cured again. It does appear something on the main page may be triggering the problem.
  2. One workaround (sorta) that I've had to use is editing the page number in the address bar. It's a PITA when using touchscreen devices, but it's the only thing that allows me to change pages in many cases.
  3. IMO, that would be ideal. Just have to keep your guys (and hope they don't go to the NBA).
  4. Do you remember the (awful) ABA basketballs you could get at Marathon gas stations? Made of vinyl and became rock hard in the winter (when we all played outdoors year round). My uncle ran a Marathon station and I got all kinds of merchandise (posters, cups, stickers...). Speaking of that, the Marathon Scoreboard at the colusseum and a chosen winner got 25 gallons of that good Marathon gas (in Jerry Baker's voice). With the merger, perhaps the shrewdest business deal in the history of sports was what the two guys that owned the Spirits of St. Louis did when the merger occurred....
  5. At the end of the season I would have said "B.S." to anyone saying we wouldn't add a single portal player. Of course, we didn't know Reneau would be a Hoosier at that time. I do have a few concerns - firstly being any significant improvement will rely heavily on freshmen contributions and/or really big strides from returning players. At least this incoming class includes two highly ranked players - never a guarantee but chances are higher that they can be impact players. Going forward it'll be interesting to see how much we exploit the portal versus traditional recruiting.
  6. TL:DR - I have zero interest in pro basketball regardless of how talented the teams are and the "portal" & NIL is pushing cbb in that direction. I developed my love of the game at age 10 or 11, exclusively as an ABA Pacers fan. Conjecture about George McGinnis going to the Pacers out of IU is when I first paid any attention to college ball. Then when the 74-75 team was kickin' butt, I became a fan and never waivered. Unfortunately the ABA teams got shafted in the merger and all four were basically forced to start from scratch. Combine that with so many whizzed away opportunuties and bad decisions and they became a door mat and my interest in pro ball was tempered. Perobably I liked IU & the Pacers initially was because they won championships. In today's NBA it's effectively a miracle for a small market team to catch the breaks and challenge for titles (i.e. alignment of the stars). The NBA is obviously driven by money and thus ratings. My perception is the league cares only about stars and ratings. I've always hated the preferential treatment big name players get. There have been times that I wondered if the NBA was fixed, but now I just don't give a crap about it. (one more thing: I hate going to NBA games with all the loud music and sideshow distractions). NBA players are indeed way more talented than college players. I've seen NBA guys play and fantasized about having just one player that good on IU. Another thing is my belief that college players just don't play the game as well as players did in the past, even though they are physically superior (on average) today. My guess is that NIL is going to turn off a lot of fans of teams that don't have success with it and/or from the free agency period, err, portal. Fans of successful teams will continue being fans.
  7. Got a chance to try on my desktop computer. It definitely appears to be Javascript related. In Firefox (not chrome based) changing pages only works when js is disabled - re-enable it and the problem returns. Same behavior in Edge (chrome based). As IUFLA mentioned, when js is disabled I can't reply. As I've mentioned, the problem for me didn't exist Saturday before noon but began later that day and has never occurred on another site that uses the same forum software.
  8. I think what happens is that when a sport begins alienating fans, they (fans) lose interest or walk away unless their team is winning. I, too, have lost all interest in the NBA & MLB and I doubt I'll ever care again.
  9. And the problem returned? (looking at your more recent reply in the dwb thread). It occurs on all android browsers for me, whether I'm logged in or not (I can leave "likes" while logged in).
  10. Not sure which thread this issue should be posted in, but the issue I mentioned earlier today isn't exactly like the one dwb started in this thread - I can leave "likes" (just did so on IUFLA's post I am quoting. For the record I experience this problem on all of my android browsers (via, brave, duckduckgo, and firefox). It also persists after clearing <everything> or when I'm not logged in. The problem started for me yesterday afternoon/evening but everything worked normally earlier in the day.
  11. Yep. I'm experiencing the same issue. I'm using android and tried a couple of different browsers with no difference in behavior. BTW, the problem doesn't happen on BTB which seems to run the same forum software.
  12. "Sports figures" - maybe not all atletes or humans? Any famous race horses from Indiana? Dan Patch? 🏇 or any others?
  13. Started paying attention to IU basketball as a kid around 1973, primarily because of George McGinnis and the hope he'd end up with the Pacers (they were my #1 interest then). Really got into IU with the 74-75 season. Most memorable season was probably the 80-81 one, mostly because of how that team just became an absolute juggernaut as the tourney began. The day of the final was insane with IU playing for the title and a presidential assasination attempt earlier in the day.
  14. I'm pleased to know there are others who use that acronym...
  15. Agree that Geronimo is much more than HP ever showed, but at the same time it feels like many are valuing him much more on potential. Sometimes those players blossom, sometimes they just don't.
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