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  1. It seems the packline defense (at least how we play it) is designed to force the opponent to make unguarded shots.
  2. Well, to be sure, the elder Mr. Smith has shown a negative attitude in the past...
  3. 3 seasons, post-CTC, and does anyone believe the program is in better shape than it was then? I sure as hell don't.
  4. 3 years in and it's not his roster? Sorry, not buying that excuse.
  5. I didn't know the vanilla Granville Waiters plays fur Purdoo?
  6. I wonder- how many times has ESPN mentioned the damning allegations against LSU & Will Wade? (I'm guessing 0)
  7. Fisch just said Race got a haircut as well.
  8. His ball handling has certainly gotten better. A year ago I would cringe whenever he put it on the floor, but he's had several occasions this season where he brought the ball up the floor (and made the pass in the frontcourt). His drives are frustrating to me. He'll have one like we saw yesterday and then we don't see it again for the rest of the game. Everyone on this team needs a jumper (not to mention the ability to finish around the rim). Purely speculation, but I wonder if Justin just has a passive mindset? IDK
  9. I have no answer to that question. What I can say is that Hunter is the only player in the past 3 seasons that has shown real improvement as the season progressed - and let's face it, a big part of it was him needing to re-acclimate to playing competitive basketball again. Green is who he is. Al busts his butt, but continues to make the same mistakes as last year. Rob? He's sort of an enigma to me, he's definitely our best PG option but still makes too many poor decisions. DeRon is so limited and hampered by the various injuries. Smith is probably a perfect example of an athlete with the physical tools to be very good but can't get 'em out of the toolbox, he's a smart kid and great student but I don't think he's a natural basketball player. Brunk is limited physically, but probably has as good of a work ethic as there is on the team, in yesterday's game he was faced with his kryptonite - trying to guard players like the Wesson's who stretch out to the 3-point range. Damezi, hate to say it but he's our homegrown Evan Fitzner - a scorer who struggles to get points. As we did our post-season autopsy of last season, I recall commenting that by year 3 there are no more excuses for mediocre play. I really don't care who recruited this player or that one. Archie's job is to put a competitive team on the floor. He needs to assemble the roster to do that and he is the boss. If there are players on the roster that don't fit the scheme or lack the ability, he needs to either send them on their way or put them at the end of the bench and play guys that can/will contribute. Beyond the holdovers and CTC recruits, it's CAM's roster. Like Bum Phillips said about the NFL, it stands for "Not for Long" and while I believe Archie will be here for most if not all of his contract, he's in a hole and it's not getting any shallower.
  10. I think most would agree that Jerome has shown steady progress as the season has unfolded and he may be the only player on the roster that we could say that about. I don't know if he's ready to be a starter, but it's definitely debatable. I had a thought yesterday that struck me as a pretty strong indictment of the rest of our roster: if he continues his upward trajectory (and not even needing to make a huge further improvement), Jerome and Trayce could be the best players on the roster at the end of the season. Think about it - our best two players are guys that never played in a college basketball game before this season began. That's really not a glowing review of our seniors, juniors, or sophomores.
  11. Yea, if we play like these last two games we'll probably get pounded.
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