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  1. Many years ago I heard Pete Rose talking about this. He felt players needed a "little fat" to cushion their muscles and bones. He pointed to two things: todays finely tuned players could never play the way he did without getting injured (head first flying slides & collisions) and cited how guys like Eric Davis at the time had no body fat and were amazing athletes but got injured often. I also think sometimes players just aren't as tough at playing through aches and pains like they used to be - particularly at the professional level (I have no proof of that).
  2. As always with a coaching change, my definition of "great" will be different for this season than what it would be traditionally. Truthfully I don't know what to expect and I'm going to be much less focused on wins than how we are coached and play. I want to to see energy and effort along with evidence of significant individual and team improvement - from last season AND as the upcoming season progresses. As long as we're a difficult team for opponents to beat and the games are fun to watch it'll be a success in my book. Moving forward, in the future, we need to be in the running for B10 championships, winning the conference tournament and advancing to at least the S16 on a yearly basis.
  3. We (apparently, as I recall) were upset about the game we ended up in - most on here seemed to feel we got shafted by the bowl committee (otherwise if the outback bowl is a first-rate bowl why all the bitching?). We looked outmatched down by 2 touchdowns. Remember the game thread for that game? Desperate comeback aside who was satified with that game. Too many jumped on a mirage wagon last season, IMO.
  4. Let's face it, last season was a fluke and we still got embarrassed in a second-rate bowl game. That said, no reason to make changes at the top - we'll just get another coordinator/assistant coach level replacement.
  5. "Illegal touching" That's a PSU tradition!
  6. Wasn't there a mayor of Muncie named Harry Balz? If I recall correctly, they had a contest a few years ago to name some new building and he was the hands-down winning name, but ignored the voting and went with another name. Regarding the Lipps name, I worked a guy at Carrier named Pherman Lipps - he was a big UK fan and we never saw eye-to-eye on anything. EDIT: It was in Fort Wayne and the man's name was Baals
  7. Had a girl in my graduating class with that last name. Ironically she got pregnant when we were seniors..😵
  8. lol. I just heard that one on Bob & Tom this morning... I heard of a kid who had the unfortunate name Peter Eder...
  9. Dang! I thought they DID get it for that. Just looked up the list of official instances it was given - 5 times total (2 basketball, 1 football).
  10. Because apparently with the NCAA the death penalty is reserved for violations that include actual death?
  11. Robin was good friends with Joe Brunk (Joey's dad), before he died. He had great stories about travelling with the Pacers as a young pup, to things George McGinnis did as a HS football player, to all his connections in open wheel racing. There haven't been many like him!
  12. You do know the purdue free board has a thread they constantly update about the number of days it's been since we beat them - then they accuse any IU fan who posts of being "obsessed". Lol
  13. I have personally known two guys named Mike Hunt, and have heard of a third that played HS ball in Southern Indiana (New Albany?) One of the two I knew would have to be paged over the PA system in the factory where we worked. When one of the ladies in the office were doing the paging, they enunciated it a Michael Hunt, very carefully. The maintenance supervisor would page him by alternate name: "Your P*ssy"
  14. On a more serious note, I like that Woodson discussed how much the offense needed to improve from where it was when he was hired. I noted that our returning sophomores weren't really putting it in the hole (likely because of last year's coaching).
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