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  1. Every team has 3 point shooters.... except us.
  2. I agree on all counts. I think the staff should/will use this experience as a yardstick to see which players show the effort and desire. BTT, NCAA, or NIT - If you can't or won't bring it now, when will you? I know there is an amount of conditioning and strength training that needs to be done in the off season, but God knows there's alot of improvement needed regarding basketball skills (3-pt and FT shooting).
  3. Gordon, hands down. Also, he was more suited to go pro because of his physical maturity.
  4. I believe that for some highly rated players, their goals are bigger than getting to the NBA and getting that contract - they aspire to being stars. I have no idea what RL's ultimate motivation is or what his plans are. I will say that from what I've seen, I don't know if he has the personality and drive to become a star, nor whether those traits can be learned. If he wants to thrive in the NBA he has quite a bit to improve on and he has to recognize that and then decide where he wants to do it. My guess is staying another year would be more fun and less stressful, but maybe it's not in his eyes. All that said, if he's currently truly 50/50, It almost certainly means he's gone - there'll be too much hype and allure to turn down once he begins the evaluation process.
  5. Your only failing is maybe being a bit too optimistic - you never represented yourself as having inside info or that your opinion was inarguable. Crow not needed.
  6. Going forward I'm sure somehow we'll find a way to become optimistic for next season before practice begins in the Fall. I have to admit that I'm getting tired of expecting/hoping for players with certain "deficiencies" to improve over the summer, only to see the SOS the next season. At some time it has to stop. As I've mentioned before, I hope as a group we spend a lot more time on shooting (including FT's) and less time on our off-season mega gym class stuff (jumping contests, bodybuilding, etc - stuff that has yet to translate to winning games).
  7. That would be beautiful. But, I don't want to put huge expectations on the kid or any other incoming player.
  8. If Jerome Hunter can get beyond his medical issues and get back to full health, I think we'll all be thrilled. Not only for what it may mean to the team but for him personally.
  9. I'd like to add, now that the Brooks' are part of the UK "family" I'm sure they'll be paying close attention to social media and message boards and I hope they enjoy what they read when UK is eventually bounced out of the tournament...IU fans are rank amateurs at over reacting compared to that lot.
  10. Yes. I honestly think one mistake Archie has made is focusing on this "locking the borders" nonsense. If an Indiana kid is focused on being a one and done, he's not what we need right now - and certainly isn't ideal for building and establishing a "culture". It's been said many times, but kids like Romeo and Keion are a gamble - and if you're not capable of reloading with a fresh one or two every year they can be counter productive to building (or in our case rebuilding) a program.
  11. If the main criteria is being "ready", he's got a ways to go. Being ready can encompass polishing your skills and eliminating your weaknesses so that either you are good enough to contribute as an NBA player or you've become as good as you're going to get in college. Romeo needs to get better at several things and definitely can improve greatly with another year or two at the collegiate level. Of course for others being ready is just getting in a position to be drafted (as high as possible). Experience has shown that the lure of guaranteed $$$ wins out most of the time. Personally I hate seeing players leave just because of money and the magical "potential". Admittedly my interest is primarily whats best for IU, but it's always a shame to see a guy flame out when his chances would have better if he spent more time in college. When I think of guys like McGinnis or Thomas - those guys were "ready" and were big time pro players almost immediately. A guy like Haston was't going to get any better and it made sense to grab the money while he could. Romeo fits into neither of those situations. That said, it's got to be very hard to pass up big money.
  12. Congrats on the avatar upgrade. Gone is the loudmouth, marginal IU player and coach ... replaced by a big time player, academic all-American, NCAA championship contributor and all around class dude. Nice !
  13. I agree 100%. Archie and the staff need to pursue (and land) the players that are best for the success of the program (read: winning now and in the future) - not just winning a P.R. battle for in state players. I have no problem with emphasizing recruits from in state, but if there are better fits beyond the borders, so be it. I'd say that we're getting to the point where the staff have pretty much caught up and had the chance to get in early on future players. All other things being fairly equal, grab the players that WANT to come here, contribute, and be a part of the program and culture (over the prima donnas that can't decide and have to string everyone along for months and months).
  14. I've stated before that we need players that are talented, but just as importantly promote the building of a "culture" and stability. A recruit that makes his choice primarily based on who can get him to the pros the fastest just isn't what we need at this juncture. I really like the idea of "locking down the borders", but honestly want the best/right players on the team. I'm not sure what to make of statements some "insiders" on this and other forums have made alluding to KBJ assuring the staff that he was coming to IU. It was probably B.S., but if true I sure hope we didn't let up on the recruiting trail based on something along those lines. Still, based on everything we've been led to believe with this recruitment it seems like KBS may be the one steering junior to the south. If that's the case, it doesn't really speak well to Schilling's recruiting prowess, especially if the one guy that knows him well isn't sold.
  15. Has KBJ even had an official visit to MSU? I remember a few months ago MSU canceled his visit, then a week or so ago he was supposed to go the day after his pUKe visit, but bailed on that. The idea of a recruit making up his mind at the very last second is kind of funny. The kids go through months and months of visits, texts, phone calls, etc. and then basically toss a coin at the last minute.
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