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  1. I agree. Not only is the product on the floor unsatisfactory, but any upward trajectory is minor. Couple that with recruiting - failure to get players that thrive and excel under CAM & stagnant momentum, and we're where we're at. Mediocre with little prospect of notable improvement. CAM is a good coach, but apparently not one who can consistently achieve at the highest level of competition. Perhaps he can coach a team to an occasional S16 or E8, but no further or with consistency. CTC is in a similar category (more due to recruiting than coaching IMHO). Coaches of such caliber g
  2. Leal looks like a compact version of Race.
  3. Thanks. I'm not an X's & O's student by any means, but the description sounds like it's not a variation of the "packline D" ("forcing play toward the baseline and dogged on-ball pressure") - and that is encouraging.
  4. Out of curiosity because I have no idea, but what are the changes he made to their defense?
  5. Reading the Forde column about Drew got me thinking that a possible plan of attack would be to wait until Stevens' season is over and go all out to hire him. If he is convinced, you have your grand slam and gladly pay the bail for CAM. If that fails, begin putting feelers out for Drew (and others). By the time next season is complete you save the million$ and have a good handle on who you can get. I'm not advocating this, but it's a strategy I can envision being preferred by TPTB. P.S. I have to think there's a good chance that through serious, concerted inquiry Stevens' interest
  6. I got the impression that they were friendly, but perhaps there was a personality clash. I talked with Joe occasionally and he didn't lack for opinions - he thought Crean was an absolute dipsh*t, lol. Maybe it was just rivalry. He told me how he was responsible for bringing Bob Lamey to Indy from Carolina before he became "Hockey Bob". Has some funny comments about Chet Coppick (and his arrogance) too. Since his passing I've wondered what happened to his collection of tapes - he told me he a ton of them from games he called and wanted to transfer them to digital formats. The tapes probab
  7. By all accounts Clis was a good guy. Former PU football announcer Joe McConnell lived a few houses down from me until his passing. He and Fisch had an interesting relationship. Don gave him a bottle of nice liquor at his retirement, Joe's wife ended up with it because it wasn't Joe's preferred beverage. lol
  8. While it seems almost pointless to play in a meaningless tourney (IMO), I'd be OK with it. I'm a cheapskate and am paying $65/mo for Youtube TV solely to watch IU basketball games. I'm paid up through the end of March, so I want to get my dang money's worth!
  9. He may also consider potential for injury. Get hurt next year and lose 1 year of earnings and see your stock drop. That said, beyond the desire to play professionally and put some schekels in his wallet, IMO TJD is far from ready to be a NBA level contributor.
  10. Oh boy! That would open an interesting bag o' worms. CAM and possibly some assistants (?) have incentives in his/their contracts for making and advancing in the tourney.
  11. Don Fischer gave a nice tribute to him. It sounded like he choked up a bit at the end as nothing was said for at least 5 seconds.
  12. Disappointment has been supplanted by indifference....
  13. Potential (realistic) that UM could be the team to preserve the '76 teams claim to last undefeated season. I would gladly pull for them in that instance.
  14. "We came, we tried, we went home" 🏆
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