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  1. Zuckerkorn

    A few things...

    We know Romeo will be a major contributor and we've heard that Hunter has been impressing Romeo with his play. Now it sounds like Robert P will be able to contribute this season as well. With Juwan, McBob, Green, AD, and Smith returning as experienced players I think we've got a fantastic shot at being much better than a lot of outsiders think. Also, much thanks to SS for the insight. Most of us have to go on what we read or hear and it's great to have people that have real info to keep us accurately informed.
  2. Zuckerkorn

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    I think perhaps the funniest thing is the part about paying for the damage and the NCAA rules. Lol
  3. Zuckerkorn

    Podcast with Coach Miller

    Good info and summary. I'm curious if FT shooting was mentioned?
  4. Zuckerkorn

    Trendon Watford

    I'm a bit surprised to be honest. Then again, I don't really know jack squat about where we stand with any of these plyers.
  5. No doubt Chuck was made into a whipping boy. Mark Monteith interviewd Chuck and the subject of the famous "Pudue Jack" show came up. As I recall, it was Chuck Marlowe that got called on the carpet by the higher ups. But he didn't speak negatively about Bob at all. I remember some of the Monday night radio shows when Don was trying to do his job and Knight would be eating or remain silent for extended periods of time (apparently doing something else). It was often pretty amusing and Don took it well, but there were times he clearly was frustrated. One other thing that used to kind of bother me: I went to several of the tip off luncheons at the Indy convention center. After the coach had spoken about the team and upcoming season, they'd have a microphone where audience members could pose questions. If Bob didn't think much of the question, he'd give the fan a not so gentle dressing down. It was like how he often responded to reporters, but these were fans with genuine questions. That was when I began to acknowledge some of the chinks in his armor.
  6. As some of these anectdotes attest, RMK had little interest in playing the recruiting games as it evolved and that, IMO, is a big reason we had begun to slip. While I can easily see why he didn't want to play in the increasingly dirty recruiting game, his stubborness to do so put us at a disadvantage - despite his coaching genius. I don't think it's unfair to question his commitment to some of his resposibilities. He was thoroughly disinterested in doing his radio and TV shows. And while it could be amusing for us (with the option to turn it off at any time), it was really disrespectful to the listeners/viewers and especially to those who were involved in a professional capacity (ex. Don Fischer and Chuck Marlowe).
  7. Clearly Knight's attitude and commitment to the program had really soured (he's said as much). He needed to leave and IU needed to go in a new direction. Unfortunately, because of the personalities involved it couldn't be an amicable parting and had to occur with a lot of acrimony. Knight came really close to leaving for NM back around '88 or '89. I've wondered how different history may have been if he had left. We'd won 2 titles in the last 8 seasons and were without a doubt still one of the 3 most "elite" programs at the time. Obviously we can never know. I'm not so sure RMK isn't a lot like Larry Brown as far as being able to exist in one job for long. I was a big fan of the man, even bought tickets and went to his 50th birthday 'party' at Market Square Arena. I followed the old "he may be a SOB, but he's our SOB" philosophy, but knew it was time for him to go when it all hit the fan.
  8. Zuckerkorn

    Zeke Nnaji

    Plot twist: Mr. & Mrs. Nnaji are Amway reps...
  9. Zuckerkorn

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    I have to say if I were an Iowa fan with hopes for TJD, knowing that he had an in-home with the perceived leader school (in state school no less), it wouldn't be cause for optimism.
  10. Zuckerkorn

    Armaan Franklin Commits to IU

    Yes, I noticed that too. When purdue has a good team, I've noticed that posters on IU boards generally acknowledge it. That place (B&G) will never concede anything good about IU (Archie is already a bad coach, Romeo is way over rated, etc) - it's pretty classic little brother behavior.
  11. Zuckerkorn

    Armaan Franklin Commits to IU

    It was actually an instgram post from last month. Armaan and TJD were at an event and TJD said "Indiana needs to show this guy some love". This would seem to indicate the two have a positive relationship. I thought it was screencapped in this thread (?) but is definitely included in the thread on AF at BTB (posted by 'Stromboli').
  12. Zuckerkorn

    Armaan Franklin Commits to IU

    Of all the things mentioned over the last few days I think the tweet from TJD might be the most suggestive about Franklin's fate.
  13. Yes. And that is exactly why I mentioned him. We always talk about potential career ending injuries as to why a player should jump from college to the NBA, the same applies to H.S. to NBA decisions.
  14. I think there were several of those straight to the NBA guys that ended up doing pretty well without living up to lottery pick expectations. I'd also point to the Pacers boat anchor Jonathan Bender - he never lived up to much of anything because of chronic knee problems, but he got his chance and had at least two really nice contracts. Maybe wishful thinking, but what if they get rid of the one and done rule by next years draft? You could have a few HSer's along with the top performers from college vying for the top 10 slots in the draft. Could that influence Romeo to stay a year and then come out as a higher pick the next year (i.e. not be competing against two young draft classes - 2018 & 2019)?
  15. Zuckerkorn

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I get the sense that we are definitely still in the Stewart sweepstakes. IMO, Hurt is a long shot (at best). I don't know if it's a given that we'll be bringing in 4 players. There's probably a chance Romeo comes back for a sophomore season - but that will likely hinge on how this coming season goes. If he has a great season that would likely ensure he goes pro, if he performs below some lofty expectations he may return for a second year. Either way, it would be a win-win. Heck, if you've read the silly season prediction thread on the purdue board, Romeo is not very good and we'll probably get him for four years, LOL.