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  1. Merits of this issue aside, IMO if people think things aren't "fair" today it would only get worse if this proposal becomes the norm.
  2. After I read this thread it got me to thinking about the players that came out of Indy. You named the great Billy Keller, but for much of the last 50 years IU has really done very well at getting many of the best players - that is up until the Mike Davis tenure and forward (EJ is the only McD player since then ?). I'm sure part of it is the changing landscape of college BB, but hopefully Archie can start harvesting the best from Marion County moving forward.
  3. The Van Arsdales (Manual HS), Randy Wittman (Ben Davis), Landon Turner (Arsenal Tech) are several that were very good players at IU.
  4. I believe I read that Garcia's HS has homecoming the same weekend as HH and he won't be taking any visits at that time, but will schedule one with us at some other date.
  5. All I can say is I'm glad we have Rob P. Extremely underrated coming in and, IMHO, he showed he's a quality PG when healthy last year.
  6. Yep. That team really lacked shooters. Last years team was a painfully reminiscent of that Vonleh team (something that should never happen, IMO).
  7. I have to say that this news doesn't shock me. I also don't consider that type of offense to be "criminal" considering all the legalized gambling in the state and country. But, like the FBI probe, if somebody is making $$$ without the government getting their cut you'd better watch out. That said, it was illegal activity and those involved (including JH) certainly knew that, so they will have to pay the piper. The worst part is that an ex-IU player will always have career opportunities in Indiana and doing something like this will eliminate a lot of those going forward for Hillman.
  8. Hmmm. Certainly one of two positions many posters have been clamoring to add. Also, if we would be lucky enough to land him, he'd be our highest ranked 2020 recruit (thus far).
  9. It's interesting to see what what other fanbases are discussing. That board is full of some of the most delusional fans around - it's like gawking at a train wreck.
  10. During this slow period (except the the last 24 hours) here, I was looking around and took a peek to see what our little brother message board up north was talking about. They have a thread about Carter Whitt in which someone joked about CAM getting recruiting info from their board, it was followed by a response from one of their regulars " To be fair I have a keen eye for incredible talent, I wouldn’t be shocked in the slightest to know he checks out my forum entries" . Not sure if serious, but considering some of the nonsense that gets said over there the fool may actually be serious.😲
  11. For any other nostalgic geeks: winamp whips the llama's a$$.
  12. During the past couple of decades the colts have been my alternative to so many disappointing BB seasons. Boy, I sure hope Archie can get things rolling ASAP because right now I don't see any reason to be optimistic about the colts in the foreseeable future. It seems like between IU basketball and the colts it's been constant waiting for the right coach, the great player, or an end to the injuries. I gave up on baseball decades ago, the NBA after that (and never got invested in IU football for obvious reasons). Something has go right eventually. Right?
  13. There are a few posters that do seem to favor 'negatives', lol.
  14. I find the part about overseas recruiting very interesting. I don't know if there's another team in the B10 that has, historically, done as poorly as us in bringing in -quality- players from outside America. It seems a lot of teams have really improved themselves by adding players from Europe, Australia, etc., especially when it comes to bigs and good shooters. There will be times that the state of Indiana just doesn't have an abundance of those types of players and the ones nationally may be bound for the UKs, Dukes, NCs, and Kansassss of the CBB world. Just look at what Few has done at Gonzaga with players that were from overseas. I'll take a little of that action.
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