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  1. I agree that it can take time for a coach to establish his system & develop a successful program. Certainly many things didn't work out as the staff had intended from injuries to player development. I do believe that any "honeymoon" is either over or near it's end - not saying we're anywhere near the point of calling for a change, but 2 full seasons and a couple of recruiting cycles have passed and I think we can expect to see some improvement in results. I didn't read that entire article, but I note that it was written by a reporter from Louisville so there could be a bit of an agenda involved like everything in the news media these days. This team is in a really strange place right now in that it's hard to gauge what to expect next season. The incoming freshman class isn't large or highly touted, yet looks to be solid, albeit with the uncertainty freshman players always bring. We have no returning star players, that is players who were consistent performers previously. What we do have are a mix of players that have shown flashes of solid play, a couple of guys that were slowed by injury last year and a guy with great promise covered in uncertainty. I find it hard to even know what to expect - things could go either way. No one has reason to feel we're going to challenge for the B10 title, but I guess the most realistic approach is to be patient and hope for the best. Unfortunately, premature negativity and demand for immediate results comes with the territory of being a traditionally successful program. Fans have a right to be disappointed and feel impatient, but I'll never understand the people who constantly gripe and complain while making repetitive absolute comments about the program. If I ever felt that angry and negative about something I'd take a couple of steps back and find something else to focus on. Finally, I have to say that Feathery's post has one of the best Fraudian autocorrects (in this context) in changing 'Archie" to 'anarchies'. lol 😁
  2. That sounds right. I'm pretty sure he played with McGinnis & Downing on that monster 1969 Washington team. I remember he played for the Pacers for a bit and then later saw his name (or someone with the same name) as the personnel guy at RCA in Indy. Maybe unrelated or grandfather? I'm not turned off by a small point guard. Wasn't that TumTum guy we missed on sub-six foot too? If the kid can play hard, smart, and has outstanding vision and quickness I see little downside.
  3. I wonder if the kid is related to Wayne Pack?
  4. The NCAA is purely a business-first organization (and a profitable one at that). Any role in policing rules and ensuring fair play is very much secondary and that's only as long as it doesn't interfere with the primary objective ($$). The only way they would adjust their priorities would be if the income stream were threatened. The only threats would be from the member institutions or their broadcast partners - both of whom are sharing in the profits (again, not going to act against their own interests). It's like one of my favorite sayings: "When all is said and done, much is said and nothing is done." With the serious rule violations revealed by the FBI investigations, the NCAA can do nothing and face little to no consequences. Recently someone posted a humorous, yet accurate, description of the NCAA: they're just the party planner for March Madness.
  5. RJ really seems to be shining this summer and has me intrigued. Kind of has a Bracey Wright / Deron Williams scenario feel. It appears he could end up being the better player (and I did want Morton).
  6. Oh FFS, it wasn't a "shot" at all. The list in the article had several (almost all in fact) players that wouldn't be considered elite. Guys rated 100+ is where CAM's UD players were (I was guessing, thus the question mark). Maybe Archie's UD teams were composed of all 1 or 2 star players, I don't know but I figured they were pretty good considering the success he had with them.
  7. Interesting. 2020 looks to be a class of solid, if not spectacular, recruits. Maybe more like players the Dayton program relied on? If they're players who will fit and flourish in CAM's system I'm on board.
  8. No kidding! He's going to miss out on "getting to enjoy the process" too.
  9. I don't think it's solely because of that meaningless tweet - a couple of days ago another message board "expert" raised the Brooks possibility (as unlikely as it may be).
  10. You're technically right about the 2019 class, but there's a very good possibility (likely IMO) that the roster for next year is set. That's fine with me as it means the staff knows who they have and can prepare accordingly. It seems that this affords us the opportunity to fully assess Archie's coaching ability. Not necessarily expecting a top 3 finish in the B10, but to see solid and consistent play. If we get beat playing well but the other team has more talent or experience, so be it. But excuses for players needing to learn the system, uncertainty over the roster or bad attitude from certain players won't cut it. I really hope we avoid more injuries so we can eliminate that excuse. I've really believed in CAM's ability and knowledge of the game. Now I want to see some convincing evidence.
  11. I still have to wonder if some of that was because of the relationship between Schilling and daddy Brooks..
  12. Amen. It's why I doubt Brad Stevens will ever come back to college coaching.
  13. Sadly the free IU board over there is equally awful. I like to read opponent's message boards to see what they're saying about things but I don't participate or pay for premium access. It's a shame how few B10 teams have decent free boards.
  14. He may have many outstanding traits as a basketball player, but decisiveness doesn't appear to be one of them.😯
  15. Yep. Morton doesn't appear to be the dead-eye shooter we desperately need, but seems to be the gritty, smart, team player we could also use. Purdue is on a roll both on the court and recruiting trail so kudos to them. After reading this morning about the likely commitment to Purdue, against my better judgement I decided to see what the GBI board was saying and predictably it couldn't stay on track about getting a prized recruit but devolved into claims of coach Miller being a child molester. I understand why StBoiler has to come here.
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