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  1. Zuckerkorn

    Indiana Maryland POST GAME

    Caution: Rambling post, lacking in dread and dismay: Coming into the season, we as good fans, were optimistic for several reasons: a highly ranked 5-star freshman and another who was reported to look very good coming in as well as an under ranked one and a couple of other quality recruits, Race being healthy with a season to acclimate and prepare physically, Green with 12 months to learn, a 5th year senior who we believed would be a deadeye 3 point shooter, a returning senior who would compete for POY honors in the B10. Yet, most saw us a likely second to fourth place team (best case). Multiple injuries with significant time lost to those players, not only resulting them not playing but also retarding their development have plagued us right from the opening week. Green not showing the improved maturity we hoped for and Fitzner only being a good contributor for the first few games before becoming more of a detriment than an asset. Objectively these are reasons for our "ceiling" to be lowered a notch or two. The good news is Morgan has been excellent, Romeo has largely lived up to his billing, Rob was really beginning to acclimate well to being a D1 PG prior to his concussion, Justin has begun to play very well on the defensive end and play within himself at the offensive end, Al has shown flashes of what we hope he will become, and Deron has provided some good minutes despite coming off a serious injury. As others have noted, we have an improved record and overall better defensive rankings. One thing we are going to be "stuck" with is not having anyone who can defend big, strong, inside players. We just don't have that kind of player on the roster. I think that the Miller defensive principles can ideally deal with big guys, but right now we can't with a lack of talent (experience) up front. I don't know if big guys are something that Archie will recruit into his vision of play. Heck, when's the last time we had a dominating post presence? Cody? Hopefully, our other inconsistent facet (shooting) can improve. TL:DR Our optimistic hopes have to be adjusted due to several factors (some beyond the coaches control), but all is not lost. My hope is that as we get healthier, and the freshmen get more experience under their belts we can get on a roll in the second half of the conference season with a favorable schedule. P.S. I wholely agree that we need to get Moore, Anderson, and Forrester some minutes that a couple of other players are getting.
  2. Zuckerkorn

    Indiana Maryland POST GAME

    Indeed. Disappointing losses but all things considered, things aren't as bad as some of what was said in the game thread.
  3. Zuckerkorn

    Indiana Maryland POST GAME

    I think we have enough data on Green & Fitzner to know that this is what they are. Fitz is a senior, so there's no reason for him to play and hope he improves - I have to think Moore and Forrester (when healthy) need to get his minutes. As Rob gets back in shape, that will (hopefully) reduce Green's "impact", but he is still going to get minutes. Smith has slowly, but surely, begun to be a consistent contributor. I think Al will too over the rest of the season.
  4. Zuckerkorn

    IU @ Maryland Game Thread

    That Cowan kid kept them in thw game in the first half - he killed us.
  5. Zuckerkorn

    IU @ Maryland Game Thread

    In Fitzner, McRoberts, and Green one gave us zero and two gave us less than zero.
  6. Zuckerkorn

    IU @ Maryland Game Thread

    I doubt you'd know good coaching if it bit you on the arse.
  7. Zuckerkorn

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    And according to some reports MSU isn't in Stewart's top three.
  8. Zuckerkorn

    Ethan Morton (2020)

    I know only what I've read on message boards, but I can't help but feel this is a kid that would be a huge addition to the team. It's great that Archie has been reeling in the best from Indiana, but we must always be open to other players. After all, where is our current best player from?
  9. Zuckerkorn

    Thoughts on the Slow Starts?

    I feel reassured that Archie mentioned the "too many perimeter jump shots" problem. It's something I've been complaining about (i.e. everybody seems to have the green light to chuck it up anytime they're open). He's addressed the slow starts, and the poor FT shooting a few weeks ago. I love the fact that the coach sees and comments on the same issues I (believe I) see. Now if he just addresses the need for a deadeye shooter.....
  10. Zuckerkorn

    Justin Smith’s dad last night

    What's so confounding is that Mr. Smith is publicly griping while his son is actually starting, getting lots of PT, and showing real improvement since the beginning of the year. It seems like he (dad) is focused on scoring. Perhaps he is also more focused on Justin's stats and professional prospects than that of his total improvement and success as well as that of the team.
  11. Zuckerkorn

    Justin Smith’s dad last night

    It's certainly a consideration. But, if a player with two full years of major college experience (as a starter no less) can't outplay a freshman, either he's just not that good or the young.guy is outstanding.
  12. Zuckerkorn

    IU at Michigan POST GAME

    As a guy who has experienced back problems much of my life (beginning at 19 while roofing), I know if your back isn't right it will affect everything you do. When the back issues with McRoberts first came out, I figured it was probably the strain/spasms injury that young guys can get over pretty quick. He was out of the lineup and practice much too long for that, so I'd bet it's something more significant. As mentioned earlier, he's not the same player as last year.
  13. Zuckerkorn

    Illinois Postgame Thread

    Agree. He's been gradually settling in over the past few games.
  14. Zuckerkorn

    Illinois Pre-Game

    I have Hulu live for the basketball season. Generally, the picture and reliability has been good. In fact, when watching some of the bowl games over the past week I found the stream from Hulu to be much better than the ones directly from the ESPN app. Being able to "record" the games is a nice plus as well. Overall I like it a bit better than PS Vue service. BTW I watch via Roku as well. Also, I "only" have a 30 MB download stream from ATT and it's been fine (solid as a rock with other things like Netflix).
  15. Zuckerkorn


    I think a RS for Hunter is a foregone conclusion, but didn't Thompson use a RS last year? Plus, didn't he play in a game this season?