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  1. Pretty much my thoughts have been posted by others already. As previously noted, RU showed how to stop us by physically pushing us around inside the paint and it will work as long as the b10 allows smashmouth basketball.
  2. That comment stood out to me. I imagined some PU or IL type seething when he said it, lol. One thing about the commentary that I found a bit amusing was the many times Bilas observed how it felt like our lead should be greater, but never delved into why that might be.
  3. Watched the game this morning and haven't read anyone else's comments. Here's my take: 1. That was undoubtedly the most complete game we've played inseveral years. The players played hard, pretty smart and disciplined and showed poise & confidence. 2. That was a 20-point win. Officials called it in UNC's favor almost all night, but especially in the first half. I'm pretty sure if you examinethe refs luggage you'd find all three brought Carolina blue kneepads. Also, the beefy b10 ref that looks like a cop (Larry Serrano?) stinks. 3. I know if it's not broke, don't try to fix it, but Galloway >> Kopp. 4. Our defense was a thing of beauty. 5. JHS picked a good night to shine again. Perhaps he's a PTP'er?
  4. Some good, some bad, and some spectacular. I suspect this game will provide some good teaching points for the coaching staff.
  5. With TJD out you'd hope/expect X, Kopp, and Race to take up the slack - so far, that isn't the case.
  6. I'm really impressed with the fat guy - he has some skills and stamina for being 300+ pounds.
  7. This should be a game where the upperclassmen starters see limited minutes. Let's grab a nice lead and get Leal, Gunn, Duncomb, and Banks some significant PT.
  8. A win is always better than a loss....
  9. Wow! We tried to whizz it away at the line.
  10. I thought it was Rick Majerous jr..
  11. If Kopp never plays another game that'd be fine with me!
  12. OK let's just put skirts on the players and drink tea, jeez.
  13. wow! 3pt shooting is the only thing separating us.
  14. It feels likewe should be down by half a dozen or more - we're OK.
  15. Dang! That Kunkel dude has Monkey Pox...
  16. (Butthead voice): Hehehe he said beat off!
  17. Oh great, more purdoo content! 😆
  18. Yes. In a very tragic way - he was at a party, there was an argument, and some dude clocked him resulting inhis death.
  19. I'm pretty sure you are correct. I remember it the same.
  20. Tunein Radio web version or phone app. Search for WHCC (Bloomington) or WXVW (Louisville) have always worked for me.
  21. You DO know the definition of insanity?
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