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  1. Speaking of ND it is interesting that Danielle Patterson is not getting many minutes. Hannah is getting some playing time, not a lot. I am hoping either she or Ariel will develop.
  2. I think that as a junior and senior Mackenzie Holmes will be in the running for player of the year. Just has to focus, train, study, and practice an outside shot.
  3. OSU, mich, MSU, MD, all ranked in the top 20 nationally. Our ladies dropped two early games (UK whom we had beat and lost the 4th quarter like 17-2 and Tenn where we just played asleep). 2-0 so far in the big ten. It is a deep team. Hope we can focus and go far. Time will tell.
  4. In the Nebraska game I was impressed with 22, 23, and 4 (as newcomers). cardano Hillary will be an interesting chess piece to mix in her shoot the ball mentality. Browne is very filled out for a high school senior and plays with that Will Sheahy chip on his shoulder. I think she may be amazing as an upper classman. Chloe looks to have length and quickness. Looked taller than 5’11” to me. The ladies have lost two games they should not have. Really folded the last ten minutes at KU and never got started at TN. Time to start a streak.
  5. Thanks, as always, Snowling. I was really disappointed in our 4th quarter at KY. So was everyone I suppose. It is a nice, albeit painful, lesson on 40 minutes and composure.
  6. So far so good, but stronger competition awaits. Both of our 6’5” guys played, I think their progress will be important. Patterson looked good I thought.
  7. Dominant win today. I do not know how good EKU is. Ariel and Hannah both played a few minutes. Waggoner had 9 boards in just 11 minutes. Chloe played a fair amount. No Kiendra Brown.
  8. I am really anxious to see the ladies. Wish they were on tv, at least an IU owned stream. Seems doable. Stream other sports as well.
  9. Wow. What an athlete. Mark Spitz, Lilly King, Don Sholander, et al. Amazing.
  10. I saw that article about her improving outside shot-both midrange and 3. It also said she was playing the 5 to Gulbe’s 4. I was hoping Hannah would start at 5. Maybe, as she continues to develop, she will add meaningful minutes off the bench.
  11. Fun. Easy to pick the lady from Spain- Cordano Hilary
  12. Thanks Snowling. Multiple brief snippets. There are a lot of posts on Men’s BB but much less on Women’s. I understand the earned revenue difference. I do enjoy watching the women play. I think we look really good on paper and I have very high hopes for a big ten championship. Then a deep ncaa run. Anyone have any news from any sites?
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