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  1. Thanks Snowling. Multiple brief snippets. There are a lot of posts on Men’s BB but much less on Women’s. I understand the earned revenue difference. I do enjoy watching the women play. I think we look really good on paper and I have very high hopes for a big ten championship. Then a deep ncaa run. Anyone have any news from any sites?
  2. Jssanto


    Who were the last two ladies? Hannah and then ? Also will someone name them in order just to be sure I am correct? I live where I am lucky to get radio games.
  3. Jssanto


    I saw this on another site. I sure hope the girls are training hard. Run, run stairs, and run.
  4. Anyone have info on Wisne. I don’t think she played at all last year. I would really like to see her play. Hannah played only mop up minutes so who know what to expect from our two 6’5” ladies.
  5. With the transfer out of Allen and the transfer in of 2 guards we seem awfully guard heavy. Patiberg, Penn, and Berger are returning starters. Waggoner was getting markedly increased minutes towards the end of the season. Wilson was adding several minutes each game. The two new guys are both listed as guards, That leaves Gulbe as the lone big returning starter. Holmes comes back with a lot of minutes but no one else. Hannah played minimal and Ariel Wisne not at all. Anybody have any thoughts?
  6. 1. Patiberg was on fire first half, about 20 points. 2. Penn hurt her ankle. She did come back in the game but was clearly limping. She has to play Saturday at 6. 3. Grace Waggoner is getting far more minutes the last few games than prior. Some of this is Bendu leaving but I think she may just be earning playing time via quality of her practice. She is a walk on.
  7. Nice second half ladies. Now for the tournament. Grace Waggoner is starting to get more minutes. Anyone I’ve thoughts?
  8. Nice lead after 3. we had the ball at the end of each of the first three quarters and have zero points to show for it. Hope that does not come back to haunt us.
  9. If you did not see this game, try and find a replay of the 4th quarter. we were on fire. Could not miss. I also enjoyed seeing Wise and Patberg with a brief interview after.
  10. Minn has two players that hit almost 50% from three and team is at 36%. Their record is medium but we will have to guard outside.
  11. Are IUWBB practices open to the public? Does anyone know how the two 6’ 5” freshmen are coming along?
  12. Why do we go thru these stretches where we can not generate an offense? Late against, Iowa and yesterday for example. Is this coaching? Player mental toughness? If we could correct this with a timeout or substitution pattern we could have a few more wins.
  13. Thanks for info. Big game for the ladies tonight. Good luck! This one is on BTN and I can watch
  14. Has Ariel Wisne been redshirted? Hannah Novoroske gets a few minutes at the end of games that are decided.
  15. If Holmes pays attention to nutrition, film rooms, training, etc I think she may be the best player we have ever had. She should really tally points.
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