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  1. ClusterHead

    Butler Postgame Thread

    As big of a shot that was out of a busted play, let’s not forget IU gets another big neutral court win and Purdue lost.
  2. ClusterHead

    Indiana-Butler Game thread

    Prayer answered! Big shot Rob strikes again!
  3. ClusterHead

    Indiana-Butler Game thread

    Also, how is that not a foul on that tie-up? Last time I checked, you can’t go through a player to get to the ball like that...
  4. ClusterHead

    Indiana-Butler Game thread

    What are with these offensive fouls?
  5. ClusterHead

    Indiana-Butler Game thread

    it didn’t look like the defender was set there, still jumping into the driving lane.
  6. ClusterHead

    Indiana-Butler Game thread

    You at the game? Those are great seats!
  7. ClusterHead

    Indiana-Butler Game thread

    That’s been an Achilles heel of the team this year. Hope that they turn it around but I just hate leaving points at the line
  8. ClusterHead

    Indiana-Butler Game thread

    I’m concerned about their ability to spread the floor and shoot. Close outs on their shooters are key...if we are out of control or even a step late getting a hand in the face of a shooter, it’s going to be a long game. We can not afford a slow start today and need to assert our will on the drives and through the low post with Morgan and Davis.
  9. ClusterHead

    UofL post game

    Mods, is it possible to like a comment more than once? Asking for a friend...
  10. ClusterHead

    MVP for the Louisville game?

    1a. Juwaan Morgan 1b. Romeo Langford 1c. Deron Davis 1d. Robert Phinisee 1e. Justin Smith (welcome back!)
  11. ClusterHead

    Penn St. Post game

    My thoughts on the game today: + Free throw shooting was much better tonight. Clutch misses made it close at the end though. + Phinisee played well tonight on the road in conference and is a freshman. Really like his upside. + Welcome to the game, Clifton Moore! He had a good showing in limited minutes...just needs to knock off the game rust if he keeps it up. + A good plus: it’s a road win in conference. Better plus: it’s a quadrant 1 win on the road. + We showed a few flashes of great offensive movement with several back cuts. Got to have more of that to counter aggressive defensive pressure. - Justin Smith still looks a little lost. Not sure what is going on but it looks to be between the ears. He needs to be eased into the game off of the bench to gain his confidence with other players getting more minutes. - Turnovers are still concerning. We need to be more forceful on skip passes and have to avoid lazy “going through the motions” passing. - MOVING SCREENS! All in all, a win is a win is a win. Happy to have the W, but still plenty of things to iron out.
  12. ClusterHead

    Penn State Game Thread

    Escape with a conference win on the road. On to the next one!
  13. ClusterHead

    Penn State Game Thread

    This should be PSU ball with 2.1 on the clock
  14. ClusterHead

    Penn State Game Thread

    Nice spread play there out of the timeout. Let’s hit these Fitz!
  15. ClusterHead

    Penn State Game Thread

    Get the ball in, get it across the timeline, hit our freebies and let’s go home