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  1. Ironically, this is the job of an ideal PG.
  2. Methinks the winds be swirling around Louisiana this afternoon
  3. +1 Among the big players in college basketball, I would’ve been shocked to see Beilein playing dirty. He seemed to build his teams the right way with great results. Overall, his jump to the NBA weakens the B1G and seemingly shines a light on just how out of control we perceive the world of college basketball recruiting to be.
  4. I’ll take “NCAA Recruits” for $200, Alex.
  5. The NCAA is a joke. History has shown that if you cooperate with them that they throw the book at you, but if you deny and obstruct you will be fine. Waiting on an NCAA investigation does not give me a whole lot of confidence...
  6. Is it possible he might fill a Matt Roth/Nick Zeisloft role on the team? It couldn’t hurt to have someone who can stretch a defense or shoot out of a zone that can create lanes for slashers to hit, right? I don’t know enough about him to form an opinion (not that it matters to anyone but me), but if he can hit 3s, play at a serviceable level from a pace/defensive standpoint, why not?
  7. Not surprising but sad to see. He showed flashes of promise and will be a solid player wherever he ends up. Good luck, Clifton!
  8. Saw another topic created at the same time. Mods, can we merge?
  9. Arizona State and St. John’s in before IU proves that the committee did a very poor job this year. I would’ve thought UNC Greensboro would make it in with the love for mid-majors this year before those two. And what good is the NET when you don’t even use it? Us being at 54 should have put us over teams with NET ratings of 63 (AZ State) and 73 (St. Johns)
  10. Committee was all over the place with these picks and seedings. One of the worst jobs I’ve seen in years. 3 PAC 12 teams? Are you kidding me?
  11. I show them as a 1/2 in the NIT. I didn’t expect us to make the big dance, but seeing some of the other teams making it (and the seed lines they are getting) is confusing
  12. This is another head-scratcher. Doesn’t bode well for us or instill confidence in the committee to do its job properly. A lot of “darts at a dart board” picks
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