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  1. Time for Archie to go. This team has the talent and means to be competitive but lacks leadership from the HC.
  2. 4th in the East would put us against most likely Illinois,Nebraska/Purdue, NW (interesting with Ramsey at the helm) in that order of likelihood in my opinion. 5-4 is a good goal for the season and should be good enough to get us bowling again this year
  3. Part of me wants to think that the powers that be in the B1G wanted to send a message to Nebraska...that schedule is brutal for them
  4. All I know is heads will start rolling when PSU starts the season 0-2! Hoosiers!!!!!
  5. That...is a killer lineup. If this comes to pass, then I’d have to pinch myself because a roster like that only comes together in a dream.
  6. Odd shake hands line there, makes me think Hoiberg was sick during the game hence him not coming out for the end of that one
  7. Said this in the NBA thread, but I think we are witnessing the last B1G game if not the last NCAA one of the season. Wouldn’t be surprised if the tournaments are cancelled tonight/tomorrow
  8. I believe that we are currently watching the last B1G game this year...and possibly the last NCAA game of the season. Wouldn’t be surprised to see tournaments cancelled after tonight.
  9. I would also consider Calbert Cheaney and Scott May for potential inclusion in our 3 man team.
  10. I’m not as high on this game for a few reasons: 1. It’s a road game and we’ve shown more consistency to lay an egg on the road rather than play up to potential. 2. It is a rivalry game at West Lafayette and the hostile crowd will be rocking. 3. Purdue has been in a slump recently but seems to find its panacea when it plays IU. 4. Archie has yet to beat Painter on the court, so it’s still a “prove it before I believe it scenario” Do I want us to win? Absolutely! Do I loathe all things train-related and the Purdue fanbase’s ability to chant “Boiler Up” in unison (wh
  11. If he is a type of player like Race, then I’d say he is more than welcome! Come on down!
  12. Don’t tell me what to do, sir! I reserve the right to irrationally fly off the handle at the mere mention of bad tidings or foul slight as per my IU basketball traditional upbringing dictates! 😃😜
  13. Visions of Lander-Phinisee-Trayce working the high-low game with the slashers we have on the roster are dancing in my head (if he did indeed reclass to ‘20).
  14. Always good to see the hustle and heart, especially when you get the W playing 8 on 5
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