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  1. For years I have purchased my 4 seats and headed up to Indy from Columbus with the usual suspects early enough to get a great parking spot across from Kilroy's and to be among the first in line in front of Kilroy's to insure getting a table for the group when the doors opened. The place was typically SRO within 30 minutes of opening! So, to preserve some semblance of tradition I think I will get in my car at 10:30 and drive around the block so I can pull up to a great parking spot on the street in front my house. Then I'll get in line on the sidewalk outside my front door to be first in line
  2. And we don’t have opportunity to play again before Sunday so just watch #12 Coastal Carolina beat #19 Louisianna in their championship game and jump us. Maddening as we should be well up the NY6 bowl pecking order.
  3. Heard Lavall Jordan on Dakich this week saying their 12/14 St Johns game postponed but 12/16 Villanova game still on, at least for now.
  4. I think the CFP is intent upon continuing to screw Indiana over so even a win over Iowa wouldn’t put us where we deserve to be. Wish it weren’t so.
  5. very real if not most likely possibility. Chris Balas @Balas_Wolverine Big Ten sources tell us U-M at Iowa next Friday is a "very real, if not the most likely" possibility if the Wolverines can play on Champions Weekend (still up in the air with COVID and all). More in our ITF: #GoBlue With Alvarez noting that Wiscy/Minny game could be protected are things trending to a greater possibility that Bucket game will be played if teams CAN play?
  6. As a proud member of the “faithful 20,000” long time season ticket holders all I can say is please join in and make it a faithful 55,000+ season ticket holders going forward! Have heard for year after year after year after year that we can only expect fan support if we put a winning team on the field. Well, sans the 20,000 already supporting for years it’s time for Hoosier Nation to go all in to help this program achieve heights never anticipated before. Full houses boost program morale and recruiting. Go Hoosiers!!!!!
  7. My options are from iPad or Android phone to Vizio smartcast TV. Is one (iPad vs Android) easier? I’ve googled it but wondering if anyone has done it successfully and ca pass on some tips. Thanks!
  8. https://www.10tv.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/columbus-franklin-county-stay-at-home-advisory/530-b577026a-cf65-42a2-bc89-9da135093dfe Got this from my daughter in C-bus, OH
  9. Saw an article in local paper that the Marion County Department of Health has approved a plan to use up to 25% of Hinkle Fieldhouse capacity for their 11/25 home opener. Fans requi to wear masks, undergo temperature checks, be socially distanced and use specified gates for enry & exit. Season tickets will not be sold this year but season ticket holders will have first option to purchase tickets in blocks of 2-4 games. What are the odds of this holding up?
  10. Nah but, to each his own I suppose.
  11. Dotman Posted on 6 hrs, V I P, , User Post Count: 0 6 hrsVIP Big program game today, like real big. Going to be a character check. Doesn’t really matter how good IU is, it’s still IU. Fun to play high profile games, when there are so many reasons to be interested. I personally can’t wait to see how the team performs.
  12. December 13 seems to be date targeted for another non-conference game.
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