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  1. Given limited time my restaurant recommendations for Bloomington are Uptown Cafe on Kirkwood for breakfast and Lennie's in Crosstown Center on 10th street for lunch/dinner. Food is great at Lennie's houses the Bloomington Brewing Company for an extra bonus. Highly recommend the Oyster bar on Calhoun in Ft. Wayne - 2nd oldest restaurant in Indiana. Incredible fried oysters, cklam chowder and Walleye. Have great steaks and other non-seafood offerings as well. There's also a Cork N Cleaver still in Ft. Wayne and it is awesome as well.
  2. Assuming Brunk is "interior backup guy for Kaleb" referenced. How long would Joey hold out for that? https://www.elevenwarriors.com/ohio-state-basketball/2019/04/103584/ohio-state-basketball-notebook-chris-holtmann-supports-kaleb-wesson-testing-nba-assistant-coach-search-and
  3. Regarding that long hair.......Knight told him to cut it or not bother to show up for practice. Miday responded that jesus had long hair. Knight escorted Miday to Royer poll and said if he could walk across it he could keep his long hair.
  4. And Rivals appears in the url.....
  5. Sorry - just seeing your post. I bought 4 court seats for a friend. I'm in San Antonio/Austin for Spring Break week with my wife. Can't make Saturday game either but bought a pair of court seats for another friend and then 6 more court seats to donate through the Mop Lady campaign that got traction for the first round game. Pretty excited by the prospect of helping disadvantaged kids who otherwise would not be able to go to be able to see an IU game up close and personal. Now, should we avenge our early season loss to Arky you can bet I'll be front and center for our 3rd round game! Go Hoosiers!!!!!!!
  6. Seating map for tonight..... https://s3.amazonaws.com/sidearm.sites/iuhoosiers.com/documents/2019/3/18/NIT_seating.pdf
  7. $20 each - free parking. Premium season ticket holders can buy up to 8 in their premium level. If all can't be filled "next best section" will be assigned. 15 total ticket limit. Main level and balcony seating is all general admission.
  8. Why does Mike Davis at Texas Southern come to my mind while reading this thread?
  9. Holtman has said Wesson will return this year - just not clear when. Not sure they can take Wisconsin with him hut no way without. Could be playing their way out of the big dance.
  10. Surely Wesson will be back. He's traveling with the team while suspended. Odd.
  11. WESPN gameday about to do a bubble popping segment. iU is one of the balloons.
  12. You would have to take just 2 or all 4 and they will not be cheap, but reasonable given what I have invested in them. Hard to believe after all these years that I am honestly open to the possibility of taking a break for the rest of the year - disheartening.
  13. Didn't see that but I did notice something in the post-game player interview videos. I don't normally comment on this stuff but in the video where Justin precedes Romeo Justin was nearing the end of his time and had been asked another question but was interrupted by a guy (SID?) saying he needed to get Justin out of there and send in Romeo. Justin seemed surprised at the abruptness of being interrupted and walked away shaking his head. Was it being interrupted or being replaced by Romeo? Check out the second video in this link: https://indiana.rivals.com/news/from-the-locker-room-michigan-state-4?fbclid=IwAR0EnZ1aXqCoaoC4og4xVSDk3SWD9pUUZLPwefoAYixR53leJEuV99Z1WUE
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