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  1. Sorry for the delay in replying but had a full day of automobile buying and golf! The only games that will be made available for sale to the public are those included in the mini-series package of games not included in students' season tix packages because they are on break. There are 6 games in the package this year but unlike previous years no B10 games yhis year. I think I posted info about the mini-series packages a couple weeks ago - if I can find that post I will edit this one with a link.
  2. basketball tickets

    Check out the links in the "IU Ticket Exchange Forums" posted on this forum - season ticket holders receiving tickets in the mail as we speak.
  3. Same booklet format as last year. Large bb-ball calendar and pocket schedule enclosed. Go Hoosiers!!!!!!
  4. Great read - thanks for sharing. I like that guy's writing style and humor.....20 years of blue balls! Hoosier fans can certainly relate!
  5. Certainly not much interest in my group of friends so will be making the trip to Bloomington by myself. Hell, even the guys I normally tailgate with have other plans as they expected 10/7 to be a bye week. About now a Three Dog Night Song is ringing in my ears........ I say 25-30,000 of the core loyalists will be in the stands.
  6. Penn State Review

  7. I just edited my OP with priority ordering deadlines
  8. CRC:Lower level $90 each - limit 4Upper level side $50 eachUpper level end $40 each Priority ordering deadline 10/27Mini-series:11/19 South Florida11/22 Arkansas State11/24 E Michigan12/18 Ft Wayne12/21 Tennessee Tech12/29 Youngstown StateMain Level $264 each - Limit 8Balcony $168 eachChoose only 3 - Main level $132/Balcony $84 Priority ordering deadline 10/6Big Ten Tournament:Lower Level $600 - Limit 2Club Level $450 - Limit 2 Priority ordering deadline 12/15
  9. Editing/Deleting posts?

    ........ thanks to whoever deleted my obsolete FIU football ticket thread. You are welcome, eddy !
  10. Will the ability to edit and/or delete one's own posts be coming soon? I have a post on the ticket forum relative to the FIU game that has been cancelled. I would like to delete that post or at least edit it so a mod can delete it. I would also edit my other post on the tix forum if I could. Thoughts? Thanks.
  11. Hopefully it will get some traction of its own as opposed to just providing links to other sites' ticket exchange forums. Slowly but surely.......
  12. I posted the same on Peegs premium forum as well as on both Rivals premium and free boards.
  13. ....should be mailed by mid-October. Applications for Crossroads Classic and mini-series games to go out later this week or early next. Just a guess but comparing the student break schedule with the b-ball schedule the likely games to be included in the mini-series package this year are: 11/19 South Florida 11/22 Arkansas State 11/24 Eastern Michigan 12/18 Fort Wayne 12/21 Tennessee Tech 12/29 Youngstown State If so, up to 6 games this year but no Big 10 games included.