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  1. From email received today: Event Date: Sat, Dec-15-2018 Event Time: time TBA FIND TICKETS Information: Please note: Completing an application does not guarantee your order can be filled! Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis will host the 2018 Crossroads Classic on 12/15/18. Varsity Club Members & Season Ticket Holders, please sign into your IU Athletics Account in order to access Lower/Club Level seats. There are a limited number of tickets available. All seats will be assigned by the IU Priority Points Policy. PRIORITY DEADLINE: October 26, 2018 Price: Includes IU vs Butler and Purdue vs Notre Dame Lower/Club Level: $90 (Limit 4) Upper Level Side: $50 Upper Level End: $40 You will not be charged for tickets at this time. We will not charge you until we know the quantity and seating availability. All fulfilled orders will be processed with a $10 service fee at the time the payment is processed. If demand is greater than supply, your order will be substituted for the next available price level.
  2. eddy4iu

    Virginia Postgame Thread

    I have good boots but NOT a good look with shorts - LOL!
  3. eddy4iu

    Virginia Postgame Thread

    There for every play. Good rain suit but need to work on shoe protection for future monsoon games!
  4. I know - just reinforcing how ridiculous it is. At the end of the day though, the season ticket price is what it is, regardless of what face value is printed on tickets for each game. Single game tickets for big games never come into play unless they happen to fall into the mini-series package.
  5. Same price as Louisville, Marquette, MSU, Purdue, etc.
  6. Exciting news! Since your original purchase of the 18-game men’s basketball season ticket package, we have added a November 1st exhibition game against the University of Southern Indiana to the schedule. As a result, we are sending you this offer to add the 19th game to your season ticket package. If you would like to add the additional game to your order, please click on the “Charge My Card” icon below and follow the instructions to secure your seats to the home opener. If we do not hear from you by September 7, we will not include this game in your package (you are under no obligation to purchase the additional game) and we will sell any available tickets to fans looking to purchase single game tickets. If you have questions or if you need any additional information please click on the “Contact Me” icon, follow the instructions provided and we will have a customer service representative reach out to you as soon as possible. Based on the location of your seats, you will be charged the price/ticket for one additional game. GENERAL PUBLIC: $46 | BALCONY: $29 | FACULTY/STAFF: $42
  7. Someone on another site quoted a release from IU saying the Rutgers game is included. I have not personally followed up on that but seems legit.
  8. Add Rutgers on 3/10 and it is officially a 6 game mini-series package.
  9. Looks like a 5 game package this year. 11/20 UT Arlington 11/23 UC Davis 12/19 C. Arkansas 12/22 Jacksonville 1/3 Illinois
  10. Well, I am curious about whether or not exhibition games will be added this year. There are 8 home non-conference games confirmed (obviously assuming that the 2 games with dates TBD are home games) and there will be 10 home Big Ten games. Season ticket packages were sold with a total of 18 games this year, not the typical 20. I suppose IU could add an additional charge for exhibition games if added but doubt that is likely. There was a refund issued for a game charged but not scheduled a few years ago so there is a precedent. Perhaps Archie prefers a closed "secret scrimmage" or two to get the team prepped?
  11. Are you in Columbus or is Tom "travelling?" He's a good man.
  12. eddy4iu

    Anyone select seats yet?

    Really only a couple of ways to answer your question. The most expeditious way is to call the Varsity Club (812-855-0866) and ask the question. They keep a chart of approximate seat locations per priority point total based on the previous year experience and can help you guage contribution necessary to get in. Second way is to get responses from multiple season ticket holders with their priority point totals and seat locations. Obviously, the more data points the better for getting a true picture of seat distribution.
  13. eddy4iu

    Anyone select seats yet?

    Sounds like you are still on wait list. Selection process will be over by the end of the month.
  14. How did you make out vs. last year?
  15. Will be interesting to see how folks selection times compare to last year. Has demand increase due to Romeo signing and Archie optimism been offset at all by elimination of tax deduction for VC donations? I'm thinking any demand drop for that reason could be delayed a year given that donors had the chance to take advantage of the tax deductnion by making donations early. Let's get this season going!