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  1. I can vouch for that number but I didn't sell. Took 3 of my good friends who are regular and collected $40 from each of them. Was also offered $2,500 per for the Kentucky game in 2007 BY A SCALPER! Same result though. Didn't work my way up to those seats over years just to sell them. Go Hoosiers!!!!!!
  2. Didn't realize that. Do I know you?
  3. I thought the same regarding a late tip for this one as soon as I saw it. What a HUGE game for the program and Assembly Hall will be as electric as it has been in MANY years! Will have to get to Bloomington very early to get into Nick's and that will contribute to a rowdy crowd at the game. Beer sales in Assembly Hall too this year? Whoa Nellie! I booked a couple rooms at the Graduate for that night and I only live 45 minutes away in Columbus, IN. Not sure I'll end up using the rooms but will feel better having the option. Go Hoosiers!!!!!!
  4. Needless to say, there will be no single game tickets going on sale for this one either. Gonna be a very tough ticket on the secondary market though.
  5. If KU is like IU there won’t be single game tickets available. All tickets will be sold as part of the season ticket package and I have to believe they sell out. Your best bet will likely be to watch the secondary market.
  6. And you have the stones to call yourself TheWatShot? LOL
  7. IU @ #14 https://watchstadium.com/jeff-goodmans-way-too-early-preseason-top-25-for-2022-23-04-04-2022/
  8. UPDATE: Found out that some minor tiered pricing is being used this year for main level b-ball seating. Below a cutoff row (30 - 35) price is $54/game and above the cutoff the price is $50/game.
  9. Having selected my football seats yesterday I noticed that my basketball season ticket renewal application is live in my account. The price per game for my football season tickets is $53 while the per game price for the upcoming basketball season is $54. I am wondering if any other B10 school has basketball tickets priced higher than football? This is the first time by my recollection that IU basketball per game tickets cost more than football.
  10. Illinois. Seems there may have been a bit of tammpering?
  11. I'd sure save a lot of money if I could ever get to that point but in 50 years I just can't shake it. It's all just too engraved in my DNA. Thought the Archie years would finally do the trick, especially when coupled with IU football performance last year, but then along comes Woody and I'm pulled in again. Season tickets for both sports will be renewed - AGAIN. I'm an IU sports junkie.
  12. I hope you are right and I do see the point you make regarding his demonstrating his ability to hit the 3. I base my pessimism about his leaving on the optimism that he is staying being circulated on UM boards.
  13. Now if only DICKinson would decide to bolt. Unfortunately unlikely though.
  14. https://public.courts.in.gov/mycase#/vw/CaseSummary/eyJ2Ijp7IkNhc2VUb2tlbiI6InpNNUtNNE9PMjcxcWJvZ2lEd1pPbTJReHFJX3lfdkhpX1VRb0dUVnBwLXMxIn19 Should be cleared up by Friday?
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