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  1. Evan Daniels‏Verified account @EvanDaniels FollowFollow @EvanDaniels More Evan Daniels Retweeted Evan Daniels Arizona is appealing the decision. This stems from a drug screening, which revealed "the reappearance of a trace amount of a banned substance. The amount detected was minuscule by scientific standards..." Evan Daniels added, Evan DanielsVerified account @EvanDaniels Arizona was notified by the NCAA that Allonzo Trier was declared ineligible, per release. Trier is averaging 19.6 PPG, 3.2 APG & 3.2 RPG. 3:15 PM - 22 Feb 2018
  2. In my opinion there is a decent chance that Wisconsin won't be the 10 seed. If they pull off a win at Northwestern tonight, which is not out of the question, they jump over NU to the 9 and NU would be the opponent for the 7 seed on Thursday in the BTT.
  3. With PSU loss we are back at 6 seed for the moment. They finish at Nebraska and we, of course, finish with OSU at home. Stay as the 6 and we may well meet OSU again on Friday assuming we dispense with Illinois/Rutgers winner. Finish in 7 and we get Wisconsin and then Purdue if we can handle Wisky. All based on if the BTT seedings were established as things stand today. I'm sure they won't but fun to consider anyway.
  4. She lives in Short North which borders German Village. My favorite restaurant in C-bus is Lindey's in German Village - used to do business meetings there. I worked at Lazarus after my undergrad at IU in 1976 and lived in Upper Arlington. Spent a good bit of time in German Village at Planck's, Diebold's, Schmidt's and, of course, the original Max & Irma's. Great stein-hoisting days for sure!
  5. Thanks mile. I've been lurking on the sites but not real active in posting. Retired at the end of 2017 so trying to figure out what to do with myself. I've decided to start by attending some away games in B-ball and football and may buy IU Baseball season tickets this year. UPDATE - as I was typing this response I got a call from the IU Ticket Office saying they have a ticket for me. It will be upper level but will be with other IU fans so I'll be headi ng to C-bus, OH. I have a daughter there so place to stay is covered. Go Hoosiers!!!!!!
  6. Thinking about heading over but want to sit among "friendly folk." eddy4iu@gmail.com
  7. Have been telling him that for years with tickets on me. Football same story.....maybe one day?
  8. basketball tickets

    The only Saturday game left this season is MSU on February 3rd. That will be a very tough ticket, especially if you need 3 seats. Just a heads up.
  9. basketball tickets

    If you are patient you will do better on IU ticket forums. IU fans selling to IU fans. I personally hate that IU is promoting a broker site as it increases the probability that opposing fans will be sitting next to me. And, the add-on fees are usurious! Make sure to click on "show prices with fees" under the filter tab on stubhub to know what you are getting into. Here are links to Peegs and Rivals ticket forums: http://scout.com/college/indiana/Board/Ticket-Exchange-BB-106112 https://indiana.forums.rivals.com/forums/ticket-exchange-forum.14/
  10. Thanks mile. I'm sure I will run into IU fans somewhere. Not used to attending games solo - except for IU football games. LOL!
  11. Any group gatherings near Yum Center? I don't have a ticket yet but will definitely be in the area and looking for "friendly" place pre-game.
  12. What a jag! Robbed his kids of an awesome experience but, at the same time, spared a college coach or two major headaches!
  13. Where scalpers hang out? Nearby bars where I might score a single ticket? How picky are ushers about folks moving down into better seats? Thanks.