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  1. Practice injury? This has to be discouraging after going week to week last year wondering if he would return to the field. David Bell takes the edge off though.
  2. Does this imply he has reached a decision? Doesn’t seem like a kid who would self-impose a deadline to force himself to decide.
  3. Ugh...the thought of Purdue is nauseating. Hopefully the relationship with IU players and 1 hour less drive time to Bloomington vs West Lafayette will carry the day.
  4. Hmmmm.......how long til this gets out for public consumption?
  5. Oops! Just reread the thread and George was indeed mentioned - twice!
  6. Haven’t seen anyone mention it but I think that is George Raveling to Knight’s right.
  7. https://247sports.com/college/maryland/LongFormArticle/Big-10-schedule-announcement-toughest-games-Ohio-State-Buckeyes-Michigan-Wolverines-Penn-State-151688003/#151688003_9
  8. Who was the liason? What was the nature of the email?
  9. Pretty much the opposite experience here. My mom is from Lafayette (I was born in Lafayette) and my dad, brother, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc were Purdue grads so I grew up a Purdue fan. I remember my first college football game in Ross Ade watching Leroy Keyes run wild and was quite fond of Rick Mount, Billy Keller, Herm Gilliam, etc on the B-ball side. My IU fandom began when I stepped foot on campus in Bloomington as a freshman in 1972. What a hell of a ride on the basketball side and while a totally different experience, my football loyalty was (and still is) total immersion and die ha
  10. I know there have been threads about dropping Xfinity to go to live streaming TV options like HULU and You Tube TV. I'm trying to decide between the 2 and ave questions that I bet were covered in previous threads.
  11. I opted to forego the selection process and keep my same seats so I don’t receive communications about the process. Has anyone received any info? Selection date/time? I assume that uncertainty about stadium capacity and game schedule is delaying the process but not sure how I would know if things are starting to move forward. It will be very interesting to see how seating will be assigned with reduced capacity. Is this the year that Memorial Stadium will be totally re-seated based on priority points? Might they put out a seating map based on whatever capacity reduction is agreed upon
  12. 12/6/14 72-70 in Ann Arbor over #17 Michigan
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