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  1. I remember this...wanted to punch the TV
  2. I will always root for them...but I am not planning my evenings around games anymore right now.
  3. I gave up several games ago....sucks to watch. I will not support it
  4. Alford would put a WAY better product on the court. That’s guaranteed.
  5. Green, Durham, and Smith cannot be gone soon enough
  6. Never thought I’d see the day. Unreal. Welcome back coach.
  7. If Knight's there they will show it, you can count on that
  8. Green scores 10 and we lose by 20 is just as possible unfortunately
  9. Give less minutes to a guy whose name rhymes with cal burham....and we may have a chance
  10. Over the past few years I’ve been saying I don’t care if he ever comes back. But I was wrong. I hope like hell he’s there tomorrow.
  11. My thoughts exactly. I hate to say it but OSU got screwed
  12. I'm coming to the conclusion that if Archie's pack line has any chance of working (i.e. virginia) it will be once there are no crean recruits left on the team.
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