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  1. hoosier8760

    NCAA Tournament Chances

    Anything other than 0% is wrong.
  2. "Help is on the way"
  3. hoosier8760

    What's up with our crowd?

    Until we start hitting this university in the wallet nothing will change. No true commitment to football or basketball
  4. hoosier8760

    Luke Brown - The next Damon Bailey?

    Brown will be twice the player that Bohannon is by his senior year. And we are sleeping on him. Unacceptable.
  5. hoosier8760

    Iowa Postgame Thread

    I personally know a LOT of IU fans that feel this way. You are not alone
  6. hoosier8760

    Iowa Postgame Thread

    Sounds familiar
  7. hoosier8760

    Iowa Postgame Thread

    Agree completely. Pack line sucks. Period.
  8. hoosier8760

    Iowa Postgame Thread

    Archie’s tenure so far here at IU is nothing short of baffling. Highs, lows (albeit more lows). And I thought Crean was inconsistent!
  9. hoosier8760

    The OFFICIAL Iowa Game Thread.

    By the time he’s a senior Luke Brown will be twice the player that Bohannon is. And we’re sleeping on him.
  10. hoosier8760

    The OFFICIAL Iowa Game Thread.

    Exactly. The fact that we haven’t offered Leal yet speaks volumes. I fear we have another coach who only recruits players that fit his “system” , whatever that is
  11. hoosier8760

    The OFFICIAL Iowa Game Thread.

    I can’t help but notice that Iowa has had several more “shooters” on the court than we have tonight. I remember when we used to recruit guys like that. Sad what IU basketball has devolved to.
  12. hoosier8760

    The OFFICIAL Iowa Game Thread.

    He’s Archie Crean tonight. No difference
  13. hoosier8760

    Michigan State post game

    Great win! Never would’ve thought
  14. hoosier8760

    Michigan State Pregame Thread

    Debating on whether or not I even turn on this crapfest
  15. hoosier8760

    Real time rpi

    Grab your knife and fork buddy!