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  1. hoosier8760

    Rob Phinesse

    You cannot be serious. ONE good game (that's not against a team like incarnate word, etc.) and he's up there with Isaiah and Buckner? I really like him so far too; but my goodness some of you guys jump the gun so bad it's pretty funny.
  2. hoosier8760

    CTA just on Full Ride....

    My fear would be that he hires a DC in the off-season in hopes that it "fixes" something but keeps grandpa debord at the helm...
  3. hoosier8760

    IU football will be 4-8, guarantee it

    Glad I was wrong...but really? Is 5-7 that much different? We're either gonna have to shock the world or beat the Brohmermakers to get six....which I think either is a tall order. But I hope we do it!
  4. hoosier8760

    Bobby Petrino Fired

    I'm gonna laugh when Brohm turns it down and stays at Purdue. IU deserves what it gets with the way our administration cares (or doesn't care) about football. It would serve us right to pass on a coach we could've had and then proceed to routinely get our ass beat for the next decade by him. I'd say there's as good a chance he stays at Purdue then leaves. Maybe better
  5. hoosier8760

    Where is Grant Gelon ????

    No offense, but not sure why it matters at this point? LOL I don't think I've ever seen more discussion over a guy who played 8 total minutes in his IU career. Funny
  6. hoosier8760

    Did the NBA cost FCTC his job?

    He couldn't coach his way out of a wet paper bag. Early NBA entries had nothing to do with it. Hell, the year our "best player" got hurt we ended up winning the Big Ten. Anything Crean won was in spite of himself.
  7. Glad S. Indiana is just a exhibition. We don't need a 3rd mid major Indiana team to beat us during the regular season...
  8. hoosier8760

    Morgan Ellison Suspended Indefinitely

    You’re joking right? If you don’t think that false accusations have ruined lives because society demands women are to be automatically believed and men are “guilty until proven innocent” you’ve been living under a rock the last decade. I’m not saying I believe Ellison is innocent but he’s making damn sure we know he thinks he is. We’ll likely never know the truth and it really doesn’t matter for our purposes but I hope he can move on with his life
  9. It’s not a matter of being able to go three hours without a drink. People have been going three hours without drinks at IU football games for eons. It’s wanting to have a Saturday at the game with a cold beer and not have to go back to my tailgate. It’s a want, not a need. But last time I checked going to an IU game in general is also a want; I sure as hell didn’t NEED to go watch us get destroyed by Iowa a few weeks ago but I did anyway. It would also keep butts in the seats, which I know you are worried about.
  10. BEER SALES. It’s an absolute joke that we of all programs haven’t done that to gin up attendance. Low hanging fruit if there ever was any. Mind boggling.
  11. hoosier8760

    IU football will be 4-8, guarantee it

    I hope you’re right. Allen has to do two things to get me to even have some semblance of hope next season... fire Debord and hire a competent OC, and hire a defensive coordinator. Alan has proven this season, very painfully, that when he tries to be both DC and head coach he does neither well
  12. hoosier8760

    Should Tom Allen be fired?

    To be honest we’re getting what we pay for, IU has the lowest paid coaching staff in the big 10. It starts with our president, who I can’t stand. No commitment to football, which is typically key in keeping alumni happy at any power 5 school. Or at least pretending to give a shit, but we don’t even do that. (Lowest paid coaches, still no beer sales, pass outs, dicking with tailgate parking, JOKE ticket prices, no tiered pricing for higher rows, list goes on)
  13. hoosier8760

    Minnesota Game Thread

    Anyone who has even play backyard football can tell that Ramsey would be lucky to start at Franklin College. Minnesota’s quarterback played heads and tails above him the entire game. The fact that they didn’t start Dawkins or Penix this year is really the head scratcher of a lifetime. Someone said it above and I agree, Tom Allen is a football reincarnation of Tom Crean.
  14. hoosier8760

    IU football will be 4-8, guarantee it

    Proud of the way the kids fought back, and I cannot believe or I should say I CAN believe that our piss poor coaching staff would call Gerry DiNardo style three runs up the gut and punt when we have a chance to win the game. Completely went away from what got us back in the game. but that’s Tom Allen and Mike deBoard and Company. I’m gonna throw Fred glass in there as well; his time has come and gone I would be totally fine if they gave him his walking papers.