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  1. Indy Star has been absolute garbage for quite some time
  2. This is my opinion to a T. There are other ways for people to "express themselves" and take part in those activities/areas rather than racking up six figures in student debt. And then adding insult to injury when they have to wait tables or bartend afterwards because they can't find a job in their field of study. I have a hard time feeling bad for those who willingly sign up for this but also shame on the universities for pushing expensive degrees with little to no ROI. That's not intelligent in any sense of the word.
  3. Hopefully Michigan will fall a few levels and we can rise above...we'll see what happens. Net positive for IU I think. All I care about
  4. I told myself not to do this...I told myself this year I’ll be different...lower expectations..enjoy a couple wins...don’t get my hopes up,..but damn it I’m excited again! Maybe, just maybe, this is the year we knock off a big boy. Bowl game is doable. We’re due to kick Purdue’s rear end. And if we could FINALLY beat Ohio st or Michigan I’d give Tom Allen a lifetime contract.
  5. Sure you wouldn't. 19 years old and have millions of dollars basically in your hand. Lifelong dream finally in reach. You'd go back to school on "principle" right? I don't buy it.
  6. Why are we still debating this. He's gone
  7. Just curious, what exactly happened during Tyler's official visit?
  8. Names back on jerseys, Rashawn Williams commit, beer in the stadium? Am I dreaming!?! Or did Fred Glass fall and hit his head
  9. Brian Snow was very insightful regarding this subject on the Hoosier Hysterics podcast. Basically said that IU's compliance department works the complete opposite of every other school's. Instead of helping they just try to jplay "gotcha" and then self-report. It is utter lunacy
  10. I mean I get the logic behind it but You’re basically slowing the game down for the team that needs it. And letting them potentially score points with the clock stopped and game plan a little bit. I guess I take my chances with the contested three especially when you KNOW they’re shooting one
  11. I agree that the season as a whole was fantastic for them. But they did choke in this game. If Ryan Cline hits both free throws at the end of regulation the games over. Then we had exhibit A on why the foul when you’re up three can backfire big-time. They Absolutely had this game and blew it
  12. That was a classic Matt painter choke job. Terrible foul at the end of regulation...should’ve made them take a contested three to force ot. And then a terrible last play should’ve ran screens for Edwards and let the hot hand shoot it
  13. Genuinely curious if it’s what I heard earlier today from a different source
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