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  1. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/one-time-transfer-legislation-should-move-closer-to-reality-after-ncaa-council-meetings-this-week/ Not just for football....
  2. Not sure who you are directing this towards, but you certainly have made a broad accusation against, whom may I ask? Assuming that you have never, ever, filled out a missing date on a client form. Checked a box that went unchecked. Lots of grey areas. “They” encompasses many more than you might think
  3. Clearly, there is a difference between paying off a player and holding, or traveling. This has gotten way jabberwockey This wasn’t about big v little. I thought this was about playing in the grey area? If CMW hires this guy, of course, blatant cheating cannot be condoned. However, holding on a play, scuffling the ball, hitting the shooter on the elbow, those kinds of things are what everyone else is, and has been doing for quite some time. I hope this regime takes advantage of every bit of grey area, without crossing the line.
  4. Interesting ... how do you define cheating then?
  5. In virtually every NFL play, an O-lineman is holding, a D-back is holding, or both. Sometimes they get caught, imo more times they don’t. If the refs decide not to call a close game, the players take advantage. Is this cheating? Sure it is. But you and I accept it as players taking whatever edges they can. Kinda gray area? Sure, just like what some are suggesting. Are some things just accepted by fans? Yes sir. You probably accept them as well. No one is advocating hollowing out a bat or deflating balls. However nothing wrong with scuffing the ball a little before throwin
  6. Posted this a couple of weeks ago. While a player, Woodson got caught up in some stuff with two other players. The other two were let go from the team. RMK suspended Woodson, in essence giving him a second chance. Maybe this is Woodson doing something similar. A “pay it forward “ if you will
  7. Say it again. Put a strong push on bringing in Mashburn
  8. https://noobgains.com/weight-lifting-injury-statistics/ Thought this might add some data to the discussion.
  9. Interesting that there’s more angst from this forum about a player who doesn’t want to be a part of the program than kudos for someone like Race who does
  10. Not gonna lie. Not happy with this. However, he’s not going to Illanoy and he’s not going to a sleazy program. Bennett is a class act, and from what I’ve discerned, the Franklin family are quality people. Not the first kid from Indiana who went to UVA. Probably not the last. This would have been a catastrophic loss for the CAM program. With what CMW has kept, and brought in, we can absorb the loss and move forward. Bring in a Mashburn and let’s go!
  11. Mashburn, or see if any of the Arizona players go into the portal
  12. I think ESPN has the first two days of coverage of the Masters, starting at 3:00 EST
  13. It’s about that time of year in history. Doubting Thomas until proven otherwise
  14. I believe that Rob Phinesee will be the biggest surprise next year and the biggest benefactor of the change in coaching regimes. He was too much in his own head, imo, and I believe he was constantly questioning himself. I think that lack of confidence clearly affected his play. I think that a fresh start, a different way to play, different roles and responsibilities will help Rob immensely. I think that he will be a much more relaxed player, and his talents will come to the forefront. I also believe in the idea of a senior realizing that this might be his last shot, wanting t
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