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  1. Of course, if we all just ignored these cryptic tweets, then there would be no issues, because the people sending the messages would have lost their platform. But, I get it. What else would we have to talk about all summer?
  2. Yeah, I got that. the way this is worded, it's like he was intoxicated, but it was legal.
  3. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/steelers-dwayne-haskins-was-legally-intoxicated-when-struck-and-killed-toxicology-report-shows/ What , exactly does it mean to be legally intoxicated?
  4. Would I now. You know nothing about me, and I don’t really want to change that. Yes you did. Scott, go live in your little world where you can say whatever and have no repercussions. Next time you call someone out for being negative or not shining a positive light on the program, I will make sure to remind you. I don’t have a problem, except for you and your holier than thou attitude
  5. You’re down there in Southern Indiana so why don’t you give him a kiss for me ?😛😛
  6. As usual, you have completely missed the original point. You feel like you can call out other people for saying negative things about players or recruits. You claim that part of the program’s recent problems are the fan base’s fault. Yet you do the same thing and you come up with excuses why it’s okay. Doesn’t surprise me one bit that this has gone over your head. SMH
  7. Whatever, Scott. You are always right. Always the right take. Never the problem. Take ownership of what you say… that players aren’t good enough to start for a championship type team. Rationalizing by saying you’re better than what others post is…soft Frankly, you sit on your perch and take lots of pot shots. Probably worse than what others post in the heat of the moment
  8. You’re not good enough is disparaging. You talk out of both sides of your mouth so much you don’t even realize when you are. Don’t be such a pompous ass calling me or any member soft.
  9. Already gave my answer, but Anthony Leal is a fast riser in my opinion poll. Loves being a Hoosier. Loved and supports his teammates. I believe he is the epitome of what a home grown Hoosier should be.
  10. So much for the guy who constantly says to be careful about what you say on these forums because the players and their families read them.😡😡😡😡😡
  11. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/colts-signing-nick-foles-former-eagles-bears-qb-agrees-to-new-two-year-deal-per-report/ Looks like Colts have a new back up quarterback
  12. Vasilevsky is amazing. Single handedly kept the Lightning in the game with some unbelievable saves.
  13. Not a fan of dads getting involved. Not a fan of, “ my son needs to be a centerpiece.” Goes against team first. I like TG a lot and hope this is a bunch of nothing. But anytime there is talk of a parent meddling, it raises a red flag for me
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