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  1. I am just rooting for IU to take care of their own business. Do that, and nothing else really matters.
  2. Nah, whenever there’s an excuse to be had, Boiler is on top of it
  3. Wrong...wrong, wrong. Crean did not do the same thing. Crean had alienated the high school coaches in the state. No evidence that CAM has done so. Crean did not value scholarships, hence the offers to guys that had no business wearing the candy stripes. CAM is much more selective in his offers. Even some of the high level kids Crean brought or tried to bring in were reaches. Remember "The Movement"? One kid never made it to campus and another smoked his way out of the program. We had a kid hit one of his own teammates with his car after a night out drinking at the bars. I cann
  4. God forbid! Notre Dame football put on one year probation. The Golics will never be able to show their faces in public again
  5. Colts lose their OC to Eagles.... https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/eagles-to-hire-former-colts-offensive-coordinator-nick-sirianni-as-next-head-coach/
  6. If you read the article I linked above, it mentions that Darnold could be kept on the 5th year option which means he would have 2 years before negotiating a big payday. I would hope that would give the Colts, should they go in this direction, ample time to evaluate whether he is worth a long term contract
  7. Michael Lewis just hit Jacob Jaacks in the face with the ball. Hawkeyes trying for payback
  8. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/philip-rivers-retires-colts-top-five-options-at-qb-in-2021-with-sam-darnold-among-logical-possibilities/
  9. Short term answers that are available as free agents now, and probably cheap, who might serve Colts well and be bridges to a long term answer taken in the draft: -Jameious -Cam -Fitzmagic But still would rather they go after Stafford
  10. Sorry Rico...just not gonna get me out there on the ice to fish
  11. I get the frustration. I get that everyone on here ( I think) is pulling for the same thing...for IU to start winning games. Just seems like the ongoing and all encompassing criticism, as well as calling for a guy's job, just opened the doors to the herd mentality of piling on. Guess that's what the world of social media does sometimes. I am hoping that those who have stated that they really want to see CAM succeed, even though they continue to degrade him, exert the same amount of energy to rooting for these kids to win as they have in the never ending criticism of the coaches.
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