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  1. CAM’s stated objective is to have his team become older. As good as TJD may be, he is going to be inconsistent like almost every freshman is. He also is going to go up against kids who have had the benefit of multiple years of weight/strength training. I would hope that with Davis, Thompson and maybe Moore, that we can bring Trace along slowly. I would start the year with all experienced starters Deron Devonte Rob Justin Romeo/Al or Hunter- the one exception but he has been in the system longer Bring in freshmen and increase their playing time if they deserve it as the season progresses
  2. So, Wichita State, coaches by that guy some on here think we should fire CAM for, comes in as an NIT 7th seed. Me, I’ll pass.
  3. Someone forgot to tell Mathews on Michigan that it was pink sneakers night tonight
  4. Since you like to live so much in the past, Scott. Wasn’t the hiring of RMK from Army the epitome of a mid-major, not “big time “ hire?
  5. I’d be shocked whether anyone on here besides you two gives a rat’s ass where they end up
  6. I would never tell or categorize a kid at that level that he was a “ low 5”
  7. Mods. Could we correct the spelling in the title of this thread? Makes it look like the OP had a Kentucky education
  8. Was hoping you were able to see and enjoy that game
  9. You mean for that coach that needed a last second shot to beat 4-26 Tulane so they could garner a 17-13 record in the power conference that is the AAC?
  10. Have not heard from HTD for quite some time. I am sure he is beside himself with joy that the Toiletmakers lost tonight
  11. Current statistics: 3 in 10,000 high school seniors make it to the NBA Between 1-2 % of all college players make it. Hope for your sake Keion that you are a 1 percenter
  12. The walls of Assembly Hall have collapsed upon themselves and the curtains in the Student Union have been rendered into shreds
  13. I am ripping my clothes and throwing dirt in my face as I type this
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