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  1. Good luck, and hope all kids come out of the scrimmage healthy!
  2. It's been a few years since they built the cabins. I think there are maybe 8 cabins and they run for around $75 a night maybe.
  3. Yes it is. The lodge has gone through some renovations recently. Nice cabins as well. We generally get over there for their Easter brunch. I also cross country ski there. The toboggan run is still a big draw.
  4. Meanwhile, high schools up here start their preseason scrimmages this weekend...all the while the B1G can't figure it out
  5. No, as my username states, I am in Steuben County
  6. don't need Temple when Penn St is a member. They have alumni all over the North East. Boston U is, but Boston college is not an AAU member
  7. All schools in the B1G, with the exception of Nebraska, are AAU schools, whose stated objective is to " promote strong programs in academic research and scholarship, and undergraduate, graduate, and professional education." The emphasis is on schools with exemplary research capabilities. Neither Cincinnati or Louisville are AAU schools, and may be, for that reason alone, were not considered. Both Pitt and Missouri are AAU accredited institutions.
  8. Yep, get them accustomed to the terms and formations and you have more than half the battle won by the time they are freshmen
  9. Lol. I coached in the early 80’s at the middle school level. Even so, I think Seymour had their peewee teams running the same offense as varsity. You probably weren’t even alive then.😄
  10. Awesome, but I bet not a player in the 7 on 7 competitions. When I lived/taught/coached in Columbus we played Seymour and they ran a version of something similar to what you are using. It was a unique offense that no one else used and we probably spent an inordinate amount of time preparing for it, and probably suffered for it
  11. Yep. On his ESPN show, Peyton Manning did an episode on the “death of the fullback.” He interviewed Csonka and showed the clip of that play
  12. Fullback is becoming a “lost” position in the day of spread, multi-wideout offenses. Glad to see some old school football, but kinda surprised
  13. Legendary O-line coach for several teams, including the Colts. Had a motorcycle accident last week and succumbed to the injuries today.
  14. Not exactly the same, but hockey players endure quite a bit of contact every game. Probably at a higher velocity than a football player can run and with possibly less protection. They will be playing more games now and then start a new season in October. Like you said, I am not a proponent of Spring football, but other athletes are putting their bodies under a lot of stress
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