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  1. Cleveland is playing well. That’s why the Twins need to build as large of a cushion as they can
  2. Germany and Norway advance in the knockout round. Not a big fan of teams winning on PK’s. Guess after 120 minutes of running up and down the pitch, to play another half hour might be too much
  3. After dropping 3 in a row, Twins have won 2 straight. Would love them to be up by at least 10 games on the 4th of July
  4. https://apple.news/A47w-CbPQRZuc6enyFIPZSw Here’s a story about it
  5. In ‘87 my now deceased father in law sat and watched the UNLV game with me when he had basically no interest and very little knowledge about college basketball. He knew Bobby Knight, and that was about it. We didn’t have the closest of relationships but for those few hours we were able to connect
  6. At least at my local Meijers they still carry the oil can sized Foster's. Sell them individually and that is about the perfect size for what I need.
  7. I could care less about the NBA. Having said that, Romeo is slated to make about $2.4 million based on the pay scale. Last year’s 14th pick was Michael Porter. Hope Romeo fares better than Porter. Hope the contract is worth it for him.
  8. http://www.journalgazette.net/sports/colleges/iu/20190620/new-facility-class-creating-excitement-for-indiana-football Not sure where to put this but some great comments about CTA and the program
  9. https://apple.news/ASIzxmk78N_Su4lecAGlT3Q So, basically in this guy’s eyes Sean Miller is clean. Smh
  10. You guys talked about “cheating “ on your grilling. For my ribs, I cook them in a slow cooker for about 4-5 hours in a mix of a can of Pepsi and about 2/3 of a can of Fosters- the “oil can “ size. Ribs are almost falling off the bone when I put them on the grill and coat them with sauce. I may not be a purist, but my family loves them
  11. USWNT advances to the knockout round with zero goals against. Sweden was a good test. Hope the ladies can keep it up
  12. I only post on this board so can’t speak to the activity or lack thereof on other IU boards. Nor can I speak to how activity here compares to boards of other programs. Summer is usually slower so I don’t use board activity as a measure of whether the fan base has disassociated or not. I think that once the first recruit commits to CAM interest and activity will spike up. Apathy in-season is something to worry about, but not in mid-June
  13. Per a 2017 report, IU has the second largest living alumni base at 650,000. Only Penn State at 673,000 has more. That’s a lot of potential eyeballs for the TV execs to consider. Given that our reputation is as “basketball school ,” we will continue to be featured on national television. I believe that there are still quite a large number of people who watch IU because they either hate us because of RMK, or would like to see us become successful again and restore our position as a power in college basketball
  14. Max Kepler, who didn't start last night for the Twins, ties the game up in the 8th with a single, ties it again in the 13th with a home run, and wins the game with a walk-off hit in the 17th over the Bosox. Not a bad night for a guy expecting to get some rest.
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