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  1. How about being able to work on your game 24/7 against better competition and not having to worry about classes, term papers and finals?
  2. The others aren’t charged.... yet. The Governor’s statement this morning stated that it was an ongoing investigation, and that they wanted to get the guy they viewed as most dangerous off the streets as soon as they could. Just because they aren’t charged yet doesn’t mean they won’t be
  3. Brother lives in Rosedale, Twin Cities suburb. His kids and grandkids live in Minneapolis and St Paul.All are safe but clearly things are a mess. Governor just had a statewide call. Shots fired at officers and Molotov cocktails thrown. They did a search of the Dark Web and discovered several groups of professional problem causers. They estimated 80% of the attendees were out of state rioters. If this is true, not sure this was ever meant to be a peaceful protest
  4. Got it, but Ft Wayne was mentioned and what happened there is pertinent. As are the comments about Louisville, Chicago and anywhere else there has been unrest
  5. My granddaughter, age 17, went to the “peaceful protest “ in Ft Wayne last night. The crowd became much more aggressive and confrontational before the police fired the tear gas. My son saw what was going on via local tv and went down to get her out of the mess. Both of them were sick from the tear gas. She won’t be going back today
  6. Let the Power 5 have their tournament/ championship and the Group of 5 for football have their own. Basketball may have to expand to 6 or 7 to accommodate the Big East and AAC. Other option is more consolidation
  7. Unfortunately lost in the coronavirus pandemic, this year marks the 75th anniversary of WWII ending. This Memorial Day weekend certainly is different than any other, but the men and women who served, fought, died, or are still living deserve our deepest respect and gratitude. Without them, our lives would definitely not be what they are today. I’ll admit, I was oblivious to this anniversary. The most recent issue of National Geographic devotes the cover story to telling the stories of survivors from this terrible war. Americans, Brits for sure, but also the perspectives of Germans, Soviets, and Japanese. All interviewed are over 90 and some over 100. One person died between the time of his interview and when the magazine was published. Every story tells of people who are just trying to survive, and not surprisingly, many of the survivors have had a change of heart as to what they thought they were fighting for. If someone in your family or in your acquaintance was part of the Greatest Generation please remember the sacrifice they made for their country and its future
  8. 14 pages. 341 and counting posts. Over 9,100 views... for a kid that left our program. Hope wherever Justin lands, that he and his dad can appreciate the passion that is the IU fan base. I truly don’t believe that he will play in front of fans that care as much as we do. I don’t know how important that is to this family but I gotta believe that as smart as Justin is, he knows.
  9. IMO, Justin’s smarts are going to be what’s most missed on this team next season. The pack line is not an easy defense to learn or play. It takes 5 guys working in cohesion to be effective. I think it’s a more cerebral strategy and requires kids to constantly be thinking and communicating. I think Justin was so good defensively because he understood the pack line. I don’t know if he was a communicator, but possibly that was the next step CAM was hoping he’d take-to be more of a leader. We’ll never know if he could have become that for the Hoosiers, but he certainly will be missed
  10. Sorry to see Justin go, but as he has made his decision, time for CAM and the team to move on. Can't look in the rearview mirror and worry what might have been. For those saying that Justin was a cancer, I don't know what proof you have that this was ever the case. I don't know if anyone posting here is that close to the inner workings and dynamics of the team to be able to claim that as true. On the other hand, Justin's dad was, at the very least, a distraction, and to me the silver lining here is that the program won't have to waste time dealing with him. Finally, and I am surprised this hasn't been mentioned yet. Really a contrast to see how CAM handled this situation vs how Pork Chop handled the two kids leaving his team. Tells me that our coach has a better finger on the pulse of what's going on within his program. As well, compare the statement posted above against the snarky comment made by Porky on the Dakich show. One coach took the high road, and one chose to roll in the mud. Guess that's what porkies do.
  11. Yeah, ace, I kinda knew that. More guilt by association, imo. But since you are such a wise guy, I am sure you figured that out, right?
  12. The more I read about this kid, the less I want him on our roster. I want kids who will meld into the concept of the team, not one who comes in with the expectations that CAM will tailor the team to focus on him. Also, with the drama that has surrounded Justin Smith and his dad on social media, the last thing the program needs right now is another distraction from this kid’s handlers. I may be completely off base and Aminu may blow up and be the next It guy. If he is, good for him. I just would prefer our program not be his testing ground
  13. Yeah, but do you wear pearls along with?
  14. Don’t know what to believe out of China, but sounds like the second wave may have started there.
  15. Modern a, Inc. a bio pharmaceutical reported results of an early stage test where 45 people reacted favorably to a potential vaccine. Headed tO Stage-2 testing. Not sure if this is the impetus, but certainly helped the market today
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