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  1. Some interesting names on here, per another one of our favorites, Gary Parrish. Hope like hell that we have a good season this year, and this talk finally goes away. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/college-basketball-coaches-on-hot-seat-who-is-lacking-job-security-and-might-need-a-good-2020-21/
  2. Only chance ND has to win that game is if Lawrence doesn't play
  3. A couple of Purdue guys are laughing their arses off because they posted some baloney and sent this forum into a panic. C’mon guys. We are better than this and have been here before. Not meaning to offend anyone but act like we have. Act like we are the fan base of the preeminent program in the state. Let Trey have his moment in the spotlight. Regardless, show the family that as a collective whole we have more class than this
  4. https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/white-sox-hire-tony-la-russa-as-new-manager/ White Sox get their new manager
  5. I wondered why Sampson James didn't get more playing time. A little quicker than Scott and may have provided a nice change of pace.
  6. here is game 6...quite long, but if you can watch......
  7. Bill Mallory had the program moving in the right direction and never should have been fired. Agree with you on both Hep and Allen
  8. 1929 Oct. 29th. Black Tuesday, and the beginning of the market crash and the Depression.
  9. Bengals trading Carlos Dunlap to Seattle
  10. I think Blackmon is really good. Not as sold on Willis. With Hooker most likely gone after this year, they are going to need depth at safety.
  11. Colts will be in much better shape if Leonard is back leading the defense. Vikings appear to be clearing quite a bit of cap space. I heard this morning that both their starting safeties, Anthony Harris and Harrison Smith are on the trading block, as is Adam Thielen. Colts could upgrade at both positions. I know Ballard likes to build primarily through the draft, but I wonder if he would look at any of these guys.
  12. CTA named Coach of the Week by Dodd Foundation
  13. Don’t you just love to pull into a parking spot at your local grocery store and see one of the disposable floss thingamajigs laying on the pavement in the parking spot next to you ?
  14. Thanks for the comments. In reality, I was just trying to divert the conversation away from the Bears. Go Colts!
  15. Small world....Mrs. Lavengood was a really smart woman and a really good teacher
  16. the woman I knew was Natalie Lavengood. She was a math teacher.
  17. I taught with a woman in Columbus whose last name was Lavengood. I wonder if this is her son.
  18. Said it previously, but I have been burnt two years in a row by Saints players. Last year, Kamara was my first pick and he was hurt/ineffective most of the year. This year, like you, Thomas was my first pick. Chubb my second. I have been bottom fishing for RBs for the last 3 weeks. Gio helped me this past week, but not enough to overcome the poor showing by Josh Allen, Diggs and the Bills. With Carson from Seattle now hurt, I am looking at a Leveon Bell/Myles Gaskin potential starting backfield. If that doesn't cause fear in my opponent, don't know what will
  19. For a kid that is supposed to be very bright, his self-awareness seems a bit lacking
  20. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/college-basketball-tournaments-and-events-in-orlando-nba-like-bubble-canceled-in-covid-19-protocol-spat/
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