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  1. Consistently 1 sided too. Let’s miss a face mask on Wentz but go ahead and call holding
  2. I think with the right type of offense he will be fine. An off season with the first team and a scheme developed to fit his skill set would make a big difference. Getting DJ Matthews back may also open up the middle of the field more. A question I do have for those more familiar with the High School game, is it reasonable to think that Payne and Cooper will get time right away or be more developmental talent?
  3. It seems that none of our WRs are able to get separation from the DBs. Compound that with the fact that the OL can’t hold blocks to give them extra time or create holes and you have our offense in a nutshell. Easily defended
  4. There was a play where one of our guys got wrapped up and the replay showed 2 different targeting violations. You would think that being one of the only reviewable penalties would be enforced properly
  5. It will be good to see how we stack up against a good but not great team. This will be a good litmus test for our program
  6. We still have a good team we just need to gain a little momentum and figure out how to win. Losing to 2 top 10 teams doesn’t mean the season is a bust. We will see more of what the team is made of when we play the mid level big ten teams. It’s very frustrating especially with how everything worked out last year but a large majority of schools would be 1-2 with our schedule.
  7. Speaking to the halftime argument it was high school band week and a lot of families had traveled down to watch the bands, who left at halftime.
  8. Thanks for the clarification! On a side note how does ESPN still give us a 13% chance to make the playoff?
  9. I’d guess we will jump Oklahoma and NW drops after losing to MSU so I’m gonna guess 10 as well.
  10. Iowa Maryland Michigan OSU Minnesota MSU Rutgers
  11. Can we get a draw for the terrible PI call at the end of the PU game? 😛
  12. Purdue Iowa Indiana Maryland Illinois Wisconsin Rutgers
  13. Iowa Nebraska IU Rutgers Ohio St Wisconsin NW
  14. Michigan nebraska MSU Maryland Wisconsin (doubt they play) Illinois Rutgers
  15. Given the circumstances, I think Sheridan did a great job. He had guys in positions to make plays. Penix finally had the light turn on for that last drive and I LOVE the fact that the coaches went for 2. I’m looking forward to seeing how our offense handles a less talented team in Rutgers.
  16. Minnesota MSU Purdue IU Nebraska NW OSU
  17. Illinois Nebraska Rutgers Penn St Purdue Michigan Maryland
  18. This is the first I’ve heard but have seen it speculated. Being grad transfer he isn’t restricted, correct? It would definitely be bad optics for Fresno St. but can’t be mad at Ramsey for wanting to maximize his playing time in his last year.
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