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  1. No mention of Memphis at all. Alabama was mentioned but was confident enough that they were in the clear that they decided to keep playing Collin Sexton so who knows
  2. I mean basically what you said by bad role. That team played through Kira as a first and only option and tried to make Trendon a full-time attacking wing. He just doesn't have the first step and explosiveness at this point to be that at the EYBL level. His better role is either point-forward (think Draymond) or as a high-post playmaker at this point. His high school and his other AAU team (M33M) used him much more as a point-forward
  3. You caught a strange game then. Trendon ain't remotely a volume scorer. Plays more of the point forward role when he is on a good team (his AAU team put him in a bad role this summer) - key quality is actually his passing and ball handling at 6' 9". Athleticism is weaker than the typical 5-star but way better than C Wat and more than enough bounce to play above rim. Big question is his foot speed and lateral quickness against the elite players
  4. Id love to hear more as well - my impression is that with even moderate athleticism improvements from a college strength program Trendon is the prototype for today's point-forward role
  5. My point is that based on the facts he had an undeniably very good 2-year college career.. and the same can be said about his NBA career. He was widely considered the best player at his position in the best league in the world at his peak. You just have a very weird axe to grind against the guy for some unknown reason but carry on.
  6. He led his team to another NCAA tourney (where they lost by 3 to a sweet 16 team), won another conference POY, finished the year with 3 wins against top 25 teams.. Like what's your point here - a player can't have a great college career unless they literally won an NCAA title? Say you are not a fan, don't poo poo his collegiate career. That's nonsensical - his collegiate career was objectively very good
  7. Umm... Dude came back to school and GRADUATED after his career was over, maintained a 3.4 GPA, led his team to an ELITE 8, 2-time conference POY in his only two seasons, consensus 1st team All-American, AND top-5 nba draft pick. Not at all what I would call an underwhelming collegiate career - team or otherwise. Yet you want to knock him down a peg for "being around bad areas" like the one he was literally born and raised in and where his family lived at the time. I'm hoping you have a couple of ivy league degrees or something to stand on and look down on folks because otherwise you are full of it my friend.
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