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  1. I couldn’t agree more. With people leaving for the pros or transferring so much idk why anyone gets caught up projecting out four years and trying to “balance” classes. It always ends up that it’s never that loaded in one class.
  2. Question: If i’m A top recruit and I don’t get “paid” why would I not expose this? If I’m Romeo and I don’t buy into this crap, why wouldn’t I announce “Yes. I was offered. I rejected it because I don’t want to be involved in that.” And by doing so throw tons of heat on Nike? im assuming Romeo wouldn’t want to hurt his chances for when he is a star for endorsements.
  3. Not saying right now I’m saying in theory. One of my favorite none IU starting line ups was that Arizona team that had Damon’s Stoudamire (sp?) and Khalid Reeves. Also loved Marbury and the other PG on Georgia Tech (forgot name). But yea combo guards are the next best thing.
  4. In my dream world I’d always be looking for PG’s because if they can shoot you can play two together as long as they’re not both sub 6’0”
  5. I’ve always felt we need to be landing a legit PG WITH leadership character traits every other year on average. There was nothing more annoying in all the years of crean’s recruiting at IU then landing Yogi and sitting on him for four years and not once making a plan for his replacement. Absurd and inexcusable.
  6. Thanks everyone for your thoughts anymore are welcome! I used to follow recruiting like a maniac and have drifted and I’m getting back into it.
  7. I got that we have Galloway and Leal. I get that they’re four year type guys and I’m thrilled. I’ve been out of the loop so I want to get back into the recruiting swing of things...so a few questions... -how many are we expected to sign in this class? -who are being rumored to be the next type targets? -do we have bigs we are looking at? Who? -this class is expected to be a lot of “base guys” correct? Like guys who are gonna be long term players? 3-4 years guys? -finally any extra tidbits or opinions are welcome have a great weekend gentlemen
  8. These are the guys we will win with consistently. This is the base. Love it.
  9. Maybe that’s just what they want us to believe!!! 👽
  10. There was a very unheralded recruit that turned out to greatly surpass his “star ranking.”
  11. Nothing against Elston because I actually like the guy and want him to move up. But an IU caliber team can’t be that first step. No way.
  12. From what little we know of him I think he’d make a GREAT leader on this team
  13. Love the feedback. My three options are still vague but yes, I agree with you. My point was IF he was working fairly hard and consistently at butler (and based on his reputation I’d guess that more than being lazy) then a chunk of this has to fall on the previous strength/power staff because very rarely do guys this old go through a big growth spurt. If I was the Butler head coach I’d be looking at my strength power coach for an explanation as to why Brunk is making a leap this late in his career. Maybe there is one, but I’d be asking for it. Because if there isn’t a good reason to justify it then the basketball coach has to ask what else is not happening with my current players. now all of this is also under the assumption that you’d want your post players beefed up a decent amount and idk why that wouldn’t be the case with brunk. It’s not like someone might actually think “this guy’s high end potential is as a hybrid stretch 4 or tall 3...” highly doubting that.
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