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  1. I think the one way you can maybe make people think they made a mistake leaving you out of the dance is by going and winking the NIT. If you pout and lose that proves you CERTAINLY never should’ve been in it because you didn’t have the fortitude to do much anyway.
  2. People often forget what it is to leave a legacy. You’re name is tied to this season right now. Do you want people to leave it where it is now or have people then say “but then they Did jump into the NIT and rolled!”
  3. I am shell shocked at the number of people miffed we didn’t get in as though IU this season “deserved” to be in the tourney. Folks we totally DID NOT! I would’ve loved to have it but we put ourselves in this miracle chance needed to get in and then are upset?! What?! Lol! We totally under achieved through together one last ditch effort and then even messed that up against OSU. i was hoping but my gosh NOT expecting nor should we.
  4. “So you’re telling me there’s a chance..., YEA!”
  5. He just figured that the guy handing him the money was a random stranger giving a random act of kindness. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. I hope we make the tourney. What fan wouldn’t want their team in there. do I believe fairly we DESERVE to be in there? No. You can’t flake out as long as we did and hit it hot at the end and yell “that’s enough! We’re back now!” You made your bed. Lay in it. It’s hard because ALL of us know what we are capabale of when at our best but our boys CHOSE to be divided and allow petty crap and immaturity wreck their season. Now if we are blessed with a bid great. I hope we make the most of it. If we don’t there is ABSOLUTELY NO ONE IN THR WORLD TO BLAME, except themselves. Romeo when you leave for the NBA remember that when you’re 1.5 games in the lead of the 8th spot in the NBA regular season fighting for that last spot. If you’re one of the players, remember that when a chick hits on you and your hormones want something you know will fracture the team. when you have an immature dad who wants to spout off, remember that. when you think you’re more important than what the coaching staff is selling as far as a scheme...remember that. when you’re fighting for a promotion and so are others and it’s 3months away and it’s 5:30pm on a Friday and there’s stuff that needs to be wrapped up...remember that. If you don’t make it in you didn’t NOT make it in today, you didn’t make it in mid winter when childish division was more important than long term success and glory.
  7. Hoping second half is a whole new world because if I’m a voter and I’m on the edge this isn’t helping at all
  8. I always wondered why that wouldn’t be a viable option for first round NCAA games. It’s very centralized between a lot of cities and has the hotels and restaurants you need. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. My home town!!!!! Born and raised!!! 😍
  10. Exactly… That’s why I am super confused right now and thought I missed somethingExactly… That’s why I am super confused right now and thought I missed something
  11. Well we have to get to 200 pages even for our own self pride and dignity.
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