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  1. Everything about Brunk I like as a person and leader. High quality guy and glad we have him. BUT my initial impressions of him being a solid role playing starting Center who can get you 7 and 6 and play tough D are GONE.
  2. I think he should be debating liberals on college campuses as Archie Shapiro
  3. Gosh it seems like we are two different TEAMS! One that was 8-0 and the other one 0-1 till now
  4. If we can’t defend the three then we’re toast. Any team is. This is ridiculous
  5. Tonight we see if Wisconsin was the perfect storm as previously stated OR if it’s more revealing of who we really are. We’ll see soon enough!
  6. This is a very good read on many different levels...
  7. Also he WAS liked by many of his recruits but he was HATED by many of them and their families. He made promises left and right to get recruits he couldn’t keep and didn’t. And for whatever reason he always got skill guys and never felt the need to get good linemen so when pruitt got here we were a MESS.
  8. Absolutely. I mean look at the fact that he’s had NO serious interest from anyone since being fired! He’s holding a clipboard at bama and doing stats. He’s a glorified manager.
  9. Oh trust me, living as a life long fan of both programs they’ve mirrored each other in more ways than you can imagine. Even the past two coaches for each programs have been crazy similar. Tom Cream = Butch Jones -moderate, inconsistent success at smaller D1, all hype no substance, recruited fairly well but struggled in roster management, not great X’s and O’s But thought they were. Archie Miller = Jeremy Pruitt -unproven hires with big upside, neither made the fan base get super jacked, very solid early recruiting, changing the culture, verdict still out but most fans committed to a couple years to see, both not amazing in front of the mic, but obviously know the game. the paths of these two programs have been a roller coaster for a fan of both. i’ll also Say both will rise again. Both have everything a program needs to eventually rebuild itself to its glory years.
  10. That’s the thing, I’ve followed college football and UT football for almost 30 years closely I’ve never seen a team change so dramatically than this UT football team. We were SO bad till Bama and played them SO tough and have flipped the switch since. our defense is so improved it’s crazy and of all the units the DL has probably been most improved. This football team IS better than their record, because they’re not playing at all like they were early on. The team had major chemistry issues and a pocket of guys left the team and after that they flipped bigtime. UT Weaknesses: Inconsistent QB play, young (but talented) secondary, young (but talented OL that has struggled run blocking, RB more “by committee” but true Freshman Gray is now breaking out...team still learning new offense and defensive schemes, overall team plays A LOT of true freshmen UT Strengths: Defense is getting REALLY good, offense can put up big plays, WR’s might be top 3 WR Unit in the SEC, OL pass blocking can be very good, OC and Pruitt call a very smart game based on their weaknesses and strengths...this team WILL NOT overlook IU. They’ve been humbled enough. 😂
  11. Well for the guys on the basketball board you obviously know me. Die Hard IU hoops and UT football so if you have questions let me know. My initial prediction is UT 28 IU 20. i will admit I know 2% of IU as I do UT.
  12. Oh dang I figured out how to post gifs...I’m known by all my friends for finding THE MOST RANDOM and sometimes perfect gifs...so buckle up I’m gonna be on fire for the Xmas season!
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