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  1. Oh BILL! Just stop. you innocent dove you...
  2. Good homework. I’d love to see the percent of first round draft picks that ever get a second contract. Or percent of lottery that ever do. We might be surprised.
  3. I agree with what you’re saying but it always buys me when People imply that “IU” does things that other programs don’t. Like “IU has fans that get angry about teams losses on social media,” or “IU fans have people who trash players who choose other schools,” etc. I’ve followed recruiting REALLY closely for 18 years and you get two options if you’re a stud recruit of a sport... 1.) go to a school that doesn’t care or have passion for your sport and therefore not get much praise or shoulder unfair judgement at times OR 2.) Vice Versa
  4. Agreed! Sell the program! Let’s go Archie!
  5. What a valuable thread for info regarding Armaan
  6. Can’t wait for other fans to say that about IU. Last time they were half of our posters were tadpoles
  7. Well we gotta have a couple guys make big jumps this year might as well be him!
  8. Were those videos appropriate to link and watch at work?
  9. Are you kidding me? Who doesn’t want a an 18% FG shooter. hey we have a ship so if coach wants to take a gamble I’m game. This might be the type to have as a 12th or 13th ride. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. Well I thought a player (was it Morgan?) maddnit clear there was NO chemistry issues and that everyone got a long? Now it seems clear there was? Maybe I’m not remembering right. chemistry issues can be big. Some people act like when you talk about “chemistry” you merely mean “eh I think that guy is annoying...” if half the rumors are true about things that happened between players I wouldn’t have been shocked to see SEVERAL more people transfer. In fact that’s what I expected and for as bad as it supposedly might have been between some, it would’ve explained a complete 180 out of nowhere mid season that looked like a team didn’t even want to compete with crap teams. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. I do too, but it often is hard to play well with someone if you hate their guts.
  12. If someone forced me to guess I’d say we either get and stay ranked between 18-24 the entire season, finish 3-4 in the Big Ten, make tourney and win a game OR we are every bit as bad as last season and don’t even make the NIT. I don’t see any in between. I think we underachieved a lot last year and either we get back or stay put.
  13. I agree with you to a point but this is where I don’t. These guys are highly competitive athletes that have to have a lot of self-confidence or they wouldn’t be who they are nor will they make it at the next level. If every kid who’s a 3-4 star automatically assumed they’ll sit behind the other 3-4 stars in the grades above them then they don’t have the moxy they need. Now within reason I say this. But it isn’t an automatic that most kids assume they don’t have a shot at beating people out of positions.
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