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  1. No...I do NOT see what he is building in the least. My biggest gripe with Crean was roster management. And now that’s a complete issue with Archie.
  2. I don’t think it’s a slam dunk we don’t make it but I’m failing to see how it’s a slam dunk we do. it isn’t just our “record and we’re in” or out “record and we’re out.” We are fizzling hard it seems in the second half of our season and a team with a similar record than us without getting beat in so many games by double digits is going to look a lot more appealing than we are.
  3. Zero chance...but they’re an unbiased news source...sure...
  4. Even a spot up three point shooter if they TAKE THE FRICKEN SHOT will help!
  5. Hats off, Giannis or no Giannis Pacers looked good last night. They need time to come together but it’s happening.
  6. That attempted hire broke the back. It dumped a gallon of gas on the fire. And I’m gonna tell ya it was a thing of beauty. One of the most intense 36 hours of my life in fandom was that stretch. Epic.
  7. I’ve been a rabid fan of UT Football and IU basketball for decades now. There are many similarities about rich historic tradition, high expectations, etc. but there’s one difference I see in the fanbases, and I love them BOTH. UT is football 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th and then the rest of the sports and they’re a bit off their rocker and will lose their #&@! If they’re down too long. IU is basketball 1st, 2nd, 3rd and is wicked knowledgeable and loves their program every bit as much but tends to just be sad and never switch to hellish pissed off and demand something change. Thats the difference I see.
  8. Yes! It can happen. I lived it albeit I live in Wisconsin but I watched it simmer, brew, boil over and then BANG, it got so dang hot so fast Beverly our President had to can the AD, admit to the fanbase that too many things bad been fouled up for too long, that SHE took responsibility, needed everyone’s patience but that WE WOULD GET BACK TO UT FOOTBALL. But she needed a new AD before they hired a coach. can you IMAGINE, having a president at IU actually holding a press conference and admitting IU basketball is not where it should be and that that president is publicly admitting THEY are vested personally in getting IU Basketball back? Sorry I can’t see that right now. But things were SO hot in Knoxville, I was following it on Twitter, message boards and I know people down there and it was like darn near picket and protest for administration removal type stuff. It was FANS TAKE OUR PROGRAM BACK, sort of stuff. It was grass roots, it was local talk radio, it was former players, it was websites, Twitter feeds, etc all coming together and shaking every tree and freaking out and demanding immediate change. and it WORKED!!!
  9. I don’t think EVERYTHING to blame about our program falls on the administration. That’s absurd. I also do NOT think we are going to reach our potential as a basketball program BECAUSE OF the administration. So until that is fixed, the rest is a patch job at best. And the Administration won’t change until the fanbase actually does get mad enough and associates the longterm issues not at the feet of a half dozen different coaches as a long series of bad luck hires, but rather at a consistent philosophy and mindset starting at the top. get pissed and force change
  10. 1.) This wouldn’t shock me in the least. 2.) If true Archie should leave. This is horrific if even slightly true.
  11. At IU...easy...IF the Administration wanted to. If they don’t want to be a “school like that” then no. And many indications say that’s exactly what they don’t want. Do they want the men’s basketball program TO suck? Heck no. They’d love it to be successful. But they’re not going to spend SO much on facilities that we rank among the very top 5 programs...cuz that’s “excessive.” And they don’t want to break the bank for a coach...because a coach like that would be “too big of a name” and overshadow the school and academics. So they want a nice modest hire, THATS turns out to be worth more than they paid who’s happy to coach here and be above average to good. If he’s great now and then even better. But they’re NOT “all in at all stakes” to return to Blue Blood status. If we stumble back into it great. But that isn’t the primary focus. Thats my take from following this all for over 20 years, reading insiders comments for years, and just common sense when you connect all the dots.
  12. I’ll throw another possibility... 3.) Most of the team (lacking good leadership and maturity) all think Green is “awesome man!” And think he should be Captain and made it clear to the staff that this is their leader and that they want him captain and so they were in a pickle before they even had the chance to decide to do it as a coach named position or not. So they tried to work with him the whole time hoping to get him on the same page with them as much as possible knowing this was likely going to be a mess no matter what. Kick him...angry team. Not name him Captain? Angry Team. Name him Captain and he’s who you figure he’ll be...fractured team. Only possible “win” let him be named captain and either he grows OR enough of the team sees THEY made a mistake and new leadership emerges. Long shot but only shot. maybe what I just described is closer to what happened? If so, Archie is doing everything he can while trying to just get to next year. And maybe Glass forced his hand with APR to keep Green in the first place and try to work with him. Idk...spit balling... admittedly I can’t stand Green and I like Archie. So I’m probably bias. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  13. EXACTLY! That’s what I’ve been asking and saying!
  14. And that will be the problem. We will be completely reliant on developing current players and hoping MANY take LEAPS for next year which is an unfair expectation.
  15. I do NOT understand giving Green chance after chance. If there’s any fanbase in college hoops that would be all for benching unfundamental play, even if it cost us wins, it would be us. Yet we keep losing AND playing this kid!!! losing is bad enough, losing with him playing just rubs salt in the wound
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