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  1. We need Justin to become a combo forward this offseason and learn to help at the 3. That would give Hunter/Anderson time to develop and would bring TJD in at the 4 right away.
  2. I completely agree. This team has the experience and the talent to be competitive next year. They just have to put it together and work well with each other.
  3. I can't recommend Runcible Spoon enough for breakfast. I love Uptown and the Village but Runcible is my absolute go-to place when I visit town. It does everything well.
  4. I agree, but that's because we beat them 3X in two years. Yay us. But a starting 5 of freshman going to champs and repeating the next year is the stuff of marketing dreams.
  5. Well, you don't cheat AND finish 8-12 in the B10. So I'm pretty confidant he's clean now.
  6. Is Ricky Roe going to be offered a college coaching job as well?
  7. Brooks is probably a two year player no matter what what school he goes to. So he probably thinks he'll be the star next year. If Cal brings in a ringer at the 3 next year, then he could have serious buyer's remorse. Until then, I'd guess he's happy where he's at.
  8. ."..he will always be part of the IU basketball family." Ha!
  9. We dropped 2 spots this week in the NET rankings after beating a top 50 team on a neutral site. Good old Louisville took our old spot. How that makes sense, who knows.
  10. Eastern's mom is going to be LaVar Ball 2.0. Everything that goes wrong will be someone else's fault, her boy got cheated, and then he'll transfer. I have never seen such an over-hyped and under-performing guard in the B10.
  11. Good lord, Eastern has 2 assists so far this year. Hard to say he's better than Phinesee. NE is a small forward who's the 3rd best point guard on Purdue's starting lineup. He'll get exposed as a ball handler, get upset and transfer out.
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