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    Trayce Jackson-Davis Commits to IU

    I have to back this up as well; long time lurker (from Moses to Billy) and read this board daily. If 0708, SS, Mile, et. all go dark the board will suffer. Don't let a few bad seeds ruin the crop as the community here is a beautiful thing to see. You most definitely appreciated beyond just the regular posters who may spout off from time to time.
  2. UweBlabermouth

    Your Other Starting 5

    I'm going to stick with players after 1990 based on my IU consciousness. PG - Victor Oladipo SG - AJ Guyton SF - Calbert Cheaney PF - Jared Jeffries C - Alan Henderson Bench - Romeo Langford (yes, I'm a believer and going to put him on here without playing a game for IU yet) Bench - DJ White