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  1. Romeo Langford to play for Brad Stevens - Selected 14th Overall by Boston
  2. If you are dropping by Europe anytime, it might be a cool experience to see these two playing on the same professional team! Indiana Basketball: Will Sheehey and Jordan Hulls team up Overseas
  3. By virtue of having the most experience on the team, isn't that fair to say it's his turn to be the main guy?
  4. Great discussion, thanks all. If I am Archie, I would want a more emotional leader. Someone that really cares about winning. I think that was the biggest problem two seasons ago. Robert Johnson, despite being a great teammate and role model, was more of the calm and cool type. Yogi Ferrell is the best example in recent history that was actively yelling at teammates to be in the right spots. Those are the types of players that catch fire and can literally put a team on their back. Is that Devonte? Not sure, but the Ohio State game showed signs of that. Rob Phinisee would be a great leader - he does all the right things on the floor and he is more of a cerebral basketball player at this point in his career. But is he also more of the quiet type? It's going to be really fun watching him develop for the Hoosiers.
  5. HSN - As some of the passionate Hoosier fans, have you set up a glorious bar / basement area to watch the Hoosiers? Perhaps you have a game-day garage grill set up? Or maybe a den full of IU collectibles? We're trying to create a list of the ultimate Indiana Hoosiers man caves, and would love to feature some from this board! It can be anything mentioned above or just a sweet home theater set up that has some IU-themed decor. Feel free to post here to share what you've got!
  6. This recruitment is starting to become a battle between Archie Miller and Tom Crean.
  7. Here's the case for Devonte Green taking the leadership role Other candidates that potentially would be the "main" leader next year: De'Ron Davis Joey Brunk Rob Phinisee Is there anyone else you think (a) would step up for that role or (b) be good in that role?
  8. rbkl

    Josh Fryar

    With offers from Alabama, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Penn State, etc. - it may be hard to pry him away, but that isn't stopping the Hoosiers from making him top priority. Information about Josh Fryar's official visit to Bloomington.
  9. rbkl

    DJ Steward

    Top 45 DJ Steward plans to take unofficial visits to Indiana, Louisville, and Illinois in June.
  10. Right out of the gates, tough news for redshirt freshman Jacolby Hewitt. The injury bug is merciless for all of IU's programs.
  11. Check out our interview with Trey Kaufman right after his Purdue offer. He made some interesting comments about his recruiting, Romeo Langford, and I think people on HSN will like what he had to say about looking up to various basketball greats.
  12. If anyone is interested, here is some analysis about how Indiana Basketball is specifically impacted by these new rule changes. Be warned - it's for basketball geeks! 🙂
  13. Indiana basketball All-Stars win by a two-game combined margin of 79!
  14. Yes he was... Khristian Lander gets Archie Miller Visit
  15. Looks like Indiana is about a 18-20 point favorite against the Red Flash who visit Bloomington tonight: https://www.indianahq.com/read/212/scouting-report-st-francis-red-flash
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