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  1. Well after all of that, we are now officially back on the bubble watch. In fact, some national analysts believe we currently have a resume worthy of a tournament bid as it stands. Regardless, to maximize Indiana's chances. Here is the complete guide: Indiana Basketball - 2019 NCAA Tournament Berth Cheering Guide Cheers! (pun intended)
  2. Haha, well you guys got a preview of this article. After hearing Juwan's presser today, I decided that it deserved a piece of it's own. "This is what Indiana basketball is all about." Would love your feedback!
  3. Sweep the series! 🥌 Indiana vs Michigan State "Re-scouting" Report, Injury Watch, etc.
  4. The Race and Juwan comparison is very reasonable. Both have similar frames.. 6'8" in the 225 lb range. Coming in, they were both right outside of the 24/7 top 100 rankings.
  5. Totally agree. There's a lot of promise when you can come in after 1.5 years of sitting out and compete head-to-head against one of the best in the league.
  6. After a hard-fought victory over Wisconsin, there was a really special moment between senior captain Juwan Morgan and redshirt freshman Race Thompson. Juwan Morgan played very well early in the game. In fact, he finished with a game-high +20 in the plus/minus, and he netted double digit rebounds in the first half. Juwan finished with 9 points and 15 rebounds. But when foul trouble struck again, Indiana went early to Race Thompson. Clearly Archie has a lot of trust in Race, who only had about 20 minutes of college basketball coming into the match up. And he did not disappoint. While his 1 point / 7 rebound stat line may not seem impressive on paper considering he tallied 20+ minutes, Race played fantastic defense all evening. He held his own against Big Ten POTY candidate Ethan Happ. Without Juwan and Justin, who fouled out in overtime, Race stepped up in a big way to help the Hoosiers outlast #19 Wisconsin. Obviously there are a ton of emotions from both players: Juwan Morgan is counting down the number of remaining home games (now it's 2) for him in his Indiana career. Race Thompson has been itching to get back on the court after sitting out his entire freshman year. From watching their interaction, you can tell that Juwan has been a huge mentor for Race. Even though Juwan sat, he was so proud of his younger teammate that will be taking the torch once Juwan leaves. The first thing Race did after winning was to go and give Juwan an emotional hug that was truly a beautiful Indiana basketball moment. This is what it's all about. A Beautiful Indiana Basketball Moment between Juwan and Race
  7. Here it is - the Wisconsin Scouting Report!
  8. Positives: When both Juwan and De'Ron sat due to having 2 fouls each, Race and Jake not only maintained but they actually outscored Iowa in the remaining 8 minutes of the first half Evan and Rob both played like their non-conference selves Juwan had a career high 6 blocks, and probably would have had more if calls went a certain way Best rebounders last night? Romeo and Rob each had 7 boards a piece... Can't speak enough about Rob's lockdown defense... held Bohannon to 0 in the first half. We know too well what Jordan Bohannon can do. Reality: Deep Big Ten tournament run or bust at this point. Indiana Loses to Iowa's Jordan Bohannon 70-76 De'Ron Davis, Rob Phinisee, and Archie Miller Reactions
  9. Indiana Basketball travels to #21 Iowa - Scouting Report
  10. Considering the six day break leading up this game, there is really not much to say at this point. Shot selection was questionable for the entirety of the game. As a result the offense works so hard and yet it doesn't convert. Small detail, but players are rounding corners and not cutting with intention. College basketball is a game of inches (as seen by the MSU game). Clifton Moore not being in the game really speaks to his readiness to compete and/or the trust that the staff in him. Here are the full reactions post-game. Indiana vs Minnesota - IU Player Reactions Indiana vs Minneosta - Golden Gopher Player Reactions Indiana vs Minnesota - Archie Miller Reaction
  11. He's hilarious and he really does tell it like it is. Personally, I love his jabs at Goodman.
  12. There's a whole genre on Netflix called Dramas
  13. Loved this quote from the Montverde Academy website profile on Beverly. Short, simple, and salivating (for a defensive minded coach). Indiana offers a defense prioritizing 2019 four-star guard in Harlond Beverly
  14. Of course adding Jack Tuttle (the transfer QB) would certainly improve the ranking. From what I understand, you are never truly penalized for adding a new player, so I believe at a minimum the long snapper didn't change the overall score. The only situation where it could hurt a team is the opportunity cost of bringing on someone else, but since IU left scholarships on the table for 2019 that's not an issue.
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