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  1. rbkl

    Purdue Pregame Thread

    Outside of the Michigan State game (13%), Saturday's game is the lowest change of winning predicted by Kenpom remaining on the schedule at 27%.
  2. rbkl

    Players you like, but shouldn't

    I really enjoyed watching De'Angelo Russell play in college. Don't really like him now in the pros.
  3. After two back to back losses for the first time this season, Indiana looks to get back in the W column at home on Monday night. Both teams 12-4 on the season and Kenpom predicts a slight edge for Indiana. IU has a 57% chance to win and the predicted score is 73-71. Nebraska has a great starting five, but they are arguably not as deep as even a depleted Indiana team Hope to get Rob Phinisee back to regular form Win is critical as Indiana goes back on the road with games at Purdue and at Northwestern on the docket Cornhuskers have the second most efficient offense in the conference, so Indiana's defense will be tested once again
  4. Now that's awesome haha
  5. Not sure if you guys felt the same, but all of the drives by Zavier Simpson looked extremely odd from press row last Sunday. He's a quick guard so in real time it's very hard to point a finger at what exactly made the drive uncomfortable. It looked like he traveled just from a rhythm perspective but the refs constantly missed the calls. With the magic of video editing and freeze frames, we got a chance to slow down the clips and get a really good look at his "footwork." What are your thoughts?
  6. On paper, the two teams seem to match up fairly closely. Indiana (12-3, 3-1) Kenpom #27, Adjusted Offense #36, Adjusted Defense #33 Maryland (12-3, 3-1): Kenpom #28, Adjusted Offense #28, Adjusted Defense #45 Certainly, this game isn't a must win, but if Indiana wants an opportunity to have a chance at winning the league then this game is extremely important. Maryland also faces Minnesota tonight at 7:00 pm EST on BTN for anyone that wants to do some early homework!
  7. rbkl

    Kofi Cockburn Cuts IU

    He is the reason why I always get iced coffee
  8. rbkl

    Michigan Pregame Thread

    Here's the scouting report on Michigan. The number of possession may determine if Indiana has a chance. Instead of playing with Michigan up and down the court, Indiana should take a page from Northwestern and Penn State (who battled reasonably closely with Michigan) and slow down the pace. I've got full trust in Archie if we can keep it within 2-4 possessions until the last 2 minutes. Indiana has the opportunity to define their season on Sunday.
  9. rbkl

    Illinois Pre-Game

    It will be a good battle between Ayo and Romeo tomorrow. And by good battle I mean that I fully expect the top guard from Indiana to smack around the top guard from Illinois.😁
  10. If I am Tom Allen, I have to show this to any prospective OCs. Oh yeah and I'd probably somehow get this to David Bell as well, haha.
  11. Hoosier football fans, I hope you'll enjoy a long piece that we put together at IndianaHQ on Jack Tuttle. In the latest of our film room series, we stepped away from basketball and focused on potentially the highest impact pick up for Tom Allen. What does he bring to Indiana? Great footwork and drop step QB IQ and an absolute cannon of an arm In short, he is the prime archetype of a "pro-style QB"
  12. rbkl

    Central Arkansas Pregame Thread

    A great opportunity for Indiana to work in some new actions or sets in a lower risk environment before the wild Big Ten gauntlet where anything can happen. Hopefully Rob Phinisee can continue building the momentum on his confidence and Justin Smith can climb a bit further out of his funk. https://www.indianahq.com/read/5c16db7cc304320013e32fd9/scouting-report-university-of-central-arkansas-bears
  13. rbkl

    Butler Pregame Thread

    This game is a great opportunity for the Hoosiers to be really be put on the map. We can add another Tier A win alongside our Win @ Penn State. Interesting meet up with Jordan Tucker, who was originally an IU recruit, then became a Duke recruit when Tom Crean got fired, and then he eventually decommitted and now plays in-state for Butler.