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  1. 400k is a drop in the bucket for Cal. How common is it for a marketing firm to be hired by a University and also be responsible for paying the coach? Sure it sounds smart for the University because they don't have to put up the big bucks. But something doesn't sound kosher about it either. It's almost like they can do some under the table things the University can claim deniability. Just like with the shoe companies now .
  2. That's the problem with gossip. Hard to know the truth. McCleod and Indiana needed to part ways. But I can't help but think that Crean handled it poorly based upon what we heard.
  3. Did he intentionally? It sounds like based on the interview that he just said some nice things about Duke when they asked. Some kids get turned off by bashing other schools. And given that he was a Duke player it's not surprising he said something positive. Granted I wasn't there and maybe he did do it intentionality to sabotage. Not saying Crean didn't have a good reason to be upset. But yelling at him in front of the recruit, assuming that happened, was really stupid. Also that situation he described on the bus seemed crazy.
  4. Honestly after hearing these stories I'm really glad he's gone. I think his conditioning is over board and unhealthy. Also his treatment of Mcleod was beyond the pale. His insecurity is what held us back.
  5. Love how they called a moving pick on Brunk for kicking his leg out but Wesson has being doing it all game.
  6. Both of those offensive fouls they called on us because of Kaleb Wesson were garbage. He flopped both times.
  7. I'm not sure what's more horrific our foul shooting or the officating.
  8. What I don't understand is why any booster would accept this garbage adminstration. Trust me if I had lots of money I would tell the administration and McRobbie how this is unacceptable. I would tell them not another dime would flow to them if they didn't change their ways or resign. I would rally every other booster I could. Colorful language would be used. I appreciate the fact they want our school to be an outstanding academic institution. But stop denying us of what we are. We love basketball it's part of our DNA. We should be an elite program. And what's sad is people are forgetting this.
  9. Holtmann had more talent and it wasn't difficult for that team to adapt to his style. The cupboard was bare for Archie and inherited a program where defense and taking of the ball was an after thought.
  10. Really proud of our team tonight. I know a lot people have complained about our opponents thus far. But I still felt we were a much better team. The sheer depth and the way we have been winning has been more in line with what Archie has been preaching. I thought some of our spotty defense at times was just typical of teams not taking lesser teams as seriously. If we played a serious team we would play with a more locked in mentality. I think we will surprise a lot of teams in the conference this year.
  11. Exactly. And the general mentality is why should they. They say they didn't nail UNC. And Kansas is fighting the NCAA as well. So from their perspective they would just rather fight it.
  12. I constantly hear Louisville fans talk about how they are worried about the NCAA yet nothing has happened. Now they are ranked 2nd in the country and are still bringing in recruits. Even after the stripper scandal they were never really set back. I just want karma to finally catch up with these people. But as pathetic as the NCAA is it probably will never happen.
  13. I apologize. Let me clarify. My dad heard this more as chit-chat. I'm not insider or have inside info. He also said her heard the same about Lander being and U of L. I don't know if this is true. I certainly hope it's not. But I think regardless signs of improvement helps. I live in New Albany so we live close to sellersburg.
  14. My Dad told me her heard right now Louisville is really in the lead with Kaufman. I hope this isn't true. We really need to have a good season.
  15. The only thing I know is IU will be fine regardless if Dawson picks us or not. We shouldn't get upset about what is probably the toughest decision in a 18 year olds life. Every kid has their reasons and it should be respected. This was an out of state kid we weren't even recruiting as long as some of the competition. I think we definitely made a positive impression and made up serious ground. I understand we are very passionate about IU and want to get the best players. While I'm not pointing any fingers at anyone here , I think sometimes a very vocal few in our fan base react to this stuff in
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