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  1. You can tailgate in my spot if you want. I have to go in the stadium at 10 AM.....
  2. Westfield and HSE played a great game. Westfield pulled away but overall the best HS game I've been to this year. Both teams are very talented and well coached.
  3. I saw some students with a stitched jersey. Was wondering where they got them....
  4. I bought that jersey a few weeks back. It is a nice fit, personally.
  5. Any idea if we are recruiting Isaiah Street from Brownsburg? This kid needs an offer.
  6. It's going to happen.....this game sets the tone for the rest of the season. SP and Defense will close this game.
  7. Think I can publicly say this, 51 played in a Rose bowl....need confirmation
  8. I walked into the student section before we left and took this panorama...more students showed up and filled in the right side too. Amazing to see the students show up, even if it's just for 1.5 quarters. Can't wait for Saturday's sell out!
  9. The defenders balance was way off. Godwin ran an elite route. Amazing seeing Brady do this at his age.
  10. I thought it was a double penalty. Defender held him and the extension of the arm took it to another level. Should have been offsetting penalties.
  11. Will the game be streamed or televised through the IHSAA app? I'd like to record it if an option is out there....
  12. What was your thoughts on the D's execution of the first Iowa TD run?
  13. They'll bounce back and make up for it these next 2 games. Tom knows how good this team is. Coaches will be earning their paychecks now. We will see.
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