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  1. Ed was a family friend. Been on a non-IU news vacation over the last 30 days after baseball season came to an end but with this news and Tom Allen and crew killing it on 2020 recruiting, it's time to re-engage. Appears I need to make some calls bc this has pulled me back in. Wishing Ed a step up and hoping he lands well on his feet.
  2. I agree with what you're saying. This might be a case of his allegiance to the university and his first shot at proving himself in the big seat outweighing any increase in time commitment or the comfort of NBA coaching. I would think raising a family in Ann Arbor would be more attractive than Miami. All speculation on our part.
  3. He visited UK recently as well. I would think his recruitment timeline will be dictated on the UK offer. Agree with your comments on Cal's new approach with home-grown talent.
  4. Wouldn't the allure of coaching your alma mater be an attractive position regardless of what hours it takes? Howard hasn't been shy about what the UM means to him, always been a consistent face in the crowd with Rose at past tourneys. I'm sure the substantial raise in pay is a minor plus as well.
  5. We'll know soon enough with seeing who he will be watching during AAU season. I think more problems will be caused for Calipari and Coach K if he adopts Penny and Mike Millers' recruiting style. With him being a Chicago native, I'm curious to see how well he can do in that recruiting scene.
  6. Draymond Green, although I enjoyed his passion in college.
  7. Training table was hit or miss with an aide taking attendance. We were told to carry a meal plan and they'd deduct cost from it, but that didn't happen. It was common just to sneak in with a group of 10 schollies or just go grab food in the Foster food court with others.
  8. No they don't. At least when I was one in the early 2000s, we had to pay for all expenses.
  9. Great post. Agree on the Yaklich choice. From many articles I've read, JB transitioned his coaching style allowing Yaklich take over all defensive coaching responsibilities. Does the risk losing Yaklich and Washington outweigh the prospects of bringing in someone like Jordan or Smart? Certainly, if the home run hire is there, take it.
  10. An ignore thread feature could be a solution. I get the reasoning from both sides. Either way, this site is the #1 place to discuss all things in IU Athletics.
  11. Current Odds per Bovada:
  12. If Donovan can't get more than the 1 year commitment left on his contract and the money is there at UM, I don't see him sticking around to be let go a year from now when OKC gets beat in the 1st Rd of the playoffs.
  13. Agreed, Jeanie and Phil obviously have a history together. What makes this even more funny is supposedly Kurt's wife is a trusted advisor to Jeanie Buss and didn't want Lue as coach.
  14. 4.56 40, 32.5" vertical http://www.hudl.com/v/2AbjQ3
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