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  1. It could also stem from the culmination of attacks some of the fanbase had for his son over the first 12-13 games. I'd be interested to see the context of the tweets, all I can find on his twitter page is one reply to an inside the hall tweet.
  2. B_A

    Indiana HS hoops

    Its off State Road 52. About half way between New Palestine and Rushville.
  3. B_A

    Indiana HS hoops

    15 minutes North of Shelbyville. They won the 1A state title last year.
  4. Armann hurt his ankle and she told the ref "this is on you". Radio Troy retweeted her explanation.
  5. B_A

    Duke Game Thread

    Put tunein on after the 2nd tv TO to listen to Fish and Errek, agree.
  6. B_A

    Duke Game Thread

    Maybe Romeo will stay another year after tonight 🤣
  7. B_A

    Duke Game Thread

    Meatloaf mom, fffffffff
  8. B_A

    Duke Game Thread

    They'll get gassed out in the 2nd half. Lot of time left to play. As someone said, cut it to under 10 by the half and we have a chance.