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  1. Versatile player with the right coaching, this could be a home run in 1-2 years. Great day to be a Hoosier!
  2. The Winning % disagree too. #hottakefailboomer
  3. His press conference answered your scenario. Pretty clear cut he said the chairital donation had no strings attached.
  4. Operations-wise, yes. Varies from HC to HC. He would be more involved in meetings outside the stadium than just the day to day team responsibilities.
  5. Mike Roberts, never saw him stop working that dry-erase board all night.
  6. Sam is emotional after losses. I'll have the wife call to check on him.
  7. Time to jump on the football train all you Notre Dame fans.
  8. B1G Bowl Week-Week #10(Final week) Duke's Mayo Bowl, December 30th Wake Forest vs. Wisconsin(-7) - X Music City Bowl, December 30th Iowa(-14) vs. Missouri - X Citrus Bowl, January 1st Auburn vs. Northwestern(-3.5) Sugar Bowl, January 1st Ohio St. vs. Clemson(-7.5) Outback Bowl, January 2nd Mississippi vs. Indiana(-7) Tiebreaker: 57
  9. We could play Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl.
  10. Friday: Nebraska(-5.5) @ Rutgers Saturday: Ohio St.(-20.5) vs. Northwestern Minnesota @ Wisconsin(-11.5) Illinois @ Penn St.(-14.5) Michigan St. @ Maryland(-2)
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