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  1. Agree, I think Geronimo is a prototypical college 4, and I am extremely high on his potential there. I expect TJD/Race/Geronimo to eat up the vast majority of the post minutes on this team. Kopp on the other hand I see as a 3, who can give you spot minutes at the 4 in certain lineups. I saw Hunter the same way honestly.
  2. PC? What are you talking about? He committed a crime and now will serve his punishment, that's fair. I'm curious, did you read the article? Caleb's story is being born into absolute shit, getting an opportunity and working his tail off to pull himself out of that situation, and now relapsing. Ha ha, I guess? Do you laugh when alcoholics relapse too?
  3. Yea, hard to see a significant role for both Durr and Duncomb. Would be great if a talented kid like Duncomb is open to redshirt.
  4. The kid was dealt an awful hand in life, he overcame it for a little while at least. I'm rooting for him to overcome it again. I hope that those making fun of him would at least read this article about his upbringing. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/18523734/purdue-caleb-swanigan-overcoming-obesity-homelessness-become-big-nba-prospect
  5. It's completely fine to think Rob is not good enough. Frankly he hasn't been. But that's not a good reason to boo him. My opinion on Rob is that he's reasonably talented and a hard worker. He's also been completely stuck inside his own head for a long time now. He's clearly aiming it when he shoots. I've been there as a player and a shooter, and it sucks. If your goal is for IU to win, booing a guy going through confidence problems is not helping anyone.
  6. Agree. People booed Rob Phinisee for missing a free throw. I realize the booing was about a lot more than that one shot, and a lot more than just him. But RP doesn't deserve that.
  7. Those games were really fun... man I am tired of losing to Purdue. And I don't blame them for being arrogant now that they are on top.
  8. For a lot of this season I felt like we were a pretty good team, with a mediocre record due to a brutal schedule. Things changed about a month ago. Losing (or barely winning in miraculous fashion) against mediocre teams like MSU, Northwestern. Getting pounded by the good teams like OSU, Michigan. Not competitive against a decent but not great Rutgers team. Our efficiency numbers have fallen off a cliff too. Earlier this season IU either won or went to OT five times against Kenpom top 15 teams. That feels like a really long time ago.
  9. I think it's 18-9. After the 2015-16 season it was 9-9. He has obviously dominated since then (Archie era + last year of Crean).
  10. It's true that he has owned IU lately, but that post was still some major cherry picking. They are already not counting the early years where he lost to IU plenty - then they list another record "if you take out the 2012-13 seasons". LOL. It's magic, if you don't count out the stretches where IU was better, Purdue wins almost every time! You can also spin it the other direction. If you take out the dreadful Archie Miller era, and take out the first three years of the Crean total rebuild, Painter has a losing record vs IU. Is that a meaningful statistic? Painter overall has a winning record against IU. It's fine to just list the actual record without the spin.
  11. He definitely said those words to someone. Believe it was shortly after he had the two really bad post ups mid second half. He was pulled for a while after that huddle, Brunk talked to him on the sideline. Couldn't tell if he said it to Archie or someone else.
  12. This year is different due to the compressed OOC schedule. How many years in the past has a team played 26 of their 28 games against major conference opponents? Probably also never. In a normal year that hypothetical team would be 19-14 with a handful of wins over random directional schools.
  13. Probably we are marginally better with Brunk than without him. Saying he is worth 2-3 extra wins is a stretch. In any case, you are talking about a mediocre senior role player taking the bench minutes of a promising freshman. If that's what it takes for this program to make the tournament, this thing is probably not salvageable.
  14. Still not entirely sure what to believe on Armaan's jumper. Last year he was 17-64 from three. The first six games of this year (through FSU), he was 2-12. So, that's a 38 game sample to start his career where he shot 25% from deep (19-76). In the 14 games since then, he is 31-61. That's 51%. His jumper transformed overnight from Justin Smith to Jordan Hulls. I thought it was just a hot streak at first, but he has kept it up for two months now. I really want to believe he's a 40%+ shooter moving forward. I do believe Hunter is a legitimate plus shooter, and Leal may be too. Offense is so much easier when you knock down open shots.
  15. If TJD leaves, agree it's a completely different conversation. We can not easily replace his production. If he stays though, there's a lot of room for optimism. IU as currently constructed is a good, potentially great defensive team. The offensive questions revolve around 1) reliable PG play, 2) go-to perimeter scorer, and 3) consistent outside shooting. There are potential answers on the roster for each question (Lander, Franklin, Stewart/Hunter/Leal)
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