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  1. I partially agree, but some of it is our defense making them look bad.
  2. Outside of a bad 3-4 minute stretch early, that was a really good defensive half. Brunk was completely overmatched the first four minutes of the game, and hasn't left the bench since. Davis was OK. We look much better with TJD as the 5, Smith as the 4. Phinisee is a steadying presence, really glad to have him back.
  3. I liked them mostly... other than this sequence: - PBP guy: "Indiana fans are booing, but that was a foul" - Replay: shows zero contact between Smith and the FSU player - PBP guy says nothing for a while, while his partner talks about what a terrible call it was. Then finally says something like "well they would have got a put back if they didn't call it, so it was good for IU". Just acknowledge you were wrong, the fans were right, and move on!
  4. Great effort. Green was incredible, obviously. We played really, really hard and the defensive effort in particular was impressive. We are going to be hard to beat at home, with the way we attack the rim and put pressure on officials to make calls. Win at Wisconsin and I'll be fully on board the hype train.
  5. We started both halves with the "big" lineup, including Smith at the 3. Played the first 4-5 minutes of each half that way. After the first substitution in each half, the remainder of the game was played with only two bigs. So Smith did play some 3 last night, but he got most of his minutes at the 4. I thought Smith played great last night but he didn't do anything to make me believe he's now a perimeter player. He played great D and earned some breakaway dunks, hit the offensive glass, had a couple of nice post ups. He did make one wide open three which was great... he needs that to be effective as an undersized 4.
  6. I see the makings of a really good defensive team. I still think we'll struggle to score in the half court against real teams, but the outlook looks a lot better if Al Durham can shoot it at a high clip. He was fantastic tonight. Smith was also great tonight, he mostly focused on the stuff he does well. Played excellent defense, got out in transition. As of now, Hunter is a long way from being the guy some described as potentially our best player. (this is not a critique, some rust is expected)
  7. Archie's vague description on RP sure sounds like sports hernia / core muscle injury. If true, it's hard to know how those will play out - could be a season long issue. Not great.
  8. It's more about what people aren't seeing. It's early October and people haven't seen him play in a while. The "Smith at the 3" posts only pop up in the offseason, when you can look at the roster and imagine "hmm this guy is 6'7", really good athlete, he can play on the wing right?". There are no "Smith at the 3" posts during the season because when you actually watch him play basketball twice a week, it's painfully obvious he's not a perimeter player.
  9. First, I'm not mad at Andrew Luck. Second, what does a construction worker have to do with an NFL QB? Framing this as simply "chronic injury, can't play anymore" is overly simplistic. The current issue is an ankle / calf injury that has caused him to miss a total of 3 preseason games. He is mentally tired of going through the injury/rehab process, and doesn't want to do it anymore. That's his choice and I don't blame him, but it's not hard to understand why some people will. A lot of people would give up anything to play QB in the NFL. Andrew Luck is not that guy, which is what makes him really interesting.
  10. Initial reaction: one of the most shocking sports stories I've ever heard. After a little thought: still surprising but not a total shock. Luck has always been an odd duck for an NFL QB. Not just that he's smart (plenty of others are too), but hardly ever do you see a star athlete as introspective and sensitive as he is. If any of you follow US soccer, his personality reminds me of Landon Donovan... who took a sabbatical from soccer to go travel around Cambodia at age 30. It sucks for the Colts. Fans have a right to be upset at Luck, just like he has a right to not care what they think and do what's best for himself and his family.
  11. Here's the interesting thing about this season. Only 11 scholarship players, and only 5 of them return as any kind of significant contributors from last year. Going into the season, everyone on this roster has a real chance to be a contributor. I did not feel like that was the case last offseason, with 13 scholarship guys + McRoberts, there were 3-4 guys you pretty much knew weren't going to play barring injury. So Damezi will get his chance. The game seemed too fast for him last year, but lots of kids go through that and then get better with experience. I hope he does too, because we are dying for a shooter.
  12. Doesn't matter to me whether old recruit threads stay open or not. But can we please stop the "plunger" posts? If you don't want to read about Keion Brooks or whoever, don't click on it. It's harder to ignore the plunger posts since they are posted on dozens of threads.
  13. Appreciate the report. How would you rate him as a shooter? Elite level like Hulls or Ziesloft? Pretty good, like a Robert Johnson? White guy who gets billed as a shooter, but not really (like Austin Etherington)?
  14. I know it's a highlight video, but I saw a kid taking and making difficult threes. Guys don't usually have the green light to take step backs 2 feet behind the arc unless they can really shoot it. From what I've heard Leal is a good athlete, not sure where the defensive liability talk is coming from. He also has good size for his position at 6'5". Maybe those who have seen him play more can chime in. He loves IU, good shooter, and with proper coaching should develop into a solid defender. I'm thinking Matt McQuaid without the awful neck beard. Seems like a useful player, I hope we offer.
  15. Hip bump into a guy dribbling on the perimeter? OK fine, often not called. Hip bump into the legs of a shooter who's about to release the ball? Always a foul.
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