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  1. Here's the interesting thing about this season. Only 11 scholarship players, and only 5 of them return as any kind of significant contributors from last year. Going into the season, everyone on this roster has a real chance to be a contributor. I did not feel like that was the case last offseason, with 13 scholarship guys + McRoberts, there were 3-4 guys you pretty much knew weren't going to play barring injury. So Damezi will get his chance. The game seemed too fast for him last year, but lots of kids go through that and then get better with experience. I hope he does too, because we are dying for a shooter.
  2. Doesn't matter to me whether old recruit threads stay open or not. But can we please stop the "plunger" posts? If you don't want to read about Keion Brooks or whoever, don't click on it. It's harder to ignore the plunger posts since they are posted on dozens of threads.
  3. Appreciate the report. How would you rate him as a shooter? Elite level like Hulls or Ziesloft? Pretty good, like a Robert Johnson? White guy who gets billed as a shooter, but not really (like Austin Etherington)?
  4. I know it's a highlight video, but I saw a kid taking and making difficult threes. Guys don't usually have the green light to take step backs 2 feet behind the arc unless they can really shoot it. From what I've heard Leal is a good athlete, not sure where the defensive liability talk is coming from. He also has good size for his position at 6'5". Maybe those who have seen him play more can chime in. He loves IU, good shooter, and with proper coaching should develop into a solid defender. I'm thinking Matt McQuaid without the awful neck beard. Seems like a useful player, I hope we offer.
  5. Hip bump into a guy dribbling on the perimeter? OK fine, often not called. Hip bump into the legs of a shooter who's about to release the ball? Always a foul.
  6. You're right, they missed it. Missed calls are part of the game but it sucks that it happened in the final seconds. Still, just don't foul Guy and they probably win. Make two free throws and they're in OT right now. Can't pin it all on the officials.
  7. That was absolutely a foul, and the official deserves lots of credit for calling it in an important situation. They missed the double dribble but I'll admit I missed that in the moment too, as did all three announcers.
  8. Zeller was absolutely a lottery pick after his freshman year, and came back. Yes that is a rarity, but let's not make revisionist history. I also think Romeo will leave but he would not be the first guy to pass up lottery money. It occasionally happens. Off the top of my head, Miles Bridges was another.
  9. Devonte is probably our best returning player. There's no question he's our best returning offensive player. He's our best shooter, best playmaker, and in my opinion an above average defender (though not as good as Rob). He looked at home playing off the ball late in the season, while Rob ran point. For a lack of a better term, Devonte "tries stuff". I can live with some turnovers while trying to make aggressive plays. I do wish he would lose that wild floater though, I swear he must have shot 20% on floaters this year.
  10. Very fair point. I don't think Brunk is anything special. But, I am warming up to the idea of him coming here. He's big, and he's decently athletic for a kid his size. He clearly plays hard. This year, we were undersized and we couldn't shoot. We still may not be able to shoot, but at least with TJD + DD + Brunk in the rotation we won't be undersized.
  11. Forrester had a tough road to crack the rotation. So I get why he is leaving. Still, it is a little frustrating to see kids transfer out after one year. I was thinking recently about Jarrad Odle. Mediocre role player for three years, fairly limited minutes. Then his senior year he's captain and an important contributor to a Final Four team. If he had transferred after year 1 or 2 nobody would have thought twice about it. Instead he stuck around even through a coaching change, got better and became a really useful player.
  12. I agree, which raises a big question - is TJD really a college 4? Would love to hear from people who've seen him play a lot.
  13. Brunk would be our 7th scholarship post player. And most of those guys are college 5s more than 4s - none of them have shown an ability to shoot the ball at this level. If these rumors are true, have to assume Archie is expecting one or more transfers.
  14. Not sure I see a fit here for Brunk. He's a backup at the Big Ten level and can only play the 5, which is probably our best position looking at next year (Deron, TJD). He'd be our seventh post player on the roster, and the fifth post player in the soph + junior classes alone. Unless we have multiple transfers, I don't think he makes sense. Cliff Moore can't even get on the floor, are we sure Brunk is better than him?
  15. Forgetting the effort discussion for a minute. Smith is just not a good offensive player. One play in the first half summed it up - passed up a wide open three, tried to straight line drive to the basket, ran right into some dude's chest for a charge. That wasn't lack of effort. It was lack of shooting / ballhandling / playmaking skill. Not giving up on him by any means, his career is not even half over. He really has to get better this offseason though. On the positive side, Green was really good again today. Maybe he is the starting 2 next year? He's been pretty impressive playing alongside RP lately, and both are plus defenders.
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