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  1. Only thing I'd say was substantial that he said about Marquette was that they'd be recruiting him since freshman year.
  2. Spoke very highly of Indiana. Said he is great friends with Anthony and Trey. Said the Indiana fanbase is by far the best out of any school that is recruiting him. Said while on his visit that Indiana felt like home. Plans to announce Nov 20. Got to like our chances
  3. First thing he talks about is how great Indiana's fan base is.
  4. Taking an official visit this weekend.
  5. Quimari Peterson from Gary. https://247sports.com/player/quimari-peterson-46085475/
  6. Zach is announcing at 8 tonight, looks to be Baylor.
  7. "You should see me right now. I'm in my backyard jumping around." Geronimo said. "I'm excited to be a Hoosier."
  8. Agreed, worst case scenario he should be a very solid 4 year player.
  9. Really excited about this commitment and thought we should've been talking about him more. I think he can be for Archie what OG and Victor were for Crean as I think Jordan has pro potential.
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