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  1. I agree all threads should be unlocked as long as they have good discussion. I don't like plunging because its annoying to click all the threads and I don't want to use the mark all as read button because I might have missed something before the plunger came. I suppose if someone really can't stand seeing "Keion Brooks commits to Kentucky" then maybe we can do something like an option to block a thread same as blocking a user.
  2. I'm assuming it's Jalen Washington from Gary.
  3. Got offered by UNC today. He's going to skyrocket in the rankings.
  4. Had 34 points tonight on 9 of 10!!! from 3.
  5. We makes edits for the kids to post on their social media when they commit.
  6. Asked us for an edit so shouldn't be long before he commits.
  7. Yeah I saw it and I'm not sure what you mean. His hometown school is in NYC and it seems as if they don't want to host his announcement because he left the school to go to IMG in Florida. I don't think it has anything to do with his college decision.
  8. Christan Keeling committed to UNC. As a result Seventh Woods has entered his name in the transfer portal, first player from Carolina to transfer in 8 years.
  9. Hey guys, we are going to be interviewing players at the Midwest Challenge and thought we would post to see if you guys had any questions that you would like us to ask Armaan, Jalen Windham, or anyone else. Below are the players that are signed or being recruiting high d1.
  10. SDSU seems like the leader as of now
  11. He's mentioned being homesick a couple times, will probably go back out west.
  12. Jemarl Baker from Kentucky transferring.
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