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  1. "You should see me right now. I'm in my backyard jumping around." Geronimo said. "I'm excited to be a Hoosier."
  2. Agreed, worst case scenario he should be a very solid 4 year player.
  3. Really excited about this commitment and thought we should've been talking about him more. I think he can be for Archie what OG and Victor were for Crean as I think Jordan has pro potential.
  4. I hate to break it to you guys but Joey isn't saying that Hoosiers are physically tough. Tough is a word used to mean cool. Basically Joey is just saying that these pics look good.😂
  5. https://247sports.com/Player/Carter-Whitt-46049256/ Offered today. Top 50 PG from the class of 2021 out of North Carolina. I believe Mike Roberts is the lead on this one.
  6. He already announced his top 12 and we were not included.
  7. Made his final 8 along with Duke, UNC, Illinois, Louisville, Texas, DePaul, and Iowa State.
  8. Even if it isn't a package deal with Furst it sounds like we should get this kid if he really wants to play for Indiana that bad.
  9. Just did an edit for Blake with all his offers and interests. Thought it was interesting that he didn't mention IU as a school showing interest.
  10. I agree all threads should be unlocked as long as they have good discussion. I don't like plunging because its annoying to click all the threads and I don't want to use the mark all as read button because I might have missed something before the plunger came. I suppose if someone really can't stand seeing "Keion Brooks commits to Kentucky" then maybe we can do something like an option to block a thread same as blocking a user.
  11. I'm assuming it's Jalen Washington from Gary.
  12. Got offered by UNC today. He's going to skyrocket in the rankings.
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