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  1. "Where are we going? And why am I in this handbasket?"
  2. IUFLA

    Luke Combs

    Went and saw Chris Young at the Houston Rodeo this year 3 days before they closed it due to the virus... I'm not a big country music fan, my wife is, but I enjoyed it...only song I knew was "Raised on Country."
  3. And after she gets out of the burn unit, she should face arson charges, right @Brass Cannon?
  4. BTW, that damned Ronald Reagan had me tear gassed 3 times in on day in 1981 (chem warfare training) and I don't hold a grudge...😁 "Run into the wind!" Wasn't that bad...
  5. As far as the other 3 goes, I'm sure they're calculating charges that they think they can get a conviction on... If there's a clear case of a police officer or any military personnel assaulting innocent people, charges should be brought...and I'm sure they will be...but that gate swings both ways... So, after that the violence stops?
  6. So here's a question... The officer is in custody, charged with 3rd degree murder... What would put a stop to the violence? Peaceful protests can go on forever...but if you want real change for the better in this country, you're not going to even get people to the table until the violence stops... Until then, the people perpetrating the violence are simply undermining the cause they are supposedly supporting...
  7. Tried to start that discussion a few pages back, but there was no response...
  8. No, I'm just pointing out that you and others seem to want to castigate one side while excusing the other... I understand it was the action of police officer that set this off...and I've said more than a few times he should pay a heavy price for his crime...but let's be fair about what's happened since then...
  9. I saw that too...I also saw numerous examples of protesters being peaceful and other citizens not involved in the protest, helping with clean up... And you forgot "violence of protesters against cops."
  10. "Rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for U.S. Steel." - Joe E. Lewis Of course this was said before rooting for U.S. Steel became fashionable again 😁
  11. Yet you seem to want to lump all cops in with bad cops, while not doing the same with protesters...and really neither should be done... Look, there's not a person on this board who wants to have to react to a threat of violence. Guaranteed. If you've ever had a gun pointed at you, it's not a pleasant experience. And in most of those situations, you have scant seconds to react and a slow response will put you in grave danger. I understand what HH is saying. If someone is standing in front of their business with an AR15, there's a chance it can lead to a bad situation which might (legally or literally) blow up in their face... Saying you are willing to take that chance isn't bragging to me...
  12. Yes, certainly sounds like the police are the issue in this article Just acknowledge that there are idiots on both sides. You, @KoB2011, and @Brass Cannon, seem to want to give the benefit of doubt to the protesters. You even tacitly imply that the violence is justified by saying "I think that's why our hood was so angry and torched so many police cars last night." Each act of violence is an INDIVIDUAL act on both sides...and should be treated and dealt with as such...
  13. And no one is "bragging" about shooting them either...hence my post...
  14. As long as we can herd the folks who seem to have broken out the pom-poms in favor of looting and violence into that thread as well... See? Other people can use innuendo and hyperbole too...
  15. There are a lot of reasons... Faulty police hiring methods...Inadequacy in police training...cynicism of long time cops concerning people of color..."The God Complex"..., Police oversight and management personnel overlooking indiscretions, elected officials caving to police unions for endorsement... That's just off the top of my head... But there's a second side to the coin, that I guarantee will get some people upset...
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