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    Those 4th grade nutrition posters must have had a heavy effect on me, because if I don't eat all 3 meals, I feel out of sorts. Breakfast is always an eggwich breakfast sandwich or bowl of Cheerios and coffee. Try to stay around 400 calories. Lunch is various combinations of soup (2 favs Chik-fil-a chicken tortilla or El Pollo Loco's chicken Verde pozole), salads, and healthy sandwiches (tuna salad or chicken breast). Try to stay under 500 calories. Dinner I try to stay under 700 calories. My wife has me eating more fish than Chuck Noland, so that's not hard. Never seem to be overly hungry either...
  2. All very interesting conversation, and a lot of valid points. But for me the bottom line is, to build the kind of program I think most of us want, we have to let Archie go to the point where his first recruiting class (now sophomores) are seniors. It's a slow process, and I know we have some impatient fans, but I believe it's a big mistake if we pull the trigger before then.
  3. Yep, and Marvin Miller...Boy, that took a while, for both. Congrats to Simmons. I always thought he belonged. And Miller revolutionized the game, no matter what you think of free agency.
  4. So against good advice, I did watch the game. I'm not quite as upset as I thought I'd be, or as some on this board are, for the following reasons... 1) Wisconsin, and particularly Reuvers, Ford, and King were unconscious. The 3 combined for 66% shooting and 61 of Wisconsin's points. I'm not saying our defense was great, but come on. Prior to this game the 3 combined were shooting 43%. And I guarantee you Richmond, New Mexico, St Mary's, Eastern Illinois, Green Bay, Marquette, McNeese St, and NC State, don't play much better defense than we do. Screams anomaly to me. 2) They didn't turn the ball over. I know some of that is a product of our defensive effort, but they average 12 a game and only committed 4. 3) We didn't shoot well. I thought our shot selection was bad, especially when we had a chance to get back in the game. When it was 20-9 we had 3 possessions and 3 terrible shots (Durham, Green, Hunter). We'd played good D during that stretch, but got zilch on the offensive end for it. We did get to the line more than they did, and were within 1 in the rebounding category. I'm with S6 here as writing this one off as an outlier. It happens. The real key will be the next few games. I hope this doesn't turn into the tailspin that we had mid-year last season, and I don't think we will.
  5. But his brother "Addiction Intervention" is available...
  6. I loved boxing. Subscribed to Ring Magazine for years. Favorite fighter of all time? Aaron "The Hawk" Pryor. His 1st fight with Alexis Arguello was the best boxing match I ever saw. Here are the highlights...look at the punch Arguello hits Pryor with at the 6:29 mark of the video. Then watch to the end to see, in my estimation, the greatest finisher of all time...
  7. Haven't watched the game yet (pressing work stuff), but I do have it recorded and will this afternoon. Very disappointed with the effort as mentioned on here, and I watched Archie's post game presser. The thing I came away with was our on the court leadership lacks. Justin has been trying, as has Al. But this, for better or worse, is Devonte's team. He's the best player and the co-captain. When you're at home and the crowds behind you, it's easy to get motivated. When the crowd is hostile, then your leader needs to step in and provide motivation. I'm not letting Archie off the hook here either as they obviously weren't well prepared, but on the floor, it has to be Devonte with help from Al and Justin. And as one poster said above, I think it's time Race started at the 5.
  8. Out on the perimeter maybe, but inside Race is giving up 3 inches and 30 lbs. I know we'd help, but I think he's a tough matchup for a lot of teams.
  9. I think Illinois will give Maryland a game in College Park today...
  10. I think we'll beat Bucky...they're 3rd in line of B10 teams I love to see IU beat behind Purdue and The Whinin Illini... Probably because the use to be the B10 doormats and now every Wisconsin fan I meet puts them on our level...
  11. Man...I bet your native American name would be "The Rain Cloud."
  12. Larry Brown (Redskins running back in the 70s) is the Larry Brown of football 😁 Oh, and for good measure, there's former Cowboy's CB Larry Brown Jr.
  13. Destin is gorgeous. Use to be moreso until a lot of people started going there. Michael Jordan had a place down there too. I would imagine that in the 80s and 90s when Destin was not so well known, it was a good getaway for the rich, and it wasn't a long trip, especially from Dallas.
  14. Agree 100% there. The only more "hands on" owner on the NFL is Daniel Snyder. Sidenote: when I use to work air traffic down on the Florida Gulf Coast, Jerry Jones plane, callsign N1DC would go into Destin once in a while. The pilot always insisted on calling himself "November One Dallas Cowboy." I always used the proper phonetic "November One Delta Charlie" just to piss them off. Sidenote 2: One time late on a swimg shift, probably around 9 pm, N1DC was coming into Destin. Only plane I was talking to at the time, so I asked if Mr Jones was on board. Pilot said no, but I would recognize his passenger...he told me it was Michael Irvin. This was a couple of days after the Coke/hooker deal.
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