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  1. Uh, isn't 4-4 ahead of 4-5 or is CBS just stupid?
  2. Aleem Ford hits 3 straight 3s to get Wisconsin back in the game and doesn't see the ball in the next 6 possessions...
  3. Bucky Badger is pissing it right back...
  4. So we should employ the "Hack-a-Scarlett-Knight defense." 😁
  5. Reuvers just keeps firing up the 3s. At one point, he was 3-4 all from 2. Finished 3-7 after missing 3 straight 3s... And anyone that thinks we're the only team that has FT troubles, look at the Minny/Terps boxscore...combined 31-54 (61%)...
  6. I don't seek out conflict with you...it's just that I thought your post was worded strangely... Right now, Khristian is living in a nice apartment, with a roommate he's really close to, and 2 other really good friends just across the way. He's on a team of kids that like each other. He's got a coach who's trying to coach him up to that next level... We always wring our hands about kids going early, but there's something to be said for comfort level. I think Khristian is a really smart kid with a good head on his shoulders. He'll surely go sometime, but I can see him playing through h
  7. I remember that... I also heard TJD's words after the game saying how proud he was of Jordan...Heartened by that...These kids like each other and pull for one another...right at the beginning...
  8. I think most would say he's a good coach... Keady was a good coach too, Hall of Famer, but both have the Purdue expectations to thank for their longevity at the school...
  9. I think this is the crux of what is really not a very divergent view of CAM. You, being an NBA fan, and me, who prefers a more rigid approach to the game, I think can both see the other's side. And to be honest, I'm sure Archie will give those kids more freedom in coming years, while still making them adhere to his basic plan... I know the Isiah/Knight argument, but RMK, I think, knew he had a HOF caliber player early on. He eventually loosened the reins, but not before letting Thomas know how he thought the game should be played.
  10. This year is a freebie for all I thought? Link He's getting college coaching, college strength and endurance training...his college course work will put him ahead of the game in the classroom...he'll have a degree early, and a ton of options for his basketball career... Winning proposition for the kid from my view...and I never even factored in coeds over high school girls 😁
  11. All of the speculation is based on potential, and people like to create a baseline. Nothing wrong with that. @Hoosierhoopster makes the point Jordan isn't just an "athlete" who plays basketball, and I agree with that. I think where he and I locked up is how developed those skills are for the rigors of the B1G, and especially within the framework of the way his coach teaches the game on both ends of the floor. Thursday I saw that not only Jordan, but Khristian as well, are getting that, and that encouraged me beyond belief. I think Anthony and Trey already got it, but in early games,
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