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  1. And an interesting note, if you ever have problems with racoons getting in your trash cans, tape a picture of Jess Settles on them... Problem solved...
  2. IUFLA


    BTW II, The second ever episode of "HGWT" featured a showdown between Paladin and a man named Manfred Holt...played by Charles Bronson...
  3. IUFLA


    I did...Great question BTW, I've been watching "Have Gun, Will Travel" a lot, and Sue Randall has been in 2 episodes, as has Hank Patterson who played Fred Ziffle on "Green Acres."
  4. IUFLA


    There was Miss Canfield early on, and the old battle axe principal...what was her name?
  5. IUFLA


    Hugh Beaumont?
  6. IUFLA


    So Sue Randall played Miss Landers...I think 2 different actresses played Gwen Rutherford, but I can't think of either ones name...
  7. Yeah, but I think TDH asked Trey in an interview (or someone did) and he said he was friends with Duncomb and they played well together. I think this was right after Duncomb dominated Furst.
  8. I think Kershaw is a HOFer... Maybe not the drop-dead-100%-ride-him-in-a-Maybach-parade-from-St Louis-to-Cooperstown-tomorrow lock Yadier Molina is, but a HOFer anyway you slice it...😁
  9. A little birdie told me this morning... "Cheap, cheap." So I think the McCaskey's have him sewn up for the Bears...
  10. Amended since he's never won a WS game...
  11. But I still don't feel as dumb as Kevin Cash should...😁
  12. Damn the bad luck! Senility or not had 2nd cup of coffee...your choice...
  13. And I have no way to prove either of these, but I think sometimes a manager out thinks himself for personal reasons. Snell had pitched 5 1/3 innings, so he would have been the winner had Tampa held the lead. Cash is thinking World Series clincher on Snell's resume. Just like Maddon in 2016 yanking Hendricks after 4 2/3 with a 5-1 lead. Hendricks had not qualified for the win yet. He brings in Lester, who's been a great post season pitcher, for the cherry on top 7th game of the World Series win on his resume... I know S6 disagrees with me on this, but I'll believe it til my dying day.
  14. "Cash said the decision to pull Snell was made because leadoff hitter Mookie Betts was coming up again, and Cash wanted to avoid having Snell go through the lineup a third time. The next three hitters Snell was due to face -- Betts, Corey Seager and Justin Turner -- were 0-for-6 with six strikeouts against him on Tuesday." What a stupid move for a stupid reason...
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