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  1. IUFLA

    Romeo Langford

    I'll say one thing about Romeo last night...Anyone who doesn't think he's one tough hombre, after getting his shoulder driven into the ground, throwing up at the half, getting a bloody lip (and making a pair of FTs right after), and being hatcheted by the PU Goon squad all night and still having good numbers (especially the tough rebounding), is in a word, wrong.
  2. Agreed. And re the Haarms tip in...I'd respect Boiler fans much more if they would just admit it was a foul and debate the merits (in the game as it is played and refereed today) of whether the foul should have been called at that juncture of the game. A lot more honest, to be sure.
  3. Start calling the games tighter. College basketball, especially B10 basketball, is getting ridiculously physical. The NBA has been that way since the Detroit "Bad Boys" and I rarely watch a pro game on account of it. At this point I know it's like trying to put toothpaste back in the tube, but it's difficult for anyone to make a basket while getting mugged.
  4. IUFLA

    Purdue Game Thread

    We had open looks though. 2 3s and a missed dunk by Morgan, 2 open missed 3s by Al, and Romeo had a couple of drives rim out. They hit when they were open.
  5. IUFLA

    Purdue Game Thread

    Well, if we could shoot, we'd be up 20. If we weren't playing suffocating defense we'd be down 20. If the refs had a clue, we'd be up 5.
  6. IUFLA

    Edward Smith at it again

    I agree with that. You could see the fact that he was benched affected his psyche in a very negative way against Minny. If he would have come out with an "I'll show you" attitude, I might think differently.
  7. IUFLA

    Minnesota Postgame Thread

    Sorry, missed this part. Must be getting old... I'd say top 4 B10 finish and round of 32 would be enough for the majority to put away the torches and pitchforks. But that's also dependant on circumstances. People overlook what has happened injury wise to this team this year, and I think even now, with a full (save Hunter) roster we're still feeling the residual affects.
  8. IUFLA

    Edward Smith at it again

    You don't think he'd transfer under those conditions? I do...
  9. IUFLA

    Edward Smith at it again

    For Minnesotans it's Wisconsinites. They call them "Sconies." It's not meant to be a compliment.
  10. IUFLA

    Can Race Have an Impact?

    If Race's hands aren't as bad as Justin's, and his jump timing isn't as bad as Justin's, and his outside shot is better than Justin's, and his defense is serviceable, I'd like to see him get those minutes. The limited times we've seen him, I've been impressed with his inside ability. Disclaimer for the future: If Race's Dad tweets anything, I ain't saying boo 😁
  11. IUFLA

    Minnesota Postgame Thread

    Program history has to be taken into account, and that pares the field down considerably. So in my opinion, your "hundreds of counter examples" doesn't wash. Regardless of what anyone says to the contrary, IU is a Blueblood, so to make valid points it has to be from that point of reference. "Massive improvement" is defined as what? NCAA berth? Top 3 Big 10 regular season?
  12. IUFLA

    Minnesota Postgame Thread

    Doherty actually resigned (albeit under pressure) but Dean Smith saw that he was a bad fit from the first year. Martin also resigned under pressure, but if you look at their record under Barnes, the first 2 years weren't exactly stellar. I'll give you Gillispie, but the day Indiana University starts running the basketball program like Kentucky does is the day I find another team to root for. Maybe more interesting names for this particular discussion would be Krzyzewski, Wright, Boeheim, Donavan, and Howland...
  13. IUFLA

    Minnesota Postgame Thread

    Care to cite examples here?