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  1. We got them down in Martinsville too. "Due to time constraints, we'll now move to action in the 3rd quarter."
  2. A guy takes his dog to a talent scout and says, "This dog can talk!" The talent scout says, "Well, let's hear him." The guy says, "Ok Rover, how does sandpaper feel?" To which Rover replies, "Ruff, ruff." "Ok Rover, what's on top of a house?" "Roof, roof." "Ok Rover, who was the greatest Yankee?" "Ruth, Ruth" The talent scout says, "Get out of here!" And throws them out on the sidewalk. Rover looks at his owner and says, "Jeter?"
  3. Some "local" guys I loved listening to... Johnny Most (Celtics) Larry Munson (UGA football) Hawk Harrelson (White Sox) Pat Hughes, Vince Lloyd, "The Good Kid", and of course Ron Santo (Cubs, along with the ones Mile cited) Jack Buck (Cardinals) Merrill Reese (Eagles) Myron Cope and Lanny Fratteri (Steelers) Lotsa "homers" in that group, but I don't mind them...
  4. When I was growing up it was Curt Gowdy. Baseball? Gowdy and Kubek. College basketball? Gowdy and Al McGuire. Football? Gowdy and the great Al Derogatis. Monday Night Football you always had to endure Howard Cosell. I always thought he sucked in every sport except boxing. In baseball, he was insufferable, especially when the Yankees were playing. But for a big boxing match, he was the cats.
  5. IUFLA


    Lol. Excellent trivia question. I looked it up so I'll give others a chance. But the reason is even more funny. It'll have Scott break dancing.
  6. If I predicted it was daylight right now, a lot of people would probably go to the window and look...me included...
  7. Maybe...if the Astros lose the first 2 at home, that'll be a tough hill to climb. And you could be right. With Greinke's anxiety issues, would a game 7 be too much for him?
  8. The other thing I screwed up was the pitching rotation...Cole/Scherzer would be game 5, Verlander/Strasburg game 6, and Corbin/Greinke would be game 7. Geez, it sucks getting old...
  9. Probably lost the MVP prediction too. Scherzer was a bulldog. Fought his way out of constant trouble last night. Tip of the cap to him. 112 pitches in 5 innings.
  10. I don't think either team will do that unless someone is down 3-0. 3-0 or 3-1 after game 4 or ANY elimination game might get somebody pitching on short rest, but I'm guessing at least through game 3 they'll stick to the script.
  11. Oh, and one more prediction...Since MLB rules prohibit teams from announcing "big news" until after the World Series, I think the Cubs are hiring Espada. 2nd interview is telling. Also I believe if it was Ross or Girardi, they would have announced it yesterday.
  12. World Series predictions... I think they split the first 2. Cole over Scherzer and Strasburg over Verlander. Game 3 will be big. Greinke, who has been warm and cold this post season out duels Corbin. Game 4 I think the Astros go "bullpen game" (unless they're down 3-0) and the Nats go to Anabil Sanchez. And I think Sanchez wins. So, games 6 and 7 go back to the matchups in games 1 and 2. And that will be premium October baseball. I'm picking the Astros in 7, simply because they have home field advantage and had the best home record in MLB. They are big favorites, but unless the time off has killed the Nats momentum, I think it'll be a nail biter. MVP? Gerrit Cole.
  13. Been to the Anchorage in Somers Point, NJ, and while it's good, Charlie's Bar and Restaurant is nearby with some of the best buffalo wings ever...And I'll pick wings over seafood every time. And 30 years ago, Pennsylvania would have been Old Bookbinders, hands down. Sadly, it went bankrupt after the original owner died and his kids tried to renovate it and ran it into the ground.
  14. Andy Griffith, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Have Gun, Will Travel... Richard Boone was a bad man...
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