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  1. IUFLA

    Butler Postgame Thread

    I'm not sure I would count this as demonstrable. 2 or 3 ways to play it, and none of them are good. The score was tied when the Arkansas kid went to the line. He was a 79% ft shooter. I think CAM was trying to ice him, thinking the only was to win, beyond a miracle shot, was over time. And that would be a valid strategy. Oh, and see if your wife would go with Ryan. That's Archie's real name. Then you could start calling him Archie as a nickname...😁
  2. I know all that. Just going by what the OP posted. Game winning shot, as he said, would have been more appropriate. So if we're going to pick nits, Watford for the win...
  3. IUFLA

    Butler Postgame Thread

    No, I understand perfectly what both you and rouge3542 are saying. Can someone who has little or no background in coaching be "right" about something that CAM did that turned out wrong? Maybe, but most of the time the in game decisions have hundreds of variables and we're not going to know if the decision the novice made would have worked because Archie, drawing up the fact that his dad was a coach, his brother is a coach, he played in high school and college (I'm beginning to sound like Mona Lisa Vito) and has been a coach for 7 years, made a different decision. I'm not sure anyone can point to a demonstrable CAM coaching situation where there was a clear right and a clear wrong and they were on the right side. If someone can, I'd like to hear it.
  4. IUFLA

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Ok, this is dead wrong in my opinion, and I'll tell you why. I was an air traffic controller for 20 years. During that time, I had people who I knew who weren't controllers say, "hey, I've played that computer game TRACON before, so I know what that's like!" No you don't. Not even close. Period. I was stationed at a base where they would let controllers occasionally come over and play on the very realistic F-15 simulator. One of the smart aleck controllers came out of it and said, "hey, that wasn't so bad!" A real F-15 jock said, "Well, if you mess up in there, no biggie. I mess up in real life, I buy it." A few minutes later, the same pilot says something about the TRACON game, and the same smart aleck controller says, "If you mess that up, no biggie. I mess up in real life, YOU buy it." Cracked us all up...even the F-15 jock. Never think you know as much as someone who does it for a living.
  5. I remember that game well. Went to high school with Jerry Sichting and I knew he'd get the last shot. He got a good look from the corner, but it was off the back iron. I was glad he missed, but I can't say I didn't feel bad for him. He is a great guy. Never saw anything but humility from him. He should have went to IU. Knight always said that was one of his biggest recruiting gaffes. And he should have won Mr Basketball in 1975. Kyle Macy, who went to Purdue with Jerry but transferred to Kentucky (double loser!) because Sichting was getting more playing time, won it. Actually the best player in the state was Sam Drummer, but Jerry should have won Mr Basketball. Macy did play on the pUKe NC team in 1978, but I'm sure if you mentioned him to most Kentuckians they'd think of that fancy store at the mall.
  6. IUFLA

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    The minute Raftery said his patented "lingerie on the deck" he'd no doubt try to work in the video where he showed everyone the cabin his ex cheated on him in.
  7. IUFLA

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    If he starts losing his hair from stress, I suggest he rent the Gene Keady video on "Swirling."
  8. IUFLA

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Don't like to quote my own post but .. Last night my wife called from our barn and said she was too tired go cook and would I mind... So I fixed her...I made Costco frozen crab cakes...I got a chuckle and a kiss...
  9. Yeah, Smart's shot for sure because of what was at stake... With the added bonus of Billy Packer whining at the end, "Nobody stopped the clock!" Watford's has to be second because it's Kentucky. Big Shot Rob's bucket yesterday is right at the top of the rest though...
  10. IUFLA

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Yeah, I got caught in the same thing. Texans football. Supposed to be on The NFL Network, but CBS took it up for the non-cable having cheap Texans. Didn't see a play. Helped my wife hang Christmas decorations, til she ran me off for being "crabby." Like I didn't have a reason...
  11. IUFLA

    Indiana-Butler Game thread

    Big shot Bob (Jr)
  12. A horse walks into a bar. The bartender says, "Why the long face?" The horse says, "Because I'm a Purdue fan." 😁
  13. IUFLA

    R.I.P. Eric Anderson

    Looks like a future Hoosier point guard to me! Nice that the IU kids like Justin and Al come out and meet the fans. Continued thoughts and prayers for your little guy.
  14. IUFLA

    Butler Pregame Thread

    Yet all 3 of our last 3 have come down to the final possession. I'm not getting the point, I guess.
  15. IUFLA

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    They need to summon up LouDo to complete that train wreck... Bill Self probably thanks his lucky stars every day