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  1. I thought Michael Jackson did it during "Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever"?
  2. Charlie Lau was a career .255 hitter in the bigs, but is widely heralded as the best hitting coach in history...
  3. I don't remember that, but I'll take your word for it...
  4. Sure there will still be people doing shady things. If one school is very successful with NIL through a large fan base and a big market and their recruiting reflects that, it might even make things worse.
  5. So from reading about what was happening, these "agent runners" were giving money to assistant coaches and hoping to have these assistant coaches funnel kids they'd recruited to certain agents...Matt Norlander (CBS) covered the trial and tweeted this about Roseland... So while he technically didn't do anything wrong, the intent was clearly there... And I'm shocked an SEC team would have "resources to land recruits" in place 😯 I guess I'm ok with it...I think Woody and Matta are smart enough to navigate ever changing recruiting scenery without landing us in trouble...
  6. Wow...that's going off the beaten path...maybe Huggins still has some pull at UC...
  7. They have a Katz's Deli down here in Shenandoah, but it's not affiliated with the one in NYC. That said, it is modeled after the NY Katz's. The sandwiches and soups (especially the matzo ball soup) is fantastic... Dammit, now I know where we're going to lunch...that's 2 days in a row 😉
  8. My wife's favorite too... That's why I know the salads are good...
  9. The worst as far as I'm concerned is Potbelly's...I like their salads, but their subs blow... And Jimmy Johns isn't much better...
  10. They still have them in Texas...3 in my general area...I haven't eaten at one in a loooooong time...
  11. Definitely not Rico Brogna
  12. Yes...Dammit...Now I have to run over to Kingwood and get me an Original Italian for lunch
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