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  1. IUFLA


    I know one of them because I heard him bragging about it on a show... Nick Swisher...SMH...
  2. Here's his bio And it's Allen Griffin...not to be confused with Alan Griffin who transferred to Syracuse from Illinois not long ago...
  3. Not sure he's the #1 assistant... Dwayne Stephens has been an associate head coach 7 years at MSU... Fife 2...
  4. IUFLA


    Chipper Jones?
  5. That's one of the things I do miss...the commute... Me, a 30 oz Yeti full of Peet's Cafe Domingo, in that sneaky Maxima rolling down 59 with the trucks (no kidding, I am very much in the minority driving a car on Texas freeways) with "Let it Bleed" blaring was how I got ready for my day...Heaven... Now it's just me and the coffee...☹️ Oh, and my wife coming mid-morning into my home office and saying, "oh for God's sake calm down."
  6. IUFLA


    Damn the bad luck!
  7. IUFLA


    The obvious choices are Mickey Mantle and Eddie Murray...
  8. Lester has another strong outing, and despite spotty hitting and a terrible bullpen (although they looked good yesterday) the Cubs are 11-3 (.786) and 4.5 up in the NL Central. David Ross is doing a helluva job...
  9. I was just thinking back to when pitched in various men's/semi-pro leagues (40 or so years ago)... I've read that pine tar can increase the spin on a fastball, making it move more, but it would seem to me that it might make you "pull" pitches...Hard to find the strike zone that way, at least it was for me... Pine tar on the inside of an index finger might get more spin on a curve or slider, but I'd also be worried about ripping skin...A pitcher with blisters/torn skin on their fingers is like a tiddlywinks champ with a hangnail...
  10. You need to get out more, Scott...Every state has their share...
  11. They absolutely will send you to the back...about 4 years ago at Pat's, the guy ahead of me gets to the window...they ask him what he wants. He says, "I'm deciding..." And very brusquely the guy points to the corner and tells him, "Well, go decide over there! The guy behind you is hungry!" For anyone that would go, here are the rules, or as my cohorts call it, "The Speech." Bring cash because that's all they accept Know what you want when you get to the window. And you want cheesesteak. The only question is Cheese Whiz or provolone, and "wit" or "witout" onions. Don't try to order fries or soda at the sandwich window, They have a second window for that. And they're not shy in telling you that. Loudly. Sit back and enjoy the sandwich, and take in the neighborhood. Very east coast, inner-city neighborhood. Basketball hoops right across the street from Pat's...just for us Hoosiers And I'll throw this in. The guy in the review said, "I've had better cheesesteaks." And that maybe true...But you're eating at iconic restaurants that invented the sandwich. It's easy to take someone's invention and "improve" it with what you like. Pat's and Geno's became famous for a reason, and sitting facing each other on that corner like two gunslingers adds to the charm...It's like when I went to Kansas City for a meeting. First night, I wanted to go to Arthur Bryant's...My KC counterpart (see above) said "Man, there are better BBQ places." but Arthur Bryant's became famous before every guy with a smoker got into the act. It's a little run down, and not in the best neighborhood, but the burnt ends and ribs were awesome. LIke Pat's and Geno's, an original...a foundation...I'll eat the improved versions, but I'll also always pay homage to the guys that had the original idea...
  12. I thought baiting of breath too, but then I realized it was my mask...
  13. If you read the comments, the commenters are all right... Gotta go Whiz wit, bruh...
  14. Before Covid hit, I had to go to Atlantic City 3 or 4 times a year on business. We always had to fly into PHL and then drive a rental (55 miles) over to AC. As there are 20 positions the same as mine across the US, they made us share cars (usually 3 to a car). It's well known within that group that if you're riding with me, you're going to either Pat's or Geno's to, and possibly fro. I've had early flights where coming back we've had a cheesesteak for breakfast. When I first started the tradition (around 2000), it was a joke among us. Now they always argue over who's riding with me. Whiz wit... My counterpart from Kansas City last time we went...😁
  15. I agree with everything he said, but, like Pat's and Geno's regarding Philly Cheese steaks, (and when asked which of those I prefer, I always say "the one with the shortest line" as they sit facing each other on 9th and Passyunk) I like them both...
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