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  1. Thanks mile. In 2020 I'll have 40 years in the aviation field. Loved every minute of it.
  2. Still the best music video ever I might be USAF all the way, but even I would tell you the Blue Angels are the best flight demonstration team there is.
  3. I was an air traffic controller in the USAF from 1980 until 2000. They had us out in a truck trailer once that had 2 radar scopes because they were installing PIDP (Programmable Indicator Data Processor...the first air traffic automation I ever saw) in the Scott AFB RAPCON. Anyway, one morning about 8 AM, an F-4 from the Springfield Air National Guard came down to shoot some approaches. He shot two (we were 250 feet away from the runway so when he went missed approach it rattled the trailer) and was being vectored for a 3rd when the phone rang. A general's wife had called base ops and said the F-4 had woke her up and he needed to quit making so much noise. When I explained to the pilot, he laughed and said, "ok, clearance back to Springfield it is!"
  4. I know it's really Easter when I see that my lovely wife has put those dumb bunny ears on the horses
  5. We keep waiting for them to get down here to Houston. Supposedly they've bought property down here, but no news on them building here yet. I have to visit my daughter in San Marcos to get my In-N-Out fix
  6. Seriously, Scott... As a great coach's wife once said, "The horse is dead...get off of it."
  7. Love In-N-Out. Try a double-double animal style off their secret menu You guys just got Torchy's Tacos I think, too. If you haven't tried them, they're awfully good.
  8. I went back and looked at some video of Damezi playing in high school and playing last year for IU. Two things stood out. His shot looked different (seemed to me he didn't jump as high on his jump shot in college) and you could see the confidence in high school was, of course, much higher.
  9. He ain't gonna need those where he's eventually going
  10. I can prove anything by statistics... except the truth.
  11. Even if it's a beautifully apple wood smoked Turkey, l Iike this? 😁
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