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  1. But Michael and Carlos have such a special relationship
  2. Maybe we could get Michael Barrett to catch him
  3. From what I remember, Pizza King had a killer BBQ pizza. That's the only one I remember.
  4. Unless you can produce a recording verified by PriceWaterhouseCooper, I'm skeptical...
  5. The Cubs starting staff, beside the Hamels beat down the other day, has been stellar... Problem is, they're not generating any offense, and when they do, the bullpen says, "We can beat that!"
  6. Is Pizza King a chain, or Mom and Pop? They used to have a Pizza King back in the day in Franklin, Indiana. Not bad pizza from what I remember...
  7. The Wonger needs dongs!
  8. For Chrissakes the guy is almost 29. When's he really going to blossom? 40?
  9. Another taboo broken...NEVER put the winning run on base intentionally
  10. Not to mention that Lucroy started the rally... Anybody know a good dipping sauce for crow?
  11. I was going to ask why the hell Maddon was leaving Kemp in to bat against a lefty, but I'll just leave it be... I'm like the rest of the world...don't want to hear about the labor pains, just want to see the baby...
  12. No idea, but I think it was below .500... They need to shake something up...getting whitewashed by the Buccos 1-0 Pulling that pitcher batting 8th goofball stuff again...you can explain it to me til the cows come home, and I'll never understand it...
  13. Texas New York South Carolina
  14. If Russell hits like he did in AAA and has pulled his cranium from his rectal cavity in the field, it's good
  15. Extension ladder and a Stihl MS 170 (small enough to hold with one hard)
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