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  1. Also managed the Yankees to a World Series title in 1978...
  2. The Justin Fields Era starts in Chicago The next Sid Luckman, or the next Bobby Douglass?
  3. I'm drumming you out of the Crabby Old Traditionalist Club... What next? You going to buy a bust of Bill James off of eBay? 😉
  4. I'll just add I think the exercise component is the key. I'm a few pounds over what I should be, but I do cardio works every day, lift weights 3 X a week (not as strong as I use to be but pretty close), work a couple hours on the farm every day. My cardiologist says my ticker is good...I do have high blood pressure, but I've had that for 20 years and control it with medication. So overall in good health. As far as eating goes, I just watch the portions. I don't go overboard with goodies but I don't deprive myself either. I think one of the biggest changes I've seen in eating habits is our penchant for going out for cheap, fast (not to mention for the most part, unhealthy) meals. I read something a while back about eating at home is normally more healthy than eating out and families/individuals go out a lot more than they did 50 years ago... We go out 2 to 3 times a week for dinner, but my fish to steak ratio (thanks to my wife) is about 5-1...
  5. Aways loved this story about Thorpe... "When King Gustav V of Sweden congratulated Thorpe on his Olympic win, he said, "Sir, you are the greatest athlete in the world." Thorpe reputedly replied, "Thanks, king."
  6. That's very true, and I would say we all have some unhealthy choices in our lifestyle...Everyone...I subsidize people who use drugs, smoke, abuse the welfare system, and make bad personal decisions every day...And that's ok... I just wondered if we're getting to the point yet where we're willing to give up personal freedoms without being rational about it...I'm a live and let live guy...What I, personally, do doesn't color my thoughts on other people for the most part...as long as it's it's legal... You know, healthy eating information (or at least what was thought to be healthy eating information) has been with us since I was in grade school...You learned what (at the time) the healthy foods were thought to be. The cafeteria in my school served food dictated by government guidelines...So it's nothing new...A lot discoveries in what's good versus what's unhealthy have been made, but overall basis for the food pyramid is older than I am... As science has changed, so has the information to the public...But I remember being taught the "Basic 7" around 3rd grade or so...Shoot, eggs at one time were thought to be the unhealthiest food on the planet (where do you think we got Egg Beaters from? I was always hoping they stick to the naming convention when they replaced breakfast meats as well, but, sadly, they didn't 😁 )... Live and let lives, brothers...
  7. So do either of you think the government will ever assume the responsibility for restricting what an individual eats? Would either of you be ok with that?
  8. Keying in on the "famous play" hint, which I think is Fisk's HR in game 6 of the 1975 WS (that's what made me think of Yaz) Luis Tiant?
  9. Phil Niekro? Oh, wait, I forgot he passed away...
  10. You know, it's funny. My Mom and Dad didn't want me to join the military when I told them my plan. My Dad had served 4 years when he was drafted right after WW2 and just before Korea broke out. He said I'd be miserable... All of my friends told me I was nuts, too... Sometimes you just have to listen to yourself...
  11. I think this is getting up to be where one team (the Cardinals) are on track to getting a wildcard berth, and their hated rival (the Cubs) are out of it, but have a chance to maybe affect that ala the Giants beating the Dodgers on the last day of the 1982 season on a Joe Morgan home run, knocking the Dodgers out of an NL West championship and giving it to the Braves... I'd love to see the Cubs KO the Cardinals... Milwaukee isn't providing much help...
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