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  1. Ah, ok. I thought maybe senility had taken another step forward on my behalf...
  2. I guess that's where I'm confused (which isn't exactly a resume bullet), but you compare Galloway to Lewis and Rico compares him to Recker, and then you say "Great minds thinks a like" (sic)...
  3. Whoa...Am I missing something here? Michael Lewis = Luke Recker?
  4. Hey, really something to be proud of...they win...a lot...so it's probably more envy than hate... I mean you don't see the Miami Marlins or Detroit Lions on anybody's list, right?
  5. Whether you love the Beatles (me) or hate them, they are the most significant musicians in my lifetime, both musically and culturally.
  6. Kentucky (and that includes the old Colonels of the ABA...Despised them too) (Space intentional) Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, New York Yankees, St Louis Cardinals, Los Angeles Dodgers (although the Brooklyn Dodgers are historically one of my favorites), Purdue...
  7. IUFLA


    That really sucks. Feel for all of the Midwestern farmers. Hope it doesn't do you all in for the summer. So far, none of the hay prices down here have been affected. The winter shortage had me paying $12 a square bale from November through April. Thankfully, I can get it for $7 here now if I go pick the bales out of the field myself.
  8. Cubs gain a split with the loathsome Mets. Baez bailed us out with an 8th inning 3 run homer. If anyone wants to see what a hanging breaking ball looks like, watch that replay...it just spun up there and said, "Hit me!" Cole Hamels has been one of Theo's best acquisitions.
  9. To be honest, the Ricketts are the first competent owners the Cubs have had in my lifetime. William Wrigley was by all accounts a nice man, but not a good owner. Look up "The College of Coaches" experiment sometime. The Tribune Co. wasn't much better. They didn't have the money to do much beyond sustain the Cubs. Neither ownership group embraced building a good minor league system or having patience with young players (see Lou Brock for Ernie Broglio...to the Cardinals, no less!), or investing in the ballpark/neighborhood. The Greg Maddux exit after the 92 season is all anyone needs to look at to understand the Tribune Co's idiocy. I like the current ownership. They've invested in Wrigley Field, and tried to build a good minor league and scouting system (the Cardinals' recipe for success for a long, long time). I also like the Epstein/Hoyer combination. Be interesting to see what they do in the near future if the Cubs continue to struggle.
  10. I think Maddon would have been out after last year if Steinbrenner was the owner. Especially in light of the talent the Cubs have. Steinbrenner once said, "Winning is the most important thing in my life, after breathing. Breathing first, winning next." And I don't think he meant division championships and wild card berths.
  11. Yes, I would think Yankee fans would get sick of all that winning 🙂 I'll say one thing...If George Steinbrenner was running the Cubs right now, Maddon would have been long gone...They'd probably be managed by the ghost of Billy Martin.
  12. I guess this is the proper thread to talk about sauces as well... I've never tried making homemade BBQ sauce. Always used bottled. Here are a few favorites... The go-to I've eaten at Corky's original restaurant in Memphis, and although I think the meat at The Rendezvous is better, Corky's sauce is the best. I mix the regular and the hot about 50/50. They run online sales sometimes. Had a case (12 bottles, mix and match) for $20 and free shipping not long ago. My pantry looks like a Corky's retail store. This mustard based sauce is from Maurice Bessinger's "Piggy Park" restaurant in Charleston, SC. Different, but I like it for a change with pork. Big Bob Gibson's (no, not THAT Bob Gibson's) in Decatur, AL has a very different white BBQ sauce. I don't like painting this one on, but rather for dipping. Especially chicken. I like trying new sauces. Anybody have a favorite to share?
  13. I suppose. It just kills me to see a team with so much talent struggle like this. Thankfully, the Brewers are struggling as well. The Cardinals (who seem to have righted the ship for now) are only a game back. You really have to start wondering, especially considering Maddon's lame duck status, how long it would be before Theo makes a change. I think if the Cubs continue to under perform up to the All Star break, he may make a change.
  14. That's what kills me about the term "sliders." Today, it's morphed into a term for any small hamburger. In my eyes, only White Castle hamburgers are "sliders." My friends and I called them that in the 70s. And there's a reason they got that name.
  15. Just drive South until you hear the banjos. I found out about ketchup on White Castles in New York the hard way. Was on business out on Long Island (Ronkonkoma) and there was a White Castle about 3 miles from the hotel. I hadn't had a WC in a few years (none here in Texas...we have Whataburger!) so I decided to get my standard 3 double cheese and onion rings. Took them back to the hotel, and to my surprise, drowned in ketchup. I called and told them they screwed up my order. Guy says, "Did you tell them to hold the ketchup?" After I told him in every other White Castle on Earth outside of NY, they didn't come with ketchup, he laughs and says, "You're in New York. Life is tough."
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