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  1. My personal opinion is yes, Gordon, but a little closer than some people here are saying. Romeo didn't exactly suck in the scoring department, and he is a better rebounder. He may have gotten lost a few times on defense, but overall, I think he's a good defender. Eric was decent the defensive end, but I know he wasn't a Joe Dumars. As far as how coaches used them, no slight to EG, but that stain left by his coach, I'd rather not repeat regardless of the record.
  2. I agree with this. I think the Devonte/Al decision hangs on a couple of factors. If Romeo does come back (and I know the chances are small) then I think Al will start and Devonte would come of the bench, just as it happened this year. If Romeo is gone, I can see Devonte starting. I also think a lot hinges on who improves the most over the summer. This year, I thought it was Al, particularly his outside shooting. If he makes another leap there, and can increase his strength, I like his starting chances. One thing I would like Al, Devonte, and Rob to work on is their drive and kick/pass on the interior. It seemed to me when each one of those guys went to the basket, they were only looking to shoot. That, and work on taking charges.
  3. I think how IU plays in the NIT will say a lot about not only the team as a whole, but the individual players as well. I'd like to think we have competitors that want to win no matter what the circumstances.
  4. You're telling me this is a harder non-conference schedule than IU's?
  5. 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. Who knows? I can't get over the ACC bias for #1 seeds.
  6. Ah, well, I did. I did not know the underlying circumstances of Guy's recruitment. I had a period of about 5 years where I was kinda adrift as far as forums go, and didn't follow recruiting all that closely. Watched the vast majority of the games though.
  7. I watched most of the Center Grove-Ben Davis game streaming on line. I thought TJD played well. He has a great handle for a big guy, and a soft touch. He coasted some, but he was out there the whole game and was asked to do a lot, so I give him a break there. Really excited to see what he'll do against better players in college.
  8. And if Mom and Dad are worried about abuse from a fanbase, they need to head over to Rupp Rafters and watch the idiots over there perform. Brutal. Kid makes a bad play in a loss and they come unhinged.
  9. I agree about the "inside out" philosophy. But we can't let guys like Kyle Guy get away anymore. I always thought Indiana produced basketball players. Guys like Tom Coverdale, Mike Woodson, Calbert Cheney, Kyle Guy and the ultimates, Larry Bird and Oscar Robertson. Guys who knew how to play basketball. Not just athletic talents that happened to play basketball. Guys who seemed to know where the ball was going and better yet, where it should go. I think IU Scott talks about this a lot, and he's right. Just think the difference a Kyle Guy type would have made in this year's team. Hopefully, Archie can recognize those types and successfully mix them with 5 star kids.
  10. And that is a great point. One of the points I tried to make last night was that Brooks may have watched the way Romeo played this year (thinking he didn't reach the unreasonable expectations some had for him) and attributed it to Archie forcing Romeo to play within the offense while Calipari "lets players play." I think it was more as you said...Romeo being a team player
  11. I think it's just the transition from the depression phase into the acceptance phase...
  12. Why? They were supporting their friend. I don't think ill of them at all for that. Matter of fact, I admire the fact their friendship trumped their own wishes.
  13. That's the way used car salesmen usually operate.
  14. No, what I'm saying is Kentucky's offense isn't as structured as what IU and Archie likes to run. Romeo didn't get free reign this year (not that he ever hinted he wanted it) and I, for one, am glad.
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